Person:Edward Avery (1)

m. 20 Feb 1669
  1. Deborah Avery1671 - Bef 1739
  2. Captain James Avery1673 - 1754
  3. Margaret Avery1674 - 1755
  4. Edward Avery1675/76 - 1759
  5. Colonel Ebenezer Avery1678 - 1752
  6. Captain Christopher Avery1679/80 - 1753
  7. Jonathan Avery1681 - 1741
  8. Mercy Avery1683 -
  9. Hannah Avery1685 - Aft 1727
  10. Sarah Avery1688 - 1732
  11. Joseph Avery1692 - 1753
  12. Mary Avery1693 - 1780
  13. Benjamin AveryAbt 1696 - 1772
  • HEdward Avery1675/76 - 1759
  • WJoanna Rose - Bef 1761
m. 3 Jun 1699
  1. Johanna Avery1700 - Bef 1760
  2. Edward Avery1704 - 1705
  3. Deborah Avery1706 - Bef 1760
  4. Theophilus Avery1708 - 1799
  5. Benajah Avery1710 - Bef 1760
  6. Hannah Avery1717 -
  7. Ichabod Avery1719 - 1751
  8. Asa Avery1721 -
  9. Mary Avery1723 -
Facts and Events
Name[1] Edward Avery
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 20 Mar 1675/76 Groton, New London, Connecticut, United StatesGroton separated from New London in 1705.
Christening[1] 2 Jul 1676 New London, New London, Connecticut, United StatesFirst Church
Marriage 3 Jun 1699 Groton, New London, Connecticut, United Statesto Joanna Rose
Death[1][3] 14 Apr 1759 Ledyard, New London, Connecticut, United States
Burial[1][4] Edward Avery Cemetery, Ledyard, New London, Connecticut, United States
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    "13. Edward4 Avery (James3, James2, Christopher1) was b. March 20, 1675-6, at Groton; bap. July 2, 1676, First Church of New London; … Edward Avery was on the list of freemen of Groton, 1708 and 1712; surveyor, 1707; surveyor and lister, 1713; surveyor, 1714; on the school committee, 1712. He lived in the northwest part of Groton, now Ledyard, on land that his father bought, Jan. 6,1694, of the heirs of John Coit. On March 18, 1728, James Avery deeded this land to his sons, Edward and Christopher. Jan. 4, 1731, the sons divided the land, Edward taking the west side adjoining the Thames River and Poquetannock Cove. Here he lived and died. He and his wife were in full communion with the church at Groton, before Nov. 22, 1727. In 1724, he and his brother, Christopher, asked that North Groton be set off and they be allowed to have their own minister (Ecclesiastical Docs., Hartford, 3:218). They asked again in 1725. Lot No. 23, bounded on the west by the cove and on the east by the sea, was assigned to him in the division of common land, and later lot No. 60. Edward Avery made his will Feb. 1, 1751-2; it was proved May 9, 1759. He called himself yeoman. He provided for his wife, Joanna, during her natural life. He mentioned that he had already given his son, Theophilus, lands and buildings, but further gave him 'my Buccaneer Gunn Sword and Belt: my wearing Sword and Cane.' Theophilus was to pay thirty pounds to Eunice, the daughter of his brother Ichabod. The testator stated that he had given to his beloved son, Asa, his homestead farm and buildings and improvements and bequeathed to him furniture, live stock, and money and made him executor. He ordered him to pay one hundred pounds to his son, Gideon, and thirty pounds to his granddau., Mary Avery. He gave to his dau., Hannah Pelton. forty pounds, and the same sum to his dau., Mary Pelton. He remembered his granddaughters, Joanna Allyn and Hannah Allyn, the first with fifteen pounds and the second with five pounds. His two granddaughters, Sarah Chapman and Deborah Stoddard, were each to have three pounds. The witnesses were Nathan Avery, Jacob Avery, and Samuel Hutchenson (New London Wills, G:355). He was buried on his own farm. His wife and many of their descendants were buried on the same lot. His plainly lettered gravestone bears this inscription: Mr. Edward Avery of Groton, who died March 14, 1759, aged 84 years and 24 days. The age at time of death does not correspond to the date of death thus noted, but does agree with the date of death as recorded by Mr. Sweet. April 14, 1759."

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