Person:Charles Butt (7)

Charles Butt, Sr.
m. 15 AUG 1843
  1. Butt1846 - 1846
  2. Jane Butt1847 -
  3. Charles Butt, Sr.1850 - AFT 1920
  4. George Butt1853 -
  5. Mary G. Butt1855 -
  6. Vienna Butt1858 -
  7. Jonah Butt1859 - 1888
  8. Maria Butt1861 -
  9. Mark Butt1864 - 1945
  10. Anjouletta Butt1866 -
m. 23 MAY 1877
  1. Lucy Butt1878 - 1930
  2. Joseph Butt1880 -
  3. Amelia Butt1881 -
  4. Mariah Butt1882 -
  5. John Butt1884 - 1924
  6. Catherine Butt1886 - 1886
  7. Caroline Butt1887 - 1935
  8. Charles Butt, Jr.1888 - 1954
  9. James Butt1891 -
Facts and Events
Name[1] Charles Butt, Sr.
Gender Male
Birth[2][3][4][5][10] 1850 London, Middlesex, Ontario, CanadaColborne Township
Census[4] 1871 Huron, Ontario, CanadaNorth Huron
Occupation[3] 1877 Colborne, Huron, Ontario, Canadaa Laborer
Marriage 23 MAY 1877 Huron, Ontario, CanadaColborne Township
to Mary Ann Van Stone
Immigration[5][2][11] 1890
Census 1894 Bay, Michiganwith Mary Ann Van Stone
Census 1900 Bay, Michigan, United Stateswith Mary Ann Van Stone
Unknown[5] 1901
Census[9] 1910 Ward 9, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States
Census[5][12] 1920 Bay City, Bay, Michigan
Occupation[5] 1920 Bay City, Bay, Michigana Laborer
Death[6][5] AFT 1920 Bay City, Bay, Michigan

CHARLES BUTT SR., son of JOSEPH BUTT and ANN WINN, was born in 1850 at Colborne Township, London, Huron County, Ontario, Canada. Charles was a member of huge family. His father Joseph had 10 children in Dorset England with first wife Sarah Arnold. Around 1840 Joseph and Sarah moved the family from England to Hampton, Ontario, Canada. Sarah and her eleventh and final child died in Hampton in 1841. Given that they both died in the same year, it is likely that Sarah died in childbirth. Joseph married Charles' mother Ann in 1843. They lost their first child and then had 9 more as well. Charles was the second of those 10 children, making him the 12th living child of his father Joseph.

The letter from his cousin Hannah Butt Taylor contains much information on the family of Joseph Butt.

Charles was a Laborer in 1877 at Benmiller Rd, Colborne, Huron County, Ontario, Canada. He married MARY VAN STONE, daughter of JOHN VAN STONE and CATHERINE [VAN STONE], on 23 May 1877 at Colborne Township, Huron County, Ontario, Canada. They were the parents of seven surviving children, 4 girls and 3 boys.

He and MARY VAN STONE immigrated from Canada to the US in 1890. Son Charles listed 1890 as the year he entered the US. He was naturalized in 1901.S2, S5

He and MARY VAN STONE appeared on the census of 1894 at Bay County, Michigan. The 1894 Michigan State Census also lists a Josephine, the same age as Joseph. This isn't supported by the definitive genealogy in the Ernest Butt inheritance record. Since that genealogy otherwise matches the census, the addition of Josephine in the census assumed to be an error.

In 1903, Mary's life was cut short by Huntington's chorea. This runs in the family and is further described in The Van Stone Family Curse. Mary's illness likely had an extremely negative effect on youngest daughter Caroline. This lead to family scandal as described in The Importance of Being Ernest. Charles did not come off as a sympathetic figure throughout this.

All the same, in 1920 Charles was living with daughter Caroline and her husband.S5 He was a Laborer in 1920 at Bay City, Bay County, Michigan. Charles died sometime after 1920. He isn't found in the 1930 census, so it was probably between 1920 and 1930.


Charles Butt Sr. Census
Year Source Image
1871 1871 Canadian Federal Population Census: Province of Ontario, District 26, North Huron
1894 1894 Michigan State Census No Image
1900 1900 US Federal Population Census
1920 1920 US Federal Population Census: Bay Ward 3, Bay County, Michigan
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  10. The 1871 Ontario census list him as 21 (1850). His 1877 marriage certificate lists him as 24 (1853). The 1894 Michigan census lists him as 45 (1850). The 1920 US Census for Michigan lists him as 65 (1855).
  11. From Canada to the US. Son Charles listed 1890 as the year he entered the US
  12. He lived with his daughter Caroline and son-in-law Carl Murphy.