Person:Bertel Areklet (1)

Bertel Kornelius Areklet
d.2 DEC 1950 Hart, MI
m. 1860
  1. Nils Olaf Areklet1861 - 1945
  2. Bertel Kornelius Areklet1863 - 1950
  3. Mathias J Areklet1864 - 1948
  4. Kari Kristina Areklet1868 - 1875
  5. Ivar Nikolai Areklet1875 - 1875
  6. Ivar Kristoffer Areklet1875 - 1886
  • HBertel Kornelius Areklet1863 - 1950
  • WLena Andrews1869 - 1950
m. 16 APR 1894
  1. Jennie B Areklet1895 - 1895
  2. Jennie B Areklet1896 - 1951
  3. Carl Areklet1899 - 1986
  4. Mabel Areklet1903 - 1949
  5. John Areklet1906 - 1980
  6. Frank Bendie Areklet1908 - 1988
Facts and Events
Name Bertel Kornelius Areklet
Gender Male
Birth? 18 APR 1863 Naustdal, Norway in Sunnfjord, Sogn og Fjordane
Marriage 16 APR 1894 Lutheran Church, Muskegon, MIto Lena Andrews
Death? 2 DEC 1950 Hart, MI
Burial? Hart Cemetery, Hart, MI

Bert arrived in the United States from Naustdal. Norway at the age of 21. He was employed in the lumber mills of Montague for a breif time.

Bert bought the farm in West Golden in 1894. The same year he married Lena Andrews.

Bertel and Mathais Areklet might have been named Bertel and Mathais Johanneson except they used Areklet because they were born at Arekletten, Norway. A farm. Near Forde, Norway.

                   Forde at 1th of September 1948

Dear brother with family ! I can`t remember if it is me who owes a letter, but I think it is you who owes me. I have waited for a letter from you, I thought someone of the family had written to me about Oncle, I got a letter from a Gertrud ( Bredon? I am not sure of this name ) about that Oncle was past away and that I should write to you and got an address, and that it was a cousin of me and you as should be the one who should take care of the funeral. I had wished to hear how it was with oncle when he died and what kind of illness he had. He wrote to me that he had search for to come to Norway again, but there were so overcrouded on the ship, so it was so sorely to hear that it went so fast with him, one of the last letter he wrote he complained of that there were wbody who could read and write for him. Will you be so kind and write to me soon, then I will write back at once, this address does not tune to be right with that one I have from the first. Does Bertel have a son which name is John ?. Bertel has never written to me, once I got a picture of him and his wife, that is all. I have often wished to go over there, I do have the whole family of my father and my mother`s too. Do you ever have met someone of my mother`s family ? Do you not want to take a trip to Norway again ? I have had a visit of Klara and Matilde Vefring. At the end a dearly regards from sister Juditte with family.

Diane, you can see at the letters which one this is. I tried to translate as near as she wrote as I could. Maybe it isn`t quite right, but I think you will understand it.

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