Person:Cuthbert Radclyffe (1)

Sir Cuthbert Radclyffe
d.20 Jul 1545
m. Bef 1491
  1. Sir Cuthbert RadclyffeAbt 1500 - 1545
m. 6 Jan 1514
  1. Anthony Radclyffe
  2. Jane RadcliffeAbt 1525 -
  3. George RadclyffeAbt 1530 -
  4. Jane Radcliffe
Facts and Events
Name Sir Cuthbert Radclyffe
Gender Male
Alt Birth? 1491
Birth? Abt 1500 Blanchland, Northumberland, England
Marriage 6 Jan 1514 Barden (near Skipton), Yorkshire, EnglandChapel of Barden
to Margaret Clifford
Death? 20 Jul 1545

Source said parents were Sir Edward /Radcliffe/ and Anne Cartington

Name: Cuthbert RADCLYFFE NPFX: Sir Sex: M Birth: Abt 1491 Death: 20 JUL 1545

CHILDREN: 1.Sir George (born in 1521-died on May 31, 1588, about age 67) (heir his father) (lived occasionally at Lord's Island as an entry in the Parish Registers under the day of July 21, 1566 records the burial of "Anne Radclyffe, daughter of Sir George of the Isle") (lived in Dilston and Cartington)
CHILDREN: 42-2.Anthony (Married Margaret Carnaby, daughter of William Carnaby)
CHILDREN: 42-3.Jane (Married Robert, fifth Lord Ogle) (after Robert's death, remarried Sir John Forster, Governor of Bamborough and Warden of the Marches) (Jane and John Forster had son Nicholas Forster who married Jane Radclyffe, daughter of Margaret Carnaby and Anthony Radclyffe)
MISCELLANEOUS: 1536 - Concerning George Hyndmers - Sub-Prior of Hexham. "on the 28th of Sept 1536, Sir Cuthbert Radcliffe, Lionel Crag, William Grene, James Rokeby, and Robert Collingwood, the King's Commissioners, with a few attendants, rode up along the banks of the Tyne with the purpose of putting an end to the foundation of Hexham. When they reached Dilston the strange news arrived that the "Canons" were up in arms, and had fortified their house with guns and all manner of artillery intending to themselves to the last. A halt was ordered, and an anxious discussion ensued as to the best steps to take under the circumstances. Eventually, it was agreed that Gray and Collingwood should go forward with a small company. When they reached Hexham they found that the news they had received was perfectly true. The steep and narrow streets, as they passed through,were full of angry and excited men, who were hurrying to arms to the tolling of the town "alarum bell", as if they were preparing to resist an invasion of the Scots. The great fray bell of the priory rang out an answering peal that only added to the general babelof sound, and announced the approach of the expected foe. the people hurried out to defend their beloved church, and the Commissioners arrived only to find the doors all locked and barred and the walls lined with armed men. The Master of Ovingham, who was the ringleader of the resistance, stood upon the walls in complete harness with a strung box in his hands. So dangerous a situation must have seriosly disturbed the equanimity of the Commissioners, but the least they could was to demand instance admittance and the respect due from loyal subjects to the King's writ and seal. The Master of Ovingham boldly replied: "We be twenti brethren in this house and we shall dye all, yet shall ye have this house." The Commissioners then presented their credentials, and the Master of Ovingham retired to take counsel with his brethren. Before long however, he re-appeared accompanied by the Sub-Prior, George Hyndmers. His only answer was, "We doo nott doubte bott ye bring with yow the kings seall of auctiorite for this hous, albeitt ye shall se here the kings confirmacion of our hous under the great seall of King Henry the VIII th God save his grace. we think it nott the kings honor to gyff furthe oon scall contrary to an other, and afore any other of our landes, goods, or hous be takin frome us we shall all dye and yt is our full answer." The Church and Priory of St Andrew, Hexham Priory. Exchequer Special Commissions No.1747 - 18th Nov 1587, p157 Vol III History of Northumberland.
Father: Edward RADCLYFFE Mother: Anne CARTINGTON Marriage 1 Margaret CLIFFORD b: Abt 1494/1500 in Brougham Castle,Brougham,Westmoreland,England
Married: 6 JAN 1514 in Chapel of Barden,Craven,England

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