Person:Clement Weaver (4)

  1. Clement Weaver1647 - Bef 1691
  2. Elizabeth Weaverabt 1647 - 1690
  3. William Weaver1649 -
  4. John Weaver1650 - Bef 1702
  5. Mary Weaver1653 -
  6. Thomas Weaver1657 - Abt 1753
m. 26 Sep 1677
  1. Clement WeaverAbt 1670 - 1737/38
  2. William Weaver1671 - 1718
  3. Joseph Weaver1679 -
  4. Rachel Weaver1684 -
Facts and Events
Name Clement Weaver
Gender Male
Birth? 1647 Rhode Island, United States
Marriage 26 Sep 1677 Rhode Island, United Statesto Rachel Andrews
Death? Bef. 8 Sep 1691 East Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island, United States
  1.   -Oct. 24, 1677 Indictment by Gen'rl Aturny against Clement Weaver Jr. for declareinge himselfe married to Rachill Andress in the presence of the Majestrate Mr. Joseph Clarke although forewarned by the said Majestrate. The said Clement Weaver Enters Traverce, and beinge in Court Called and his charge read he ownes Guilty. The Court upon consideration fo the Matter, and findeinge the said Case doubtfull in the law, doe referr the case to the Generall Asembly for their advice therein. Upon Indictment by the Gen'rl Aturney against Rachell Andress of Newport for the on the 26th of September last, at the house of Mr. Joseph Clarke that she tooke Clement Weaver to be her husband &c. The said Rachell Enters Traverse, and beinge in Court Cald, and her charge read she ownes Guilty. The Courts Centance is that the said Clement Weaver and Rachell Andress are bound to the good behavior, asunder, and if it shall be found in that time they doe accompany together without Legall proceeds in the law of Marriage It shall be deemed and accounted in them fornication, as the law hath detirmined. [RI General Court of Trials 1671-1704, by Jane Fletcher Fiske, 1998, p. 57-8]