Person:Amos Dugger (1)

m. 1810/1820
  1. Amos B Dugger1814 - 1902
  2. William Dugger1816 - After 1860
  3. Hiram Dugger1819 - After 1860
  4. Nancy Lucy Dugger1827 - 1919
  5. John Dugger1829 - aft 1860
  6. Mary A Dugger1832 - After 1860
  7. Adolphus K Dugger1837 - 1917
  • HAmos B Dugger1814 - 1902
  • WSarah Owens1816 - 1863-1870
m. 1830/1838
  1. Eli Thomas Dugger1837 - 1870
  2. John D Dugger1838 - After 1850
  3. Nancy Melinda Dugger1842 - 1899
  4. Permelia T Dugger1845 - After 1850
  5. Jesse Fowler Dugger1848 - 1925
  6. James Martin Dugger1849 - 1926
  7. Lawson Dugger1851 - 1922
  8. Parks Dugger1852 -
  9. Hannah E. Dugger1856 - 1923
  10. Delilah Drunetta Dugger1858 - 1937
m. October 23, 1886
Facts and Events
Name Amos B Dugger
Gender Male
Birth? 18 Jun 1814 Ashe, North Carolina, United States
Marriage 1830/1838 Knox, Kentucky, United Statesto Sarah Owens
Marriage October 23, 1886 Kinsley, Edwards, Kansas, United Statesto Margaret Day (6)
Death? 10 Oct 1902 Lewis, Edwards, Kansas, United States
Amos B. Dugger was born June 14, 1814 in Ashe County, North Carolina. The birthdate is on his tombstone in Trotter Cemetery in Lewis, Kansas. The date is also given on his burial card in the Kinsley, Kansas Public Library. The "B" probably stands for Benjamin after his grandfather. Amos moved with his parents to Knox County, Kentucky by 1816 as his father, Daniel is listed on the Knox County tax lists in 1816. 
    Amos is listed as the Admin. of his father, Daniel's estate in Knox County in 1855 proving he is Daniel's son. 
    Amos married Sarah "Sally" Owens before 1838 in Knox County. 
    In the 1840 Federal Census, Amos and Sally are probably living in the home of his mother-in-law, Nancy Owens, in Knox County, Kentucky (p. 315). In the house is one male 20-30, one female, 15-20, one female 20-30, and one female 60-70. It is possible that the male and the femaile 20-30 are Amos & Sarah (Owens) Dugger. The listing is 2 pages from Daniel Dugger. 

They were on the 1850 census in Knox Co., KY.

7th Census of the United States - 1850
Name Age Sex Race Occupation Real $ Birth Place
Knox Co, KY
Page 379, House # 818, Family # 834
Dugger Amos 36 M W Farmer NC
Dugger Sarah 33 F W KY
Dugger Eli T 12 M W KY
Dugger John D 11 M W KY
Dugger Nancy 8 F W KY
Dugger Permelia T 4 F W KY
Dugger Jesse F 2 M W KY
Dugger Martin 0 M W 6/12 KY

   They were on the 1860 Federal Census in Barbourville, Knox County, Kentucky. However living with them are the children of nearby farmer Silas Richardson, a mulatto family. Some of Amos and Sarah's children are living with Silas. 

8th Census of the United States - 1860
Name Age Sex Race Occupation Real $ Birth Place
Barbourville Twp Knox Co, KY
Page 108-9, Dwelling # 713,
Dugger Amus 45 M W Farmer $1000 NC
Dugger Sulla 44 F W KY
Dugger Thomas 23 M W KY
Dugger Malinda 18 F W KY
Richardson Ana 33 F M KY
Richardson Mary 10 F M KY
Richardson S.G.B. Jane 6 F M KY
Richardson Asa 4 M M KY
Richardson Elizabeth 3 F M KY
Richardson John 1 M M KY

  Since John and Permilia are not listed on the 1860 Federal Census it is assumed they had died. In 1863 Amos and family left Knox County for Monroe County Indiana and later Parke County, Information from Amos's brother Hiram Dugger says Amos and family left after the murder of son Eli by a pro Confederate neighbor. The Civil War was going on at this time and Kentucky was a border state. Amos and family were pro Union. Eli could not have been the son murdered at this time; he died in 1870 in Greene County, Indiana. The most likely is Parks Dugger. This means Amos's wife Sarah went to Indiana or at least left for. This is the last information on her she died sometime later, before 1870. On the move to Indiana with Amos and children; Nancy Melinda, Jesse, James, Lawson, Hannah, and Drunetta was his sister Nancy Lucy and her illigetimate son, Hiram.
    Amos and children are on the 1870 Federal Census in Bridgeton, Raccoon Twp., Parke County, Indiana.

9th Census of the United States - 1870
Name Age Sex Race Occupation Real $ Birth Place
Bridgeton, Raccoon Twp., Parke Co, IN
Page 148, Dwelling # 22
Dugger Amos 56 M W Farmer NC
Dugger Nancy M. 25 F W Keeping House KY
Dugger Jess F. 21 F W Works on Farm KY
Dugger James 20 M W Works on Farm KY
Dugger Lawson 17 M W Works on Farm KY
Dugger Hannah I. 14 F W KY
Dugger Drunetta 12 F W KY
    Amos's daughter Nancy had an illegitmate daughter in 1865, however she isn't listed on the 1870 Federal Census with the family.
    Amos. who is widowed and 2 of his children are on the 1880 Federal Census in Raccoon Twp., Parke County, Indiana. Missing is Drunetta's illegitimate son James
10th Census of the United States - 1880
Name Relationship Age Sex Race Occupation Real $ Birth Place Father Birth Place Mother Birth Place
Raccoon Twp.,Parke Co, IN
Page 26, E.D. # 183,
Dugger Amos B. Self 36 M W Farmer NC NC NC
Dugger Melinda Daughter 35 F W Keeping House KY NC KY
Dugger Lawson Son 25 M W Works on Farm KY NC KY

    In 1883 Amos agin moved with his family. This time to Kansas; first to Reno County and then 1885 to Edwards County. On the Amos Dugger family sheet put together by Amos's great granddaughters Leoma Trotter Smith and Ester Trotter Stinson they state that Amos, grandson Tom Dugger, Jesse and family and Aunt Lynn coming from Indiana in ox drawn wagons to Kansas. Tom Dugger is Amos's grandson; James Thomas, illegitimate son of Delilah Drunetta Dugger. Jesse and family would include his wife Sarah and children Owen and Nora. Aunt Lynn would be Amos's daughter, Nancy Melinda. Further research shows others that were on this move. Lawson Dugger, soon to be wife Martha Brown and her son John came. They were married in Reno CO, Kansas on February 15, 1885. According to Gregg Branum, a Lawson descendant, Lawson and family moved back to Indiana a few years later after a prairie fire scared his wife, Martha. Amos's daughter Hannah Dugger also came. Daughter, Delilah Drunetta, husband Charles Short and children Sadie and Carroll were a part of the move. It is believed Drunetta and family moved back to Indiana with Lawson and family. However, James Thomas Dugger stayed in Kansas with grandpa, Amos. We know that Margaret Day, Amos's soon to be wife came. They were married October 23, 1866 at the home of Rev. John S. Staton in Kinsley, Edwards CO., Kansas. (Title: Edwards County, KS Marriage Records

Author: Mrs. Orville E. Sypher Publication: 1966). Margaret did not like Kansas and wanted to move back to Indiana, however Amos did not want to. Margaret moved back with Lawson and Delilah Drunetta. Amos and Margaret were never divorced. The children of Lawson grew up calling Margaret grandma. Also on the move were Amos's sister Nancy Lucy Dugger, husband Mahlon Denny, son Hiram Dugger with his wife Margaret and their son Warren. There were probably others too. They settled in Reno CO., first then in the spring of 1885 on to Edwards CO.

    Amos was on the 1900 Federal Cebsus living with grandson James Thomas next to son Jesse Fowler and Family in Fellsburg, Franklin Twp, Edwards County, Kansas.

12th Census of the United States - 1900
Name Relationship Age Sex Born Occupation Real $ Birth Place Father Birth Place Mother Birth Place
Fellsburg, Franklin Twp.,Edwards Co, KS
sh 3, E.D. # 37,
Dugger James Head 27 M Sept. 1872 Farmer IN KY KY
Dugger Amos B. Boarder 86 M June 1814 Farmer NC NC NC
Trotter Mack Boarder 21 M Nov 1879 KS NY NY
   Amos died October 10, 1902 on his farm in Fellsburg, Edwards CO., Kansas. Many have him listed as dieing in Lewis, but I believe this is because his illness and death are reported in the "Lewis Items" of the Kinsley Graphic Newspaper. The "Kinsley Graphic" newspaper, Oct 10, 1902 contains a small blurb about Amos in its section entitled "Lewis Items". It reads, "A. B. Dugger is no better. The doctor thinks he will not recover." According to other records, Amos would die the day the paper came out. No mention of the nature of his condition is mentioned. On Oct 17, 1902, the newspaper says, "A. B. Dugger, whose illness we have several times mentioned, died the latter part of last week." Amos's tombstone in Trotter cemetery has his birth and death dates on it.