Person:Armon Dugger (1)

  1. Armon Dugger1772 - After 1850
  • HHenry DuggerBefore 1769 - 1807
  • WArmon Dugger1772 - After 1850
m. 1 Mar 1792
  1. Joseph Dugger1784 - 1830
  2. Anne B Dugger1792 - After 1830
  3. Henry Dugger1799 - After 1860
  4. Armon Dugger1799 - After 1850
  5. Ermine DuggerABT 1800 -
  6. James Dugger1800 - After 1817
  7. Sterling Dugger1804 - 1850
  8. John Dugger1806 - After 1850
Facts and Events
Name Armon Dugger
Alt Name[1] Armon Price
Gender Female
Birth[1] 1772/1773 Brunswick, Virginia, United States
Marriage 1 Mar 1792 Brunswick Co., VAto Henry Dugger
Death[1] After 1850 Brunswick, Virginia, United States

Armon Dugger was born ca 1772/73 in Brunswick Co, VA, apparently born out of wedlock to Lurany Dugger. Lurany married Joseph Price in 1784 and became her step-father.

On 27 Feb 1792 Henry Duggar obtained a marriage bond in Brunswick Co, VA to marry Armon Duggar. The bond showed Armon to be a child of Lurany Price (daughter of John Dugger Sr), making them 1st cousins, once removed. The bondsmen for the marriage was Richardson Brown, Joseph Price (Armon's step-father), and Howell Duggar. (Armon's Uncle). Henry and Armon were married by Minister Aaron Brown on 1 Mar 1791 (sic, should probably say 1792).

Armon Dugger Dugger was listed as head of household on the 1810 Brunswick Co, VA census. She had an older woman residing with her, who just might be her mother Lurany Dugger Price. This is assuming that Lurany was widowed by this time, which I have not yet confirmed. Joseph Price was not found in Brunswick on the 1810 census, so this seems reasonable. MySource:Martygrant/Dugger1810Census


  • 1810 Brunswick Co, VA pg 709 Armon Dugger 31100-02021
  • 1 Male(s) 16-25 (1784-1794) Joseph Dugger(1792/94) son --> m 1814
  • 1 Male(s) 10-15 (1794-1800) Henry Dugger(1797) son
  • 3 Male(s) 0-9 (1800-1810) 1-James Dugger(1800/10) son; 2-Sterling Dugger(1800/10) son; 3-John Dugger(1800/10) son
  • 1 Female(s) 45 & up (before 1765) Lurany DuggerPrice mother of Armon
  • 2 Female(s) 26-44 (1765-1784) 1-Armon Dugger Dugger (1772/73) wd/o Henry; 2-Sister?
  • 2 Female(s) 10-15 (1794-1800) 1-Ann B. Dugger(c1794) daughter --> m 1811; 2-Armon Dugger(1799/1800) daughter --> m 1815

In August 1816, in Brunswick Court, the heirs of Henry Dugger sued Armon Dugger, widow of Henry for a division of the property of Henry Dugger. Here is a summarized version:

William Kirkland vs Armon Dugger, widow of Henry Dugger. Joseph Dugger, Henry Dugger, Thomas Kirkland and Armon his wife. James, Sterling, and John Dugger, infants, by the said Thomas Kirkland their guardian specially apptd. Ordered that Richardson Brown be appt trustee to make sale of land Henry Dugger conveyed to Thomas Rice decd, to pay money to James Rice. Brown to sell, subject to dower of Armon, widow and relict of Henry Dugger. Brown to pay defts. Joseph, Henry, James, Sterling and John Dugger, and Thomas Kirkland in right of his wife Armon, formerly Armon Dugger and to the complainant in right of his wife Anne B, formerly Anne B. Dugger. (Brunswick Co, VA Order Book 27 page 142).

In May 1817, his heirs were in court once again for the same thing: William Kirkland vs Armon Dugger, widow of Henry Dugger. Joseph Dugger, Henry Dugger, Thomas Kirkland and Armon his wife. James, Sterling, and John Dugger, infants, by the said Thomas Kirkland their guardian. Commsr appt to sell the land conveyed by Deed of Trust from Henry Dugger to Thomas Rice for benefit of James Rice who had assgnd interest in said deed of trust to William Kirkland. Land sold to Thomas Kirkland, the highest bidder for $210. (Brunswick Co, VA Order Book 27 page 304).

The two court records quoted above prove the heirs of Henry and Armon Dugger.

I didn't find Armon Dugger on the 1820 census. She was probably residing with one of her older children.

I didn't find Armon Dugger on the 1830 or 1840 census either.

Armon Dugger Dugger was found on the 1850 census in Brunswick Co, VA, residing with her daughter Armon Dugger Kirkland and husband Thomas Kirkland. MySource:Martygrant/Dugger1850CensusVA

1850 Brunswick Co., VA, Northern Division, Page 302B House # 297, Family # 297
Name Age Sex Race Occupation Real Value Birth Place
Thomas Kirkland 63 M W Shoemaker VA
Ermine 50 F W VA
William 22 M W VA
Samuel 20 M W VA
Joseph 18 M W VA
Charles 14 M W VA
Edward 10 M W VA
Ermine Dugger 77 F W VA
Mary Mitchell 19 F W VA

I haven't attempted to trace them to the 1860 census yet, to see if Armon is still living then.

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