Person:Dominicus Carter (1)

Dominicus Carter
d.2 Feb 1884
m. 2 Mar 1806
  1. Dominicus Carter1806 - 1884
  2. Almira Carter1808 - 1894
  3. Hannah Carter1809 - 1897
  4. William Furlsbury Carter1811 - 1888
  5. Phillip Libby Carter1813 - 1876
  6. John Harrison Carter1815 - 1815
  7. John Carter, Jr.1816 - 1896
  8. Eliza Ann Carter1818 - 1897
  9. Richard Carter1820 - 1846
  10. Mary Jane Carter1823 - 1911
  11. Rufus Carter1825 - 1827
m. 11 May 1828
m. 2 Jan 1838
  • H.  Dominicus Carter (add)
  • W.  Polly Miner (add)
  • H.  Dominicus Carter (add)
  • W.  Elizabeth Brown (add)
  • H.  Dominicus Carter (add)
  • W.  Frances Nash (add)
Facts and Events
Name Dominicus Carter
Gender Male
Birth? 21 Jun 1806 Scarborough, Cumberland, Maine, United States
Marriage 11 May 1828 to Lydia Smith (40)
Baptism? 30 Jan 1834 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Marriage to Sophia Babcock
Marriage 2 Jan 1838 to Mary Durfee (1)
Marriage to Sylvia Aneretta Mecham
Marriage to Caroline Maria Hubbard
Other? 21 Dec 1845 Endowment, LDS church
Death? 2 Feb 1884
Other? 2 Apr 1953 sealed to mother and Isaac Morley by proxy

In June, 1852 Hannah Carter dictated the following message to her son, Dominicus, showing her deep interest in temple work for her kindred dead:

"By request of your mother I am writing to you. She wishes to communicate to you some of her wishes with regard to her deceased relatives. She is well at present as common, but as life is uncertain if it is not her privilege to live in this world to do the work for her parents and relatives that have gone the way of all the earth, she wants to leave this work so that it may be done and done right. She wishes to be ready to go when she is called. This is the way we all should leave."

Then followed a detailed list of relatives she remembered for whom temple work was to be done.