Person:Cyrenus McNeil (1)

Cyrenus McNeil
b.13 Sep 1818
  1. Cynthia McNeil1808 - 1873
  2. Delilah McNeil1810 - 1891
  3. John McNeil1813 - 1881
  4. Stephen McNeil1817 - 1898
  5. Cyrenus McNeil1818 -
  6. Harvey 'Harry' McNeil1821 - 1854
  7. Mary Ann McNeil1825 - 1889
Facts and Events
Name Cyrenus McNeil
Gender Male
Birth? 13 Sep 1818

There is no record of Cyrenus McNeil except for inside a family bible with information copied by Almira O. Russell (nee Wait), daughter of Delilah Wait (nee McNeil). This bible given to her niece (Almira Harriet 'Mina' Finch) who Almira raised as her own daughter after Mina's mother (Almira's sister) died. After having deeply researched Cyrennus, we believe that Cy with THIS birth date (1818) is a misunderstanding. Believe that the Cyrennus that was discussed was somehow the Cyrenus McNeil who is buried next to John McNeil (born 1780). Perhaps this was a son of John McNeil b. 1780. The Cyrenus buried at Tracy Cemetery was born in 1800, which would make John's wife Almira McNeil (nee Wolverton) very young at the birth of Cyrenus. SO... was our Almira the first or second wife of John? If Almira was the first and only wife of John, then was the date of birth given in Almira's obituary (and on her grave marker) incorrect? Or is the Cyrenus buried next to John a brother or nephew? And if that Cyrenus is a brother or nephew, then who is Cyrennus of 1818, and where is he buried?