Person:Alice Cromby (11)

Alice Crombie
Facts and Events
Name[1] Alice Crombie
Married Name Roney
Alt Name Cromby
Gender Female
Birth? ABT 1806 Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland

Little is known about Peter Patrick Roney and Alice Cromby.

All that is currently known about this family is that they were from Dundalk, County Louth in the north of Ireland and that their son Peter Roney was a crew member of a ship prior to jumping ship in a bid to make his fortune in the newly discovered gold fields in Victoria, Australia.

Based on the birth year of their son in 1828, an estimate of birth time for Patrick and Alice would have been born around early 1800's maybe the late 1790's. This estimate could be narrowed down if we had any idea of how many children they had in total and whether their son Peter was the eldest, youngest or somewhere in between. It may be an estimate or information gathered from a family source, but an accepted birth year for Patrick has been recorded as 1802 and 1806 for Alice.

There was at least one other Roney in the gold fields spelt with one “o” unlike the more common Rooney. Michael Roney was a soldier shot at the Eureka Stockade and there is another Roney who appears to have arrived in South Australia a few years later. While there is no evidence that these people are related it is not unknown for letters to get home and then siblings or cousins hearing about the opportunities in Australia could have then made their way down under.

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