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Miscellaneous Web Sources

1. Chester County Will Abstracts and Administrations 1713-1825, extract for 1758-1759, various entries for "Linn", Porter:

Extract of Will of Margaret Linn. October 21, 1758. Bethel. Adm. to Hugh Linn, Jr.
LINN, MARGARET. October 21, 1758. Adm.
LINN, MARGARET. October 21, 1758. Bethel. Adm. to Hugh Linn, Jr.
MC MICHAEL, CHARLES. Upper Providence. January 31, 1758. March 21, 1758. All lands in Cumberland County to 6 children, viz., Walter, Elizabeth,

Robert, Martha, Jane and Rebecca. To brother Walter silver sleeve buttons. To cousin Martha Miller same. Provides for wife Rebecca. Executors: Wife and friend Hugh Trimble. Wit: George Miller, Charles Linn, Samuel McClelan.

PORTER, CHARLES. April 6, 1759. W. Nottingham. Adm. to Andrew Porter.
BUCHANAN, DAVID. November 28, 1758. Adm.

2. Scharf, History of Delaware

Land of John Houston, 1748---Before 1681 [Hans Peterson] had other tracts of land warranted to him, most of it located along Shellpot Creek and on Chestnut Hill. One tract, which had been confirmed by Governor Lovelace to Andreas Matson, November 14, 1668, was on a stream described as follows : " Whereas, there is land situate at place called the ' Indian or Wilde Hook,' in the tenure and occupation of Andreas Matson, a small run of water bounding on east, running by Shellpot Hill 100 rods in breadth, and back into ye woods 600 rods." A part of the Hans Peterson lands was re-surveyed, December 1, 1748, for Mark Elliott. In this locality Henry Webster had a re-survey made before 1794, for seventy acres which were bounded by the lands of Mark Elliott, John Houston, John Allmond, Vertrecht Hook and John Penn. The heirs of the latter at that time owned the Shellpot Mill. Webster's other land lay farther northwest, and is still owned by his descendants.

Tax Lists Tax Lists for Brandywine Hundred See also Scharf History of Delaware

1778---John Huston, Samuel Huston (deceased), David Huston, This source also has tax lists for 1693 and 1697. No one with the Houston or Huston spelling appears on these latter lists.