Person:Abiel Wardwell (1)

Abiel H. Wardwell
b.25 AUG 1771 Andover, Essex, MA
m. 29 OCT 1767
  1. Solomon Wardwell1768 - 1789
  2. Benjamin Wardwell1769 - 1832
  3. Abiel H. Wardwell1771 - 1821
  4. Cloe Wardwell1771 -
  5. Ezra Wardwell1773 - 1845
  6. Ezekiel Wardwell1777 - 1803
  7. Amos Wardwell1779 - 1843
  8. Bethiah Wardwell1782 - 1855
  9. Daniel Wardwell1784 - 1851
  10. Joel Wardwell1787 - 1813
m. 28 APR 1800
m. 20 JAN 1811
  1. Abiel H. WardwellABT 1810 - 1837
  2. Julian Wardwell1812 - 1816
  3. Esther WardwellBET 1814 AND 1815 - AFT 1821
  4. Nathaniel Abiel Wardwell1814 - 1865
Facts and Events
Name Abiel H. Wardwell
Gender Male
Birth[1] 25 AUG 1771 Andover, Essex, MA
Marriage 28 APR 1800 Salem, Essex, MAto Hannah Elledge
Marriage 20 JAN 1811 Salem, Essex, MAto Esther Andrews
Death[2] 30 JAN 1821 Charleston, Charleston, SC
Occupation? Mariner
Probate[3] 3 APR 1821

Twin of Chloe. 3 Children died in Infancy.

"Abiel Wardwell, master mariner, was at one time master of the 108-ton schooner 'Betsey', built at Salem in 1792 and altered to a brig in 1799. In 1810 and 1811 he is recorded as commanding Nathaniel West's brig 'Astrea'; in 1818 the brig 'Eunice' and in 1819 the brig 'Brittania'. Captain Wardwell died in 1821, at Charleston, South Carolina, leaving his wife and two minor children. Mrs. Wardwell remained in Salem, living for a time on Central Street and later in Phelps Court.**

    • Essex Institute Historical Collection, "Portraits in the Peabody Museum", Vol. 143:189. "#143. Abiel Wardwell, 1771-1821. Oil by unknown artist. Canvas, 25 in. x 21 in. Waist length figure, three-quarters to right, eyes front, dark hair brushed back from forehead. HIgh white collar, black stock, plaited shirt, large circular shirt pin. Dark coat and waistcoat, dividers in right hand, chart in 1ower right corner of picture."

"Abiel Wardwell (1771-1821) was a master mariner and commanded a number of vessels for Salem ship owners and merchants including the brig Bestey, the Astrea (1810) and the Eunice (1818) and the Britannia (1819). The logbook for the Eunice is in the museum's Phillips Library. Wardwell died in 1821 in Charleston, South Carolina and was survived by his widow and two children." -Peabody Essex Museum

"Arrived in Salem on Wednesday last, Capt. Mugford and Capt. Wardwell, in a journey of 300 miles by water and 1900 by land, from N. Orleans. About 40 masters, mates &c. set out on the same journey nearly at the same time there being no chance of getting home with their vessels as long as the war continues, as the British cruisers have the entire control of the mouth of the Mississippi, in spite of Jefferson's gunboats. They come through much Indian country, and found many Indians substantial farmers, some of them having about 100 bushels to an acre, with negro slaves to perform the labor. At the inns kept by the people they obtained refreshments; they were civil and obliging, though somewhat cautions (sic) from injuries they had often received from the whites of the western country." -The Farmer's Cabinet 07 December 1812.

Listed (in error) in Salem City Directory in 1837.

"At Charleston, after a short but distressing illness, Captain Abiel Wardwell, aged about 45 years, commander of the brig Elizabeth, of Salem; of which place Capt. W. was a native." -Baltimore Patriot 12 February 1821

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