Person:Agnes Cunningham (6)

Agnes Cunningham
m. 06 NOV 1885
  1. Charles Cunningham1870 - 1873
  2. Agnes Cunningham1872 - 1957
  3. Charles Cunningham1875 -
m. 18 OCT 1894
  1. Peggy Black
  2. John Black
  3. William Black
  4. Sam Black
  5. Mary Black1896 -
  6. Matthew Black1897 - 1971
  7. Charles Cunningham (Scottie) Black1899 - 1984
Facts and Events
Name[1] Agnes Cunningham
Gender Female
Birth[2][3][10] 20 NOV 1872 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, ScotlandBlythswood
Census[7] 1881 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, ScotlandBlythswood
Census[6][3] 1891 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, ScotlandBlythswood
Marriage 18 OCT 1894 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, ScotlandPartick
to William Black
Census[9] 1901 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, ScotlandPartick
Census 1901 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, ScotlandPartick
with William Black
Death[4] 16 MAY 1957 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, ScotlandPartick
Occupation[5][6][3] a Sewing Machinist



 Birth Certificate
Birth Certificate

AGNES CUNNINGHAM was born at 8:55 AM, on 20 Nov 1872 at Blythwood, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Agnes was the daughter of Charles Cunningham, a Grain Weighers Clerk and Mary Milroy, a seamstress. Blythwood is in central Glasgow, just north of the Clyde. Her parents were unmarried at the time. The address listed for Agnes' birth is 156 Holm Street. This is probably where her mother lived.

There is some confusion about the date of Agnes' birth. Her birth certificate lists her birth date as Nov 20, 1872. This agrees with age of 21 listed on her 1894 marriage certificate. The family record kept by her son Charles lists her birthdate as 17 Nov 1868. Her death certificate lists her age as 84 in 1954 which would mean a birth year of 1870. Since the birth certificate and marriage certificate agree that date is used.

Agnes grew up in the household of her grandfather. Her father didn't marry her mother until she was thirteen. Her mother had previously married and then was widowed so she had four half-siblings. One of her half-brothers, and her older brother died very young. Her three remaining siblings and her younger brother Charles made up the family of five children she grew up with.

Marriage and Life

 Marriage Certificate
Marriage Certificate

She married William Black, son of Matthew Black and Margaret (Mary) Hagerty, on 18 Oct 1894 at Partick, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland, at the age of 21. William and Agnes were married at Masons Hall, Douglas Street, Partick, Lanark, Glasgow, Scotland. "After publications according to the ? of the United Presbyterian Church." William lived at 13 Clarendon Street, Partick, Glasgow and Agnes at 73 Finnieston Street, Townshead, Glasgow. Townshead is in the center of Glasgow near Central Station (railroad). Partick is a mile or two west, both on the north bank of the Clyde.

Agnes was a Sewing Machinist, the more modern equivalent of the trade she must have picked up from her mother, who was a seamstress.

Grandson William "Bill" Black provides some notes on his grandmother in an interview concerning his 1954 visit.S8


 Death Certificate
Death Certificate

Agnes died in 1957, a year to the day before William. She died of Hypertension, Cerebral Hemorrhage, at 6:30 PM, on 16 May 1957 at Partick, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland, at age 84. She lived at 31 Thornwood Road, Partick, Glasgow. Her son William was present at her death and signed the death certificate. He lived a few blocks away at the time on 64 Laurel street. Dr J. Wright certified both William's and Agnes' death.


Agnes Cunningham Black Census
Year Source Image
1881 1881 Scotland Population Census: Parish: Glasgow Barony
1891 1891 Scotland Population Census: Parish: Glasgow Barony
1901 1901 Scotland Population Census: Govan, Partick, Lanarkshire
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