Person:Alexander Dugger (11)

Alexander Dugger
Facts and Events
Name Alexander Dugger
Gender Male
Birth? 1770/1780
Death? Aft 1830 Roane, Tennessee, United States

Alexander Dugger was born ca 1770/1780 per his age on the 1830 census (50-59).

There were two men named Alexander Dugger listed in Roane County on the 1830 census. They weren't listed near each other, but both were in the district north of the Tennessee River.

  • Roane Co., TN page 43 Alexander Dugger 1101100100000-1001101000000
  • Roane Co., TN page 60 Alexander Dugger 1122001000000-0101001000000

One of these is Alexander Dugger (1786) son of Alexander Dugger (c1752) and Ann. Who is the other one? The one on page 60 matches age-wise to Alexander (1786). Is the other Alexander a duplicate entry? The enumerations don't match each other, but they are somewhat close. It could be a duplicate.

If this is a different Alexander Dugger, then who is he? There are only two known Alexander Duggers born in the 1700's, one was Alexander (c1752) and the other was his son Alexander (1786).

There are several reasonable explanations for who this Alexander Dugger on page 43 might be:

  1. He is an otherwise unknown person named Alexander Dugger of whom we have no other records. This seems unlikely, but possible.
  2. He is a duplicate entry for Alexander Dugger (1786). This is possible.
  3. He is Alexander Dugger Sr (c1752), though his age is way off on this census. It isn't known of Alexander Sr was still living in 1830 though. This is possible.
  4. Alexander Dugger is the male in the household age 20-29 (1800/10) and not the male aged 50-59 (1770/80). One typically assumes that the oldest male is the one named as head of household, but that isn't always the case. This may be the actual explanation for who this Alexander Dugger is. There is an Alexander Dugger who married Sarah Malone in 1822 Greene Co., TN. This could easily be them. The 1840 census for Roane shows an Alexander there who could easily be this mystery Alexander from 1830, assuming he was the male aged 20-29 in 1830, and not the one aged 50-59.

More research is needed to truly determine who this mystery Alexander Dugger was.