Person:Abigail Jackson (17)

Abigail Jackson
b.abt 1765
m. est 1757
  1. Rebecca Jacksonbtw 1756 - 1801
  2. Abigail Jacksonabt 1765 - 1842
m. 11 Jul 1786
  1. Dudley Hughes, Sr.abt 1787 - 1820
  2. Anderson Hamilton Hughesabt 1790 - 1874
  3. Rebecca Hughesabt 1792 -
  4. Martin Hughes1792 - 1864
  5. Nancy Hughesest 1795 - 1840
  6. Rachel Hughes1797 - 1843
  7. Jackson Hughes1799 - AFT 1884
  8. Hannah Hughesabt 1805 - 1871
  9. Leah Hughesabt 1806 - 1886
  10. Stephen Jesse Hughes1808 - 1882
  11. Martha Hughes1809 - 1893
Facts and Events
Name[1] Abigail Jackson
Gender Female
Birth? abt 1765
Marriage 11 Jul 1786 Wilkes Co., North Carolinato Jonathan Hughes
Death[3] 1 Jul 1842 Salem, Harrison Co., VA (now West Virginia)
Burial[3] Seventh Day Baptist Cemetery, Salem, Harrison, West Virginia, United States

Several possible birth locations are offered on various sites for Abigail Jackson; one is Washington Co., Pennsylvania, another is Wilkes Co., North Carolina, and even New Jersey and Georgia. I have no documentation of her birth though the DAR accepts the very doubtful Washington Co. PA location. I've also found the 1880 census of her 71 year old son Stephen which says his mother was born in Georgia. It is possible she was born in NJ as so many charts say; because her father William was born there. But I'm thinking most of those charts say NJ because we know that's where Edward's children were born and early researchers thought she was Edward's daughter. LATER INFO: Her daughter Martha also says her mother was born in Georgia on the 1880 census. So this 1880 Georgia reference is a new area to look for her father's marriage and the birth of his children.

Conflicting info about Abigail being named Sarah Abigail and a dau of Edward Jackson of Harrison County, Virginia has been refuted in the Conflicting Data section of the Jackson website:

On July 11, 1786 William Jackson and Jonathan Hughes sign the marriage bond for Abigale Jackson to Jonathan Hughes (see image below). Jonathan was born in Harrison County (W)VA; he enlisted and served in various locations during the Revolutionary War and after the war, he became an itinerant schoolmaster. He went to Wilkes County, North Carolina in 1783 and married there in 1786 to Abigail Jackson. By 1808 Jonathan and Abigail moved to his home area of Harrison County, Virginia where several of their children were born, raised and married there. Jonathan and Abigail spent time in Ohio and Indiana and in 1835 went back to Harrison County "because I have children who settled there" per his pension application. A timeline study of Abigail and Jonathan's various locations, based on Jonathan's pension application is available.

Janie's question: I keep running into genealogy sites that have her burial location Salem, Doddridge County and/or Salem, Harrison County. Are there two Salems; one in Doddridge and one in Harrison, OR did the county lines move at some time?? I've looked everywhere for a map of Salem in Doddridge and cannot find it, but my genie buddy says there are two Salems, one in each county. Specifically, I'm trying to find which county that Abigail Jackson Hughes is buried in: Seventh Day Baptist Church Cem, Salem, WV - no county given.
Later: Answer from Doddridge County GenWeb researcher: There is only one Salem, West Virginia and it extends into both counties. The Cemetery is in Doddridge side of Salem. But Find-a-Grave has the cemetery listed as being in Harrison County!

Image Gallery
  1. Hughes Jonathan and Jackson Abigail - Marriage Bond.
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