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Facts and Events
Name[6][7] Eberhard Anheuser
Gender Male
Birth[3][4][5][6][7][10][11] 27 Sep 1806 Kreuznach, Rheinland, Preußen, Germany
Immigration[3] 1843
Naturalization[8] 26 Sep 1848 St. Louis City, Missouri, United States
Reference Number[11] Wikidata #Q214076?
Occupation[3] 1860 brewer, Anheuser-Busch
Occupation[3] candlemaker
Occupation[1][3] 1861 soapmaker
Death[2][4][10][11] 2 May 1880 St. Louis City, Missouri, United States
Burial[4][9][10][11] St. Louis City, Missouri, United StatesBellefontaine Cemetery

Biographical Summery

source: Wikipedia

Eberhard Anheuser was a soap and candle maker as well as the father-in-law of Adolphus Busch, the founder of the Anheuser-Busch Company. He and two of his brothers moved to America in 1842. He was a major creditor of the Bavarian Brewery Company, a struggling brewery founded in 1853. When the company encountered financial difficulty in 1860 he purchased the minor creditors' interests and took over the company.

Eberhard Anheuser became president and CEO and changed the company name to the Eberhard Anheuser and Company. His daughter Lilly married Adolphus Busch, a brewery supply salesman, in a double wedding with Anna Anheuser (Lilly's older sister) and Ulrich Busch (Adolphus' brother) in 1861. The company became Anheuser-Busch in 1879.S10

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    Native Country Germany
    Witness 1
    Witness 2

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    ANHEUSER ADOLPHE 2565 6/8/1886
    ANHEUSER ALTHEA S. 6300 7/12/1908
    ANHEUSER DOROTHEA 2565 1/22/1904
    ANHEUSER EBERHARD 5492 7/31/1963
    ANHEUSER EBERHARDT 2565 5/4/1880
    ANHEUSER FRANCES 4310 10/17/1843 8/28/1910 8/30/1910 66 YEARS
    ANHEUSER FREDERICK S. 6300 5/4/1984
    ANHEUSER HENRY 2565 1/22/1904
    ANHEUSER MABEL R. 6300 10/19/2000
    ANHEUSER MAUD A. 6300 3/10/1979
    ANHEUSER NELLIE 5492 2/10/1975
    ANHEUSER OLGA S. 6300 12/16/1936
    ANHEUSER PRESLEY 6300 8/6/1976
    ANHEUSER VIRGINIA 6300 5/25/2000
    ANHEUSER W. F. 6300 12/15/1948
    ANHEUSER WILLIAM 4310 2/6/1836 1/17/1901 1/20/1901 64 YEARS
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    Sex: M
    Birth: 27 SEP 1805 in Bad Kreuznach, Rheinland-Pfalz, Preuben, Deutschland
    Burial: Bellefontaine, St. Louis, MO
    Death: 02 MAY 1880 in St. Louis, Missouri

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    Death Date: 2 May 1880
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    Death Location: 8th & Pestalozzi
    Race/Ethnicity: White
    Age: 75
    Gender: M

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    County Library: RDSL 19
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