Person:Charles Fairfield (1)

Charles Fairfield
b.1843 Ireland
m. before 1843
  1. Charles Fairfield1843 - 1906
  2. Edward Fairfieldabout 1850 - 1897
m. 17 December 1883
  1. Dr. Josephine Letitia Denny Fairfield1885 - 1978
  2. Winifred A. "Winnie" Fairfield1887 -
  3. Dame Rebecca West1892 - 1983
Facts and Events
Name Charles Fairfield
Gender Male
Birth? 1843 Ireland
Marriage 17 December 1883 Melbourne, Victoria, Australiato Isabella Campbell Mackenzie
Death[1] 1906 Liverpool, Lancashire, England


Fairfield was a brilliant storyteller who entertained his daughters with tales of wild adventures in America and Australia, but he was moody and unreliable, and in 1901 he left his wife and children to travel to Sierra Leone, where he hoped to start a pharmaceutical plant. The plan failed, and he returned to London, though not to his family, dying when his daughter, Cicily, was fourteen.

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  1. Charles Fairfield, in Google Books - The Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women: From the Earliest Times to 2004 edited by Elizabeth Ewan, Sue Innes, Sian Reynolds, Rose Pipes , Page 115, 2004, Questionable quality.

    "Charles Fairfield [was an] Irish-born soldier, journalist and entrepreneur. After Charles Fairfield abandoned the family in 1901 (dying in 1906), their mother took the three children from London to her native Edinburgh, where they lived in Hope Park Square (represented in Rebecca West's novel, The Judge) and Buccleuch Place."