Person:Edmond Nutter (1)

Edmund Nutter
  1. George NutterBef 1548 - 1615/16
  2. Rev Anthony NutterEst 1551 - Aft 1633
  3. Edmund NutterEst 1576 - Bef 1633
  4. William Nutter
  5. Robert Nutter
  6. John Nutter
m. 1601
  1. Thomas NutterAbt 1590 -
  2. Elizabeth NutterAbt 1593 - Bef 1668
  3. Ellen Nutter1595 -
  4. Hatevill Nutter1598 - 1673/74
Facts and Events
Name Edmund Nutter
Gender Male
Birth[1] Est 1576 Prestbury, Cheshire, Englandyounger than his brother Anthony born about 1551
Marriage 1601 Englandto Elizabeth _____
Death[1] Bef 19 Jan 1633 Mancetter, Warwickshire, EnglandWhen his brother wrote his will
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    link The author discusses Jan Nutter Alpert, Nutter Newsletter 3:12 (Dec 1995); Frederick R Boyle, Hatevil Nutter of Dover, New Hampshire... (Portsmouth, NH, 1997).

    According to The American Genealogist below the parents of George Nutter can not be determined. He was born before 1548 probably near Prestbury,Cheshire,England and buried at Macclesfield 11 Jan 1615/6. He married first 6 Feb 1568/9 Ann Keylynge and second after 1593 Elizabeth ____ and third 3 Nov 1614 Ann Greaves all at Prestbury, Cheshire, England. Note this article updates what was originally published by Mrs Jan Nutter Alpert in The Nutter Newsletter Dec 1995. It shows there was only one George Nutter and he married three times and had only one child Anthony inferred by wills and burial records. Anthony was buried 14 Feb 1633/4. He married 28 Mar 1619 Ann Sumner. The author lists all the children of Antony and it appears the line is extinct after this when his grandson George died in 1643 and George is not the ancestor of the New England Nutters.

    It turns out the Rev Anthony Nutter born 1549-53 was more likely brother to this George Nutter and not his son seeing has George first married in 1568. He would have been uncle to George's son Anthony. This completely rearranges the tree and Edmund Nutter ancestor to the Nutter of New England is actually the brother of George and Rev. Anthony Nutter not son of George.

    Edmund's wife may have been Elizabeth ___ Nutter burried 4 Dec 1638 in Mancetter