Person:Christopher Robinson (6)

Christopher Robinson
d.2 November 1798 York, Canada
m. 27 January 1757
  1. Lucy RobinsonAbt 1762 -
  2. Christopher Robinson1763 - 1798
  3. Francis Robinson1765 - 1840
  4. Samuel RobinsonAbt 1766 -
  5. Agnes RobinsonEst 1770 to 1780 -
  6. Elizabeth Robinson1770 -
  • HChristopher Robinson1763 - 1798
  • WEsther SayerAbt 1764 - 1827
m. 1784
  1. Peter Robinson1789 - 1838
  2. Hon. John Beverley Robinson1791 - 1863
  3. Mary RobinsonAbt 1792 -
  4. Sarah RobinsonAbt 1793 -
  5. William Benjamin Robinson1797 - 1873
  6. Esther RobinsonAbt 1798 -
Facts and Events
Name Christopher Robinson
Gender Male
Birth? 1763 Spotsylvania County, Virginia
Marriage 1784 New Brunswick, Canadato Esther Sayer
Death? 2 November 1798 York, Canada

Information on Christopher Robinson

From "The Parish Register of Kingston Upper Canada, 1785-1811"

Robinson, Esther*-.D of Christan (?) Robinson, Esther Robinson; Sp.-Thomas & Catharine Markland; [Sepr 23?] (1798)
Robinson, Benjamin William*-S. of Christan (?) Robinson, Esther Robinson; Sp.-Robert MaCauley (MaCaulay), Ann Macaulay; Sepr 23. (1798)
  • These are evidently the two youngest children of Christopher Robinson, some time Ensign in the Queen's Rangers (First American Regiment), commanded by Lt-Col John Graves Simeoe, who later became the first Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada. As such, he applied for military lands on October 17, 1792. (U. C. Land and State Book A, P 30), alleging that he had received only 55 acres as yet (Q 282, I, P 261). On September 2, 1791, he was granted 600 acres in Ameliasburgh "near the Carrying Place," and 1200 acres for his wife and four children on August 14, 1795. In 1795 and 1796 there are entries of Town Lots for him in York (U. C. Land Books B, P 140, and C. PP 64 and 89; also Q 282 I, P 352 and Q 285, P 25).
Mr. Robinson was horn in 1763 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, the son of William Robinson, and he was educated at William and Mary College. After the Revolutionary War he went to New Brunswick, where he married, in 1784, Esther, daughter of the Revd. John Sayer. In 1788, being on half-pay, he removed to Lower Canada, where several of his children were born, among them John Beverley, the future Chief Justice and Baronet, who was brought up in part by Dr. Stuart. From 1792 to 1798 Mr. Robinson Ilved in Kingston, acting as Deputy Ranger of H.M. Woods and Forests in Upper Canada and also practisiog Law. He was a Bencher of the Law Society and he represented Lenox and Addington in the Second Parliament of Upper Canada. In October, 1798, he removed to York, where he died three weeks later, on November 2, leaving six children in all.
Mrs. Robinson married Mr. Beman on September 5, 1802. He, Dr. Stuart, and Mr. Strachan seem to have all been anxious to play the part of father to John Beverley. (Major-General C. W. Robinson, C.B.: Life of Sir John Beverley, Robinson, Bart., PP 4-22).