Person:Edward Mayer (6)

m. 11 Nov 1888
  1. Lillian Katherine Mayer1890 - 1974
  2. Edward Michael Mayer1892 - 1960
  3. Anna Magdelena Bertha Mayer1895 - 1975
  4. Frieda Susanne Mayer1896 - 1983
  5. Hildegarde Elizabeth Mayer1899 - 1969
  6. Heinrich Samuel Mayer1902 - 1977
  7. Marie Elsie Mayer1905 - 1992
  8. Irma Henrietta Mayer1907 - 1988
m. 5 Nov 1916
  1. Reece Edward Mayer1918 - 2006
  2. Ann Ellen Mayer1920 - 2017
  3. Harold Scott Mayer1923 - 2006
m. 6 Jul 1943
Facts and Events
Name Edward Michael Mayer
Gender Male
Birth[1][4][5] 15 Aug 1892 Allegheny, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, United States
Christening[5] 25 Sep 1892 Allegheny, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, United States
Census[6] 1900 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, United States
Census[7] 1910 Nez Perce, Idaho, United States
Marriage 5 Nov 1916 Roseberry, Boise, Idaho, United Statesto Effie Lillian Melvern Scott
Physical Description[8] 1917 Tall, medium build, brown eyes, brown hair
Military[8] 5 Jun 1917 McCall, Valley, Idaho, United StatesRegistered for Draft
Residence[9] Mar 1918 Norwood, Valley, Idaho, United States
Other[10] 1927 Emmett, Gem, Idaho, United States
Census[11] 1930 Emmett, Gem, Idaho, United States
Census[2] 1940 Emmett, Gem, Idaho, United States
Census[12] 1940 Emmett, Gem, Idaho, United States
Military[13] 29 Apr 1942 Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, United Statesregistered for draft
Divorce 1942-3 from Effie Lillian Melvern Scott
Marriage 6 Jul 1943 Vancouver, Clark, Washington, United Statesto Mary Elizabeth Parrott
Death[3][4][14] 31 Oct 1960 Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, United States
Obituary[3] Nov 1960
Burial[4][14] 3 Nov 1960 Lincoln Memorial Park Cemetery, Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, United States

Biography of Edward Michael Mayer, as written by his son, Reece Mayer (January 1991)

Edward Michael Mayer, born Aug 15, 1892, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, son of Michael Mayer and Anna Magdalena Reusswig.

Edward Michael Mayer and family moved west in 1905. Edward was 13 at the time. He had finished the 6th grade in Pittsburgh but that ended his schooling. He said Geo. Tatko met them with teams and wagons, at the end of the Rail Road line at Cul De Sac, Idaho, near the Clearwater River and at the foot of Winchester Hill. Dad said before they finally built a railroad up on "the Prairie" that they had to haul their wheat and hogs to market by team and wagon down the Winchester Hill to Culdesac and Sweetwater.

About 1910, after five years farming on Camas Prairie, Michael Mayer moved his family to another farm east of old Roseberry, Idaho. Ed worked on farm with his Dad until he got married in 1916 and went to farming on his own.

Edward Michael Mayer and Effie Lillian Melverne Scott. Married Nov. 5, (or 6) 1916 at Roseberry, Idaho, 1/2 to 1 mile east of present day Donnelly.

In 1916 Roseberry was largest town in Long Valley. Van Wyck and Lardo were other villages in Long Valley. Today, they are gone. Roseberry replaced by Donnelly, 1 mi. west on new railroad. Van Wyck became Cascade, 1 mi. east on Railroad. And Lardo became McCall, 1 mile east on Payette Lake and end of the Railroad. Marriage performed at the home of Effie Scott's brother, G. K. (Kay) and wife Gertrude Coski Scott]]. Very good friend (and 2nd cousin) of Effie's, Gladys Bennett and Glady's beau, Guy Fairbrother, were witnesses.

Ed and Effie set uphousekeeping on a 160 A. ranch located 6 mi. S. of present day McCall, on N. Fork of the Payette River. Ranch was part of estate of Effie's father, D. G. Scott, who died early that yr. Jan 19, 1916, at Emmett, Idaho. When they were married, Ed had been farming with his dad Michael on the Mayer Farm of 640 A. 4 mi. east of Roseberry.

Jan 6, 1918, Edward Reece was born on the Ranch. When it came near time for second child to be born, Effie went to Emmett and stayed with her step-mother Annie. [Ed and Effie's daughter] was born Jan 10, 1920. Ed Mayer had taken 2 yr. old "Eddie" Reece over to his folks at the Roseberry Mayer family farm while he stayed at home to take care of the stock and "batched".

After [their daughter] was born, Effie had a "nervous break-down", so called in those days and spent time in an Emmett nursing home and with her folks. Joe Bennett's parents, who lived only 2 miles from Ed and Effie's home in Long Valley, took the Baby for the next 6 months or so. (Linnie & Henry Bennett - Linnie was a Scott and Mom's 1st cousin) Poor Ed! His wife was 100 miles away in Emmett; his oldest child, "Eddie", was 15 miles down the Valley with his parents; the Baby was only 2 miles away tho; and Ed was "batching", farming, milking a few cows and raising hogs. During the summer of 1920, his sister Frieda came home from teaching her 1st school and lived with Ed.

In late August of 1920, Effie was well enough to come back home. Frieda left to return to teaching. Effie said she came back to Norwood siding on Railroad where Ed picked her up with horse and buggy. In those days, everyone traveled around Long Valley by Horse & buggy or team and wagon. The railroad from Nampa thru Emmett and on to the end at McCall was finished at McCall in 1914. It was a Godsend for the people of Long Valley to get people and freight to the lower country: Emmett, Nampa & Boise.

Ed picked up Effie at Normal siding, which was closest rail stop to their Ranch Home. (A few yrs ago, 30 miles of that R. Road between McCall and Cascade was abandoned and rails hauled away). They went across Valley (about 14 miles) to Ed's parents to pick up little Eddie. Then back up Valley to Linnie Bennett's to collect the baby, 8 mo's old.

1920 was a good year for farmers. Joe Bennett said he rented 40 A. across road from his folk's farm and planted it to wheat. That fall, wheat was a good price and he sold the crop for $5000.00 Most money he saw for yrs. Ed and Effie should have done as well also, because Ed and his dad Michael always planted wheat as their main crop. In 1921, a recession set in and wheat sold for only 10 cents bushel. Joe said people in Boise Valley were burning wheat instead of coal in their heating stoves because it was cheaper.

In winter of 1921-22, the Ed Mayer family moved to the Emmett Valley. They rented a house and in spring of 1922, Ed got a job at Boise-Payette saw mill. Hard times apparently forced the move as the ranch was eventually sold for taxes.

On April 19, 1923, Harold Scott Mayer was born at home, 1014 S. Boise Ave., Emmett, Idaho. Dad was at work at the Mill. About 9 o'clock that nite, Dad came up to the Lester Case's and took [my sister] and I home to see our new baby brother. A fine looking baby and was Dad proud--He was grinning all over and so was Mom.

Mom never did tell me why they moved from the Ranch to lower country. She did say winters were terrible and they were so isolated on that ranch, especially so in Winter. Dad told me once, when I asked, "Your Mother never did like it on the ranch. And she got home sick for her stepmother & sister Elizabeth (Lizzie) and Bro. Leonard."(Shorty)" It was too bad," he said "because we were just getting a good start on the ranch." Seeds of differences all ready being sown early in marriage. A farmer with only a 6th grade education married to a well educated school teacher!!

Mom always wanted to buy a house. Dad always said it was cheaper to rent. Or maybe it was the other way around. Anyway, they didn't agree, and always rented while living in Emmett. In 1927, we moved to a larger and better rented house, closer to town and schools at 522 So. Hays. It was about this time that Mom switched from being a Sunday Baptist-Methodist church goer to a 7th Day Adventist, and she took us kids along also to Sat. services. This was another area of disagreement. Dad was baptised and raised in the German Lutheran church. In the middle of the nite once, I was awakened by Dad and Mom arguing in their bedroom. Dad was telling Mom, in a loud voice, "Send those kids to church on Sunday." Couldn't hear what Mom said back but Dad said again, "Damnit, I said send those kids to Sunday school!" Guess he lost because Mom kept on marching us to Sabbath school after that anyway. Dad never went to church in Emmett but was always very friendly with Lutheran Minister Kellerman, who lived nearby.

In 1926, Dad bought his first car. 4 Dr. Willy Knight Overland with wooden spoke wheels. Made many trips to Long Valley and Boise. Cost $500 new. About 1927 or 28, Grandad Mike tried to get Dad to take over the Ranch but Dad didn't want it.

Ed Mayer was a Republican, but he didn't like Hoover.

In 1931, because of the depression, Boise-Payette mill shut down completely for over 2 yrs. 500 men out of work!! Dad was a good Odd Fellow lodge member. He was head of the Odd Fellow's section in the Emmett cemetery for yrs. He spent a lot of week-ends in the 20s, making an acre of sand, rocks and cheat grass into a nice green cemetery. In later yrs, the Lodge donated it to the city in exchange for them to care for it perpetually. One of Dad's good lodge friends was Henry Cutler, owner of a grocery store and Mayor at the time. Dad was fortunate. Mayor Cutler got Dad a job with the City working as a day laborer in the water, sewer and street dept. Eventually, thru good work and attrition he ended up being Chief of Police of Emmett. When he first started he got $125 a month. But during the depression that was good wages. In the late thirties, while Chief, he personally worked himself, in spare time, putting in a nice Rose Garden in the City Park.

Some time before Pearl Harbor time, Dad resigned as Chief of Police and went to Portland to work as a guard in the shipyards. He and Mom were separated. One Sat. morning in spring of '43 Dad's real good friend, Sheriff Boise Riggs served Mom divorce papers from Dad at Portland. Dad and Mary Parrot got married in Portland in 1944. They looked for a place to buy and ended up with nice house & 3 acres just out of town at 92nd & Crystal Springs Blvd. Dad had chickens & a nice garden and worked at Doernbeeker Furniture. Mary, a registered nurse, worked in a medical clinic. They became good Sunday church members and both even sang in the choir.

A yr or so before he died, on one of my sales trip thru there, Dad drove me up to Mt. Scott, Lincoln Memorial Cemetery. It was real close to where they lived. We went clear to the top (that was developed)( and he showed me the burial plots he and Mary had recently bought. He loved the view from up there, looking out over the city. That's when I knew he wasn't going back to Emmett to be buried near his parents.

Image Gallery
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    310 Main Street, rents at $25/mon, not a farm
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    , Effie (informant), wife, 51, married, 1 yr college, b. MO, 5 yrs ago in Emmett, does housework at home
    , Harold, son, 16, 3 yrs High School, b. ID, five years ago in Emmett

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    Mr. Mayer . . . [moved] to Portland in 1943.
    In addition to his wife, Mary, he is survived by two sons, Reece of Medford, Ore. and Harold of Corvallis; on daughter . . . , six grandchildren; one great-grandchild; six sisters and one brother.

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    Pallbearers: Paul Zumwalt, O. O. Voss, Oliver Domries, Frank Miller, Harold Gleason
    Concluding Services Private, Lincoln Memorial Park

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    Friday 29 March 1918
    Ed Mayer and family visited Sunday at the home of Guy Fairbother.

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    , Harold, son 16, 3 yrs high school, b. ID, resident Emmett, Gem, ID 5 yrs ago.

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    EmployerL Oregon Shipbuilding Corp, Portland, Mult.
    Signed 26 April 1642, Portland, Oregon
    Description: 6 foot 3 inches tall, weight 210 pounds, Hazel Eyes, brown hair, dark complexion

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    Date of Death: Octorer 31, 1960.
    White male, married. Social Security No: 541-20-1982, occupation Finisher, in Furniture Mfg.
    Spouse's name: Mary.
    Born August 15, 1892, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Michael Mayer and Lena Rueswig; US citizen.
    information provided by Mary Mayer, wife.
    Cause of Death: Congestive failure.
    Burial 11-3-60 at Lincoln Memorial Cemetery, Portland;
    Funeral Arragnements, Jacobson Family, Portland.