Person:Absalom Knotts (2)

Absalom Henry Knotts
m. 2 Feb 1859
  1. James Knotts1860 -
  2. Elizabeth J. Knotts1861 - 1865
  3. William Rufus Knotts1863 -
  4. Mary E. Knotts1865 - 1913
  5. Alice L. Knotts1867 - 1948
  6. Absalom Henry Knotts1868 - 1928
  7. Anna Lee 'Nanny L' Knotts1870 - 1947
  8. Charles Clinton Knotts1874 - 1932
  • HAbsalom Henry Knotts1868 - 1928
  • WEmma G. Gump1869 -
m. 26 Aug 1888
  1. Matilda A. Knotts1895 - 1895
  2. Dwight A. Knotts1900 -
  3. Irene Gertrude Knotts1902 - 1991
Facts and Events
Name Absalom Henry Knotts
Gender Male
Birth? 19 Aug 1868 Calhoun Co., West Virginia, United States
Marriage 26 Aug 1888 Calhoun Co., West Virginia, United Statesto Emma G. Gump
Death[1] 1928

Marriage Record Detail Date: 26 Aug 1888 Place: Calhoun, West Virginia Bride Groom Name: Emma G Gump Absalom H Knotts Birth Date: Birth Place: Marion Co. Calhoun Co. Age at Marriage: 21y 20y Marital Status Prior to Marriage: S S Mother: Matilda Father: E W Gump Rufus Knotts

June 1900 Washington, Calhoun, WV KNOTTS, 179 Absolum H...Head...Aug 1869...30...M 7 Yrs...WV WV WV Emma J...Wife...Feb 1869...31...M 7 Yrs...2/1...WV WV WV Dwight A...Son...Feb 1900...3/12...S...WV WV WV LYNCH, Harley O...Cousin...Aug 1892...7...S...WV WV WV

This census appears to have a problem with dates. I have chosen to go with the 1868 birthdate given in Hardesty's History of Calhoun County, rather than the 1869 date in this census because Absalom's sister Anna was born in March 1870. This census says they have been married 7 years, but the marriage record of 1888 would calculate to 11 years by June 1900.

His middle name I have taken from genealogy chart by Linda Kay, submitted to

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    genealogy chart of Elijah Flesher submitted by Linda Kay.

  2.   Shaffer, Norma Knotts. Hardesty's history of Calhoun County, West Virginia: originally reprinted in the Calhoun Chronicle, Grantsville, West Virgini a, August 1967-August 1968. (s.n., 199-).

    birth date from this source is 19 Aug 1868.

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    marriage record