Person:Conrad Brumbaugh (2)

Conrad Brumbaugh
b.Abt 1734/35 , , , , Germany
  • HConrad BrumbaughAbt 1734/35 -
  1. Daniel BrumbaughAbt 1775 - 1845
m. 1797
  1. Christina BrumbaughBet 1770 & 1774 -
  2. John Brumbaugh1771 - 1849
  3. William Brumbaugh1780 - 1849
  4. David Brumbaugh1786 - 1844
  5. George Brumbaugh1788 - 1848
  6. Conrad BrumbaughBef 1790 -
  7. Elizabeth BrumbaughBef 1790 -
  8. Jacob BrumbaughBef 1790 -
  9. Lavinia BrumbaughBef 1790 -
  10. Mahala BrumbaughBef 1790 -
  11. Susan BrumbaughBef 1790 -
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Conrad Brumbaugh
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1734/35 , , , , Germany
Immigration[3][4][5][12] 7 Oct 1765 , Germantown, , Pennsylvania,
Other[6][13] 21 Aug 1780 , , Cumberland County, Pennsylvania,Military
Other[7][14] 1783 , , Bedford County, Pennsylvania,Tax
Census[8][15] 1790 , , Bedford County, Pennsylvania,
Other[9][16] 14 Nov 1793 , , Bedford County, Pennsylvania,Property
Marriage to Unknown
Marriage 1797 to Christina _____
Other[10][17] 25 May 1797 , Woodberry Twp, Bedford County, Pennsylvania,Property
Census[18] 1800 , Quemahoning, Somerset County, Pennsylvania,
Other[11][19] 15 Nov 1811 Property
  1. Gaius Marcus Brumbaugh. Genealogy of the Brumbach families. (1913, Vol. II)
    says, based on "Genealogy of the Brumbach familes," by Gaius Marcus Brumbaugh, that Conrad and his brother, Johannes, were immigrants who arrived in Germantown, PA 7 Oct 1765 on the ship Countess of Sussex.
  2. Pennsylvania German Pioneers, Vol. 1, Arrivals in the Port of Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808
    "At the Court House at Philadelphia, Monday, 7th Octr 1765 ... the foreigners whose names are under written, imported in the Ship Countess of Sussex, Captn Thomas Gray, from Rotterdam, did this day take ans subscribe the usual Qualifications. In the list 24, Whole Feights 41. Number of Souls 50. 28 Octr 1765, pd by Capt Gray." "Conrad Brombach" and "Johannes Brombach" are listed 17th and 18th out of 24 men listed; p. 708, List 257 C.
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  10. Gaius Marcus Brumbaugh. Genealogy of the Brumbach families. (1913, Vol. II).
  11. Gaius Marcus Brumbaugh. Genealogy of the Brumbach families. (1913, Vol. II).
  12. Conrad and his brother Johannes were immigrants who arrived on the ship the Countess of Sussex
  13. Conrad Brumbough is listed in the "First Class" of Captain John Orbison's Company, Fourth Company and Fourth Battalion of the Cumberland County Militia, commanded by Colonel Samuel Culbertson, 21 Aug 1780.
  14. lists Conrood Brumbaugh with 300 acres paying taxes of 6/6/6
  15. Conrod Broombough Males: 1 16>, 6 <16 Females 4

    This Indenture made the 14th day of Nov. in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and
    ninety-three Between Philip Metzger of Woodbury Township Huntingdon county and the State of
    Pennsylvania yeoman of the one part and Conrad Brombaugh of Woodbury Township Bedford county
    and the state aforesaid yeoman of the other part witness whereas James Biddle of the city of
    Philadelphia Esq. obtained a patent for a certain Tract of Land situate formerly in Cumberland lately in
    Bedford and now mostly in Huntingdon county in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania under the hand of
    his Excellency John Dickinson Esquire late president of the Supreme Executive council and the great
    seal of the said commonwealth bearing date of the third day of October in the (year) of our Lord one
    thousand seven hundred Eighty-three Inrolled in Philadelphia in the rolls office for the said
    commonwealth in the patent Book No. 2 page 157 &c granted and conveyed to the said James Biddle in
    fee and whereas James Biddle aforesaid by indenture for the consideration money thereunto mentioned
    conveyed the same Tract of land (which was called Biddle's Delight) unto Philip Metzger on the
    Eleventh day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety-two Recorded in
    the office for Recording Deeds in for the county of Huntingdon in Book B page 374 as will by
    Reference being had thereto at large appear How this Indenture Witnesseth that for and in
    consideration of the sum of two hundred and twenty-two Pounds Gold and Silver coin in hand paid by
    Conrad Brumbaugh aforesaid unto Philip Metzger and loves his wife at or before the sealing and
    Delivery hereof the Receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged hath granted bargained Sold aleined
    enfeoffed Released and confirmed and by these presents doth grant bargain sell alien enfeoff Release
    and confirm unto the said Conrad Brumbaugh and to his Heirs and Assigns a certain part of the above
    narrated tract of land most of which part is situate in Bedford County Beginning at a small birch in an
    Island in a run thence along Christian Hoovers part of Biddles Delight . . . thence along Martin and
    Jacob Howsers line . . . containing one hundred and seventy acres and twenty perches and the usual
    allowance of six per cent for Roads highways &c together . . . same Philip Metzger & loves his wife
    and their Heirs doth covenant promise and grant to and with the said Conrad Brombaugh his Heirs and
    Assigns . . . In witness whereof the said parties have to these presents interchangeably set their hands
    and seals the day and year first above written

    Sealed and Delivered in the presence of ous

    Before Sealing and Delivery the words Loves his wife . . . same words interlined.

    Sealed and Delivered in the presence of us

    I do acknowledge to have received from above named Conrad Brombaugh at the time of execution
    hereof the full consideration money above mentioned.

    Recorded in Book D, p. 184, et seq., Bedford Co., Pa.--copied by Mr. Elias Gibson--also recorded in Book B, p. 374, et seq., Huntingdon Co., Pa.

    This Indenture made the twenty fifth day of May in the year one thousand seven hundred & ninety
    seven Between Conrode Broombuch of the County of Bedford Yeaman & Cristina his wife of the one
    part And Christian Hoover of Huntingdon County and State of Pennsylvania of the other part
    Witnesseth that that the Conrode Brombuch and Cristina his wife for & in consideration of the sum of
    Twelve pounds specie to the said Conrode Brombuch by the said Christian Hoover in hand paid the
    receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged Have granted . . . all that piece or parcel of Land of him the
    said Conrode Brombuch being a part of that tract sold from Henry Drinker to the said Conrode
    Brombuch situate in Woodbery Township beginning at a swamp oak a corner of said Brombuchs survey
    thence by the land of Jas Riddel . . . thence by land of Peter Hover . . . thence by the land of Shinafelt
    . . . containing Thirty five acres one hundred and fifty four perches and allowance of Six pr Cent for
    roads &c being a part of that Tract of land surveyed to Richard Dallam in pursuance of an order of the
    Land Office of Pennsylvania dated the first day of August in the year 1766 who by Deed dated the
    twentieth day of January in the year 1767 conveyed the same to Samuel Wallis in fee to whom a patent
    for the same was granted by the Supreme Executive Council of Pennsylvania dated the twenty fourth
    day of May in the year 1782 recorded in the Rools office of the said Commonwelth patent Book No. 1,
    page 306 and the said Samuel Wallis and Lidia his wife by their Deed dated the fourth day of September
    in the year 1782 duly executed and endorsed on the said patent conveyed the said Tract to Able James
    and the said Henry Drinker in fee. And the said Able James & Rebeca his wife by their Deed duly
    executed dated the eighth day of April in the year 1784 & recorded in the Rool office in Deed Book No.
    34 page 103 &c did convey inter alia all their Estate right title and interest in said Tract of land to the
    said Henry Drinker that part thereof which is now conveyed to Conrode Brumbuch & Cristina his wife
    by this Deed duly recorded in the Recorders office for the County of Bedford in Book page 581 the 8th
    day of July in the year 1796 did convey all their right title & interest in the said tract of land to Christian
    Hoover Together with all and singlar the houses buildings improvements woods ways water courses
    rights liberties immunites privileges hereditaments . . . In Witness whereof the said Conrode Brumbuch
    and Cristina his wife have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year above writen

    Sealed and Delivered in presents of us
    I do hereby acknowledge to have received from the above mentioned Christian Hoover at the time of
    the acknowledgement hereof the full consideration money above mentioned.

    Huntingdon County ss.
    Personally before me James Somervile Esq one of the Justices of the Peace in and for the County
    aforesaid came Conrode Brombuch & Cristina his wife and acknowledged the above Indenture to be
    their act and Deed to Christian Hoover and desisired the same to be recorded as such the above named
    Cristina being seperate from Conrode her husband by me privately examined declared that she executed
    the same freely without compultion or coersion of her husband. Witness my hand & seal the day & year
    @ written
    A true Copy compared with the original the 26th March 1798
    A HENDERSON Recordera
  18. Cunrod Brumbaugh Male 2 10<16, 1 16<26, 1 45> Female 002 16<26,1 45>

    Quemahoning, Pg 567, M32_43
  19. Conrad Brumbaugh ("in Dutch") deeds to Jacob Brumbaugh of Woodberry Twp., Huntingdon Co., Pa., on Nov. 15, 1811, "lands adj. Christian Sleghty on N. W. and Tushess Mountain on east."

    Recorded in Book P-1, p. 299, Huntingdon Co., Pa.