Person:Aaron Stark (13)

Aaron Stark
b.1608 Scotland
d.1685 Groton, CT
m. 17 Dec 1645
  1. Aaron Stark, II1650 - 1721
  2. Lt. John StarkAbt 1652 - 1703
  3. Margaret Stark
  4. Sarah StarkCal 1660 - 1722
  5. Elizabeth Stark1662 - 1739
  6. William Stark1664 - 1730
Facts and Events
Name[1] Aaron Stark
Gender Male
Birth? 1608 Scotland
Marriage 17 Dec 1645 Hartford, Connecticut, United Statesto Mary Holt
Death? 1685 Groton, CT


YDNA Patriarch


Source:Lefleur, 2007
Aaron Stark Family Chonicles


We know almost nothing about Aaron's early years, for there are no records to tell us where he was born, what he was doing during his early years, and where he was living before the 1630s. On June 11, 1673, Aaron gave a deposition recorded in the Stonington Town Records, which gave his age as sixty-five “or there abouts” providing us with the clue that his year of birth was about 1608. As there is no documented evidence of Aaron’s arrival in New England, we cannot state with absolute certainty when he came to America, although some earlier researchers speculate his migration to have been as early as 1627 or 1629.
Clovis LeFleur, 2006. The Life & Times of Aaron Stark, 1608-1685, Currently (July 2013) available at Ancestry Family Tree
citing "Records of the Particular Court of Connecticut, 1639-1663. Published by the Connecticut Historical Society and the Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Connecticut, Hartford, 1928, page 3"


The following passage provides the basis for identifying Mary Holt as the wife of Aaron Stark, though the circumstances are more than a little bit unpleasant.

Aaron Starke to Stand vppon the pillory and be whipt ... and to haue the letter R burnt uppon his cheeke and in regard of the wrong done to Mary Holt to pay her parents 10L and in defect of such to the Common Wealth and when both are fit for that Condition to marry her; Clovis LeFleur, 2006. The Life & Times of Aaron Stark, 1608-1685, Currently (July 2013) available at Ancestry Family Tree

The following land transaction confirm that Aaron did indeed marry Sarah (presumably Sarah Holt):

"(Page 123) Know all men by these presents that I Aron Starke of New London heare by sell ------ Allinate pass away and make over unto Robert Flemen of Stoneington my whole right in my tract of Land in Stoneington ------- tract of Land being one hundred and fifty ackers as according to grant and bounded as in the Records in the booke of Records in Stoneington the said Tract of Land with all Privledges appurtenances belongeing there unto and binde my selfe, heiers, & Excutors, Administrators, assignes that the sayd Robert Flemen he his heiers Executors, Administrators, Assigns shall quietly and peaceably Improve, poses and Injoy the sayd bargained premises with out molestation from me or any other maner of person or persons whatsoever as Desposting Title unto whith deed of sale & sett to my hand and subscribe in the day and yeare as followeth September the 26 1670.
Signed: The marke of Aron A Starke. Witness: John Fish, Sarah Starke S her marke
leFleur, op cit. quoting Church of Latter-day Saints of Jesus Christ Microfilm Film #5593 Stonington, New London Co, CT Deeds 1664-1714, Book 1, pages 118&123. (Transcribed by Gwen Boyer Bjorkman.)


From Ancestry Family Tree, citing New London County Court Records, Volume 5, page 109, June 3, 1685:

"The inventory of the Estate of Aaron Stark, deceased, being exhibited in Court was proved and ordered to be recorded. The last will and testament of Aaron Stark, being exhibited in Court, was proved, approved and ordered to be recorded. Aron Stark, John Stark, and William Stark, sons to Aron Stark, Sr., deceased, appearing in Court and did declare and desire Capt. Samuel Mason might divide the lands left there by their father, and bound the same between them."


Ancestry Tree citing Edwin Arlington Robinson, Children of the Night
Aaron Stark

Withal a meagre man was Aaron Stark,
Cursed and unkempt, shrewd, shrivelled, and morose.
A miser was he, with a miser's nose,
And eyes like little dollars in the dark.
His thin, pinched mouth was nothing but a mark;
And when he spoke there came like sullen blows
Through scattered fangs a few snarled words and close,
As if a cur were chary of its bark.
Glad for the murmur of his hard renown,
Year after year he shambled through the town,
A loveless exile moving with a staff;
And oftentimes there crept into his ears
A sound of alien pity, touched with tears,
And then (and only then) did Aaron laugh.

  1. Aaron Stark (1608-1685) in Descendants of Aaron Stark (1608-1685) of Connecticut.
  2.   Ancestry Trees give variouos dates for the birth of Aaron Stark who married Mary Holt. 1608 seems to be the most commonly cited date (apprx. 3000 thousand trees), but 1606 is also cited (a few hundred trees.