Person:Abraham Harrell (1)

m. abt 1825
  1. William Rutledge Harrell1825 - abt 1900
  2. John Harrellabt 1827 - 1873
  3. Lewis Harrellabt 1830 -
  4. Joel Jackson Harrellabt 1832 -
  5. Caroline Harrellabt 1837 -
  6. Jane Harrellabt 1837 -
m. 10 Mar 1840
  1. A. Jesse Harrell1841 - 1914
Facts and Events
Name Abraham Harrell
Gender Male
Birth[1][5] est 1802 Anson Co., North Carolina, United States
Marriage abt 1825 Anson Co., North Carolina, United Statesto Elizabeth Jackson
Marriage 10 Mar 1840 Sumter Co., Alabama, United Statesto Elizabeth Meador
Death[1] 10 Mar 1841 Sumter Co., Alabama, United States
Occupation? merchant

The following research Notes are contributed by Bob Mitchell 14 Feb 2008.

Proving that Abraham's first wife was indeed Elizabeth d/o Jesse Jackson was my immediate goal as I have seen it in many internet files, but no proof. Most of the internet files have the wrong children for this family as well. Someone found an Elizabeth Harrell on the 1850 Anson Co. census and assumed that she was the widow of Abraham and lists her children as those of Abraham and Elizabeth Jackson.

I was contacted by Lewis Harrell who is a direct descendant of Abraham. He had solid info on the children of the first marriage, second marriage and subsequent marriage of the second wife. He also had read a document (described below) on file at the Scott Co. MS Court House that makes the connection for Abraham's first wife to Jesse Jackson.

Here is the story: Abraham and Elizabeth Jackson are married in Anson Co. Their first four children were born there. They moved to Sumter Co., Alabama where they had two more children. Elizabeth Jackson Harrell apparently died there abt 1839.

Abraham remarried to Elizabeth Meador in Mar 1840 and then died 10 Mar 1841 leaving Elizabeth with his six children from his previous marriage and several months pregnant with their son, A. J. (Jesse) Harrell who was born Sep 1841.

1841: Sumter Co., Alabama, Petition for Sale of Land, Estate of Abraham Harrell, ...To Honorable Henry F. Scruggs, Orphans Court, Sumter Co., Alabama...heirs of said estate are as follows to wit William Harrell, John Harrell, Lewis Harrell, Joel Harrell, Sara Harrell, Caroline Harrell and Harrell children of said intestate (Abraham died without a Will) wherefor your petitioner prays your Honor to grant an order for sale of said land...Drew Williams appointed guardian and action in February Court Term 1842. James Hair, Petitioner (This land was bought by Elizabeth Meador Harrell, widow of Abraham)

Elizabeth Meador remarried in 1844 to Michael M. Parker. They moved to Scott Co., Mississippi taking the minor children of Abraham Harrell and his first wife and Elizabeth's son by Abraham with them. Elizabeth and Michael Parker had four children in Mississippi. I found them on the 1850 Scott Co., MS census with some of Abraham's children and their children in the same household. Remnants of the family are also found in 1860 and 1870 Scott Co., MS. Certainly by this time the older children were grown and gone.

The interesting fact about this whole scenario are two documents of record: Marriage Contract, Elizabeth Harrell to Jesse Jackson, Indenture made 23 Dec 1844, Elizabeth Harrell, Jesse Jackson and Michael K. Parker filed in the court of Sumter County, Alabama. Elizabeth is about to remarry to Michael Parks, but Jesse Jr. intercedes on behalf of the children of Abraham's first marriage to Elizabeth Jackson and the one child of Abraham Harrell and Elizabeth Meador Harrell to ensure they receive their rightful share of Abraham's estate. These children were considered to be orphans due to both their legal father and mother being deceased. The action occurred in the Orphans Court of Sumter Co., Alabama. It also states that the children will be party to the settlement of the estate of Deliah Meador Jackson, deceased widow of Jesse Jackson, Sr. This action was filed by Elizabeth Meador Harrell on behalf of the children against the estate of Delilah Jackson.

Also on file in the Scott County, Mississippi Court House is a document between Michael K. Parker and Elizabeth Parker attesting to the provisions of the original document filed in Alabama. It was filed on 20 June 1851, witnessed by Ed Cavenah, Clerk. Copies furnished by Lewis Harrell 13 Feb 2008

Note: The Jesse Jackson in the above document is Jesse Jackson, Jr. son of Jesse Jackson and Delilah Meador Jackson. He is an uncle to the sons of Abraham Harrell from his first wife, Elizabeth Jackson Harrell. This document proves the names of the sons of the first marriage, the son of the second marriage and the fact that Abraham's first wife was indeed Elizabeth Jackson, daughter of Jesse Jackson and Delilah Meador Jackson.

Bob Mitchell, 14 Feb 2008

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    Abram Harrell
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