Source:Lefluer, Clovis. Life & Times of Aaron Stark, 1608-1685

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Source The Life & Times of Aaron Stark, 1608-1685
Author Lefluer, Clovis
Place Connecticut
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Type Article
Publisher Self Published
Date issued 2007
Lefluer, Clovis. The Life & Times of Aaron Stark, 1608-1685. (Self Published, 2007).


Person:Aaron Stark (13)

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Source:Lefleur, 2007


From the forward:

I would like to thank Gwen Boyer Bjorkman for her voluntary genealogical research. With out her knowledge of the Aaron Stark genealogy proven by years of research, much of the following would not have been possible.
Dr. Sheila Schmutz has been a volunteer Project Co-Administrator of the Stark Family Y-DNA Project for many years, assisting in many ways and, through her advice and suggestions, kept me from making genetics complicated to the point I didn’t understand what I was presenting. Working in the field of Genetics, she has served as our Genetics consultant and on many occasions has prevented me from making or presenting serious errors.
To those members of the project who voluntarily provided the DNA samples for testing and their genealogical lineage — Thank You!!! This publication would not have been possible without your support and participation.
Copyright © March 2013 All Rights Reserved. By posting this copyright it is my intention to date this publication. Reproduction of portions of this text will be discouraged if I do not receive credit and credit is not given to those, past and present, who have made major contributions to our knowledge of the descendant branches of the Aaron Stark [1608-1685] Families presented in this text.