Person:Constance Snow (1)

m. Bef 22 May 1627
  1. Mark Snow1628 - Bef 1694
  2. Mary Snow1630 - 1704
  3. Sarah Snowabout 1632 - after 1697
  4. Lt. Joseph Snow1634 - 1722
  5. Stephen Snow1636 - 1705
  6. John Snow1638 - BEF 1692
  7. Elizabeth Snowabout 1640 - 1678
  8. Jabez Snowabt 1642 - 1690
  9. Ruth SnowABT 1644 - 1716/17
  10. Constance Snow1646 - 1677
  • HDaniel Doaneabt 1636 - 1712
  • WConstance Snow1646 - 1677
m. 1666
  1. Son DoaneABT 1664 - 1667
  2. Daniel Doane1666 - 1743
  3. Nathaniel DoaneBEF 1667 - 1758
  4. Joseph Doane1668 - 1757
  5. Constance Doane1670 - 1741/42
  6. Israel Doane1672 - AFT 1740
  7. Ruth Doane1675 - BEF 1722
  8. Abigail Doane1680 - Aft 1728
Facts and Events
Name Constance Snow
Gender Female
Birth? 1646 Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage 1666 Eastham, Barstable Co., Massachusettsto Daniel Doane
Death? Oct 1677 Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States

The first marriage of Daniel Doane is not recorded in Eastham records. The mother is not named in the birth of the one recorded birth on the records. According to family lists in Source:Doane, Alfred Alder. Doane Family : (1) Deacon John Doane of Plymouth, (2) Doctor John Done of Maryland, and Their Descendants : With Notes upon, none of Daniel's children named any of their children Constance. By evidence, we do not even know if Daniel Doane's wife's name was Constance, much less Snow. Nicholas Snow did not name his daughters in his will. Her identification as Constance Snow is merely speculation based on weak circumstantial evidence. It appears that Daniel's son Constant and his daughter Constance are the same person, merely mis-recorded as the wrong gender causing confusion, meaning the importance of this name in the family has been overstated.

The Doane Family, Vol. 2, Third Ed., 1976

Daniel Doane's marriages are not recorded in Eastham records. His 1st wife is believed by some genealogists to have been Constance Snow, daughter of Nicholas and Constance Hopkins, but no documentary evidence has been found. The assumption is based upon the names of two of his children: Constant (a son) and Constance (a daughter). The Society of Mayflower descendants has not accepted this assumption.

New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol 127 (1973) p. 102

Gilbert H. Doane, Editor Emeritus of the Register has called our attention to the erroneous statement in the first installment of the above article that Joseph Doane, husband of Mary Godfrey was a son of Hepzibah Cole Crisp Doan (The Register 126:136). The mother of Joseph Doane, son of Daniel, was Daniel's first wife, identity uncertain but presumed to have been Constant or Constance, daughter of Nicholand and Constance (Hopkins) Snow. Daniel Doane did not marry Mepsibah (Cole) Crisp until after 28 July 1682, when her first husband George Crisp died. George Crisp named her in his Will and made her executrix asking brother Israel Cole and his neighbor Goodman Daniel Doane "to be helpful to my wife as overseers." She was living 9 Oct 1712 when Daniel Doane called her "loving wife Hepsibah in his Will (See A.A. Doane, the Doane Family, 1902, pp. 26-30). The authority for nameing Constant Snow as the first wife of Daniel Doane appears to be a notebook on Eastham families kept by Josiah Paine, for half a century Town Clerk of Harwich. The notebook is now in the possession of the Eastham Public Library. Mr. Paine did not cite the sources of his information unless it came from individuals, so it may be assumed that he found some evidence for his statement; however no one has discovered where he found it. It should be noted that the Mayflower Society does not accept lines of descent through the first wife of Daniel Doane.

History and Genealogy of the Mayflower Planters and First Comers to Ye Olde Colonie by Leon Clark Hills, Cape Code Series, Vol II, p.51-52 -Dr. Daniel Doane b Plymouth 1636; d Eastham Dec 20, 1712; m. 1s ( ); m 2nd Hepsibah (Cole) Crisp. He was the first physcian of Estham and practices the profession as long as health permitted. He accumulated considerable lands. Most of the acreage was near Orleans. He made a Will dated Sept 11, 1711 and proved Oct 9, 1712. Children:Daniel b. 1666 d. Sept 1, 1743 m. 1st Mehitable Twining; m 2nd Mary Yatesrefs 132, 290