Person:Abraham Flory (1)

  1. Mary Flory1712 -
  2. Joseph Jr. Flory1714 -
  3. Hanley Flory1716 -
  4. John F. Flory1718 -
  5. Jacob FloraAbt 1725 - Abt 1796
  6. Barbara Flora1732 -
  7. Eva Catherine Flora1733 -
  8. Abraham Flory, Sr.1735 - 1827
m. Abt 1762
  1. Catherine Flory
  2. Rachel Flory1763 - 1841
  3. Sarah Flory
  4. Susanna Flory
  5. Elder John S. Flory1766 - 1845
  6. Joseph Flory1769 - 1823
  7. Emanuel Flory, Sr.1776 - 1849
  8. Henry Flory, Sr.1777 - 1824
  1. Rachel Flory1763 - 1841
Facts and Events
Name[9] Abraham Flory, Sr.
Unknown[9] Abraham Flora
Gender Male
Birth[3][9] 1735 Rapho, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United StatesBirth of Flory, Abraham Sr.
Marriage Abt 1762 Meyersdale, Pennsylvania, Anna Catherine Blocher
Marriage to Catherine Blocker
Residence[8] 1780 Rapho, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States
Residence[4] Bef 1800 Meyersdale, Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States
Military? Pennsylvania, United StatesPrivate, Revolutionary War, Pennsylvania Militia
Death[3][12] 1827 Madison, Montgomery, Ohio, United StatesDeath of Flory, Abraham Sr.
Burial[3][9] Madison, Montgomery, Ohio, United States Old Flory Cemetery, section 1, lot 182; family plot corner of Wolf Creek and Lutheran Church Road

Compare to this man: One came from PA the other from VA. One came to PREBLE County, Ohio. The other came to MONTGOMERY County, Ohio. Montgomery and Preble Counties are ADJACENT to each other.

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  2.   Abraham Flory Dayton Herald February 21, 1941 pg. 19, col. 1 photograph, Sons of the American Revolution erects plaque in honor of the Revolutionary War Soldiers who settled and lived in Montgomery County, Ohio, related article Feb 22, p 3.

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    In the latter half of the century preceding 1800 Abraham Flory
    lived near Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Of his family,
    Joseph, Henry and Emanuel emigrated to Ohio in 1805 ; they were
    likely members of the first organization in the Miami Valley.

    They located on government lands near each other, southwest of
    the present village of Trotwood but which was then an unbroken
    wilderness. Joseph, the ancestor of the Florys, a member of Salem
    Church located on what is now known as the Elder Jacob Garber
    farm, Henry on the Waybright farm and Emanuel on the Samuel
    Pfoutz farm. In the division of Miami Valley territory in 1811 they
    became members of Wolf Creek Church where Emanuel was elected
    to the ministry and later ordained and given oversight of Salem Church
    in 1817.

    Later he moved to the vicinity of Palestine, Darke County, and be-
    came identified with the early church at that point. He is said to
    have been an earnest student of the Bible, taking it with him to the
    fields to plow and in spare moments read and searched for its hid-
    den truths. He was a vigorous expounder of the Word but always
    in the German language. He is known to have been twice married ;

    ## p. 447 (#451) ############################################

    his first wife's maiden name was Blocher. Their children were: John,
    Jacob, Emanuel, and Sarah who became the wife of Jacob Miller, a
    later elder of Palestine Church. In the cemetery by West Branch
    Church are two slabs with these inscriptions.

    "In memory of Emanuel Flory dec'd.
    March 9, 1849, aged 72 years."
    "Elizabeth, wife of Emanuel Flory, dec'd.
    September 20, 1855, aged 75 years."


    Ezra Flory, son of John and Millie K. Flory, was born near Phil-
    lipsburg, Ohio, January 5, 1870. He finished the high school course
    at West Milton and taught school for some years. For a year
    preparatory studies were pursued to enter medical college. In the
    autumn of 1893 he was united in marriage with Emma, the eldest
    daughter of Jesse K. Brumbaugh. She died in 1904. March 15,
    1905, he was married to Martha V., the youngest daughter of John R.

    He was called to the deacon's office in 1900 and the following
    year to the ministry. In 1907 he took up the pastorate of the Ster-
    ling, Illinois, Church where he labored a year and attended school at
    Bethany, Chicago. After fully recovering from a breakdown the
    same work was resumed.

    In 1910 he was ordained. In 1912 he entered the faculty of the
    Bethany Bible School. While continuing his labors, he has graduated
    from the Hartford School of Religious Pedagogy taking the degree of
    Bachelor of Pedagogy. Later the Seminary course was completed
    at Bethany Bible School and still later the Master's degree was
    conferred. He is now a member of the General Sunday School Board.

    ## p. 448 (#452) ############################################


    Charles L. Flory, son of John and Millie Flory, was born Decem-
    ber 2, 1872, near the Salem Church, Ohio, on the old Flory homestead.
    His conversion occurred November, 1897. He was married in the fall
    of 1896 to Mary C. Brumbaugh. He was elected to the ministry in the
    Salem Church March 26, 1907, and ordained June 3, 1916. He took his
    preparatory work at Bethany Bible School. For six years he was
    pastor of the Pleasant Hill Church. He has belonged all his life in this
    and the Salem Church. At present he is the non-resident pastor of the
    Oakland Church. Elder Flory has done considerable evangelistic
    work, and is an energetic and forceful speaker. tie has been Presid-
    ing Elder of different churches, and several times clerk at District

    ## p. 449 (#453) ############################################

    George W. Flory was born near Harrisonburg, Virginia, August
    9, 1870. His father John Flory, was a minister in the church.
    George W. bought the home farm in 1891 and was interested in it
    He has been the pastor of the Covington Church the past decade.

    for several years. He was married to Abbie McKinney
    of Woodbine, Maryland, in 1895. In 1900 they moved
    to Nokesville, Virginia, where he organized the Prince Wil-
    liam Telephone Company and became its manager. At
    this place he united with the church in November, 1902, and in Octo-
    ber, 1903, was elected to the ministry. The next year he took up
    Bible study at Bridgewater College and was graduated from this in-
    stitution in 1908. He was the first here to receive the B. S. L. de-
    gree. During the summers and vacations he held revival meetings.

    ## p. 450 (#454) ############################################

    In 1908 and 1909, he was connected with the college. In 1910 he
    accepted the pastorate of the church at Covington, Ohio. Since then
    the growth of the church there has been remarkable and a new church
    edifice built.

    He has conducted more than seventy revival meetings in sixteen
    different states and in a majority of our schools. He has also delivered
    more than two hundred addresses, on various subjects on special occa-
    sions at different places. His various meetings have resulted in a large
    number of decisions to serve Christ. He is forceful and eloquent in
    his preaching and persuasive and convincing in his appeals.

    R. F. FLORY

    R. F. Flory was born in Defiance County, Ohio, April 26, 1895,
    son of Elder John and Mary Flory (nee Shock). He was graduated
    at Manchester College in 1916, receiving the Bachelor of Arts degree.
    He was married to Golda E., daughter of Elder Lawrence Kreider,
    March 3, 1917. His election to the ministry occurred June 17, 1916,
    in- the North Poplar Ridge Church, Ohio. He is now teaching and
    serving the Pleasant Valley Church, partly supported.


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