Person:Allen Hyatt (1)

Allen Alsey Hyatt
m. 29 Aug 1779
  1. _____ HyattAbt 1776 -
  2. _____ HyattAbt 1780 -
  3. _____ HyattAbt 1781 -
  4. Dorcas HyattAbt 1782 - 1886
  5. Elizabeth HyattAbt 1784 -
  6. David HyattAbt 1786 -
  7. Allen Alsey Hyatt1790 - 1831
  8. William HyattAbt 1792 -
  9. John Hyatt1794 - 1878
  10. James HyattAbt 1796 -
  11. Ruby HyattAbt 1798 -
  • HAllen Alsey Hyatt1790 - 1831
  • WIrene WoodardAbt 1795 - Abt 1871
m. 7 Apr 1810
  1. Elisha Hyatt1813 - 1872
  2. Sanders Jones Hyatt1813 - 1900
  3. Pleasant Woodard Hyatt1815 - 1879
  4. Cynthia Hyatt1819 - Bef 1880
  5. Rosanna Hyatt1820 - 1868
  6. Martha Hyatt1824 - Bef 1850
  7. Joseph Hyatt1827 - Aft 1880
  8. Sarah E Hyatt1827 - 1920
  9. Daniel Franklin Hyatt1829 - 1878
Facts and Events
Name Allen Alsey Hyatt
Gender Male
Birth? 1790 , Wake, North Carolina
Other[1][2] Bet 1794 and 1831 Biography
Marriage 7 Apr 1810 Anson County, North Carolinato Irene Woodard
Death? 31 Oct 1831 , Anson, North Carolina
Ancestral File Number B92Z-1B

Allen Alse (or "Alsey") Hyatt was a veteran of the War of 1812. He was enlisted in the 8th Company of the Anson Regiment of North Carolina Militia. Allen Alse Hyatt married Irene Woodard. Children: Elisha b. Feb. 4, 1813, Anson Co. NC, Sanders Jones b. Feb. 14, 1814, Pleasant Woodard b. Mar. 29, 1815, Cynthia b. Mar. 12, 1819, Roseann, Martha, Joseph J., Daniel Franklin, and Sarah E. In the 1830 census Elisha Hyatt appears in the Creek Nation in Alabama. In 1835 a group including Elisha Hyatt, his wife Edith McWatters, his mother Irene Woodard Hyatt, his uncles Pleasant Woodard Hyatt, Sanders Jones Hyatt and other members of the family migrated from North Carolina to Georgia and Alabama. In the 1840 census Elisha Hyatt and Edith Hyatt are found in Heard County. Elisha's occupation is listed as "farmer". Children of Elisha and Edith McWatters: James Marion b. July 17, 1835 Newton Co., Pleasant Woodard Hyatt b. Feb. 2, 1837 Heard Co., William H.A. b. Dec. 7, 1839, Sarah b. 1841, Jesse b. 1843, Benjamin Franklin Hyatt b. Feb. 14, 1845, Francis Marion b. May 11, 1848, Louisa C. (Lucy) b. 1852, Martha Matilda (Tilda) b. April, 1854, John M. b. Mar. 7, 1856, Thomas Jefferson b. Feb. 11 1859. Pleasant Woodard Hyatt, his brothers James Marion and William H.A., and his uncles Joseph J. and Daniel Franklin Hyatt served in the army of the Confederate States of America. Daniel Franklin Hyatt was enlisted in 38th Alabama Infantry, Pleasant Woodard Hyatt, James Marion, William H.A. and Joseph J. Hyatt were in Company K of the 34th Georgia Volunteer Infantry. Pleasant Woodard Hyatt married Mary Ann Carden ("Pink") Smith. They had one child: Jefferson Davis Hyatt b. December 11, 1861. Pleasant Woodard Hyatt was captured at the Battle of Champion Hill in Mississippi on May 16, 1863, and was confined at Camp Morton, a Federal prisoner of war camp near Indianapolis, Indiana. He died of typhoid fever on June 16, 1863, as a prisoner of war in the Federal Hospital at Mound City, Illinois. Jefferson Davis Hyatt married Alice R. Daniel, daughter of John A. Daniel. They had the following children: Olivia (Ollie), Pleasant Woodard, Lemuel Lee b. 1888, and Lydia. Lemuel Lee Hyatt married Ora Florine Lovvorn. They had the following children: J.D., Mabel, Pauline (died as an infant), Mildred, James Lee, John Marion, and Charles Hyatt who became Charles Cox by adoption. I am the eldest son of James Lee Hyatt and Margaret Louise Gilmer. I have two Brothers: Joel Andrew and Daniel Lee. I married Shyral Marie Stephens. We have two children, Brianna Elise and Jacob Asa . Joel Andrew Hyatt married Ronda Noll. Their children are Rachel Ann, Rebekah Joy, and Benjamin Jason. Daniel Hyatt married Julie Aldredge and their children are Jeremiah Daniel and Jessica Ann. Anyone interested in the genealogy or history of the Hyatts may contact me at this email address: < County Listing>. I also have a website dedicated to Hyatt history and genealogy. It requires an invitation, but I will send an invitation to anyone who is interested on request. I am interested in any available information about the Hyatt, Daniel, Lovvorn, Smith, and Adams families of Heard County. I am also interested in any information on the history of Salem Methodist Church and on the history of Heard County.

  1. Anson County Heritage, North Carolina, 1995. (Wadesboro, North Carolina : Don Mills & Anson County Heritage Book Committee, c1995)
    Page 203, #428.
  2. 428: Allen Alse & Irene Woodward/Woodard Hyatt; Allen Alse Hyatt was born Wake County NC 1794, son of Asa Hyatt and Mary Wood. His parents moved to land on Cribbs Creek, Anson County North Carolina when he was about eight years old. According to Irene's application for Alse's service in the war of 1812 they were married 7 April 1810/11, that her husband died 31 Oct 1831, and enlisted for 6 months 4 July 1813, all in Anson Co. Irene Woodward was born about 1795 in NC. She told at least two of her descendants that her father was Pleasant Woodward, but no legal prrof can be found. She named a son Pleasant Woodard Hyatt and that name is still being carried on in the family. Pleasant Woodward lived in Wake Co. NC on land in Holy Springs, very near Asa Hyatt's land on Buckhead Creek. Pleasant Woodward never did live in Anson Co. Irene died about 1871 at Gold Ridge, Randolph County, Alabama. I cooresponded with her great grandson, Jeff D Hyatt. He was the son of her grandson Pleasant Woodward Hyatt, son of her oldest son Elisha Hyatt. Jeff D. Lived with Irene from the time his father was killed in the Civil War and his mother re-married. She told him that his father was named for her father Plerasant Woodward. Jeff D. attended her funeral and knew she was buried in Goldridge, Alabama, bur a thorough search made in 1988, found no stone for her. Irene was widowed at an early age. Tradition says that Irene had eight children and was expecting the ninth child at that time. She later married Willis Wiggins. He moved her and her family to Newton County Ga. where he died before 1850. Desendants of most of her children have been contacted by me. Children: 1. Elisha Hyatt b 14 Feb 1813, Anson County, NC died 1872 married Edith McWatters 28 Sep 1836, Newton County, Georgia; 2. Sanders Jones Hyatt b 14 Feb 1814, Anson County NC. married Lorena St. John 3 March 1836, Newton County Georgia; 3. Pleasant Woodward/ard Hyatt b 29 Mar 1815, Anson County, NC married 1. Sidney Guice, 24 Dec 1839, Newton County, Georgia married 2. Artemetia Guice 12 Mar 1871, Newton County, Georgia; 4. Cynthia Hyatt b 12 March 1819, Anson County NC. married Nathan Smith 1 March 1836 Newton County, Georgia; 5. Rosanna Hyatt b abot 1820, Anson County NC married Jonathan Tomlin 21 Sep 1839. Oglethorlpe County, Georgia; 6. Martha Hyatt b about 1824, Anson County NC--she and her husband both dead by 1850. Married Jefferson C Almond 22 Jun 1842, Fayette County, Georgia; 7. Joseph Hyatt b abt 1827, Anson County NC married Reanna Richardson 18 Nov 1847, Fayette County, Georgia; 8. Daniel Franklin Hyatt b 25 Sep 1829, Anson County NC died 15 Sep 1879, Cass County, Texas. Married Martha Emily Hill, 6 Feb 1847, Fayette County, GA; 9. Sarah Jane Elizabeth Hyatt b abt 1830, Anson County, NC died 4 Sep 1920, Walker County, Al married Wesly Tomlin, Fayette County, Georgia:
    Submitted by Lela V Hunt Peterson, 205 E 500 N, Monroe Utah 84754
    Sources: Application by Irene Hyatt for bounty Land on the service of Allsa/Allse Hyatt BL WT 87920-160-1853 made from Eastville, Randolph Alabama 20 Sep 1856. Photo Copies. "The evidence of sold. of Capt Stations NC Mil. on file Alsa/Alse served in Capt Blue's Co. NC Mil from July 30 to 21 Oct 1813. He volunteered 4 July 1813 for 6 months" "Married 7 Apr 1810/11 died 31 Oct 1831--both at Anson County, NC" ibid Court Records and deeds of Wake County, NC Deeds of Anson County, NC, Census Records of Wake and Anson County NC, court records of Newton county, Georgia, Marriage records of Newton, Fayette, and Oglethorpe Counties, Georgia, Family Records of the descendants of children of this couple.