Person:Abraham Doolittle (2)

m. 28 May 1609
  1. John Doolittle1609 - 1610
  2. Mary Doolittle1611 - 1615
  3. John DoolittleAbt 1615 - 1681
  4. Timothy Doolittle1617 - 1629
  5. Abraham Doolittle1619 - 1619
  6. Sgt. Abraham Doolittle1619 - 1690
  7. Daniel Doolittle1622 -
  8. Joshua Doolittle1624 - 1624
  9. Josua Doolittle1625 - 1828
  10. Samuel Doolittle1627 -
  • HSgt. Abraham Doolittle1619 - 1690
  • WJoan Alling1617 - bet 1659
m. bef 1648
  1. Sarah Doolittleest 1648 -
  2. Sergeant Abraham Doolittle1649/50 - 1732
  3. Elizabeth Doolittle1652 - 1731
  4. Mary Doolittle1653/54 -
  5. John Doolittle1655 -
  6. Abigail Doolittle1659 -
  • HSgt. Abraham Doolittle1619 - 1690
  • WAbigail Moss1642 - 1710
m. 2 Jul 1663
  1. Samuel Doolittle1665 - 1714
  2. Captain Joseph Doolittle1666/67 - 1733
  3. Abigail Doolittle1668/69 -
  4. Ebenezer Doolittle1672 - 1711
  5. Mary Doolittle1673/74 -
  6. Daniel Doolittle1675 - 1755
  7. Theophilus Doolittle1678 - 1740
Facts and Events
Name Sgt. Abraham Doolittle
Gender Male
Christening[6] 20 Aug 1619 Kidderminster, Worcestershire, EnglandSt. Mary All Saints Church
Marriage bef 1648 New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, United States (probably)Based on estimated date of birth of eldest known child.
to Joan Alling
Marriage 2 Jul 1663 New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, United Statesto Abigail Moss
Burial[8] Aug 1690 Center Street Cemetery, Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut, United States
Death[1] 11 Aug 1690 Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut, United States



An Abraham Doolittle was christened 20 Aug 1620 at St. Mary All Saints Church, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England, son of Edward Doolittle and Elizabeth (likely Baker).[9]

See Talk page for more discussion; however, the primary case for Abraham of Connecticut being Abraham baptized in Kidderminster, is:

  1. The family of Edward & Elizabeth (likely Baker) Doolittle baptize a number of children including brothers Abraham and John.
  2. John Doolittle names Abraham his brother in the former's will.Citation needed
  3. No further record of John and Abraham Doolittle of Kidderminster have been found in England (thereby assuming they emigrated).
  4. The birth years make sense for the John and Abraham in New England.

There is no proof that he was baptised by Rev. John Davenport, nor that he was raised under strict puritan teachings he was reared.

He removed to New England before age 20.[10]

Biographical Review[11] incorrectly claims that Abraham Doolittle was the son of Sir Archibald Clark, Laird of Doolittle, of County Midlothian, Scotland, who was descended from Sir Alamus Clark, of Comrie Castle, in 1349. The Laird of Doolittle was Assistant Secretary to James I of England.

Life in New England

Abraham was in Boston as early as 1640, but glowing descriptions of the fertile valley of the Connecticut were attracting many settlers... Abraham and his wife removed to New Haven before 1642. In a division of land at this village in 1643, his name with nine others is mentioned, each of whom was "to have 1-1/2 acre in ye first devissions within ye two mile." ... in 1644 he was... made its chief executive officer when scarcely 25 years old. [10]

He is said to have been a or the founder of the town of Wallingford, CT, 1670; was one of the committee to form a church there...

He m(2) July 2, 1663, Abigail, dau of Joseph Moss; she d. Nov 5, 1710, a. 69.


Photo of Abraham Doolittle's monument


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