Person:Anne Collins (1)

Anne Collins
b.Abt 1608 England
m. 25 Apr 1608
  1. Anne CollinsAbt 1608 - 1642
  • HThomas KingAbt 1600 - 1676
  • WAnne CollinsAbt 1608 - 1642
m. Bef 1625
  1. Anna KingAbt 1625 - 1697/98
  2. Peter KingAbt 1628 - 1704
  3. Mary King1629/30 - 1714/15
  4. Sarah Ann King1632 - 1706
  5. Elizabeth KingAbt 1635 - 1667
  6. Martha-Mercy King1638/39 - 1668/69
  7. Thomas King1639/40 -
  8. Thomas King1642 - 1642/43
Facts and Events
Name Anne Collins
Gender Female
Birth? Abt 1608 England
Marriage Bef 1625 Englandto Thomas King
Death[1] 24 Dec 1642 Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States

Reason to believe that "Collins" is NOT her surname:

"There is an English will written by Elizabeth, wife of Richard Lee, an abstract of which is given in the General Register for 1896 (vol. 50), page 529, which mentions the wife of Thomas King, in New England, as Ann. This will was written after the death in 1642 of Thomas' first wife, Ann. (Sudbury VRs, p. 314) Therefore, it is possible to assume that Thomas might have had a second wife, also named Ann, before his marriage to Bridget Davis in 1655. If so, this Ann was Ann Collins before her marriage." [source: Gerald J. Rice ]

[Comment: it was also written (22 Mar 1660) after the marriage to Bridget Davis, so need not necessarily imply a second wife Ann, since it was written on the opposite side of the Atlantic and obviously out of touch with Thomas King no matter which wife it was. Further it does not indicate the relation of Ann King to the testator, only that Elizabeth's maiden name was Collins.]

[based on Torrey] CSERVE: Clunies 1/2/95. Father may be John COLLINS of Cambridge, Watertown, Sudbury

  1. Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. Vital Records of Sudbury, Massachusetts, to the Year 1850. (Boston, Massachusetts: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1903)
    p. 314.

    KING, Anne, w. Thomas, [died] Nov. 24, 1642. [Dec. 24, MR]
    [Note: she was clearly born after the birth of the son "4 (10) 1642" ("Dec. 4, 1642" per this source), so Nov. is impossible. See "Early Boston Records", NEHGR, Vol. 6, p. 378, which gives the date as "24 (10) 1642", i.e., December.]

  2.   Waters, Henry Fitz-Gilbert, A.M.. Genealogical Gleanings in England. (Boston, Mass.: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1901)

    Elizabeth Lee, of Hambledon, co. Southton.
    My now husband Richard Lee;
    To Ann King, wife of Thomas King of New England of Westweltringe or Westreitringe Parish ten pounds
    To Henry Fleshmonger Senior fower pounds.
    To John Courtnell fower pounds.
    To Elinor Collens, dau. of Thomas Collens fower pounds.
    To Thomas Courtnells three children Elizabeth, Margaret and Anne Courtnell 20/ apiece in gold.
    To Richard Lee, son of Richard Lee my wedding ring which he gave me.
    To my brother Thomas Collens the use of 20£
    Kinsman Thomas Courtnell executor.

    Pee. Ct. of Bishop Waltham, Winchester Reg'y. 22 Mar 1660. 19 Apl 1661.