Person:Alice Goudy (1)

Alice Goudy
Facts and Events
Name Alice Goudy
Gender Female
Birth? 20 Oct 1904 Floris, Davis County, Iowa
Marriage 5 Dec 1922 Granada, Coloradoto Henry Hobson Evans
Other Abt 1937 Marriage fact
with Henry Hobson Evans
Other Marriage Ending Status Divorce
with Henry Hobson Evans
Medical? No Heart disease, No High blood pressure, No Stroke, Cancer, No Addictions, No Alzheimer's, No Mental illness, No Diabetes
Reference Number? 7643

· Moved from the place between Belknap and Floris Iowa and Ottumwa Iowa to Colorado on a train when she was about 71/2 and Dovie was about 51/2. When she went back there (to Iowa) in the early 1980's the old school was still there, with the steps and the playground, next to the new tractor factory. She even found the hill where their house had been, but there was nothing there. (interview 1989). Elsie Goudy Humrick remembers that they left Iowa on March 4, 1913. · Alice says the homestead was between Hartman and Sheridan Lake, Colorado. RPB describes it as between Towner on Highway 96 and Granada on Highway 50. when they all slept in the same room they had 2 chances to get to sleep. · 1937 divorced Henry Evans and moved from Manzanola to Towner, to Jessie’s homestead. · About 1938 married Harold Vincent Allen (see separate section for details) · Ma Miles, a friend of Alice’s in Olney Springs. Ma Miles was older, and was the person Grandma turned to when she needed help. · See Section on Descendants of William L. Goudy for more information on siblings and parents of Alice Goudy.