Person:Charles Leprince (1)

Charles Edward Leprince
m. 8 Jun 1882
  1. Charles Edward Leprince1886 - 1945
  1. Marguerite Soubeyroux Leprince1911 - 1991
Facts and Events
Name Charles Edward Leprince
Gender Male
Birth? 26 Jul 1886 Charleston, South Carolina
Marriage to Pierrine Marie "Uh-Uh" Soubeyroux
Military? 5 Jun 1917 Local Board for Div. No. 2 No. 18 Lucas Street City of Charleston, SCDraft Card
Occupation? 5 Jun 1917 Clerk - Perishable Trains for Atlantic Coast Lines RailroadOccupation
Residence? 5 Jun 1917 84 Vanderhorst Street Charleston, SCResidence
Physical Description? 5 Jun 1917 Medium Height, slender build, blue eyes, brown hairDescription
Occupation[5] 1929 Charleston, SCCashier of Enterprise National Bank of Charleston
Occupation[2] Charleston, SCAgency for Selling New Franklin Automobiles with Air-cooled Engines
Occupation[4] State St., just South of Broad, Charleston, SCGarage and Car Repair Service
Residence[3] Charleston, SCOne Room Garage
Death? 1945 Eutawville, South Carolina
Other[1] Abandoned First Wife

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From Uncle Eddie's Notes from 1961:

"Charles Edward LePrince Sr.

Born on ___ 188_, Charleston, South Carolina. Married at age ___ to Pierrine Marie Soubeyroux, age___, born April 22, 1887. Had four (4) children in following order:

1. Pierrine Marie, born September 9, 1909 2. Marguerite Soubeyroux, born on June 3, 1911 3. Charles Edward, Jr., born on May 21, 1913 4. Julius Leon, born on July 20, 1915

Was cashier of Enterprise National Bank of Charleston when it failed in the crash of 1929. Tried an agency for selling new Franklin automobiles with air-colled engines. Went bankrupt. Country still in a depression. Tired a combination garage and car repair service on State Street just south of Broad St. This also failed. Country deep in depression. Moved into one (1) room garage and left family. No documentation ever received by first wife that he'd divorced her. Supposedly married again and had son they called Charles Edward, Jr., and daughter names _____. They moved to a little town named Eutawville, S.C., near Lake Marion. He died on ____, 19__, and is buried in ______."

  1. Charles LePrince abandoned his wife Pierrine ("Uh-uh") after having four children and moved to Eutawville, SC where he resided with another woman who was his common-law wife with whom he had 4 other children, the oldest male was also name Charles Edward LePrince, Jr., the same as his first son with Pierrine.
  2. Went bankrupt, U.S. still in depression
  3. Left his family. Pierrine LePrince never received notice of divorce.
  4. Also failed while U.S. still in deep depression.
  5. This was the during the Stock Market Crash that began The Great Depression.