Old Augusta Processioning map for 1748


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See Old Augusta Processioning Data for 1748, Borden's Grant for data source and key. (Eventually an index will be added to this page, so that you don't have to go back and forth.) See: List of Early settlers on Borden's Grant for an alphabetized listing of ALL settlers on shown on Hildebrands map. Below, the column to the right of the map provides an index to the settlers who appear both on Hildebrands Map, and in the Processioning List.

KeyProcessioners:John Montgomery and Francis McCown Processioners:Huston and Alex. McClure
1Patrick Hays Wm. Hall
2Samuel Dunlap John Gray
3Wm. Lockridge Robert Huston
4Wm. McCanless Charles Hays
5Jno. Lowry Alex. McCleary
6Robt. Dunlapp Mathew Lyle
7Geo. Henderson John Paul
8James Moore Andrew Baxter
9James Robinson
10Alex. Walker
11John Walker
12James Walker
13Samuel McCutchen
14John Shields
15Wm. Berry
16James Martin
17Joseph Coulton
18Robert Coulton
19James Trimble