Person:Ebenezer Fairchild (6)

Ebenezer Fairchild
  • HEbenezer Fairchildabt 1730 - abt 1805
  • WSalome Gobleest 1730 -
m. Aug 1750
  1. Sarah Fairchild1746 - 1774
  2. Mehitable FairchildABT 1755 -
  3. Abigail FairchildBtw 1756 and 1760 - Aft 1830
  4. Salome FairchildABT 1757 -
  5. Ann FairchildABT 1761 -
  6. Abiud Fairchild1762 - 1848
  7. Abijah Fairchild1763 -
  8. Cyrus Fairchild1767 -
Facts and Events
Name Ebenezer Fairchild
Gender Male
Birth? abt 1730 Morris Co., New Jersey
Marriage Aug 1750 Morristown, Morris Co., New Jerseyto Salome Goble
Death? abt 1805 Ashe Co., North Carolina

The timeline below is a shortened version of material prepared by Steve Burkett in 1990:
ca 1751 daughter, Sarah born N. J.
1754 16 May, deed to Ebenezer Fairchild, yeoman, Morristown, province of East New Jersey
1756 member of Baptist church N. J. (Gobel is on the list of the original 11 church members)
1757 14 July, Ebenezer Fairchild appointed an "insigne of that company whereof John Brookfied is captain" in Elizabethton, New Jersey
1757 21 October, diary of Ebenezer Fairchild who accompanies John Gano from New Jersey to the Jersey settlement in North Carolina on the Yadkin River.

1757 9 Dec, a warrant for the survey of land in Sussex Co., New Jersey by Ebenezer Fairchild
1757 27 Dec, Ebenezer Fairchild looks at piece of land and is to bring wife to see it for herself.
1758 January, Ebenezer Fairchild and John Gano back in N.J.
1761 23 May, deed to Ebenezer Fairchild, of Newtown, County of Sussex, New Jersey
1762 son, Abind born Westmoreland Co., Va.

1767 son, Cyrus born Sussex Co., N.J.
1769 Rowan Co., N.C. bond for marriage of daughter Sarah to Ebenezer Frost.
1771 23 Aug, letter from Morristown New Jersey Baptist Church to Roan County North Carolina about letter from Ebenezer Fairchild dated 28 Sept, 1770 and dismisses him from that church and gives letter to the church in Rowan Co., N.C.
1772 24 Nov, entry in diary about meeting for organizing Dutchmans Creek Baptist Church in Davie Co., NC (now Rowan). He was one of ten charter members attended by Frosts and Boones (became Eaton's Baptist Church)

1799 page 231 Meat Camp - one of first places to be settled in Ashe Co., NC. William Miller, Blackburns and James Jackson going there from Jersey Settlement as early as 1799 and Ebenezer Fairchild of the same colony settled on Howard's Creek a short distance away. (James) Jackson's grave near site of old Jackson meeting House.
1801 William and Mary Miller in Watuago Co., N.C. six miles from Boone, N.C. and owned land adjacent to Ebenezer Fairchild and William Jackson.
1806 May, Ashe Co., N.C. Superior Court estate administered by James Jackson.
--end of Steve Burkett's material--

1790 Census Morgan District, 3rd Company, Wilkes Co.: William Jackson 1-3-5 and listed just below William's name is Eben. Fairchild 1-2-4 These men were close neighbors! It is conjectured that William's dau Rebecca married Ebenezer's son Abiud. (It has been posted on other sites that this William was from VA and/or from PA but that has been challenged and I believe properly refuted based on these close relationships and the age of the PA William.)

The James Jackson and William Jackson mentioned so often in connection with Ebenezer Fairchild are of particular interest as James and William are cousins, descended from Robert Jackson of Hempstead, Long Island, NY.

The last Saturday in April, 1792, was set apart as a day of fasting and prayer, and at the same meeting James Chambers was "approbated to exercise his gift in preaching." In August, 1793, James Chambers, Ebenezer Fairchild and Samuel Wilcoxon were sent as delegates to the assembly at Eaton's Meeting House, Dutchman's Creek, near Daniel Boone's old home . . .."

Copied from the Fairchild Family Genealogy Forum at Genforum posted by Ann Whalen July 2003:

Will of Ebenezer Fairchild, Dated 1 Nov 1790 - never signed - estate settled in 1806 (administered by the aforementioned James Jackson)[Will courtesy of Jean Fairchild Gilmore; sent to her by Elva Kluener]In the name of God amen. I Ebenezer Fairchild, being in health and sound in mind and memory, thanks be to God for it, therefore calling to mind the mortality of my body knowing that it is appointed once to die make and appoint this my Last Will and testament that is peaceably and first of all I give my Soul to God that gave it and my body to the earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my executors nothing doubting but I shall receive the same again at the Resurrection by the mighty power of God - and as concerning __________ worldy goods as it hath pleased God to endow me with dispose of in the manner as followeth.

That I give and bequeath to my youngest son Cyrus all my land on Lewes Fork and one hundred acres on Howards Creek on the north side of New River and one mear. Furthermore I give and bequeath to my second son Abilah five pounds to be paid out of the estate by my executors -- furthermore I give and bequeath to my oldest son Abiud five pounds to be paid out of the estate to him by the executors, furthermore I give and bequeath to my daughter Salome five pounds to be paid her out of the estate by my executors - -futhermore I give and bequeath to my daughter Abigil five pounds to be given her out of the estate by my executors -- -- futhermore I give and bequeath to my daughter Meheteble one bed and furniture there unto belonging and two cows together with her __________futher I give and bequeath to my wife Mary all the remainder of my movabel estate, my debts being first paid out - - that is to say horsses cattel hogs farming utenshels household goods as with the use of the land at Lewesfork during any widdow. Afterwards the horsses and cattel hogs sheep to by Cyruses if yet alive. The rest of the moveabels to be divided among the girls and furthermore I constitute and appoint my wife Mary and son Cyrus sole executors of this my last Will and Testament renouncing, publishing and desclaiming all other executor wills or testaments conforming establishing this and No other as my Last Will and Testament pronouncing publishing and decleared by the fair Ebenezer Fairchild of Wilks County in North Carolina of his Last Will and Testament this twenty first of November in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety in testimony whereof I have set my hand and seal the day and year above written.

found on the Internet but not personally read: DAR application #503414 gives second wife as Mary Goble, probably sister of Salome Goble. His "wife Mary" is mentioned in the above 1790 will. Did she die and Ebenezer marry a third time? Or is the marriage to Sally Durham an error?? Other info says his wife was Sally Durham whom he married in Burke Co. 4 Feb 1804.

1806 and 1807 Court of Pleas and Quarter Session Added by JMcAnally5258 on 21 Jul 2008: 1806 Ordered by the court that letters of administration [illegible] on the estate of Ebenezer Fairchild to James Jackson who enters into bond of L500 with Abner Smith security. Ordered by the court that an order of sale issue to James Jackson to sell the personal property of the deceased Ebenezer Fairchild.

James Jackson administrator of Ebenezer Fairchild deceased makes a return amounting to the sum of L432/10/11 makes the sum of the property sold by the administrator.

Note the relationships: Two of Ebenezer Fairchild's children married Jacksons:
Abigail Fairchild married James Jackson. So the James Jackson who was the administrator of his will was his son-in-law.
Abiud Fairchild married Rebecca Jackson, daughter of William Jackson with whom he (Abiud) served during the Battle of King's Mountain.

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