Person:Dorothy McClure (1)

Dorothy McClure
m. Bef. 1712
  1. Nathaniel McClureAbt 1712 - Abt 1761
  2. Samuel McClure, of James RiverABT 1715 - 1779
  3. Alexander McClure1717 - 1790
  4. Hannah Catherine McClure1719 - 1761
  5. Moses McClure1720 - 1778
  6. Dorothy McClure1721 -
  7. John McClure, of James RiverAbt 1725 - 1777
m. Est. abt. 1739
  1. Ellinor DrydenEst 1740 - 1773
  2. Thomas Drydenest 1741 - bef 1777
  3. Mary Dryden1742 -
  4. David Dryden1743 - 1818
  5. James DrydenBef 1745 - 1810
  6. Nathaniel Dryden1746 - 1780
  7. Jane Dryden1747 - 1811
  8. William DrydenAbt 1747 - 1805
  9. Joel Dryden1749 -
  10. Elizabeth Dryden1750 - 1811
  • H.  Johnston (add)
  • WDorothy McClure1721 -
m. aft. 1772
  1. William JohnstonEst 1772 - Bef 1808
Facts and Events
Name[1] Dorothy McClure
Gender Female
Birth? 1721 Rockbridge, Virginia, USA
Marriage Est. abt. 1739 Poss. Pennsylvaniato David Dryden, of the Borden Tract, Augusta County, VA
Marriage aft. 1772 to Johnston (add)

Although not listed in his will, Dorothy McClure appears to be a daughter of Halbert McClure, who died in Augusta County in 1754 (more research necessary). She was married twice; first to David Dryden and 2nd to a Mr. Johnston (identity unknown).

Will of Halbert McClure (several children not listed):

  • Page 36.--23d March. 1753. Halberd McClure's will, gentleman--Wife, Agnes; brother, John's son Halberd; sons; son Alexander, son Nathaniel, executors. Teste: Baptist McNabb, Jno. Davison, Saml. Lyle. Proved, 16th May, 1754, by Davison and Lyle, and executors qualify.

The following record (one of many with David Dryden and the McClure family) shows a close relationship of David Dryden, Dorothy McClure's husband, with Halbert McClure's family (the Samuel McClure and John McClure listed are both sons of Halbert McClure, whose will is listed above):

  • Page 42.--15th May, 1754. Saml. McClure's bond as guardian (appointed) to Halbert McClure, orphan of Jno. McClure, with sureties Richd. Woods, David Dryden.

Also, Nathaniel McClure, son of Halbert McClure (whose will is listed above), appears to have named one of his daughters after his probable sister, Dorothy McClure (note her husband also David Dryden witnessed this will):

  • Page 18.--5th February, 1761. Nathaniel McClure's will--Wife, Mary; eldest son, Holbert, £10 to cure his sore leg, above his share; sons, James and Nathan? (their young brother and sisters). Rest of children, viz: Halbert, Mary, Alexander, Hanah, Thomas, Margaret, Dorothy, Moses. Young sons to be put to trades. Executors, Alexander and Moses McClure and Archd. Alexander. Teste: David Dryden, Wm. Carleton, Hannah Allison. Proved, 19th May, 1761, by Dryden and Carleton. Executors refuse. Administration granted widow Mary, who qualifies, with John Allison, Saml. McClure, Baptist McNabb. Mary's mark ( ), Allison's mark ( ), McNabb's mark ( ).
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