Person:Archibald Coon (1)

  1. Archibald Gracie Coon1820 - 1912
  2. Sarah Coon1825 - 1916
  3. George Greenman Coon1837 - 1932
  4. Gilbert Hamilton Coon - 1861
  • HArchibald Gracie Coon1820 - 1912
  • WPhebe CrandallAbt 1829 - 1882
m. 1849
  1. Elihu Burrett Coon1850 - 1904
  2. Angie Belle Coon1856 - 1923
Facts and Events
Name Archibald Gracie Coon
Gender Male
Birth[1] 23 Feb 1820 Hopkinton, Washington, Rhode Island, United States
Marriage 1849 to Phebe Crandall
Death[1] 20 Jan 1912 North Loup, Valley, Nebraska, United States
  1. 1.0 1.1 The Sabbath Recorder . (New York City, New York; later Plainfield, N. J.)
    72:7:213, February 12, 1912.

    Deacon Archibald G. Coon died at North Loup, Neb., on January 20, 1912. This simple statement will arouse many sacred memories in many minds and in many places. Old people will express surprise at the knowledge that this man of God has continued among us to this time. The record of his life that follows was dictated by Deacon Coon in recent years and is believe to be correct. Archibald Gracie Coon was the son of Thomas and Abbie Davis Coon, and the grandson of Eld. Abram Coon. He was born at Hopkinton City, R. I., on February 23, 1820. In 1837 he was in Madison County, N. Y., where he confessed faith in Christ as his Saviour and became a member of the 3d Brookfield Church, being baptized by Rev. Samuel B. Crandall. In 1843 he went back to Rhode Island and located at Ashaway, where in 1849 he was married to Phebe Crandall.
    In 1854 the family removed to Independence, N. Y., where he was ordained deacon on March 6, 1857. In 1864 he removed to Transit, Sibley Co., Minn., where he became a constituent member of the New Auburn Church. Mrs. Coon died on November 9, 1882.
    In 1887 he removed to Boulder, Colo., where he was again one of the constituent members of a Seventh-day Baptist church. In 1904 he removed to North Loup, Neb., where he has since made his home with his daughter, Mrs. Maxson Greene. He died on Sabbath afternoon, January 20, 1912, 'an old man and full of years and was gathered to his people.'
    Notwithstanding his great age Deacon Coon is survived by three sisters and two brothers - Sarah Langworthy, Caroline Stillman and Charlotte Maxson, all of Ashaway, R. I., and Deacon George G. Coon of New Auburn, Minn., and O. Lavern Coon of Albion, Wis.
    He is also survived by two sons and two daughters - Orlando of Little Fork, Minn., and Herbert of Boulder, Colo., Angie, wife of Maxson Greene of North Loup, and Harritte of New York City.
    He had been a Christian for seventh-five years, and a deacon for fifty-five.
    He was preeminently a soul-winner. He was remarkably gifted in song, in prayer and exhortation. The writer's father in a letter says, 'May God give us more such cheerful happy, helpful men like Deacon Coon.' Rev. W. D. Burdick says, 'His fervent words fell like magic on my ears and Christian faith and service were made more desirable to me.' Rev. Edwin Shaw says, 'As a boy I learned to respect, admire and love him for his sterling qualities.' Rev. D. B. Coon writes, 'Although it has been many years since I heard Uncle Archibald's voice, his prayers and songs and testimony still ring in my heart. They made a profound impression upon my young life. I would not sell those impressions for all the wealth of this world. I feel sure that hundreds who were converted to Christ through his direct instrumentality will call his name blessed throughout all eternity.'
    He was last at church on the occasion of the ordination of deacons on July 22, 1911. His sight was dim, his ears were dull of hearing and his power to speak was almost gone, but his mind was quite clear and the same happy smile was always playing about his face. His devoted daughter gave him the best of care, which included reading to him regularly from the Bible and the Sabbath Recorder.
    He was poor in this world's goods but rich in many spiritual gifts. He never held high office among men, but his citizenship was in heaven. A long, long life of service for Christ is ended. A winner of souls has gone to his reward.
    His Bible, opening of itself to the 23d Psalm, lay on the casket before the altar as his pastor said: 'Let me die the death of the righteous and let my last end be like his.' Geo. B. Shaw.