Person:Agnes Unknown (480)

Agnes Unknown
m. abt 10 Apr 1660
Facts and Events
Name[1] Agnes Unknown
Gender Female
Birth? abt 1615 prob Devonshire, England
Marriage abt 10 Apr 1660 to Robert Jackson
Death[1] aft 1683 Hempstead, Queens, New York

Agnes is named in her husband, Robert Jackson's 1683 Will but her maiden name is not given. Some have assumed she was the daughter of William Washburn but an article in the New York Genealogy and Biographical publication "The Record" offers to refute that assumption. A brief excerpt from that article is here presented and reading the full article is recommended:

Harry Macy, Jr., The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Vol. 131 Number 1, Robert Jackson's Wives and Children, The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, January 2000, page 6 and 7.

"The idea that Robert Jackson's wife was Agnes Washburn derives from two documents. Court testimony in 1659 regarding William Washburn's will establishes that Jackson was married to Washburn's daughter (without giving her name), and Jackson's own 1683 will names a wife Agnes.

"What the creators of "Agnes Washburn" failed to notice was that the court testimony clearly states that Jackson's wife was deceased. On 5 June 1659 "only Robert Jackson... protested against the said will on behalf of his deceased wife and two female children that are now living, had by the daughter of the aforesaid testator." In the will, made in September 1657, William Washburn gave "to Sara the daughter of Robert Jackson one yearling heifer," but did not mention Sara's mother, his daughter, and no record has been found that gives her first name. All we can safely say is that Robert Jackson married a Washburn.

"Based on the likely birth dates of his children, Robert Jackson's marriage to Miss Washburn probably took place about 1650-53."

Mr. Macy continues in the article proving that Agnes, the wife who was still living when Robert wrote his will in 1683 was the widow Puddington. Her maiden name is still unknown.

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