Person:Ann Camm (1)

Ann Camm May 1774 - December 1775 Essex County, Virginia
m. 22 May 1722
  1. Ann Camm1723 - bet 1774
  2. Mary Camm, [1st of that name]1725 - 1726
  3. Mary Camm, [2nd of that name]1727 -
  4. Elizabeth Camm1729 - aft 1767
  5. John Camm, [1st of that name]1731 - 1731
  6. John Camm, [2nd of that name]1732 - 1735
  7. Richard Camm1736 - 1748
  8. Sarah Camm1738 - 1756
  9. John Camm, [3rd of that name]1745 - 1748
m. est 1735
  1. Benjamin Cluveriusest 1737 - abt 1810
  2. Mary Cluveriusest 1740 - abt 1810
m. abt 1765
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Ann Camm
Gender Female
Birth[1] 23 Jan 1723 King and Queen County, Virginia
Marriage est 1735 Virginia(her 1st husband)
to Holt Cluverius
Marriage bef 1756 (her 2nd husband)
to Robert Pollard, Jr.
Marriage abt 1765 (her 3rd husband)
to James Booker
Death? bet. May 1774 - December 1775 Essex County, VirginiaWill Proven

Information on Ann Camm

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On 10 May 1774, Ann Booker wrote her Will describing herself as the wife of James Booker of the County of Essex. She says that her father was the late John Camm. She mentions her three youngest children Richard Pollard, Robert Pollard and Betty Pollard who were bequeathed Negroes and money. She makes a provision for any of these three children dying unmarried and under age, then to their children, if any, or otherwise to the survivors between them. The residue of her real and personal estate she gave to her five children, Benjamin Cluverius, Mary Madison, and Richard, Robert and Betty Pollard. She appointed Benjamin Cluverius, her son, John Madison, her son-in-law, Robert Hill and Samuel Garlick as her trustees and executors. She mentioned the property vesting in her freely by the Will of her father, John Camm, deceased. The witnesses were Camm Garlick, Francis Stedd, Sam Garlick, and Robert Hill.. The Will was proved in Essex Co., VA, on 18 December 1775. [Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Fleet, Vol. II, pages 304-305]


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