Person:Aaron Stark (7)

m. 17 DEC 1645
  1. Aaron Stark, II1650 - 1721
  2. Lt. John StarkAbt 1652 - 1703
  3. Margaret Stark
  4. Sarah StarkCal 1660 - 1722
  5. Elizabeth Stark1662 - 1739
  6. William Stark1664 - 1730
m. 27 NOV 1676
  1. Aaron Stark1678 - 1744
  2. John Stark1679 - 1703
  3. Sarah StarkAbt 1680 - 1730
  4. Stephen Stark1685 -
  5. Mary Stark1686 - 1759
  6. Elizabeth StarkAbt 1687 -
  7. William StarkAbt 1691 -
  8. Abiel Stark1696 - 1755
Facts and Events
Name Aaron Stark, II
Gender Male
Birth? 1650 New London, Connecticut, United States
Marriage 27 NOV 1676 Groton, New London, Connecticut, United Statesto Mehitable Shaw
Death? 29 Apr 1721 Groton, New London, Connecticut, United States
Descendant of Aaron Stark 1608-1685



Source:Lefleur, 2007
Source:Aaron Stark Family Chronicles



Lefleur identifies the children of Aaron Stark as

"The names of the children of Aaron Stark (Junior) and Mehitable Shaw were: Aaron Stark (the third), Stephen Stark, Abiel Stark, John Stark, Mary Stark, Hannah Stark, and Sarah Stark. There may have been another daughter named Anna Stark"

but does not provide the basis for this identification.


From:Source:Aaron Stark Family Chronicles

Owing to a paucity of records, there is little to say about the life of Aaron Stark (Junior). What we know from them is that he was a participant in King Philip’s War; married Mehitable Shaw on November 27, 1676; was a resident of New London as of November 28, 1678; inherited a portion of his father’s estate in 1685; and received a bounty for killing wolves in 1691. Although there is documentary evidence that Aaron Stark (Junior) was deceased before 1707, circumstantial evidence suggests that he was most likely deceased before 1701 – and could have become deceased between 1691 and 1697.


From: Aaron Stark Family Chonicles: citing Minor, John A., The Minor Diaries, Stonington, Connecticut: Thomas 1653 to 1684, Manasseh 1696 to 1720 (Reprint 1976). Original publishers of the Diaries: Sidney H. Minor and George D. Stanton, publishers of Thomas’ Diary in 1899; and Frank Denison Minor and Hannah Minor, publishers of Manasseh’s Diary in 1915. Page 138 (Church of Latter-day Saints of Jesus Christ microfilm # 1036221).

The earliest record is a November 27, 1676 Thomas Minor diary entry: ""The Ninth moneth is November … monday the .27. Aron Start Junior and mehitabel shaw were married..."