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  1. Shelby Teater
  2. Sex: M
  3. Birth: ABT 1810 in KY
  4. Census: 1850 Obion Co., TN, dist.3, 723
  5. Census: 1860 Obion Co., TN, 167-28, cd 028a
Marriage 1 Sarah M. Bedford b: 14 SEP 1819 in Obion Co., TN * Married: 15 MAR 1840 in Obion Co., TN * Event: Surety in R. H. Crockett * Event: Officiant in J. Leigh, VDM in House of Seth Bedford * Event: Source 1 in Gary & Stricklin, Marriage Records, 1824-1877, Obion County TN, (Reelfoot Chapter DAR, 1978), p. 48 Children 1. Has Children Mary Elizabeth Teater b: 11 MAY 1841 in Obion Co., TN 2. Has Children Martha J. Teater b: 6 OCT 1842 in Obion Co., TN 3. Has Children Benjamin W. Teater b: 29 NOV 1847 in Obion Co., TN 4. Has Children Corina B. Teater b: 13 MAR 1850 in Union City, Obion Co., TN 5. Has No Children Grosnener Beck Teater b: 23 MAR 1851 in Obion Co., TN 6. Has No Children James Harvey Teater b: 16 NOV 1853 7. Has No Children John Thomas Teater b: 17 NOV 1854 in Obion Co., TN 8. Has No Children Tyre H. Teater b: 16 NOV 1857 in Obion Co., TN 9. Has No Children William D. Teater b: 22 MAR 1860 in Obion Co., TN--Parris 13:34, 11 October 2008 (EDT)

in 1768 Benjamin Totten a teenager was apprencticed to Andrew Miller. Andrew Miller was the son of John Miller who married Thomas Ingles mother. this made Andrew Miller and Thomas Ingles step brothers,. Both John Totten and brother Benjamin Totten were listed with and under Thomas Ingles in his small Burks Garden Militia 1781. In 1813 the Totten family Power of attorney which named George Teater Sr his wife Ester the widow of Benjamin Totten Sr and George Teaters son Parris Teater his wife Rebecca Totten to grant Benjamin Totten Jr Power of attorney to recover a land in Virginia from David Doak. This David Doak is mentioned here. Capture and Rescue of the Ingles Family and Killing of Captain Thomas Maxwell By Emory L. Hamilton

From the unpublished manuscript, Indian Atrocities Along the Clinch, Powell and Holston Rivers, pages 93-98.

In Tazewell Co., VA, lies Burke's Garden, one of the most beautiful valleys in all of Southwest Virginia. The valley is a bowl 10 miles long by 5 miles wide, snuggled down between beautiful mountains on all sides, with a narrow outlet at one end. This was perhaps the earliest site of a settlement in Tazewell Co., with the Ingles brothers and son building a cabin there in 1749, (1) although they did not make a settlement at this date, only a cabin. The Ingles and Patton families claimed all of Burke's Garden, and after the death of Col. James Patton, his grandson James Thompson seems to have taken over and most of the land eventually came into possession of James Thompson and Dr. Thomas Walker. In 1760 it was known as "Ingles Craborchard." (2) Kegley, in his "Virginia Frontier," (2), says:

Thomas, John and William Ingles of Ingles Mill Creek of the North Fork Roanoke, were among the most interesting of the early settlers. Thomas and John were brothers, William and Matthew, (3) sons of Thomas. Thomas Ingles a grandson of William says, "My great grandfather, Thomas Ingles, was a merchant of Dublin, Ireland, who, upon suspicion of entertaining liberal principles and engaging in a rebellion him and his two sons were sent as convicts to Wales from whence they made their escape to the United States, my grandfather William Ingles being one of the number, they came first to Pennsylvania and from there to this country. (Letter of Thomas Ingles of Lovely Mount, Montgomery Co., 1851). They were here as early as 1746 and were well established when Dr. (Thomas) Walker visited them in 1750. Thomas and his brother John entered land on the waters of New River and Clinch and William as heir to both, came into possession of it. John was killed at Vause's Fort and his wife, Mary, was carried into captivity. When this Mary Ingles returned she married John Miller and went to Carolina. William Ingles came to the Roanoke with his father and Uncle John before 1746. William in 1750 married Mary Draper, but he continued to live on the Roanoke until after 1753, when he purchased land at Draper's Meadows from Col. Patton. He was on the waters of New River in 1754 and 1755.

A neighbor of Ingles, on the Roanoke River, James Burke sold his property there in 1753 and moved to Burkes Garden and lived there until the Indians saw fit to run him out. From Burkes Garden James Burke migrated to Cumberland Co., NC, and in 1760 he and his wife Lucretia, conveyed the remainder of the original Burke land on the Roanoke to Dr. Walker. This is the reason for calling the place Burke's Garden as James Burke seems to have been the first to actually make a settlement in the valley.

At the Draper's Meadows massacre of July 30, 1755, the wife of William Ingles, Mary Draper Ingles, and her small son Thomas, then four years old, were taken captive by the Indians. Mrs. Ingles made her escape, and the details of which has become the classic Indian story of Southwest Virginia. Her son, Thomas, was held captive until ransomed by his father in 1768. He had spent thirteen years with the Indians, had grown to young manhood, spoke their language fluently, and had adopted Indian ways altogether. It is said that upon return he was very unhappy away from his Indian friends, and had much difficulty in readopting to civilized life. He was finally sent to Albemarle Co. By his father and while there married.

William Ingles continued to live on in the area until his death in 1782, leaving at least five children (4), who were: Susannah who married Abraham Trigg; Rhoda who married Byrd Smith; Mary who married John Gills, and Thomas and John Ingles. (5)

Thomas Ingles eventually settled in Burke's Garden on the land he had inherited from his father. He was Commissary for the troops on the Point Pleasant expedition and his feelings were very strong for the Indians.

On the 5th of April, 1782, the Shawnee, under the leadership of Black Wolf made a raid upon Burkes Garden and captured the family of Thomas Ingles.

Pendleton, History of Tazewell County, (6) gives the following:

The Indians had concealed themselves until Ingles went out on his farm to work, and then surrounded his home; and made his wife, their three children and a Negro man and woman prisoner. After taking as much booty as they could carry the Indians started with their prisoners back to Ohio. The cries of the captives attracted the attention of Thomas Ingles and his Negro man while they were plowing in a field.

Seeing the number of Indians, Ingles knew he could do nothing for his family. He and the Negro man, unhitched the horses from the plow and started to the nearest settlement for assistance. Knowing the Indians would make their way back to the head of the Clinch, Ingles crossed the mountains to the nearest settlement on the North Fork of the Holston.. It happened to be Muster Day for the Washington Co. militia and the settlers on the North Fork of the Holston River had assembled, and were being drilled by Captain Thomas Maxwell, who had formerly lived at the head of Bluestone, in Tazewell Co. Maxwell with a party of fifteen or twenty volunteers, went with Ingle's to Burke's Garden to pursue the Indians. (7)

Joseph Hicks (Hix) (8), a single man and his Negro slave were the only other people who lived in Burke's Garden besides the Thomas Ingles family. The day the Indians attacked the Ingles family Hicks and his Negro man were on their way to the home of Ingles and saw the Indians with their captives. He and the Negro man immediately started across Brushy Mountain for help in Bland County. There they secured six or seven men and arrived back in Burke's Garden about the same time Maxwell and his party arrived. The two parties united under Maxwell and went in pursuit of the Indians.

On the fifth day after the capture the advance scouts discovered the Indians, who were camped for the night in a gap of Tug Mountain. It was agreed that Maxwell should take half of the men, and during the night, get in front of the Indians, and Thomas Ingles should remain with the other half in the rear of the Indians, and at daybreak a simultaneous attack should take place. The night was very dark and the ground rough and brushy. Consequently the party with Maxwell lost their way and did not reach the front by daylight.

Maxwell having failed to get to his appointed place on time, and the Indians beginning to rouse from their slumbers, Ingles determined to make an attack with his men. Dr. Thomas Hale, who was a great-grandson of William and Mary Ingles and who collected his information from the records of the Ingles family thus relates what transpired after the attack was made: 'So soon as a shot was fired, some of the Indians began to tomahawk the prisoners, while others fought and fled. Thomas Ingles rushed in and seized his wife just as she received a terrible blow on the head with a tomahawk. She fell covering the infant of a few months old, which she held in her arms. The Indians had no time to devote to it. They tomahawked his little five year old daughter, named Mary, and his three year old son, named William. His Negro servants, a man and woman, captured with his family, escaped without injury.

Dr. Thomas Hale, in his "Trans Alleghany Pioneers," says that "shortly after this occurrence that Thomas Ingles, his wife, and infant daughter, moved to Tennessee and settled in succession on the Watauga River at Mossy Creek, and at Fort Knox, now Knoxville. There his daughter, Rhoda, who escaped death, grew up and married Patrick Campbell. Subsequent to the marriage of his daughter, Thomas Ingles moved to Mississippi, where he lived until he died.

After tomahawking the Ingles children in making their escape the Indians ran close to Captain Maxwell and his party, and, firing on them, killed Captain Maxwell, (9) who was conspicious from wearing a white hunting shirt.

The whites remained on the ground until late in the evening burying Captain Maxwell, who was killed outright, and Thomas Ingle's little son, who died from his wounds during the day. Mrs. Ingles and the little girl were still alive, although badly wounded. Four days after the party arrived at William Wynn's Fort at Locust Hill.

On April 26, 1782, Col. William Preston, wrote Governor Harrison (10), a letter wherein he states: Enclosing a letter to himself from Col. Walter Crockett, dated April 15, 1782, giving account of the killing of Captain Moffet's sons, and the whole family of Captain Ingles in Burke's Garden, - also of his having ordered Col. Cloyd to call out the militia to assemble at "David Doack's Mill", to protect the settlements, as the people talk of "breaking up" unless help is afforded them. He calls also for provisions as they cannot be supplied on Clinch. Col. Preston adds, "I wrote to your Excellency the 10th instant informing you of the damages the savages had done in Montgomery. I last night received the enclosed letter from Colonel Crockett. It appears that Captain ingles family were not burned in the house, as he imagined, but were taken prisoners. He raised a party of men and pursued the enemy; after some days march he overtook them and recovered his wife and one child, both tomahawked, but perhaps not mortally, and his slaves. One of his children they murdered, killed an officer of the party, and made their escape. The enemy attacked some other families, but were repulsed though, I believe without loss. They killed a man on Bluestone, and I am told a woman at Culbertson's Bottom on New River. Their signs have been seen in various parts of the country, which has given the greatest alarm to the inhabitants; and what is extraordinary that five houses they attacked, that four belonged to officers, and some of them a considerable distance within the frontier settlements, which induces me to believe they are conducted by Tories. I am at a loss what measures to fall upon for the defense of the distressed inhabitants.

(1) Statement of Matthias Harman in 1809, Maxwell vs Pickens, Augusta Court Causes Ended, O. S. 129; N. S. 45. Bill 1807. (2) Kegley, Virginia Frontier, pages 194-195. (3) Matthew was a seaman and died unmarried at sea. Statement of Samuel Wilson (born 23 February 1733) Augusta Court Causes Ended, Thompson vs. Ingles, O. S. 46; N. S. 16. Wilson married Rebecca, daughter of James Burke. (4) Statement William Wynn, Augusta Court Causes Ended, Wynn vs Inglish's heirs, O. S. 48; N. S. 16. (5) Perhaps the same John English who settled in 1772 on Sugar Hill in Wise Co., near St. Paul, VA, and whose family was murdered there in 1787 by Indians. The name is variantly spelled, Ingles, Inglis, Inglish and English. See story of John English's family in this volume. (6) Pendleton, History of Tazewell Co., VA, page 443. (7) David E. Johnson, History of Middle New River Settlements, page 146, says that Henry Harman was of this party also. (8) Joseph Hix was still in Tazewell Co., in 1809, when he made a deposition in the case, Maxwell vs Pickens, Augusta Court Causes Ended, O. S. 129; N. S. 45. Bill Filed 1807. (9) Killed on Tug River at a place still called Maxwell's Gap. (10) Calendar Virginia State Papers, Vol. III, page 139.--Parris 14:47, 11 October 2008 (EDT)

Who was Ester the 1st wife of Benjamin Totten sr and the 3rd wife of George Teater Sr. Theres 100s of records that show that her sur name was Crockett. A Crockett Girl who lived in Montgomery Co VA Single about 1779 to 1781. The tax records of Benjamin Totten Sr show his eldest son John Totten who Married Janey or Jinny Reynolds in Garrard Ky with George Teater as his bonsman was born 1779 to 1781. Benamin Totten lived same time on the Nolichcuky with John Crockett he named his daughter Rebecca after John Crocketts wife Rebecca Hawkins.. a loose note, Davy Crockett Teater born 28 jan 1834 settled in Collin Texas 1859. Father Stout Teater nephew of Parris Teater who married Rebecca Totten. Father of Davy Crockett was Stout Teater died Rutherford Tennesee 1838.

A excerpt from letter by Davy Crockett to James L Totten 1825. From Davy Crockett. 11 Febry 1825. Dear Sir. I recd your polite favor 13 Jany and purused it. Old Hickery is like a daimond in the hill of no value until its rubed and polished. So with Gen Jackson the harder they rub him the Brighter he shines. I have the subject of[ our] vacant land under train and litle doubt of obtaining a relinquishment. I wish you to write me often. Lenthy tender my best regards to all friends excuse my scrall iam in great hast. your friend &humble servant. signed David Crockett.,

James Lockhart Totten was the son of Benjamin Totten Jr. The name James Lockhart repeats itself in the family of Benjamin Totten Sr and his wife Ester,. A letter in the TN archives shows Benjamin Lockhart to Benajamin Totten addressed as my Dearest Cousin your Cousin ect.. These Lockharts were from Burk NC spread out to Lincoln Co NC.. They are not the Lockharts of Tazewell . Thier was a James Lockhart who married a Racheal Totion Totten who was daughter of Ezekial Totten from Hempshire VA. James Totten the son of Benjamin Totten and Ester was born somewhere between Burk and Rutherofrd Co NC. 1788. That where James and Benjamin Lochart lived. Thoery is a unnamed sister of Benjamin Totten married a James Lockhart of Burk NC and his son was Benjamin Lockhart named after Benjamin Totten.--Parris 15:45, 11 October 2008 (EDT)

Lockhart, Benjamin 229-388

Lockhart, James 315-333--Parris 16:03, 11 October 2008 (EDT)

Griffis, John 354 Griffith, Samuel 84-383--Parris 16:19, 11 October 2008 (EDT)

Tedder, William 335 Tetard, Benjamin 430 Tettler, Daniel 430 Tettler, David 430--Parris 16:31, 11 October 2008 (EDT)

Reynolds, Thomas 366--Parris 16:45, 11 October 2008 (EDT)

Rae, Andrew 390 Rae, Robert 15-19-426 Rae, Samuel 268

Ray, Zach 390 Ray, Zacharia--Parris 16:57, 11 October 2008 (EDT)

Georgia's roster of the Revolution Compiled by Lucian Lamar Knight,--Parris 17:03, 11 October 2008 (EDT)

The above named except David and Daniel Tettler are all listed in the Revolution Muster s of Georgia as direct family of George Teater Sr Benjamin Totten Sr and Parris Teater and Samuel Teater. note David Tettler is enumerated 1810 in NC as David Taytor.--Parris 17:10, 11 October 2008 (EDT)

Benjamin Lockhart - 20 Jun 1798 Washington County 50 a. On the waters of Thompson's Creek a branch of Clinch River adjoining John Neal Grants No. 40, p. 239 Again this Demonstrates that both George Teater and Benjamin Totten still had many relatives that traveled back and forth between Jackson TN Garrard Kentucky to Washington Co and Russell Co.--Parris 18:36, 11 October 2008 (EDT)

Russell Co Va Deed Book Lockhart, Benjamin Irwin, William 21 Nov 1803 455--Parris 18:44, 11 October 2008 (EDT)

1797 Russell County Virginia Personal Property Tax List--Parris 18:59, 11 October 2008 (EDT)

Griffith, John (1) Griffith, William Sr. (1) Griffith, William (1)--Parris 19:02, 11 October 2008 (EDT)

Lockhart, Benjamin (1) Lockhart, James (1)--Parris 19:06, 11 October 2008 (EDT)





















































Benjamin & James


189--Parris 19:25, 11 October 2008 (EDT)



George & Ester Widow of Benajmon Totten Sr now present wife of George Teeter Sr



















bill of sale




bill of sale












bill of sale







James & others Goerge Hohimer wife Easter Parris Teater wife Rebecca Joseph H Totten

poa--Parris 19:43, 11 October 2008 (EDT)

Samuel Griffith noted as the son in law of George Teater Sr and Sarah Pearis. Samuel Griffith is listed above on the Gerogia muster rolls Revolution from Burk Co NC He also wss the bondsman of his father in law George Teater Sr to Esther Griffith a maiden of his family being the 2nd wife of George Teater Sr. from the madison co marraige book shows Teater, Sarah Griffith, Samuel 47 Jun 12 1791--Parris 03:06, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

Zacharia Ray a son of Samuel Ray and Jean Maupin from Albemarle VA. Settled in Surry NC was the Slave Master Overseer of the Slave plantation of William Terrell Lewis. The Rays and Teaters of Madison and Garrard KY show more than 20 marraiges. the 1st marraige between Samuel Ray and Susanah Teater the daughter of Samuel Teater.. Zacharia Ray his father brothers all to have served as shown above in the Georgia muster rolls Revolution. ITEM: TEN THOUSAND NAME PETITION, pg 313

"Some individuals from Albemarle Co., VA":

Samuel ROY Andrew RAY {?} "Zacharis RAY". ZACHARIA RAY MARRIED MARY BENGE.--Parris 03:34, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

Genealogy of the Lewis Family in America: From the Middle of the Seventeenth Century Down to the Present Time By William Terrell Lewis Published by Pub. by the Courier-journal job printing co., 1893 Original from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. In William Terrell Lewis own hand he wrote Zacharia Ray married Mary Benge the daughter of Thomas Benge. Mary benge was a 1st cousin of War Cheif Robert Benge one of the most horrific Cherokee chiefs in American History. Mary Benge was a sister of Davis Benge. David Benge was known as King David at the Redbird community amoungst the Quasi Melungeon and Quasi Indian people who lived there Clay County KY--Parris 03:47, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

a excerpt produced by Garrard co historian and Ray family Genalogist culled from the Earliest Ray. William Lewis put the bill of sale with his other important papers. After Cornwallis met with another defeat at Cowpens on 16 Jan 1781, he began his advancing “retreat” to the north, at first following the Yadkin valley. William T. Lewis became concerned because his plantation lay in the path of the advancing British. This and a break in/robbery of his home caused William to fear for the safety of his personal papers. So, he bundled them up and gave them to Zachariah Ray to take to his sister, Susannah Lewis and her husband Thomas Benge, or to his father who may have lived with the Benges. They had residence in Wilks County, which was the next county to the west. Thomas and Susannah Benge lived at the foot of Brushy Mountain. The Yadkin River framed the mountain on the north and west, where the river had its source in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Thomas Benge allowed Zachariah to store William’s papers in the barn; but the barn burned down, destroying the papers. Had they been left on the Lewis plantation, they would have been safe, as the British veered off to the east, where they were sort of victorious at the battle of Guilford Courthouse, but lost so many men their overall situation only worsened.

However, Zachariah’s trip to the Benge’s resulted in him getting to know Thomas’ daughter Mary Benge. No record of their marriage apparently exists, but they must have been wed during 1781 or very early 1782 as their first born, Samuel, arrived 9 Oct 1782. Note: Samuel may have been named for Zachariah’s probable father.

Zachariah and his bride retuned to Surry County, but it is unclear if he returned to his old job as overseer of the Lewis Plantation. Court records show he witnessed a land bill of sale on 24 Oct 1783. He shows up on the 1784 Tax List in Capt. Lewis’ District. It is uncertain which Lewis this is. No acreage is recorded for him and the next entry is that of Winniford Ridge, widow of William Ridge (who was killed fighting for the Tories at Guilford Courthouse). Based on other entries on the page, my guess is that he was living on the south side of the Yadkin, working for Winniford. On 7 Sep 1786, John Combs (neighbor) stole Zachariah’s prize Hog, leaving him with the nickname “hogless Zachariah.” It should be noted that in 1850 that part of Surry County south of the Yadkin was separated into the new Yadkin County.

Maybe the theft of his hog motivated him to become a Justice of the Peace in 1787.

The birthdates of most of Zachariah’s children are not known, but the best guesstimate is that Zachariah and Mary’s second known child was William, b. ca. 1787. This leaves plenty of time for one or two more children. Catherine would follow in ca. 1789.

Zachariah must have moved before 1789 because he is shown as a member of the Brier Creek Baptist Church in that year. The Church was located near the Wilks/Surry County line.

The 1790 census lists a Zachariah Wray, 2 males under 16 (Samuel, William), 4 males over 16 (Zach. plus 3 unknown adult males), 5 females (Mary Benge, Catherine Ray and possibly wives of the 3 adult males or daughters born between 1783 and 1786.)

The 1790 term of the Rowan County Court records show that Zachariah was paid six dollars for appearing as a witness before the court. He had traveled sixty miles to get there.

According to census reports, Zachariah and Mary’s next child, Daniel, was born in Virginia in mid summer (probably Aug) of 1790. This birth must have been after the 1790 census was taken. Could Zachariah have gone to Albemarle to attend to the affairs of his father Samuel, who had died 9 Oct 1788?

In the early 1790’s many residents of Surry/Stokes/Wilks counties of North Carolina were ready to move west. These counties are very hilly, with limited land suitable for farming. Since most were tobacco farmers, the land quickly wore out. Some moved to Georgia, some to Tennessee, some to Kentucky. Those moving to Kentucky usually did so in fairly large groups. When Daniel Boone was leading them in the 1770’s and 1780’s, they would gather in the upper Yadkin Valley of Wilks County; then they would travel through Deep Gap in the Blue Ridge to the New River Valley of what is now Ashe County. From there they would cross into the Watauga River Valley in Tennessee before heading north into Virginia to pass through the Cumberland Gap into Kentucky. In the 1790’s the migrating families would apparently go through either the Deep Gap or Cooks Gap and settle in the New River Valley for a season or two, before moving to Kentucky. Zachariah may have even spent his season in the Watauga Valley as his next child, Michael, was, according to the 1850 census, born in Tennessee in 1792. Michael’s tombstone gives the date as 14 Feb 1792. The 1860 and 1870 census lists his birth year as 1793 in North Carolina. My inclination is to accept the 1850 census as being more accurate.

It has not been absolutely determined when Zachariah moved to Kentucky, but the best guess is 1793. He may have started in 1791 with his brother Daniel. (Both theories of Zachariah’s parentage state he had a brother named Daniel. The children of Samuel Ray list Zachariah as the oldest son and Daniel second. A Daniel Ray was in Madison County Kentucky by Dec 1792.) Zachariah may have pulled up in the Watauga valley in 1791 to await the birth of Michael (Feb 1792). It is known that in 1793 a group of about sixty families from the upper Yadkin valley made the journey. Since at least one of these families appears on the 1793 Wilks County Tax roll, the move must have occurred late in the year. Typically they would start after the fall harvest and be over the mountains before hard winter set in. This would have probably put them in Kentucky in Nov/Dec 1793. Zachariah could have joined them.

The aforementioned group of families stopped first at Boone’s Station on the north bank of the Kentucky River. There they began their search for a suitable piece of land. Most of the best land had already been taken by earlier settlers, so the newcomers had to settle for leftovers. Some would cross the Kentucky River and settle in either Madison County or continue southwest to Lincoln County. Zachariah probably found a temporary piece of land on Drakes Creek, then in Lincoln County. It was probably here where Zachariah’s next two children, David and Elizabeth were born. Some time before 1796, the Rays must have moved to the north end of the Sugar Creek, since he is recorded as being a charter member of the Antioch Church of Buckeye, as was the local community called. There their son Jefferson was probably born ca 1797.

In 1797 Garrard County was formed from pieces of Lincoln and Madison Counties. Zachariah was elected Justice of the Peace. On 4 Jun 1798, court records show he was involved in the administration of the estate of Samuel Markoberry. (Marksbury? Possible father of John Marksbury who later may have married Catherine Ray.)

On 28 Dec 1798 Garrard County marriage records show a Susannah Ray marrying John Corkranham. Her relationship to Zachariah is unknown, and there was another Ray family who may or may not be related to Zachariah that moved into Garrard County by 1810. However, it is possible that Susanah could be a daughter of Zachariah born between 1782 and 1787.

Beginning in 1799 Zachariah began to buy land in the Sugar Creek drainage area. On 15 Oct of that year he acquired 100 acres from Ann Walden. In 1800, Zachariah and Mary bought 200 acres of land on Sugar Creek from John Bryant and 200 acres from James and Lewis Sullivan. In 1808 purchased 200 more acres from the Anderson family, probably the buyout of an estate of the father of the four Anderson brothers. All this land was probably between Sugar and Scotch Fork Creek. It was also land well above the creek bed and was later named Poor Ridge. I wonder if that name described the soil in the area.

Early in the 1800’s, Zachariah and Mary had two children. One was a girl who was named either Mary or Martha and was called Polly. The last child was Hezekiah.

On 20 Jul 1803 Garrard County marriage records show a Margaret Ray marrying William Corkran. Her relationship to Zachariah is unknown, and there was another Ray family who may or may not be related to Zachariah that moved into Garrard County by 1810. However, it is possible that Margaret could be a daughter of Zachariah born between 1782 and 1787. Could William be the brother of John Corkranham who married Susanah Ray?

On 17 Dec 1804, Zachariah’s oldest child, Samuel, was married to Susan Teator.

In 1806 he surveyed a road from the Scotch Fork of Sugar Creek to the top of Poor Ridge.

On 29 May 1808, his son William married Nancy Allegy or Allegre.

His daughter, Catherine, is supposed to have married John Marksbury, but no marriage record can be found. There are two John Marksbury Marriages in the early Garrard County records, but both were to different women. No record of Catherine or John can be found on the 1850 census. .

In 1808 he was on a jury for a murder case. The defendant, Phoebe, was convicted and hanged.

On 16 Apr 1810, son Daniel married Jinney Scott. He may had been married earlier to a Kathy Davidson, by whom he is reputed to have a daughter ca. 1805. Daniel would have been only about 15 at the time.

On 6 May 1810, daughter Elizabeth married James Fitzgerald. She was perhaps only 15.

The 1810 Garrard County census list under surname Wray: 1 Male over 45 (Zachariah) 1 Male 16-25 (Michael) 2 Males 10-16 (David and Jefferson) 4 Males under 10 (Hezekiah and three grandsons?) 1 Female over 45 (Mary) 1 Female 25-45 (Could this be Catherine, or Margaret, or Susanah now a widow with children?) 1 Female 16-25 (another widowed daughter with children?) 2 Female 10-16 (Elizabeth, before her marriage?) 4 Female under 10 (Polly and three more grand daughters?)--Parris 03:59, 12 October 2008 (EDT)


Note most of these people have been taxed enumerated as White. photographic evedence shows they were not White. They all appear to be dark skinned, heavily Native American Featured or Melungeon featured. A photo is worth a thousand words -documents.--Parris 04:24, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

Ancestors of Beverly Jo Ray Updated June 19, 2002

Beverly Jo Ray

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I have been collecting photographs of my Ancestors and my immediate Family for several years and I am glad to be able to post them on a Family Tree Maker sight. Enjoy the view.

I would also like to express my appreciation to the following Family members for their time and assistance, my Uncle Erwin Douglas Ray and my cousins Kathryn Ray Layton Coup, Cleo Teater Wilhoite, Eddie Lewis Robinson & Lois Robinson Dougherty.

Family Photos .

GO TO THIS WEBSITE. Again phtographic evidence of the family of Parris Teater and Rebecca Totten -see Zacharia Teater and Wife Rosa, again by the 3rd generation of Zacharia Ray Parris Teater- tottens ect shows they were extremely Dark Complected and Native American Featured Melungeon featured, see the photos of the Ray girls married to the Scrivners they are not White they appear as Full Blood Indians.--Parris 04:36, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

WILLIAM TEDDER. William Tedder is llisted with Samuel Griffith Zacharia Ray Benjamin Lockhart others on the Georgia Muster rolls Revolution. The Poe family Bible family records indicate the father of Lewis Criag Teater a son of George Teater Sr and Esther Giffith was named George William Teater. his middle name was William. George Teater and Sarah Pearis named a 3rd son William.

Bladen Archives by Dee Thompson show in the will of George Tedder Sr of Dobbs NC that he named William Tedder a admistrator of his 1795 will.. These Tedders also spelled Teater Tetor Tuder Tuter Teterton. George Tedder and brothers Benajamin Tedder -Tetar Teeder Tutor. George Tedder. Thomas Tettor William Tedder Samuel Tedder Jacob Teeder are noted as the sons of Samuel Teder Teterton and Mary evans.. These are they the Teters of Scotland Ireland ect. These are the only Teters who have actually notes with the, documented Scotch and Irish George Teater Sr of Washington Co VA and kentucky..

A NOTE ON WILLIAM TEDDER- FETTER ECT, Descendants of William Tedder

Generation No. 1

1. WILLIAM1 TEDDER was born April 01, 1735 and died March 01, 1834 in Montgomery County, Georgia. He married MARTHA.

Children of WILLIAM TEDDER and MARTHA are:

i. BETSEY2 TEDDER, b. March 05, 1780.

2. ii. NANCY TEDDER, b. September 17, 1786, North Carolina; d. March 25, 1864.

iii. LITTLETON TEDDER, b. June 30, 1790; d. April 17, 1861; m. MAREY VINCON, January 07, 1823, Robeson County, North Carolina.

3. iv. BENJAMIN W. TEDDER, b. February 10, 1796, near Raleigh, Wake Co., NC; d. December 01, 1850, Brooks Co., GA. Georgia's roster of the Revolution Compiled by Lucian Lamar Knight,

Tedder, William 335 Tetard, Benjamin 430 Tettler, Daniel 430 Tettler, David 430. NOTE William Tedder by Dee Thompson shows to be a Adminstrator of the George Tedder of Dobbs Will in 1795.. Benjamin Tetar Tetard Tedder shows also to have been a brother of George Tedder listed with him 1755 Beaufort. Benjamin shows as Tuder in 1768 in Augusta VA then here to Georgia then 1790 Montgomery Co NC shows to father of George Teter.. Jester, Levi 328 Jeter, Andrew 358-419 Jeter, Barnett 358 Jeter, Dinley 358 Jeter, Dudley 384 Jeter, Jo. 215 Jeter, Joseph 105-216-246-284 Jeter, Thomas 419,

These Jeters are also found to have been recorded as Tetor Teator Teater and Teter, This family is again with William Tedder in the 1780s in Virginia . Then are also found again same people with Solomon Tedder in Wake NC. This is a srong possibility that Solommon came thru the Jeter William Tedder Connection. Glasgo, William 415 Glasgow, William (or Glasgo) 415-440-451 THE GLASSGOS are the family inlaws of Thomas Tettor a brother of George Tedder Selviah Glassgo was the wife of Thomas. Thomas Tettor.

Note the Glassgos are found in Madison Kentucky Timeline of Thomas Teddar Teater a son of George Tedder of Dobbs NC. Sapp, Elijah 121-155-427

Sapp, John 121-234-278-307-391

Sapp, William 121-155-277-278-309-402 Sapp, William, Jr. 155.

NOTE the Sapps where the in laws of George Tedder of Dobbs his wife was Mary Sapp.,

John Sapp can be found 1787 on the Madison Ky tax list living near George Tetor Teater Ect,,

Evans, B. 18-414 Evans, Benj. 73-74-303-381 Evans, Jesse Evans, Thomas 323.

NOTE The by These names are well documented as the female line of of the Tedders Teaters Tetertons ect. Samuel Teterton aka Samuel Teder was the in law of Thomas Evans and Benjamin Evans. These Evans migrated from Tyrell NC to Surry VA with Samuel Teder. They migrated back to tidewater NC with the sons of Samuel Teder then to Rowan Co NC with Samuel Teders sons being Jacob Teeder and George Teeder. These Evans are also well intermarried with the family of George Tetor Teater of Madison Garrard KY.

Gaines, William 316-352-415-440-451

Gaines, Wiliam 316-352-415-440-451.

note William Gains. in 1784 William Gains is listed in the Virginia deed book as living with George Teator on Dix river 4 miles from Clarks Station.

Odam, Daniel (or Odum) 424.

Note the Odums are a old Bertie Tyrell Duplin family they are found on Deeds with the Thomas Tettor and other Tedders Odam, Frederick 363-424 Odam, Seybeit 424 Odam, Uriah 136.

Griffis, John 354 Griffith, Samuel 84-383. NOTE Samuel Griffith Married Sarah Teater the daughter of George Teater 1792 Madison Kentucky, George Teater Sr married a 2nd wife Esther Griffith 1796 Samuel Griffith was listed as Bondsman.. john Griffiths Griffis ect signed as witnesses on George Teaters will 1815 Garrard kentucky. The Griffiths were also from Rowan Co Burk Co NC.. intesting note Thomas Teddar the son of George Tedder of Dobbs NC married the same time in Madison KY as Thomas Teater to Rebecca White near to marrige of George Teater Sr and Esther Griffith..

Zacharia Ray page **. Zacharia Ray from Surry NC in law of George Teater more than 15 marriages recorded with the Evans and Teaters..

Thomas Reynolds pg ** listed living near Benamin Tedder Montogomey Co Nc. note Married to a Elizabeth Titer. arrived in Madison Co Ky 1786 bought 100 acres from George Teater. intersting to note Benajmin Teeder shows to have had a son George Teter.,


GREENSVILLE COUNTY, VA - CENSUS - 1783 Taxlist Tedder, William Jeter, John, jun 6 6 Jeter, Andrew 6 5 Jeter, Edmund, sen 10 8 5 1

This clearly shows that William Tedder appears to have married a Jeter. These Jeters migrated here with Wiliam Tedder. They were Soldiers of revolution together in georgia Muster Rolls.--Parris 05:23, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

Wake NC 1800 Census 742 709 Jeter Dudley pg0714.txt 742 705 Jeter Edmond pg0714.txt. 767 1382 Tedder Solomon pg0746.txt.

Solomon Tedder was surely a son of Wiliam Tedder and and his mother was a Jeter. Note the Jeters are also well Recorded in some instances as Teter Teater Teator Tetor.--Parris 05:26, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

The Jeter Mosaic has the following for Nicholas Jeter and William Jeter:

Nicholas Jeter b. before 1715: adm. of his estate named in Caroline Co. Va. 1785. Nicholas was probably reared in Essex Co., Va. In Caroline Co., where all records, with the exception of briefs in Order Books, were later destroyed. Nicholas' name was not noted on Caroline personal property tax records which began in 1783, although he was jpossibly in the home of Elijah Jeter, who was named adm. of his estate two years later. Ellijah's personal property tax 1783-1785 noted two white males. Surviving Caroline Co., Order Books leave few clues to learn of Nicholas Jeter's Life

William Jeter b. before 1711 probably in Essex Co., Va.; wp Ninety Six Dist., Edgefield Co. SC Mar. 1797. m Margaret Vaughn

William has the following children attributed to him:

William Jeter Jr. b. ca 1743 probalbly in Caroline Co. Va. wp Edgefield Co., SC 7 Sep 1820 m1 Mary Phillips, m2 Lucy Speed. 12 Dec 1780

Parenthia Jeter b. ca 1745 m. Craddock Vaughn. (Parenthia received from her father's will 100 acres of, mare, saddle, bridle..."with all I had formerly given her..."

Ancridge b. ca 1747; m. ? Howlett. William Jeter gave Ancridge by his will " the goods and chattels that I formerly lent her as also a debt of 21 (Virginia Currency) now due me by Carddock Vaughn....also 100 acres ... which I give to my grandson Seth Howlett lying between the Mire Branch and the Red Lick Branch."

Hal (Henry Jeter) b. ca 1749; recorded on the census of Edgefield SC 1790 with three males under age 16 and total of three females in the household. He was one of the executors of his father's will and was named in it. (My thought- he may have been the father of John Jeter of E. Feliciana Parish, La. listed in the Jeter Mosaic as lost link #8.)

Joseph Jeter b. ca 1751 probably in Lunenburg. Co., Va. wp Barnwell co., SC. 16 Sep 1811 m. Mary ?, who died Barnwell 1840. Was named in his fathers will. 7 children attributed to him.

California Jeter b. ca. 1753 d Union Co. SC 1830-31. m. before 1767 Bartholomew Baker. was named in her father's will.

Cornelius Jeter b. before 1753 estate adm. Lincoln Co. Ga. 1 May 1809 m. Sarah Lovelace. was named in his fathers will.

James Jeter b. Va. 15 Jan 1759 d. 16 Mar 1840 bur Jeter Cem. Union Co. SC Named in his father's will.

Argulus/Ezakillias/Killes Jeter b. before 1743 estate inventory returned Davidson Co., Tn July 1792. m Nancy ?, the adm of his estate. Named is his father's will even though he preceded his father in death. His father did not know of his death.

Eleazer Jeter b. before 1775 probably in Lunenburg Co. Va. d. Montgomery, Al. between 15 Nov. 1820 and 21 Feb 1821. m. possibly as his second wife Anna Moseley. Was named in his father's will.

Elizabeth Jeter b.? m. Josiah Crews (b.28 June 1745 d. 27 July 1832) Elizabeth was named in her father's will

Sarah Jeter b. 1750-60, probably in Lunenburg Co., Va. d. Monroe Co., Ms ca 1840-41 m. before 1786 John Crosby. Sarah was named in her father's will.

Nancy Jeter m. ? Moseley. was named in her father's will

Delilah Jeter m ? Garret, was named in her father's will

Priscilla Jeter m. Benjamin Moseley. was named in her father's will

Margaret Jeter m. Minor Kilcrease. was named in her father's will.--Parris 05:28, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

1779 OLD 96TH SC JURY LIST RECORDS WILLIAM JETER AS WILLIAM TETER. 51. David Hudson 176. John Kennedy 152. Richard Crise 177. Joshua Laton 153. Jacob Powell 178. Edward Biddy 154. Jonathan Croak 179. Philip Bryan 155. Henry Long 180. John Towns 156. William Harmon 181. Turner Roundtree 157. Benjamin Woodson 182. George Potts 158. Joseph Little 183. William Hughes 159. William Teter 184. Thomas Biddy--Parris 05:32, 12 October 2008 (EDT)


Surrendered Prisoners of War


South Carolina Rangers

Commander of the Fort: Captain Richard Winn

Lieutenant: William Caldwell

Oliver Towels

Sergeant: John Holles


James Adams, Thomas Alexander, Phillip Anderson, William Brewers, Hector Chappel, George Corks (absent),

Daniel Duff, William Duff, William Duggers (absent), Richard Duggins (absent), Thomas Gore (wounded), Thomas Hallem,

James Ham, William Ham, William Harbison, Richard Holley, William Jones, Francis Kirkland,

Mark Love, James McClear, Randall McDonald, Timothy McKenny, Samuel McKinney, Peter McMaham,

John Millwin, John Montgomery, Christopher Mulhester (absent), Thomas Paris, Ansel Pruit, Reuben Rigedale,

William Rottenberry, Lewis Sanders, William Silcock, Joshua Sphires, John Steel, Cornelius Tetor

James Tetor, George Watts, John Watts

William Webster (wounded), Cater West (absent), John Winn,

Thomas Winningham (absent at Savannah), Samuel Wood, John Wooley,

Richard Wooley--Parris 05:34, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

Among the children of John & Elizabeth VAUGHAN Jeter were Thomas who d in 1765 in Amelia Co VA, and William who d in 1802 in Edgefield SC, after having passed through both Amelia & Lunenburg Cos VA. Although the JETERS are not found in records with Combs in Amelia Co, they are together later in Lunenburg Co where they appear as neighbors based on processions of 1763.

The following Jeter etc. records were compiled by Cammock-Stern-Vaughn Researcher Mary Gregg, to whom we offer our special thanks:

(Amelia Co., Va. DB 2:515) June 19, 1747. John (X) TOMLINSON of Surry County, Virginia [his wife is Mary] to John JETER of St. Mary's Parish, Caroline County, Virginia, for V459 354 acres on the south side of Whetstone Creek in the fork of Nottoway River adjoining lines of SMART, ELLIS and ANDERSON, bounded in part by Polecat Branch and the creek. Wit: James REVES, Henry BUFORD and Thomas PAIN. (Deed Book 2, Amelia County, Virginia. Gibson Jefferson McConnaughey)

(Amelia Co., Va. DB 4:177) October 24, 1751. George GIBSON, Robert HALL & Jeremiah PIERCE, Executors of the will of George GIBSON, dec'd., all of Caroline County, Virginia, to William JETER of Caroline County for 60/5/6, 404 acres on the north, or lower, side of Mallory's Creek, bounded as by patent to George GIBSON, dec'd,, on July 10, 1745, Wit: Elisha ESTES and Thomas CLAIBORNE. (Deed Book 3 and Deed Book 4, Amelia County, Virginia. Gibson Jefferson McConnaughey)

(Amelia Co., Va. DB 4:397) June 25, 1752, William JETER of Lunenburg County, Virginia, to Thomas JETER of Caroline County, Virginia, for V60, 404 acres adjoining I Yarbrough's line and Mallery's Creek as it meanders. Wit: John CRENSHAW, Catlett MANN and William DAVIS Margaret JETER, wife of William, relinquished... (Deed Book 3 and Deed Book 4, Amelia County, Virginia. Gibson Jefferson McConnaughey)

(Amelia Co., Va. DB 5:440) April 22, 1756. Thomas EVANS of Dinwiddie County to James JETER for V60, 160 acres on the north side of Nottoway River, being part of a larger tract of 323 acres patented to John EVANS, adjoining lines of Robert EVANS and HARDAWAY. No witnesses (Deed Book 5 and Deed Book 6, Amelia County, Virginia. Gibson Jefferson McConnaughey)

(Amelia Co., Va. DB 5:535) December 22, 1756. John JETER and Elizabeth, his wife, of St. Mary's Parish, Caroline County, Virginia, to - John JETER, Jr. of Nottoway Parish [Amelia Co VA] for natural love and affection for their son John, and also for V5. 354 acres in Nottoway Parish on the south side of Whetstone Creek in fork of Nottoway River, being land formerly patented to John TOMLINSON on August 1. 1745 and conveyed by him to sd. Jeter by deed dated June 19, 1747; land adjoins lines of ELLIS, ANDERSON, and the Polecat Branch. Wit: L'Roy GRIFFIN, Thomas GRIFFIN George ROBINSON, Mildred ROBINSON, Ambrose JETER (Deed Book 5 and Deed Book 6, Amelia County, Virginia. Gibson Jefferson McConnaughey)

(Amelia Co., Va. DB 6:23) March 30, 1757. John JETER, Jr. and Lucy (X) JETER, his wife, of Nottoway Parish, to Henry BUFORD of same for 29/6/0, 91 acres in Nottoway Parish in fork of Nottoway River, being part of tract patented to John TOMLINSON on August 19 1745 and by him conveyed to John JETER by deed June 19, 1747 and by him conveyed to sd. John JETER, Jr. by deed March 24, 1757. Adjoins Whetstone Creek. Wit: Crispin SHELTON, James BUFORD and Thomas BUFORD. (Deed Book 5 and Deed Book 6, Amelia County, Virginia. Gibson Jefferson McConnaughey)

(Amelia Co., Va. DB 6:10) April 28, 1757. Robert ROWLAND to George BROWN witnessed by Matthew CABBINESS, James JETER and William ROWLAND. (Deed Book 5 and Deed Book 6, Amelia County, Virginia. Gibson Jefferson McConnaughey)

(Amelia Co., Va. DB 7:1 74) March 7. 1760. James JETER of Onslow County, North Carolina, to Thomas JEFFRES of Amelia for V85, 161-If acres in Nottoway Parish between Buffaloe Creek and Great Nottoway River, being land sd. JETER purchased of Thomas EVANS, adjoining lines of Thomas EVANS, Hardiway, Samuel SMITH, Thomas JEFFRES and Thomas ELLIS. Wit: Crispin SHELTON, James BEUFORD, Abraham SHELTON and Chloe SHELTON (Deed Book 7 and Deed Book 8, Amelia County, Virginia. Gibson Jefferson McConnaughey)

Notes: The 1786 Tax List of John Spicer, Jr., in Onslow Co NC, includes one John COOMES, but no JETERS found in the county. This is the only record we have for Onslow as yet - that county not yet researched.

(Amelia Co., Va. DB 7: 2 06) April 7, 1760. Samuel SMITH of Essex County, Virginia, to John MILLNER of Amelia witnessed by Edward ROBINSON, John DIXON and Henry JETER ... (Deed Book 7 and Deed Book 8, Amelia County, Virginia. Gibson Jefferson McConnaughey)

(Amelia Co., Va. DB 7:321) September 25, 1760. Henry (X) YARBROUGH and Martha (X), his wife, of Nottoway Parish, Amelia County, to William JENNINGS of Hanover County, Virginia for V200, 604 acres in Nottoway Parish on both sides of Little Nottoway River adjoining lines of THOMPSON, Samuel YARBROUGH and James JETER ... (Deed Book 7 and Deed Book 8, Amelia County, Virginia. Gibson Jefferson McConnaughey)

(Amelia Co., Va. DB 7:356) November 23, 1760. John JETER, Jr. and Lucy, his wife, of Nottoway Parish, Amelia County, to Samuel SMITH of same for V200, 264 acres in Nottoway Parish on the south side of Whetstone Creek in the fork of Nottoway River, being patented to John TOMLINSON on August 1, 1745, and conveyed by him to John JETER, Sr., and by him to John JETER, Jr. on December 22, 1756. Adjoins lines of Henry BEUFORD, PRYOR, John WINN, Charles IRBY, Abraham MOSLEY and William BEUFORD. [No witnesses given] Lucy relinquished... (Deed Book 7 and Deed Book 8, Amelia County, Virginia. Gibson Jefferson McConnaughey)

(Amelia Co., Va. DB 8:101) March 21, 1763. Plunket HOLT of Prince Edward to Thomas OAKLEY of Amelia, land in Amelia County adjoining Thomas GETER [JETER], BAGLEY, John I BEASLEY, Nathaniel ROBERTSON'S mill pond, and John MILLNER ... (Deed Book 7 and Deed Book 8, Amelia County, Virginia. Gibson Jefferson McConnaughey)

(Amelia Co., Va. WB 2X:124) August 29, 1765 - October 24, 1765. Noncupative will of Thomas JETER. An hour or two before his death, he twice called up his boys Oliver, Henry and Samuel JETER, and asked that Thomas PAYNE take notice that if he died his wife was to have whole estate for life or widowhood, then to be equally divided "among his children" [names not given], but his young children were to have their schooling out of his estate. Will presented to court October 24, 1765. Winefred JETER, widow, and son Oliver JETER refused to be administrators. Will proven by oaths of Oliver JETER and Samuel JETER, Henry JETER, second son of Thomas JETER, qualified as administrator.

Estate inventory and appraisement dated November 4, 1765 and returned and recorded May 22, 1766. Appraisers were William FITZGERRALD, Samuel SMITH and John WINN. One item is "l Great Bible". Value V 715/0/0. Slaves: James, Tom, Phebe, Ralph, George, Rachel, Bachus, Phill and Esther. (Will Book 2X, Amelia County, Virginia. Gibson Jefferson McConnaughey)

(Amelia Co., Va. DB 11:11) October 8, 1768. Bill of sale from Moses HURT, Jr. to James HENDERSON & Co. witnessed by Langston BACON, James ROBERTSON and Oliver JETER (Deed Book 9, Deed Book 10 and Deed Book 11, Amelia County, Virginia. Gibson Jefferson McConnaughey)

(Amelia Co., Va. WB 2X:271) October 20, 1768, will of Thomas YARBROUGH of Nottoway Parish witnessed by Oliver JETER . John ROBERTSON, Dickerson JENNINGS and William JENNINGS. (Will Book 2X, Amelia County, Virginia. Gibson Jefferson McConnaughey)

(Amelia Co., Va. DB 11:59) February 24, 1769. Deed, Richard SMITH to Thomas TABB witnessed by John KING, Rowlett PRIDE and Henry JETER (Deed Book 9, Deed Book 10 and Deed Book 11, Amelia County, Virginia. Gibson Jefferson McConnaughey)

(Amelia Co., Va. DB 10:219) April 22, 1769. John MILLNER and Isabella, his wife, of Amelia to John BEESLEY of same, land on Lazaretta Creek, being land patented to Robert ROWLAND on September 25, 1746, adjoining lines of Henry ROBERTSON, Thomas PAYNE, Oliver JETER, BAGLEY, KING, and Nathaniel ROBERTSON'S mill pond ... (Deed Book 9, Deed Book 10 and Deed Book 11, Amelia County, Virginia. Gibson Jefferson McConnaughey)

(Amelia Co., Va. DB 11 :85) February 22, 1770* Oliver JETER and Mary, his wife, of Amelia to Henry JETER of same for 70 pds., 304 acres on the east side of Cold Water Run, and is part of 404 acres, formerly property of Thomas JETER, dec'd., and is all the land he possessed on that side of the run. No witnesses. Mary JETER, wife of Oliver, relinquished her dower right. (Deed Book 9, Deed Book 10 and Deed Book 11, Amelia County, Virginia. Gibson Jefferson McConnaughey)

(Amelia Co., Va. WB 2X:333) December 13, 1770. Will of Hugh CHAMBERS witnessed by Henry JETER, Oliver JETER and Alexander (X) GRAY. (Will Book 2X, Amelia County, Virginia. Gibson Jefferson McConnaughey)

(Amelia Co., Va. DB 11:374) December 175 [sic] 1771. Joshua HUDSON, Richard HUDSON and Obadiah (X) HUDSON to Richard WILSON witnessed by John WINN, Richard WARD, Giles NANCE, Oliver JETER, Moses HUDINGS [sic] and Alexander GRAY. (Deed Book 9, Deed Book 10 and Deed Book 11, Amelia County, Virginia. Gibson Jefferson McConnaughey)

Notes: See Combs-Nance Families of Wilkes Co NC and Charlottte Co VA. Also note possible HUDSON connection to BOOKER-Combs-COGHILL Families of Essex/Caroline Co VA & Maryland.

(Amelia Co., Va. DB 11:399) April 14, 1772. John FORREST of Amelia to Lewellin WILLIAMSON of Prince Edward for 165 pds., , 200 acres in Amelia on both sides of Mallorys Creek adjoining lines of Jennings FOWLKES, Oliver JETER, Richard LIGON, Dickerson JENNINGS, Edward ROBERTSON and James BAGLEY. (Deed Book 9, Deed Book 10 and Deed Book 11, Amelia County, Virginia. Gibson Jefferson McConnaughey)

(Amelia Co., Va. WB 2:157) September 12, 1773 - No probate date. Will of Anne STERN. Legatees: Daughters: Mary LONG; Tabitha STERN; Sarah MEREDITH and her children [not named]. Sons: John EVANS; Francis STERN and his children [not named]. Grandchildren: Allen JETER; Rodofel JETER; Tabitha JETER; MASON JETER; Jane JETER. Sons-in-law Ambrose JETER and Sampson MEREDITH.

(Amelia Co., Va. DB 9:175) Re Ann STERN'S estate, mention is made of Negroes in possession of Reuben LONG of Culpeper County.

Executors: Brother Francis ANDERSON and daughter Tabitha STERN, Wit: Christopher FORD and Richard ANDERSON (Will Book 2, Amelia County, Virginia. Gibson Jefferson McConnaughey)

(Amelia Co., Va. WB 3:401) February 8. 1785 - March 23, 1786. Will of Tabitha STERN mentions Nephews and nieces: Allen JETER, Tabitha Anderson JETER, Mason JETER, Mary Mason MEREDITH, Ann MEREDITH, David MEREDITH and Joseph Norfleet MEREDITH; cousin Elizabeth Collier PRIDE. Executors: Allen JETER and William Anderson MERIDITH. Wits: Mack GOODE and James BAGLEY (Amelia County, Virginia, Will Book 3 with Additional Deaths and Heirs from Order Books 15 and 17. Bel Hubbard Wise)

Note: See Amelia Co VA for more data re Ann ANDERSON Stern in relationship to the CAMMOCK & EVANS families. Also note Combs-MEREDITH Connections, including in Montgomery Co VA, and Surry Co NC..


Rowan Co note here Joseph Jeter the brother of William Jeter is recorded as Teater with many polls. Note Jacob Teeder and his brother George Teeder have removed here from Edgecombe NC next to the Mc Cullohs also from Edgecombe NC. only one brother Samuel Teeder seems to have remained in Edgecombe another brother Benjamin Tedder was still for a while in Beaufort. This would be another connection becuse William Tedder a brother of thse of these shows a in law Joseph Jeter -Teater here in Rowan Co with his brothers George Teeder and Jacob Teeder also recorded here as Teater.. Pg 34 1759 Rowan Tax Jacob Teater 1 poll addition to the list Joseph Teater 4 poll

pg 16 June 2, 1759 Capt Conrod Michael's Jacob Teeder Scouting .16--Parris 05:38, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

note George Teater was discharged from Nathaniel Gists company C herokee expedition 1760 he appears to have lived with his inlaws the Cherokee Traders Parris family until 1764 in the Augusta area. He shows up here in Georgia 1765 with the Parris family also here same time. St JOHNS, LIBERTY, St DAVID, St PHILIP. Geogia Deeds

1765 to Wm Trevin, Geo Tivener, James Taylor, Geo Teter, David Tebean, Jno Tanahall, John Tanner--Parris 05:41, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

Augusta Deeds on the South Irish Colony of the Crab Creek Tract, 12th February, 1768. Frederick Starn (Stern) to George Teetar, £10, 85 acres by patent 22d August, 1753, on Crab Creek, a branch 474 of New River. ...

Note George Teater arrives back in virginia from Georgia. note Benjamin Tedder makes his 1st appearance here the same year 1768.

Note the Starns were in laws of the Jeters.--Parris 05:43, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

1755 Benajin Tedder Beaufort is listed seperate household from George and his sons Thomas and George Jr. Tedder Teeder ect

the year 1768 shows bnejamin in augusta virg

Page 94.--21st November, 1761. William Skillern to James Anderson, ฃ60, 100 acres on Long Meadow; cor. to Wm. Skillern, Carr's line. Delivered: Benj. Tutor, March, 1768..

Note Benajamin Appears here the same year 1768 the same year Benjamin Totten was appernticed to Andrew Miller. Note this the same year that George Teater arrived back in VA from Georgia, Note Benamin Tetar Tetard ect is noted on the Georgia muster rolls with Benjamim lockhart Thomas Reynolds Zacharia Ray William Gains many familes of George Teater Sr of Washington Co and Kentucky. Benajamin is listed again as Tedder 1790 Montgomery Co NC also is Thomas Reynolds. Under the census records in Motgomery Co show this Benjamin to have a son named Geo. Teter--Parris 06:16, 12 October 2008 (EDT)


Thomas Reynolds show s with Benjamin Lockhart Benjamin Teter William Tedder Samuel Griffith William Gains others on the Georgia musters Revolution. The true facts of the Reynolds is they came from Surry VA and lived there the same time as Samuel Teder Jacob Teder and migrated down to the Dan River Granville Orange Co with the Melungeons. The reynolds appear to be a mixed blood people of Melungeon or Tidewater Indian decsent. Thomas Reynolds and his family where one of the biggest and closest allied and in law families of George Teater and Sarah Pearis. Page 64 ORANGE CO Court of Feb. 17, 1761 Grand Jury impaneled and sworn-to wit: Thomas Stagg Benjamin Carter Moses Hollis Richard Simpson Joseph Atkins Hugh Porter Jesse Brashear John Hunter Ephraim Gold Henry Reynolds Wm Willson Phillip Preather Nathaniel Reynolds ALEXANDER GOING Thomas Willson, Some early records upon arrivial with the Melungeonsof Thomas Reynolds family.--Parris 09:01, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

1750 Dan river NC Shows Saponi Indian John Bowling and William Bowling tax list.. 1751 Granville Tax List. William Bowling John Bowling with added by a Henry Reynolds John Bowling William Bowling.

1754 Granville NC Militia. James Bowling William Bowling John Bowling Benjamin Saponi pre melungeon clan

1757 A migration of one part. Anson co deeds John Bowling book 2 pg Peedee river bumpers fork. The same Henry Reynolds is shown on this book with his Brother Thomas Reynolds Henry was on the same tax list 1750 with John Bowling and 1751 Which gives a good timeline estimation of the groups migration southward from Granville to Anson Co. John Bowling location puts him at the rear of the Cheraw Indian village at Drowning Creek the border of Bladen and Anson co, across the border Bladen co a family of 60 named by the Gov as the Mixed Crew. 1st appearance of the Lumbee aka Melungeons as note by Mcmillians letters to the Office of Indian affairs in the 1880s.

1761 William Bowlin Thomas Collins Moses Riddle Indians Free Persons mualttos Premelungeons, listed as losing improvements on land Orange Co NC..--Parris 09:28, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

A List of Tythables on Dan River for the Year 1751

Mr Nathnll Guest Christopher & Negor Jo

NOTE. The following year Nathaniel and Christopher Gist and Negro Joe. Nathanil gist was George Teater Sr Capt in the VA Regiment. George Teater was his Sgt, being Sgt George Teater. Note George Teater Sr had 3 personal connections with the 3 1st White people who ever set foot in Kentucky Christophers Gist Nathaneils father, John Finley who served under George Teater as Private in the Lord Dunmores war. Daniel Boone a in law and strong allied family. Nathaneil Gist was also documented Cherokee Trader and 1st partner of Richard Pearis the uncle of George Teaters wife Sarah Pearis. Note John benge married to Nataneill Gists wife, the off spring horrific Cherokee Warriors were the 1st cousins of George Teater Parris Teater Samuel Teaters in laws the Benges and Rays.--Parris 09:57, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

ANSON NC DEEDS No. 176 - Thomas REYNOLDS, 600 Acres, Grant No. 293, Issued August 30, 1753, Book No. 2, Page No. 60. Location: S side of S fork of CATAWBA River.

No. 177 - Thomas REYNOLDS, 300 Acres, Grant No. 294, Issued August 30, 1753, Book No. 2, Page No. 60. Location: On KINGS Creek that runs into BROAD River on the W side.

No. 178 - Thomas REYNOLDS, 400 Acres, Grant No. 295, Issued August 30, 1753, Book No. 2, Page No. 60. Location: On BUFFLOW Creek about 4 miles above the fork.

No. 179 - Thomas REYNOLDS, 500 Acres, Grant No. 296, Issued August 30, 1753, Book No. 2, Page No. 61. Location: On BUFFLOW Creek that runs into BROAD River.--Parris 10:08, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

No. 385 - Richard REYNOLDS - 600 Acres, Grant No. 80, Issued March 28, 1755, Book No. 2, Page No. 127. Location: S side of S fork of CATAWBA River on REYNOLDS Creek, the place where he now lives.--Parris 10:12, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

No. 481 - Jordan GIBSON, 200 Acres, Issued July 1, 1758, Book No. 2, Page No. 199. Location: In the fork of LITTLE PEE DEE, E side MICHAELLS Creek.--Parris 10:14, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

No. 798 - Thos. REYNOLDS, 600 Acres, Grant No. 293, Issued August 30, 1753, Book No. 10, Page No. 381. Location: On S side of S fork of CATAWBA River, beginning in the fork of INDIAN Creek at a red oak.

No. 799 - Thos. REYNOLDS, 300 Acres, Grant No. 294, Issued August 30, 1753, Book No. 10, Page No. 381. Location: On KINGS Creek beginning at a mulberry on the bank of said creek.

Thomas RENNELS, 300 Acres, on branches of KINGS Creek running into BROAD River. September 28, 1750.

No. 800 - Thos. REYNOLDS, 400 Acres, Grant No. 295, Issued August 30, 1753, Book No. 10, Page No. 381. Location: On BUFFALOW Creek about four miles above the fork, beginning at a hickory.

Thomas RENNELS, 600 Acres, On BUFFLOW Creek thence runs into BROAD River including a meadow and (?) grounds above the creek on both sides of said creek. October 4, 1751.

No. 801 - Thos. REYNOLDS, 500 Acres, Grant No. 296, Issued August 30, 1753, Book No. 10, Page No. 381. Location: On BUFFALOW Creek that runs into BROAD River beginning at a spanish oak.

Thomas RENNELS, 300 Acres, On BUFFLOW Creek about four miles above the forks including a large OLD FIELD and a meadow where there is some mulberry grows. October 4, 1751--Parris 10:26, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

  1. 5654, p.329, Crown to: Patent Bk 15 -John Bolin 5 Dec

1760 200 acres Anson Co, NC both sides of north fork of Little River of PeeDee joining near the mouth of Pounding Branch.--Parris 10:52, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

ANSON CO, NC - Deed BookH #1 page 53-1756- John Ussery to Thomas Ussery, ..... Henry Reynolds;--Parris 11:04, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

A excerpt of the will of George Teater shows appears his son in law Henry Reynolds. Given under our hands, this 30th day of August 1815

                                                                                   John Graham
                                                                                   Henry Reynolds
                                                                                   C. A. Ballinger

One broken kettle and broad axe Frow and shovel worth $2.50

                                                                                   P. Teeter

Garrard County Sct Oct. Court 1815

Thereby certify that this appraisement of the estate of George Teeter decd. was exhibited into Court at the Court of & Ordered to be recorded and the same is truly admited to record.

                                                           Benjm. Letcher  CGCC”--Parris 11:17, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

NOTES BY THE JESSEMAIN HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Henry REYNOLDS.1,2,16,22 Parents: Thomas REYNOLDS Sr and Elizabeth TITER Spouse: Susanna TEATER. Henry REYNOLDS and Susanna TEATER were married on 7 Aug 1815 in Garrard Co., Ky..16 They were married on 7 Aug 1815 in Garrard Co., Ky. Children were: George Teater REYNOLDS, Thomas REYNOLDS, George T. REYNOLDS, Henry W. REYNOLDS, Barbara REYNOLDS, Elizabeth REYNOLDS, George Thomas REYNOLDS, Thomas REYNOLDS, Elizabeth REYNOLDS.. HENRY REYNOLDS MARRIED THE DAUGHTER OF GEORGE TEATER SR AND 2ND WIFE ESTHER GRIFFITH.--Parris 11:29, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

The Reynolds had a DNA Haplogoup, DNA type of E3A This is major DNA type of the TN Melungeons it may have come from a mixture of Angolan Slaves and Irish slaves in the Barbados during Cromwells period or may have come from Portuguese types from angola. In nay case this branch of the George Teater Sr and Thomas Reynolds carry this type of DNA. Jessamine - Madison County, Kentucky, 1789; Bought 100 acres of land from George Teater, Deed Book A; Will of Richmond Harris, father of Elizabeth Harris (second wife), left part of estate to grandchildren, Thomas and Patsy, Madison County Deed Book K, pp. 546-7; 1850 Madison County Census shows Thomas Reynolds 83, born North Carolina and Elizabeth 67, born Madison County; 1860 Madison County Census, Thomas Reynolds 93 and Elizabeth Reynolds 75.

RNLD KY05-"Reynolds Families Of Garrard, Jessamine, Madison Counties"by Emalene R Rohrer; Madison County Deed Book 19, pp. 546-7, 4September 1871; Will Book O, p. 520; Deed Book C, p. 339; Bought 260acres on Paint Lick Creek, 18 November 1794; Will names children, saleof property, 14 September 1860.

1850 Madison County Census shows Thomas Reynolds 83, born North Carolina and Elizabeth 67, born Madison County; 1860 Madison County Census, Thomas Reynolds 93 and Elizabeth Reynolds 75. Y DNA HAPLOUGROUP TO LEVI REYNOLDS [E3A] LEVI SON OF THOMAS REYNOLDS ELIZABETH - Maybe Teater no proof., note Thomas Reynolds had 2 wives both named Elizabeth.--Parris 11:49, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

1780 MONTGOMERY CO NC TAX LIST . RENOLDS, Thomas. NOTE after 1780 Thomas Reynolds is no longer here. Between the Revolution in Georgia for one reason or another he was here and appeared advance of Benjamin Tetar Tedder ect. By 1789 he is documeted with George Teater Sr buying 100 acres. He is noted as comeIng with a wife named Elizebeth. 1st wife. On the reexaminded tax list origninal was a Jesse ? ? R or Titter. Jesse Tettor was a nephew of Benjamin Tetar Tedder. He named in the Bladen archives will as a son of George Tedder Sr of Dobbs NC. There was mentions that Thomas Reynolds wife was named Titer but there is documented proof of this. in the will of George Tedder Sr he did name a daughter Elizabeth but no mention of her married name..--Parris 12:26, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

1790 MONTGOMERY NC CENSUS. BOLIN, Jessee 01 00 02 00 00 BOLIN, John 01 04 01 00 0 BOWLIN, John 02 00 01 00 00 BOWLING, William 00 00 00 00 00--Parris 12:43, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

GIBSON, James 01 00 04 00 00 GIBSON, William 02 01 02 00 00.

NOTE. The same Melungeon families Bowlings that migrated with the Reynolds from VA to Granville and the Anson area still remaibed in the area of Thomas Reynolds when he migrated to Kentucky--Parris 12:48, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

note by 1790 Jesse Titter tettor ect was no longer in Montgomery Co.
January Court 1789 dobbs nc
            4- Francis Langston to Jesse Tettor
            9- John Harrison to Evan Griffith.

Jesse Tettor is named in the Will of George Tedder sr as a son. He appears to have been in Montgomery Co NC the same time as Thomas Reynolds. Sometime after 1780 he returned here to Dobbs with his father George Tedder Sr and uncle Thomas Tettor.--Parris 13:06, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

1790 MONTGOMERY NC CENSUS. TEDDER, Benjemin 01 01 03 00 00.

BENAJMIN TEDDER. Also spelled as Tetar Tetard Tutor. Appeared in 1755 with George Tedder Sr Sr of Edgecombe NC with his 2 sons George Tedder Jr and Thomas Tettor. This George Tedder is noted as son of Samuel Teterton aka Teder of Tyrell NC migrated to Surry VA with his in laws the Evans. his sons show to be Jacob Teder Teeder aka Teater. William Tedder. Samuel Tedder George Tedder aka Teeder Teeter Benjamin Tedder Tutor.

Benjamin can be found next in Augusta VA 1768 as Tutor Benjamin Tutor. He appears on the Georgia musters as Benjamin Tetard then returns here with Thomas Reynolds who migrated to KY--Parris 13:24, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

1810 Montgomery NC census. George Teter 10100-00100. BENJAMIN TEDDER TETAR ECT . left one son here under his timeline named George Teter most likely aftter his brother in Nephew in Dobbs NC or his brother George Teeder Teeter ect who lived and died in Rowan CO NC--Parris 13:34, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

There dozens of marraiges between the George Teater Sr family and Thomas Reynolds family. hers just a few George T. REYNOLDS.2 Parents: Henry REYNOLDS and Susanna TEATER.

George Teater REYNOLDS2,16 was born on 1 Nov 1816.16 He appeared in the census in 1870 in Madison Co., Ky.. He died on 31 Oct 1894.16 He was buried in Friendship Cemetery, Madison Co., Ky.. Parents: Henry REYNOLDS and Susanna TEATER.

Spouse: Harriet ALVERSON. George Teater REYNOLDS and Harriet ALVERSON were married on 7 Feb 1848.16 Children were: Mary Jane REYNOLDS, Sarah A. REYNOLDS, Albert J. REYNOLDS, Milton Samuel REYNOLDS, Arabella REYNOLDS, Nancy E. REYNOLDS, Ceacy REYNOLDS, Laura REYNOLDS, Allen Newton REYNOLDS.

George Thomas REYNOLDS1,22 was born on 1 Nov 1816 in Madison County, Kentucky. He died on 16 Sep 1871 in Madison County, Kentucky. He was buried in Friendship Church Cemetary, Madison Co., KY. His reference number is 58. Minnie Sanders Wade; J. Authur Sanders; "Reynolds Families Of Garrard,Jessamine, Madison Counties" by Emalene Rohrer, 112 Willow Dr.,Nicholasville, KY 40356 (Mrs. Rohrer has George's middle name asTEATER).

A Story of Four Churches: "George T. Reynolds 1816 - 1871, buried Friendship Church Cemetary." ______________________________________________________

Madison County Cemetary Records: "Reynolds, George T. 1 Nov 1816 - 16 Sep 1871 Friendship Church Cemetary." ______________________________________________________

State: Kentucky Year: 1850 County: Madison District: No. 3 Page: 318a 14 Nov 1850

423/426 George T. Reynolds 33 M Farmer Madison Hariett 25 F Madison (Harriet "Minnie" Alverson) Mary 1 F Madison (Mary Jane m. Peter F. Sanders) ______________________________________________________

State: Kentucky Year: 1860 County: Madison District: Western Division No. 2 PO: Kirksville Page: 91/227 28 Jun 1860

651/637 George T. Reynolds 44 m Farmer Madison Co., KY Harriett 35 F Madison Co., KY Mary J. 11 F Madison Co., KY Sarah A. 8 F Madison Co., KY Milton S. 5 M Madison Co., KY Ary B. 3 F Madison Co., KY Nancy E. 10/12 F Madison Co., KY ______________________________________________________

State: Kentucky Year: 1870 County: Madison Precinct: Million PO: Richmond Page: 250/204 15 Jun 1870

160/160 Reynolds, George 54 M W Farmer KY Harriett 46 F W Keeping House KY Mary 20 F W Without Occupation KY Sarah 18 F W Without Occupation KY Albert 16 M W At Home KY Milton 14 M W Farm Laborer KY Arabela 12 F W At Home KY Nancy 11 F W At Home KY Cely 8 F W At Home KY Laura 7 F W At Home KY Allen 3 M W At Home KY ______________________________________________________

State: Kentucky Year: 1880 County: Madison E.D. 78 Precinct: Million Page: 38/566B 16 Jun 1880

336/344 Reynolds, Harriet W F 55 Keeping House KY KY KY [Harriet Alverson] Milton W M 25 Son Works on Farm KY KY KY Laura W F 16 Dau At Home KY KY KY Allen A. W M 13 Son Works on Farm KY KY KY ______________________________________________________ Parents: Henry REYNOLDS and Susanna TEATER.

Spouse: Harriet ALVERSON. George Thomas REYNOLDS and Harriet ALVERSON were married on 10 Feb 1848 in (probably) Madison County, Kentucky. Date of 07FE1848 is probably the marriage bond date. Children were: Mary Jane REYNOLDS, Sarah Alice REYNOLDS, Albert J. REYNOLDS, Milton S. REYNOLDS, Arabella "Bell" REYNOLDS, Nancy E. REYNOLDS, Celia (Ceacy) REYNOLDS, Laura REYNOLDS, Allen Newton (Buddy) REYNOLDS.

George W. REYNOLDS2,16 was born in 1873.16 Parents: William Harvey REYNOLDS and Patsy Jane TEATER.

George Willie REYNOLDS2,6,12 was born in 1897.6,12 He died on 5 Feb 1980.6,12 He was buried in Maple Grove Cemetary, Nicholasville , Ky.. Parents: Absolom , Jr. REYNOLDS and Josephine PERKINS.--Parris 14:00, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

1790 LICOLN CO NC CENSUS. "REYNOLDS, Jno." 1 2 3 0 0 0600 "REYNOLDS, Jno." 1 1 5 0 2 0577 "REYNOLDS, Jno." 1 0 4 0 0 0570 "REYNOLDS, Perry" 1 0 2 0 0 0606 "REYNOLDS, Rd" 1 0 2 0 0 0598 "REYNOLDS, Rd., Jr." 1 1 1 0 0 0609 "REYNOLDS, Sarah" 1 3 3 0 1 0610 "REYNOLDS, Thos." 1 0 2 0 0 0580 "REYNOLDS, Wm." 1 4 3 0 1 0681 "REYNOLDS, Wm." 1 1 1 0 0 0599--Parris 14:06, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

TITTERBURN, Jno." 3 4 4 0 0 1300--Parris 14:11, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

There seems to be no end to wild speculation fake false fairy tale like genealogy by pass the bucK style genealogy in regards to the Scotch Irish George Teater Sr of Washington Co VA and KY . Example he was a mythical German Dunker a non meat eating person who loved George Washington and abanded his Dunker ways to become a Ensign of the Revolution. He has been protrayed as a mythical character named John George Teter aka Yohan Jurg Deiter. A pesrson who never existed is Washington Co or Kentucky. There was a Dunker named John George Deiter born 1739 who married a niece German girl and died and is buried in Berks PA. He has absolutly nothing to do with the Scotch -Irish George Teater Sr who married Sarah Pearis lived in Washington Co and migrated to Madison Garrard this was George Teater the Negro Slaver son in law of George Pearis and his Indian Woman. Sgt and officer George Teater the Presbyterian branch of The Church of Scotland N Ireland. Not a Saturday worshiping non meat eating Dunker.

Another example is the mythical character named Bejamin Totten a Notorious Tory with his Notorioius TORY father Jonas Totten of New York. So called married a girl named Easter Hikke and ran off to join the Patritos of Virginia. The true Benjamin Totten was born in VA or North Carolina as a Variant of Tuton to Irish Renegade named John Tuton who lived in the area of George and Richard Pearis. This Benajmin Totten appears to be half Irish half Spanish from the John Tuton Gonzalva family. Dozens of documents show his wife estimated was a Crockett from Montgomery Co va ,to be posted and shown on another colum

Thomas Reynolds also appears in dozens of ridulcles mythical genealogy as German settler . He is protrayed as marring Barbara Teiterbeam. this is totally false. The Thomas Reynolds who married Barbara Beam the daughter of John Titterbeam was still in Lincoln Co NC 1790 as proved by the Census Records above. The Thomas Reynolds who came to George Teater in 1789 madison kentucky is well documneted as marrying a wife named Elizabeth not Barbara..

it is documeted that a Thomas Reynods of Lincoln Co NC did marry Barabra Beam but he was not the Thomas Reynolds who was living with George Teater Sr 1790 Madison KY. They are 2 different people as the Census Records show the Thomas Reynolds of Lincoln Co NC was still there in Lincoln Co NC he cannot be the Thomas Reynolds in Madison KY 1790. The Thomas Reynolds of Madison KY shows his wifes name as Elizabeth [not Barbara].. By the records of the Thomas Reynolds of Kentucky and Montgomery Co NC he appears to be Melugeon or some type people simular to the Melugeons.Further weight of this is the DNA results of Levi Reynolds as Haplogroup E3A a very common type of DNA found in the TN and NC VA Melungeons.--Parris 15:22, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

Other persons shown on the Georgia Muster rolls Revolution are Gaines, William 316-352-415-440-451 352 Gaines, Wiliam 316-352-415-440-451--Parris 15:50, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

Virginia Land Office Grants, Book I, page 318 - 13 Jan 1784 - Bellesfelt, Peter, Grantee. 260 acres in a bend of Dicks River and on the west side of said river adjoining land of [George Teator ]and William Gains in Lincoln County (Kentucky).--Parris 15:53, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

During the years 1782 to 1783 Records show Benjamin Totten was living at the area where George Teaters home and cabin was in Washington Co VA between 1783 and 1785 George Teater made several appearances back in Washington Co VA. The map shows William Gains and George Teater lived about 4 miles from Clarks station which is a Blockhouse well documented home of George Teater Sr and his son Samuel Teater between the years 1779 to 1784, its not know if this William Gains is the same one who was on the musters of Georgia with so many of George Teaers family.--Parris 16:06, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

. This is all very complicated but it will show how these people below were connected to the George Teater of Washington Co and Madison Kentucky. Show how some of them were illiterate and did not know how to spell thier names by signing Tax list Deeds ect with a x / it will show others were highly edcucated and will show the variants in spelling the name Teter to Teder to Tutor to Teterton to Tuder to Teeder to Tettor to Tetor Teetar to Tedar to Teddar some as Teaster. to Teeder to Teeter to Teater to Teator but in most cases they are the same people. Sometimes thier names were simply recorded by the recorder by the way he thought he heard the name. Or by his ability to spell, his own accent from his own country such as Welsh where Teter is spelled and prononuced Tudor. Or England where the the name Teter was Tetter Tetar Teitur Teatter, Scotland Nothern Ireland Tedder Teitur. England Tyther Tyder Tyter Tether Teather Teader Teador Tetard Tester Teastard Teatord In old England the Baily court has dozens of names thru the centuries recorded as just mentioned as does the Brittish census records wills ect. In addition Tedderton Fetterton Teterton Tetherton.. The Scotch -Irish George Teater who married Sarah Pearis of Washington Co VA and Madison KY is recored as Teater Teator Tetor Teter Teeter and Teetar. In some instance they were recorded as Fetter Fiddor as well.. Perhaps one wat to decipher to the brittish isle teters and the alpine Teters Swiss German is by several methods. One way is the religion most Germanic Teters were Luthran or Anabatist Dunkers. The Brittish island Teters were mostly Presbyterians Church of England some Baptists after the Revolution some were Quakers one Willian Teterton of St Marys 1660 was a Catholic. The Dutch came as Vedder which some also morphed to Tedder and Teeter.

Brittish Isle Teters are well noted as Negro slavers whereas this appears to have beena distastefull practice to the Germanic Deiter settlers. A good example is George Teater who he and sons were horrific Negro Slavers. The Brittish Isle Teters had no qualms about Intermarraige with Indians and Melungeons Whereas the Germanic Teters seemed to remain German until after the Revolution.. 1st names Paul Phillip Leonard Hans John seemed to popoular amoung the Germanic Dieters Teter. Samuel George were used with the same frequency in both ethnic groups. James William Jesse Richard Edward Robert were popular in the Brittish Isle group.. The french Huegunots where both Teter Teator Tetor corruptions of Geater Jeter Geter Jetter and Tetaerd Darter Derter Deteterd Tarter. One of the 1st White men from England killed in America was ,Tedder Roberts left as 15 man gaurd in Roanoke Sir Francis Drake Expedition. .

Early Teters were Elizabeth Jeeter Teter 1650s Sommerset Maryland, Thomas Tedder Irish Convicted Rebel 1623 John Tederton 1660 Perquimans Edward Teterton 1650s Gloucetser VA. Robert Teaster 1680 Albemarle NC Wiilaim Teterton 1660s St Marys Maryland severl William Tetertons in Perquimans. Robert Tester 1700 Surry VA Wiliam Featherstone which morphed into Fetterton 1600s. At present there is no wide Teter surname DNA project. Several of the Teaters in Madison KY the line of Thomas Teater is shown as i1b Northern Barbarian type. A few Hinlkes r1b1 White Western European

RECORDS TAX DEEDS TAX LIST MARRIAGE RECORDS MILITARY RECORDS CENSUS RECORDS SHOW THAT GEORGE TEATER AND SAMUEL GIBSON TEATER BROTHERS 90% ODDS COME FROM THIS LINE OF SCOTCH - IRISH TETERS BELOW. Mary, Stephen, Samuel and William Teddar in the 1800 Bladen census. Samuel and William Teddar in the 1810 Bladen census. Samuel Tedder in the 1820 Bladen census. William Tedder in the 1830 Bladen census. Deeds in Bladen County mentioning Elizabeth, Ge., Geo., George, James, Jesse, Samuel, Thomas and William Tedder. Deeds in Bladen County mentioning Abraham, Henry, William and Wm. Sapp. George Tedder in Edgecombe County in 1752. Jacob and Samuel Tedder as court clerks in Edgecombe County in 1753. The Will of George Tedder of Bladen County in 1795 listing wife Mary, sons Jesse, Thomas (other children not mentioned), and brothers and Executors William and Samuel Tedder.

There is a William Sapp in # 4. In # 10, Benj and James Sapp in Surry County in 1782. Thes Are Records of Dee Thompsona Tideawater Centeral NC Genealogust and Historian.. Thesea re the only Teters that have records with both George Teater and Samuel Gibson Teater.--Parris 18:12, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

Samuel here is 1st recorded abut 1732 with his inlaws the Evans. It depends which translation since are 4 on seperate sites. samuel was listed in the will of Thomas evans as and his daughter Mary as Teterton in Tyrrell nc wills.. other notes show this Benjamin Evans here to be 1st cousin of Samuels wife. - MARY EVANS. 6 Jan 1740/1 Deed from Joseph King to John Thompson, 200 acres bounded by Samuel Thompson, Williams, Benjamin Savages branch, William Jordan and Benjamin Evans. [Surry County Deeds & Wills Book 9, p317]

This is the “other” William Jordan. The other names lived east of Cypress Swamp.

7 Sep 1741 Deed: Samuel Tuder and wife Mary of Southwarke parish in Surry County to William Dunn and James Bradley of York County, 200a. on the south side of the third swamp of the Blackwater in Surry County… (same description as in 1736, mentioning Richard Jordan and Richard Jordan Jr.) Signed: Samuel (x) Tuder Witness: Charles Binns, Frances Person [Surry County Deeds & Wills Book 9, p374] or spelled- tuter depends?

Note here Samuel Teterton cannot spell his name signs witha x.--Parris 18:40, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

21 Mar 1748/9 Tithables of Joseph Newsum, Bartholomew Andrews, Robert Jordan, Christopher Mooring, & Samuel Tutor … lay open and keep in repair the road that formerly lead from Clays branch to the Bolling Ally Road. [Surry Orders 1744-1749, p534] Tuder Teder Tudor/ not clear.

18 Jul 1749 Joseph Jordan, William Jordan, and William Cooper witnesses to deed from Jacob Teder to James Bruce for 100 acres. Recorded same day. Both Jordans signed. [Surry Deed Book 5, p431].

Jacob Teder appears under Samuel Teterton. note there 3 road orders here on documents that show the same thing samuel has many male tithables. Jacob teder is one of them may the 1st son of Samuel Teterton and Mary Evans,. These Bruces are noted here as Dark people Indians Melungeons or type near to them..--Parris 18:56, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

George Tedder in Edgecombe County in 1752. Jacob and Samuel Tedder as court clerks in Edgecombe County in 1753. EDGECOMBE RECORDS. Note jacob has removed from surry va now here in Edgecombe with brothers Samuel Tedder George Tedder.--Parris 19:02, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

Note the research shows the George Tedder with sons George Tedder Jr and Thomas Tettor 1755 tax list is Tedder with Benjamin Tedder.

From: Roots of Roane County, TN, by Snyder E. Roberts, page 145

   All of the old Tedder family lines in Roane County descend from THOMAS and SELVIRAH BROWN TEDDER of Greene County (formed from Dobbs in 1791), NC. Thomas’ birthdate is not known, but he was probably the son of GEORGE TEDDER listed in the Beauford County, NC 1755 tax list. The Dobbs County 1790 census shows GEORGE TEDDER, THOMAS TEDDER, MARY BROWN and JAMES GLASGOW living as neighbors. SELVIRAH BROWN (1758-1836) was a sister to Capt. JOHN BROWN who was the father of the powerful JOHN BROWN who was the first Sheriff of Roane County, and later a Colonel in the War of 1812. Selvirah was related to, or a very close friend and neighbor of the politically strong JAMES GLASGOW, SR. who was Secretary of State for North Carolina. His office issued grants for lands in Tennessee. North Carolina issued to JAMES GLASGOW a grant for 5,000 acres located near the mouth of Emory River. JAMES GLASGOW, JR. lived on this Emory River tract, and later his widowed sister, NANCY GLASGOW, who had married WILLOUGHBY WILLIAMS, SR. came to Roane to live, where she married secondly (1816) JOSEPH MCMINN, Governor of Tennessee. THOMAS TEDDER died in Dobbs county, NC in 1799, leaving Selvirah a widow with five children.--Parris 19:11, 12 October 2008 (EDT)


D . . (brought over)





2 Nicholas Daw



1 Wm Daw





1 John Evens




3 Barvel Evans



5 Benja Evans



3 Jacob Evans, son & 2 negro



4--Parris 19:21, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

Benj. Tedder





3 Geo: Teder & sons Geo: & Thos



3 Note George Tedder his sons George and Thomas and thier negro slaves. George Tedder has left Edgecombe NC from his brothers Samuel and Jacob and now is with Benjamin Tedder. John Evens the brother of Thomas Evans father in law of these Teters father Samuel Teterton. Note one seems to be named jacob after Jacb Teder. Note these are the only Teters in the Southern Colonies at this point that have any significant number of Negro slaves..

Note Benjamin Evans no longer in Surry VA now here with his Nephews the Tedder brothers sons of Samuel Teterton.--Parris 19:39, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

NOTE 2 FAMILIES. THE DAWS. migrated to kentucky and one married the daughter of Samuel Teater son of George Teater. Caleb Wallis, Sam Green



2. note Caleb Wallace Wallis ect. Caleb Wallace was lsted as living in the Blockhouse with George Teater Clarks Station in Kentucky .--Parris 19:54, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

Abstract of Conveyances, Book B, No. 1, Register of Deeds Office of Chowan Co., N. C., These records include all deeds and conveyances for Bertie and Hertford counties to 1722, Tyrrell and Washington counties to 1729, and Gates county to 1778. FTM CD524, NC Hist. & Gen. Reg. Vol. I

p. 626, John Evans to John White. 200 acres adjoining land of JOHN JORDAN, JR.(III), and John Evans; 7 Jan'y, 1717-8. Test, JOHN JORDAN(II), JANE JORDAN.

p. 622, JOHN JORDAN(II) to John Parker. 110 acres on Old Town Creek Swamp; 12 July, 1718. Test, John Evans

p. 622, JOHN JORDAN(II)to John Nunon. 90 acres on Old Town Swamp; July 14, 1718. Test, John J. Evans.

p. 622, JOHN JORDAN(II) to JOHN JORDAN, JR,(III) his son. 130 acres on Duckingstool Branch and Mossy Swamp; July 12, 1718. Test, Jno. J. Evans.

p. 622, John Evans, to Benjamin Evans. 100 acres on Duckingstool Branch; July 12, 1718. Test. JOHN JORDAN(II).

p. 619, Moses Foxworth and wife Martha to James Maglohan 490 acres on Indian Town Creek; 8 June, 1721. Test, Adam Cockburne, JOHN JORDAN(II).


1723 Chowan Precinct, List of Jury Men, Colonial Records of NC, Vol. 25, p. 186 JOHN JORDAN, SR.(II) CHARLES JORDAN JOHN JORDAN, JR.(III)

Colonial Bertie Co., NC, Dead Books A-H, 1720-1757, Ball p; 75, C180 John Evans of Chowan Pct. to Job Meader Jan. 17, 1725, 30 pdds. for 640A on SWS Chinkapen Swamp at Mouth of Ready Branch. Wit, JOHN JORDAN(II), JANE JORDAN. NC Court April 23, 1726. C Gale, C.J.--Parris 20:04, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

Abstract of Conveyances. Sec'y of State, Raleigh, NC, FTM CD524, NC Hist. & Gen. Reg. Vol I p. 205, Evans, John, Chowan, Augt. 24, 1739; Jan'y 15, 1739-40. Sons John and Thomas, daughter Jane, daughters Mary and Rachel, wife Jane, friend James Evans; wife and son John Exrs. Test, John Evans,

NOTE Thomas Evans was the son of John Evans. John Evans and Benajmin Evans arrived from Tidewater NC in Surry VA slightly ahead of Samuel Teteton Teder ect.--Parris 20:26, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

Therefore John Evans was the father of Thomas Evans. Thomas Evans was the father in law of of Samuel Teterton and his wife Mary.

They went to Surry VA where some of the sons where born Wiliam Tedder Samuel Tedder Jacob Teder George Teder Benjamin Tedder. Or some of them may have been born in Tyrrell NC. Benajmin Tedder followed his uncle Benjamin Evans to Beaufort NC then followed by George Tedder Sr and his sons George Tedder Jr and Thomas Tettor,.. NOTE that while in Surry VA Samuel Teterton could not read or write same here as as father in law. the Clerks in Surry VA recorded him as Tutor Teder Tuder ect. EVANS, THOMAS Secretary of State Colony of North Carolina Tyrrell County Dated 14 March 1744/5

In the name of God Amen, the Fourtenth day of March 1744/5 I Thomas Evans of Terrill County & Province of North Carolina Planter, being very sick & weak in body, but of perfect mind & memory, Thanks be given unto God, Therefore calling unto mind ye mortality of my body & knowing that itt is appointed for all men once to die, do make & ordain this my Last will & Testament (that is to say) Principally & First of all I give & recommend my Soul into ye hands of God tht gave itt, and my body I recommend to ye Earth, to be buried in decent Christian burian att ye discretion of my Executors, nothing doubting but att ye Generall Resurrection I shall receive ye same again by ye Mighty Power of God, & as touching such worldly Estate wherewith itt hath pleased God to bless me in this Life, I give, demise & dispose of ye same in ye following manner and Form.

Imprimiss - I will give & bequeath to my loving mother Elonor Evans four caws & calfs, one five year old steer one bed & Furniture one Chest, two pewter dishes, tow plates, two pottle Basons, two porringers during her natural Life with ye priviledge of my house & plantation during ye said time.

Item - I give will & bequeath to Saml. Tetterton one cow & Calf

Item - I will give & bequeath to my beloved wife Mary Evans ye one third part of all my Estate after ye Legacies paid out & the other two thirds of my Estate to be equally divided between my five children Elizabeth, Mary, Catherine, Alic & Sarah Evans each to have a proportionable part

Item - I will & bequeath that after ye decease of my wife Mary ye land which I now live on with ye Plantation do fall to my youngest daughter Sarah Evans & provided ye sd. Sarah should die before inheritance to fall to my next youngest child in course.

Item - I will & bequeath what money I have by me to my wife Mary with riding horse.

Item - I likewise constitute make & ordain my wife Mary Evans, Samuel Durrance & Matthias Adams my Sole Execuors of this my Last will & Testament of all & Singular my lands & Estate and I do hereby utterly disallow, revoke, disannull all & every other former Testament wills Legacies and bequeasts & Executors by me in any ways before named, willed & bequeathed, rattifying and confirming this and no other to be my Last will & Testament in wittness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & Seal the day & year afore written

Thomas (his -E- mark) Evans

Signed Sealed & Delivered In presence of

John Nicholls John Garrett John J. Walker

North Carolina Tyrrel County

At a court held for sd. Count at ye Court House for the same on ye first Tuesday in June Dom. 1745.

Present His Majestices Justices

These may Certifie yt John Walker one of the subscribing Evidences to the within appeared in open Court and made Oath on the Holy Evengelest of Allmighty God that he were present and saw Thomas Evans Sign Seal Publish and Declare the Writin to be and contain his last Will and Testemant and at the same time the sd. Thomas Evans was then & at the time of sound and disposing memory. He also said he saw Jno. Nicholls and Jno.Garrett sign their names thereto at the same time appeared Mary Evans, Saml. Durrance & Mathew Adams Executors in open court and took the executors oath in due form of Law ordered that the Honorable Nathenial Rice Esq. Secretary of this province have notice thereof that Letters Testamentary issued thereon as ye Law directs.

Thomas Evans Will

The withing will proved by ye oath of John Walker a subscribing evidence.

Letters issued the 3 day of August 1747.--Parris 20:51, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

1759 Rowan Co NC. Benjamin Evans and Thomas Evans left Beaufort NC are now here in Rowan Co NC. They never appear in Beaufort Again. Thos. EVANS Benj. EVANS--Parris 21:03, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

Pg 34 1759 Rowan Tax Jacob Teater 1 poll addition to the list Joseph Teater 4 poll

pg 16 June 2, 1759 Capt Conrod Michael's Jacob Teeder Scouting .16

pg 46 Feb 14, 1760 Capt Michael's Company George Teeder Scouting .16.

Note Benamin Evans Thomas Evans. Then Jacob Teder is no longer in Edgecombe NC George Teder is longer in Beaufort NC. Both brothers are now here in Rowan Co NC, At this time all of George Teater Sr of Washington Co and KYs family are here . Not all but Many Daniel Boone Squire Boone the Vancleaves the Frosts. Other close people of George Teater like the Beattys for instance., Joseph Teater appears to be earlier Joseph Jeter. A brother of William Jeter Teter, and George Jeter Teator. Joseph Teater Jeter also appears a in law of William Tedder a son of this George Teeder Sr.--Parris 21:49, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

A reference to George Teeder's land appears in an entry and warrant located near the McCulloh line in Rowan Co.

From Linn, Jo White: Rowan County, North Carolina Tax Lists 1757-1800, Annotated Transcriptions.

p. 16, 1759 Rowan County Militia Lists (cont.) On April 16, 1760 Captain Conrod Michael submitted his claim for expenses for men sent out scouting on four occasions in 1759. Two of these scouting parties included Jacob Teeder or (June 2 and July 3, 1759). They were out for 6 days each time, and were paid 2/8 per day, or 16 shillings per trip.

p. 34, 1759 Rowan County Tax List (cont.) Jacob Teater appears on the 1759 Tax List with a 1 after his name, which I take to mean his household only included one titheable--no other adult males or slaves.

p. 46, 1760 Rowan County Militia Lists (cont.) George Teeder was part of a scouting party from Capt Michael's company dated Feb. 14, 1760. Out 6 days, paid 16 shillings.

p. 64, 1766 List of Captains Rowan Regiment _________________Teeter listed as a captain.

note. Conrod Micheal is noted in Berks PA with Daniel Boones family and the Griffiths appears he migrted here with Boone Party Bryants ect. note George Teaters older brother Capt Samuel Gibson Teater is listed here in Rowan Co 1766 before migrateing to Bedford,. note George Teder and jacon teder live alongside the mccullahs . a Edgecombe family also well noted in Edgecombe area during the time Jacob and Samuel Teder served as the Clerks of the Edgecombe court., There was only one Capt Teater of time that knew Daniel Boone who was also living here 1766. He was the brother of George Teater by 2 yrs.--Parris 22:08, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

1778 william Vancleave was documented in Rowan Co. he and his wife Abigail Frost where on of the closest in laws families to George Teater Sr and  his son George Teater Jr.

pg 136 & 137 1778 Tax list Capt Reed's district William Vancleve - 427.10 Aaron Sr - 465 John - 402.10 Aaron Jr- 423 Benj - 352.5 Rulief - 628.14--Parris 22:18, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

other late as it required of us to sware (swear) ____ginoc to the States of Virginia in a Pirt___ withstanding we have already taken the oath of allegiance to United States. This a excerpt of the 1792 petition to form the state of kentucky. signed by George Tetor. noted he said he took the Oath of Allegance . but not said where or what time..--Parris 22:31, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

RUTHERFORD NC DEED BOOK. Deed Book E, on pg. 45, 25 December 1786, George Paris of RCNC to Freeman Jones of same. 100 acres on the south fork of Brights Creek of Green River. Granted 29 July 1779 to George Parris. Wit. Isham Raves, John Jones, Robert Parris. #660. NOTE George Teater father Inlaw George Pearis and his brother in law Robert Parris where together in 1779. The year George Teater moved from washington co to clarks station with his 16 year old son Samuel. Robert may have been here from 1778. Note George Pearis usually noted as headquarted in Rowan co but had a lot to do in Revolution in Rutherford area--Parris 22:45, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

George Teater took the Oath of Allegiance on 6 August 1778 [Court Minutes, Book 4: 163]. Rowan Co. NOTE Then this would be the George Teater Sr of Washington Co and Kentucky, he said he took the Oath on the Petition to form KY ,but didnt say where or when. His closest friends families all show here the same time. Such as the vancleaves His brother in law Robert Parris was in NC with his father the next year. George Teater may have come here for any amount of reasons to visit his own family, make arrangments for his move to CLarks Station the next year.. He was noted shot by Indians on his way into Kentucky perhaps he here to visit Daniel Boone to make arraingments for the large paRties that went into kentucky 1779 with Boone., he may have been collecting items from his fathers in law George Pearis place or have been making arraingments for his wife and young children.--Parris 23:35, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

page 46 1760 ----- Teeter Jr George Teeder Daniel Little Feb 1760 .

NOTE.George Teder Jr was listed under his father 1755 Beaufort Tax list.. Here in Rowan co 1760 a ? Teeter Jr is listed with George Teeder Sr. This then would be George Tedder Jr who also became George Tedder Sr In Dobbs NC b 1790.--Parris 00:18, 13 October 2008 (EDT)

1769 DOBBS NC TAX LIST CENSUS. George Tedder Jr NOTE. GEORGE TEDDER JR. he was listed in 1760 in Rowan co under his father George Teeder as teeter Jr--Parris 00:34, 13 October 2008 (EDT)

Page: Duplin Co, North Carolina, February 12, 1761, Deeds, Bk. 3, p. 188 Text: " John Holley and Thomas Tidder witnessed on 12 Feb 1761 when Abraham Odam sold 100 acres to John Jackson. The deed mentions "Dividing Branch."

note 1761 Duplin Dobbs Thomas shown 1755 Beaufort NC under George Teder Sr arrived in 1761. In 1760 his father George Teeder Sr shows with ---Teeter Jr. Therefore Thomas may have been earlier than than this date, By 1769 his brother George Tedder Jr is listed here Dobbs tax list census as George Tedder Jr.. after this date thomas is generally recorded as Thomas Tettor. he uses 2 TT whereas in most cases George used one T George Tetor.--Parris 06:33, 13 October 2008 (EDT)

A timeline 1766 Family moves to a site farther west, near present Wilkesboro, North Carolina.

1767 Reaches Kentucky and hunts along the Big Sandy River.

1768 Regulator rebellion in North Carolina

1769 With five others leaves for a long hunt in Kentucky on May 1; captured by Shawnees on December 22.

1771 Boone returns home after two years in Kentucky.

1773 Boone leads party of family and friends to Kentucky, but they are turned back at Cumberland Gap by an Indian attack that kills his eldest son, James, on October 9.

1774 Sent by Virginia authorities to warn Kentucky surveyors of pending war with Shawnees; leads defense of Clinch River settlements during Dunmore's War.

1775 For the Transylvania Company, leads party cutting the Wilderness Road to Kentucky; founds Boonesborough in the face of Shawnee attacks; brings family to Kentucky.

1776 Leads rescue of daughter Jemima and Callaway girls from Shawnees in July; copy of Declaration of Independence reaches Boonesborough in August.

1778 Boone and his men captured by Shawnees while making salt on February 9; he escapes in June; siege of Boonesborough, September 7-18; rejoins Rebecca and children, who had returned to North Carolina.

1779 Leads large party of emigrants to Kentucky in September; settles Boone's Station, north of the Kentucky River..

NOTE 1766 Daniel Boone and famiy were n Rowan co. note 1766 a ------ Teeter. note 1766 Capt Teeter.. Thefore we can place Capt Samuel Gibson Teater the older brother of George Teater in Rowan Co 1766. note. 1778. Daniel Boone returns to Rowan Co with family after siege of Boonesborough. Note during the Seige of Boonesborough 1778 Daniel Boone wrote he went out with his friend harrasing the Indians Capt Teter. out from Booneborough. note. George Teater takes the oath in Rowan Co 1778. This puts both George Teater and Samuel Teater together with the Boones and in laws the same year between KY and Rowan Co NC..

note 1779 Boone leads Settlers into Kentucky. Same Year George Teater Sr and 16 yr old son Samuel Teater depart Washington Va to Clarks Station kentucky. This year George Teater was shot by Indians on the way to Kentucky.. He recovered and then is documented with his son Samuel Teater for several more years inside Clarks Station Kentucky.--Parris 11:00, 13 October 2008 (EDT)

Old Dobbs NC court 1778 book 12 434 Spencer, Charles Samuel Griffi 4) Tedder, George Thomas Tedder 516--Parris 13:04, 13 October 2008 (EDT)

Griffith, Jacob Evan Griffith 336--Parris 13:09, 13 October 2008 (EDT)

Same Edward Frost 99--Parris 13:12, 13 October 2008 (EDT)

Glasgow, James William Speight 232--Parris 13:15, 13 October 2008 (EDT)

Tilghman, Belilta & W Samuel Griffith 113--Parris 13:20, 13 October 2008 (EDT)

NOTE 1st Evan Griffith Samuel Griffith others.

One of the family marriage posted shows here Evan Griffith to be a relative or close to Daniel Boones family. note 1767 Berks PA Samuel Griffith Jonas Griffith David Griffith are listed under a older E or Evan Griffith. They Appear in Rowan Co about the same time as Daniel Boones family. Its unknown if this Samuel Griffith here with George and Thomas Tedder is the son in law of the George Teater in Madison KY. note Thomas and George Tedder are still living as brothers in Dobbs NC since 1755 when they are listed with thier father George Tedder Sr who migrated to Rowan Co with his brother Jacob Teeder . The Teeter Jr is listed under this George Tedder who is is the George Tedder here who went by George Tedder Jr in 1769.--Parris 13:55, 13 October 2008 (EDT)

Greene County - West of Great Contentnea Creek in northern Greene 1780 County and adjacent to Wayne County.


#  #

8 30 George            Tedder           661

8 53 Thomas            Tettor               amount missing

Note at one point this George Tedder was George Teeter Jr 1760 under his father George Teeder Sr in Rowan co.. note his brother is now recorded as Tettor simular to George Teater of KY who used mostly one T Tetor.--Parris 14:21, 13 October 2008 (EDT)

460-59 Fiddor, George Sr. 2 . 2 . . 460-60 Fiddor, George Jr. 1 . 1 . . Tiddor ? 460-61 Fiddor, Thomas 1 2 4 . . Tiddor ?


NOTE george tedder jr id now a senior and his own son george tedder the 3rd. Note the variants in recordings from Tettor Tedder Teeter to Fiddor. Whereas the militia record record this George and Thomas brother as Wiliam Fetter. So we can show Teter Tedder to Fedder Fetter .--Parris 14:41, 13 October 2008 (EDT)

Botetourt County Road Orders 1770 - 1778 File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML Botetourt County Road Orders 1770-1778 is the fourth volume of ...... Ordered that Andrew Callivan George Adams George Fetter George Baker David Ward . The George Tedder of dobbs NC had a blank period after 1769 . We can establish he was also recorded as Fidder ect. he appears to may have come to Botetourt 1770. There could be 2 good reasons. He was here on behalf of the George Teater who at the time was also here 1770.. Benjamin Tedder of Beafort a uncle of George Tedder of Dobbs was recored in Augusra VA 1768. Or this could just be George Teater Sr of here Washington Co and Kentucky recorded as Fetter. or mistranslated as Fetter which is not unusuall in translating 200 yr old documents and older..--Parris 15:10, 13 October 2008 (EDT)

DOBBS COURT RECORDS January Court 1789 1- Francis Langston to Ansley Langston 2- Francis Langston to Seth Langston 3- Francis Langston to Isaac Langston 4- Francis Langston to Jesse Tettor 5- Francis Ervin to Stephen Herring 6- Abraham Sheppard to Mark Heath 7- Thomas Hughs to John Wooten 8- Charles Markland to Leonard Loftin 9- John Harrison to Evan Griffith 10- Sarah Hamilton to Crisah Faulkner & al 11- James Glasgow and Francis Child to Joshua Croom 12- Joseph Linton to George Linton 13- Joshua Thigpen to Lydia Rasberry 14- Benja. Caswell sher to John Edmondson 15- Moses Parker to Shadrach Hartsfield 16- Richard Caswell to Jonathan Morris.

in the the 1795 will of George Tedder he named Jesse as a son. Jesse here continues to use the Tettor spelling.--Parris 16:24, 13 October 2008 (EDT)

Selviar Tedder -1800 Green NC census. 1 2 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 2 0 0

James Glasgow Sr 1 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 22

James Glasgow Jr 0 0 2 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 22. 1800 GREENE TN, SELVIAH TETTOR WIFE OF THOMAS TETTOR IS A WIDOW. HER FAMILY IS NOTE AS THE JAMES GLASSGLOW FAMILY.--Parris 16:34, 13 October 2008 (EDT)

TAX LIST: 1792 Madison County, KY tax list BOON, Josiah BOONE, George BOONE, John BOONE, Jonithan BOONE, Squire BOONE, Squire, Sr. TETOR, George, Jr. TETOR, George, Sr. TETOR, Samuel VANCLEAVE, Abigail VANCLEAVE, Jonathan GLASSGOW John GLASSGOW William. addition rorrswen surname T TETOR William. TEDDAR Thomas..

NOTE. Both Geroge Tedder and Thomas Tettor had sons named Thomas. The Glassgows being Selviah Glassgow was the wife of Thomas Tettor, note Both Thomas Teddar and his uncles are also in Madison same time with George Teater Sr and his family.--Parris 17:48, 13 October 2008 (EDT)

georgia muser rolls of the revolution. Glasgo, William 415 Glasgow, William (or Glasgo) 415-440-451--Parris 17:58, 13 October 2008 (EDT)

Sapp, D. 301 Sapp, Dill 155-270-278 Sapp, Elijah (or Eliger) 121-155-427 Sapp, Emanuel 121-155-234-391 Sapp, Henry 367-391 Sapp, John 121-234-278-307-391 Sapp, Levi 367 Sapp, Philip 301 Sapp, Shadrack 367 Sapp, William 121-155-277-278-309-402 Sapp, William, Jr. 155--Parris 18:06, 13 October 2008 (EDT)

1787 Madison KY Tax List.

Sap, John 2 0 0 2 12 B--Parris 18:19, 13 October 2008 (EDT)

Teeter, George 0 1 3 8 18 A [4 male Negro slaves 24 cattle horses]--Parris 18:27, 13 October 2008 (EDT)

The will of George Tedder 1795 Shows William Sapp as his wifes brother , wife being Mary Sapp. The Georgia Muster Rolls show some of William Sapps family to include John Sapp. The Georgia Muster rolls also show Thomas Tettors wifes family the Glassgows. Again we find the George tedder of Dobbs NC in laws in Madison KY 1787 with George Teater Sr.--Parris 18:38, 13 October 2008 (EDT)

Teeter George_Sr. 4/17/1789 Teeter Geo._Jr. 4/18/1789 Teeter George_Sr. 4/17/1789 Teeter George_Jr. 4/18/1789 Teeter Samuel 4/18/1789 Teeter Samuel 4/18/1789 note 1789 Tax list Madison KY. It shows 2 George Teeter Srs 2 George Teater jrs. it could be they were taxed twice. or it could be the other George Tedder from Dobbs and his Sons George Tedder Jr and son Samuel. Whats the basis? 1st of all John Sapp was taxed here a family of George Tedder wife. The Glassgos the family of Thomas Tettors wife.. Thomas Tettor and George, George Tedder show on the Dobbs 1780 Tax list and 1790 census in Dobbs. That gives a ten year period of blank Time.. George Tedder shows in 1760 as Teeter Jr under George Teeder Sr he then appears in 1769 Dobbs NC as George Tedder Jr, By 1790 in Dobbs he appears as George Tedder Sr shown with a elder son George Tedder jr. The brother in law of Georg Tedder Sr John Sapp is taxed here here in Madison 2 years earlier 1787 with the time line of George Teater Sr. the 1787 surrogate census of washington Co VA shows a George Teater. it should be his son George Teater Jr.We have seen already that George Teater Sr had dozens of relatives that moved back abd forth between Madison Ky Washington Co Russell Co Wythe County and Jackson TN to Washington Co.. it also noted a Samuel Griffith was also in Dobbs NC 1780 . . Thefore its note clear exactly if it was double tax twice recorded or if indeed this was the the George Tedder of Dobbs with his sons George and Samuel.--Parris 04:16, 14 October 2008 (EDT)

Teater, Sarah Griffith, Samuel 47 Jun 12 1791 Teater, Thomas White, Rebecca 28 Dec 29 1796 Tedder, Samuel Pinkston, Matilda 117 Jul 27 1818.

THE MADISON KY KY MARRAIGE BOOK . IN 1792 Thomas Teddar a son of either Thomas Tettor and Selviah Glassgow or the Thomas Tedder son of George Tedder Sr and Mary Sapp.. in 1796 george Teater Sr a Widower remarried Esther Griffith. The person shown above Samuel Griffith was the bondsman between George Teater Sr and Esther Griffith.. The girl Sarah above was the daughter of George Teater Sr and Sarah Pearis. Thomas Teater here appears to be Thomas Teddar a son of George Tedder or Thomas Tettor. He married the same year as George Teater married to Esther Griffith. The 1795 Will of George Tedder sr named Samuel the brother Samuel the son. One of these Samuels was also here in Madison KY who married Matilda Pinkston.. note Whereas Thomas used the form Tettor this Thomas a son or Newphew uses the same form of George Teater Sr as Teater and Tettor.--Parris 04:39, 14 October 2008 (EDT)

1755 1756 . 2 young teenagers. depart Rowan Co North Carolina Waggoners party of Daniel Boone. George Teater and Samuel Teater. Daniel Boone is documented at Braddocks defeat. Samuel Teater docuneted by Joseph Doddridge at Braddocks defeat. George Teater is later shown with Samuel Teater on the same day transfering together thru various companys. These same comapnies were the Regiment which also included documented George Pearis the White Messenger to the Catawbs Tribe and his brother Capt Richard Pearis. = variants of Paris Parris.. its already documented by George Teaters children and Gov Campbell, George Teater was Scotch Iirsh, Which could be Irish and Scotch Irish with some Scotch or the the regular Scotch Irish from Northern Ireland - Presbyterians as was George Teater..

There was the other Irish or Scotch family of Samuel Teterton and the Evans who also migrated from Edgecombe NC to Rowan Co NC being the 2 brothers George Tedder Sr and his brother Jacob Tedder recorded in Rowan Co as Teeder Teeter and Teater these are Negro slaving Teters of NC... 2 boys of this line Thomas Tettor and his brother George Tedder Jr settled in the Dobbs NC area. This George Tedder and Thomas Tettor and thier in law familes are consistantly crossed with the records of George Teater Sr of washington va and madison ky.,

these 2 families are the only Negro Slavers of the Teter surname at the time. These 2 families use exactly the same names over and over. Wiiliam George and Samuel.. All of George Teater Sr families are well documeted from Rowan Co NC as are most of the other George tedder eXcept hes better documeted thru out the Tidewater NC counties.. Note both the famiels of George Teater and George Tedder were well documented as Indian fighters. Both had long military notes. . Both were well educated and could read and write English. Both have documents signing in English where as the German Teters Dieters always signed thier documents in German script and most often signed as Deiter., There is not one document that exists in more than 30 yrs of reseArch that show George Teater or his elder brother Samuel Teater were ever recorded as Deiter Detter or in any other Germanic form., only George Teater and George Tedders family are shown together at the same time same places as Teater. George Teater appeared in the South Irish colony on the Crab Creek tract 1768. Appears he came from Georgia were he was for a short time after the being discharged from Nataniel Gists Company and after the birth of his son Samuel 1763.. The Uncle of George Tedder of Dobbs Benajmin Tedder appeared also 1768 as documted delivering a document. This Benjamin Tedder also had a son named George Teter.. George Tedder Sr shows to have had brother William Tedder married to a Jeter also Teter Tetor Teater Teator.. Brother Samuel Teder Tedder the clerk of the Edgcombe NC court 1753. Jacob Tedder also the Clerk of the Edgcombe Court 1753 and benjamin tedder.. George Tedder had sons George Tedder and Thomas Tettor William and Samuel Tedder.. Benjamin Tedder one documeted son George Teter. Other brothers Samuel and William shown in sparse notes in Bladen Cumberland Co s. Benajmin may have had a son Stephen in Richmond..

Both George Tedder and George Teater had intermarriages with Melungeon types and Indian persons most female. Example would be Dread Tutor Tedder of Bladen Co . Or Sarah Pearis or Sarah Santee many more Sarahs Indian Melungeon type. Example George Teater Jr remarried Polly Riddle after death of Mary Van Cleave. Pollys family of Moses Riddle Melungeon Indian ect.. In 1777 George Teater was named as being sick while chasing the Shawnee up the Big Sandy. The next year a George Teater took the Oath of Allegeance in Rowan Co. This could very well have been George Teater Sr since had dozens of relatives living in Rowan Co at the time. The in laws of George Tedder and Thomas Tettor the Glassgows the Sapps also appear same times and places as George Teater Sr.

George Teater Sr and his sons were one the largest Negro Slavers in early Madison and Garrard KY. This indictes a knowledge of Slave control. usually inherited. Note German settlers of the Surname Teter did not Slave nor owned Slaves. Only the Scotch Irish or Brittish Island Teters owned Slaves.. This is documented with both George Teater Sr and George Tedders family.-NEGRO SLAVING.

offspring of George Teeder Sr William Tedder Jacob Teater only one poll 1760 Benjamin Tedder are shown GEO TETER. Only one brother Samuel Tedder the Clerk of Edgecombe has no Records of children. By his timline and education specualte here, he appears as the Most probable father of Samuel Gibson Teater and younger brother George Teater Sr., Samuel Teater did appear in Rowan Co 1766 as Capt Teeter. He appears to have departed with Daniel Boone from Rowan Co French Indian War. George Teaters Sr father inlaw george pearis settled in rowan co 1764., The nameimg pattern is identical Samuel George and William..

Samuel Tedder the Clerk of the Edgcombe Court appears as stronest candidate as the father of Samuel Gibsosn Teater and George Teater Sr. There is no Teter surname DNA project. To compare and contrast all the Teters Tedders who lived at that time period. At prresent are only documents. In the end DNA testing will tell the truth.--Parris 07:16, 14 October 2008 (EDT)

. This a tanslated version of Samuel Teaters bible in his own handwriting from Sue Drapers site. A page from Samuel and Mary's 1803 family Bible scanned from photocopies contributed by Rev. Dr. Frank McDonald Spindler (descendant of Charity)

BIRTHDATES Samuel Teater was born January __1735; Mary Teter was born January 5th 1748; Samuel Teter their son was born August 26th 1770; Susannah Teater was born April 20th 1773; George Teter was born Sept 26th 1775; John Teater was born January 11th 1777; Charity Teter was born November 21st 1779; Mary Teter was born June 9th 1782; Daniel Teter was born April 11th 1787.

Note Samuel Teater was born 1735 Jan more near to 1734.. Note Their 1st born son Samuel Teater was born 1770.. This would OF made Samuel about 35 36 ears old. note in 1768 Samuel Teater was listed on the Bedford Tax List as a single man.. This would put his marriage to Mary Doddridge about 1769. Note Mary ethnic English Scotch background, not German. Note Samuel wrote he was birthed as Teter not [Deiter]. Note he writes all his children again as Teter not Deiter. note in 1778 Daniel Boone called him his friend, a old friend. Note Daniel Boone was only in the French Indian War 6 months and returned to Rowan Co North Carolina.. To suggest Daniel Boone made deep friends for only 6 months of hectic horror filled days prior and during Braddocks deafeat then automaticlly remebering a boy in 1778 from 1756 is impossible.. The only possible way Daniel Boone and Capt Samuel Teater could be Old Friends is that Samuel Teater was from Rowan Co NC. Note Samuel Teter-Ton aka. Samuel Teder was with his wife Mary Evans 1730 in Surry VA.. william Teter-ton shows in the Tyrell Milita 1720 time. There is no way to estimate one son named Samuel Teder, who was the clerk of Edgecombe Court 1753.. The Headstone of Samuel Teater on the Mcdonlad farm shows the name Gibson between Samuel and Teater. His middle name was Gibson but never recorded as Gibson only on his headstone.. Most all Gibsons in Surry VA and Tidewater NC were either Tusccaroa ,Chief Walter Gibsion uncle of General Elijah Clark. The other Gibsons were a Pirate family stationed in Perquuimans and the the Gibssons Highland Scots in Bladen Wilmington . The were also a large group of people called Melungeans also in the same area with the surname Gibson. Walter Gibson and his family were always recorded as as White. But Walter Gibson did sign the lease of Tuscaroroa land in Betie as Chief Walter Gibson.. Samuel Teder shows that 2 brothers George Teeder Sr and Jacob Teeder -Teater moved to Rowan Co by 1759 or earlier.. From 1759 to 1766 Samuel Teater has no records. His brother George Teater Sr is recorded from 1760 to 1763 in Virginia Botetourt area that would be where George Pearis lived at Goose Creeck a fork of the Roanoke - New River..

1766 Capt Teeter apears on the tax list of Rowan Co. This can only be the Capt Teater Daniel Boone called his friend and the Capt Teater who fought at the Siege of Boonesborough.. . Theres no proof only common sense Samuel Teater went to Rowan co with George TeaTers father in law George Pearis. about the same the same time 1764 or he went home to his uncles 1760 in Rowan co. NC. Note George Teater can be documented at the area of his father in law George Pearis 1763 Botetourt . Note Boteturt was not legally instituted until later. George Teater and Sarah Pearis would of have lived at Goose Creek New River Roanoke ecr. 1765 George Teater and some Parris family are found in Parts of Georgia., 1768 Samuel Teater is found in the North at bedford as a Singleman. His in laws by marraige Archer Worleys family were there by 1728 ,the 1st Indian Traders noted they came from VA. A brother of Archer Worley or close family was Col John Worley of Tyrell NC. A relative of Samuel Tetertons brother William Teterton. Documents show some worleys were intermarried with various Gibsons, or the Gibsons were inlaws..

Samuel Teater married around 35 yeard old to Mary Doddridge. It makes sense he was was a Widower . Its highly doubtfull he waited till 35 yrs old to marry. He would have been simular to George Teater Sr and married about 1760. He would of had a wife who died about 1767 in Rowan Co.. There was another young George Teater documented in Rowan Co during the Revolution. This should be Capt Samuel Gibsons oldest son from 1st wife in Rowan Co NC.--Parris 11:15, 14 October 2008 (EDT)


pg 167 Aug 6 1778 George Teater took oath of allegiance ( court min. book 4:163 )

pg201 Tax 1782-1783 Capt Matthew Troy's Company George Teeter 30 pounds, Horses and Mules, Cattle . NOTE in 1777 George Teater was out with Capt Edmiston on a chase of the the Shawnee. George Teater was descibed as very ill when they were on the on the Big Sandy. The whole battle was called off on account of George Teater. This means he was well loved and respected by his men, George Teater also ran Edminstons Platoon Lord Dunmores War 1774. Noted as one of the 1st explorers of Kentucky and the man who actually took Daniel Boone into Kentucky was John Findly Private under Sgt George Teater.,

in 1792 george teater signed the petiton to form the State of Kentucky. He noted as all the other senior leading men of Kentucky that they took the Oath of Allegiance. It appears that when George Teater recovered from his illness 1777 He went back to Rowan Co so many reasons are eligible here. Such as most of his family were there in Rowan Co NC.,

note by 1782 A Younger GeorgeTteater a Young man was there in Rowan Co. George Teaters son George Jr seems to have been engaed back in Washington Co or off at the battle of Kings mountain as the young Ensign George Teater. He married in 1788. to a girl from Rowan Co.. The young George Teater in Mathew Troys Co shoud be a son of Capt Samuel Gibson Teater and a unamed wife when Capt Teeter was living in Rowan Co 1766.. During this time period George Teater Sr and his son were in Kentucky. The year 1783 Capt Samuel Teater is mentioned as raising a company in VA to go aginst the Delaware tribe in New York.. The only thing that makes sense is this was a son of Capt Samuel Gibson Teater who became a Widower in Rowan Co by 1766. He may have left this son in the care of his brother George Teater Sr and his wife Sarah Pearis this is more practical.. Note He cannnot be the geroeg Teter of Carrabus he was to old to be this George Teater. The George Teater of Caarabus shows to be from South Carolina and was way tO old in 1790 to be this boy here in Rowan Co 1783,--Parris 11:53, 14 October 2008 (EDT)

WHO WAS JOSEPH TEATER LIVING IN ROWAN CO 1759? HE WAS JOSEPH JETER. Suffolk, England and Port Royal, Caroline Co. VA

1686 1736, Caroline Co. Virginia

Family 1 : Elizabeth VAUGHAN MARRIAGE: ABT 1708 +John JETER II Samuel JETER

John Jeter I who is thought to be the original progenitor of the Jeters in the US. See: Jeter Mosaic: Seven Centuries in the History of a Family by Grata Jeter Clark.

John Jeter,b.1686, d. 1736 Married Elizabeth Vaughan b. abt 1686, m.abt 1708

7 Children: John Jeter II, Nicholas Jeter, William Jeter, Thomas Jeter, Henry Jeter, Joseph Jeter (Joseph Jeter no records listed in book . Samuel Jeter.

The name Jeter is found in Suffolk, Co., Eng., records in 1561, 1577, 1612. The work "Jeter" is a French word meaning to throw. The Jeters were French Huguenots who took refuge in England and lived there many years before coming to America.

According to a memorandum left by William Oscar Jeter of Kentucky, John Jeter came from England in the early 1700's and settled near Port Royal, Caroline Co., Va. He was twice married and had eleven children by each marriage. His wives' names are not known. John Jeter's children: (these appear to be John II's children) 1. George Jeter, moved to Orange, Co., Va. 2. Henry Jeter, lived in Caroline Co., Va. 3. Thomas Jeter, moved to Amelia Co., Va., about 1760 and died there 1765 4. William Jeter, moved to SC and died there about 1797 5. Ambrose Jeter, moved to Amelia Co., Va.

According to a memorandum left by William Oscar Jeter of Kentucky, John Jeter came from England in the early 1700's and settled near Port Royal, Caroline Co., Va. He was twice married and had eleven children by each marriage. His wives' names are not known."

John Jeter goes back to Suffolk England. Jeter of Lowestoft, whose given name was John, in Suffolk, married and had one issue,Edmond, son and heir. They left France because of religious persecution and came to England.Later came to Virginia.--Parris 12:02, 14 October 2008 (EDT)

there was this Joesph Teater who appears to have been Joseph Jeter. A brother of William Jeter known and documented in the old 96th SC as William Teter. He was brother of George Jeter also documented as George Teator.

it appears that Willian Tedder the brother of George Teeder and Jacob Teeder also married a girl from this family Jeter Teater.

Pg 34 1759 Rowan Tax Jacob Teater 1 poll addition to the list Joseph Teater 4 poll note jacob has only one pole . note Joesph Teater- Jeter has 4 poles.--Parris 12:14, 14 October 2008 (EDT)

 excerpt from the teter hinlke site.

Note the man named John George Deiter or just George Teter died 1744 in Orange Co Va. Johann Hans Michael I DIETER (1671 - 1734) Hans George LUTTMAN (1655 - 1730) Maria Catharina FREY (1672 - 1723) Anna Dorothea NORTHA (1667 - 1737)

m. 19 Dec 1720, Schwaigern, Wuerttemberg, GermanyJohann Georg Dieter (Hebron) (Hans) TETER Maria Magaretha LUTTMAN b. 7 Jun 1699, Schwaigern, Wuerttemberg, Germany d. abt 23 Mar 1744, Robinson River, Orange Co., Virginia bur. . . b. 1 Jun 1701, Schwaigern, Wuerttemberg, Germany d. 17 Apr 1759, Schwaigern, Wuerttemberg, Germany bur. . .

ChildrenJohann Michael TETER Maria Christina TETER Rosina TETER George Jr. TETER Capt. Paul TETER > Barbara Maria TETER < Philip TETER Unknown TETER--Parris 12:22, 14 October 2008 (EDT)

"The Deter Family History", a genealogy of Johann Georg Dieder, 1739 by Eunice Deter with Geraldine Deter and Theodore Deter

Daniel wenger 511 Hamstead Way Santa Cruz CA 95062. or for CD type here is the last e mail for Daniels web page. 12:33, 14 October 2008 (EDT)

Johann Georg Dieder, b. March 9, 1739, baptized April 29, 1739, m. Mari Catherine. Children: Johannes Diter, b. March 26, 1769, baptized April 9, 1769; Anna Marie Diether, b. April 17, 1771, baptized May 5, 1771; Elisabetha Diter, b. June 22, 1773, baptized October 3, 1773; Johann Georg Dieder, b. December 12, 1775, baptized January 5, 1776 in Delbehaden township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. Source- "The Deter Family History, A Genealogy, Beginning with Johann Georg Dieder, Born in 1739."

Note. this one of the Biggest monumentsl mistake in Teter history and genalogy.. This person has been written as the George Teater of Washington Co va and madison ky Its in the book the Teater Family of Kentucky. This is consitantly wrong and false information about the George Teater who married Sarah Pearis of Washington Co and Madison kentucky. The truth is George Teater was born 1736 in NC or Surry VA.. He was not a Long Bearded German Dunker who worshshiped on Saturday and did not eat meat. Actually he was in the Beef Business according to his records. There is not one document in the world that shows his name was John. There is not one document that can shown as Deiter. All of this information is documented as false by the book above, It was written by the grandchildren of John George Deiter the German Dunker who was born 1739.. This family is documeted as living at the Opequon. this family did not remain in Virginia they went back to Berks PA and died there. Pass the buck fairy tale geneaolgy on the Scotch Irish George Teater a Presbyterian continues to destroy the real reputation of Sgt George Teater who married Sarah Pearis. Note these Deiters Dunkers came on the Ship Allen then to the Opequan left and went back to PA., Fact this books shows and documents the truth the John George Dieter born 1739. The Ship Allen Dieters left Virginia settled in Berks PA and died there.--Parris 12:58, 14 October 2008 (EDT)


The tax list documentes the book. The John George Dieter and son did go back to pa and where nowhere near Virginia. Also John George Dieter used John Teeter ect not George Teter,--Parris 13:23, 14 October 2008 (EDT)

1734 ORANGE CO TAX LIST, FRENCH GEORGE JETER -[TEATOR] Richd Holcomb 3 John Blueford 2 Lau: Crees 2 John Wisdom 3 Cortney Browel 1 Wm Jackson 2 George Lun [Long?] 1 Wm Eddins 4 John Hoymen 1 John Scott's Quarter 3 John Carpenter 2 Elias Smith 1 Mathias Castler 1 James Barbour 8 Michael Cook 1 David Bruce 1 Henry Snider 1 Wm White 1 Robt Tenner [Tanner?] 2 Thos Bledso 1 Geo: Tenner [Tanner?] 1 Robt Cave 2 Lodowick Fisher 1 Wm Rice 1 Geor Jeter 1 Chas Blunt 1 Phillip Roote's Quarter 15 151 ___ Henry Moceoy [?] 1 143 In all 294 151 Anthony Strother's Quarter 5 _______ John Killy [Kelly

1744 FREDERICK CO VA RETURNS George Teator. Note. The German John George Teter Deiter founder of the Teter Hinkles teters was dead already. Note The John george Deiter born 1739 was gone to PA. Note there remained only one person who lived at the aera cut into Frederick Co. It was George Jeter. now recorded as George Teator. his brother william Jeter shortly when he arrived in the old 96th became William Teter as his sons became Tetor.--Parris 13:46, 14 October 2008 (EDT)

1748 Tithes Lunenburg Virginia. Jos. Jeter ................................................. 1 William Jeter's list ....................................... 1 Note after this time Joseph Jeter is no longer found with William Jeter Teter. brohter George Jeter Teator is in Frederick co.--Parris 14:49, 14 October 2008 (EDT)

1764 Lunenbburg Tax List. William Jeter

 Ezakillas Jeter
 Wm. Jeter, Junr. ...........................  5            700

. again Joseph is not Here.--Parris 15:08, 14 October 2008 (EDT)

1779 OLD 96TH SC T360 TETER William 1779 Old 96th D SC No Twp. Listed . Note bt the jeter file above william jeter shows here now as william teter. note by the jurist list above william jeter william teter same person..--Parris 15:26, 14 October 2008 (EDT)

. M460 MILLER Andrew 1779 Old 96th D SC No Twp. Listed NOTE in 1768 Benjamin Totten was apprenticed to Andrew Miller another familiar name with the Jeters Teter here.--Parris 15:35, 14 October 2008 (EDT)

P636  PORTERFIELD     John             1779 Old 96th D SC  No Twp. Listed

Note John Porterfield bought George Teater Sr property Bakers Creek in Washington Co at the North fork of Holston. NOTE Benjamin Totten was living at the the same area of George Teaters place at the time of sale by George Teater and John porterfeild.--Parris 15:43, 14 October 2008 (EDT)

T350 TUTTEN Peter 1779 Old 96th D SC No Twp. Listed--Parris 15:51, 14 October 2008 (EDT)

Note Peter Tutten and Peter Totten are the same pesrson. Note many of the people on this lsit are on documents with both Benjamin Totten and George Teater such as the Beattys. Note the Morrows were in laws if of Parris Teaters wifes brother Joseph Totten the father of John Gonzalva totten others. Morrow was the Governor of Kentucky. Peter Totten appears to the father of Jonas Totten George Totten and one John Totten who Joined James Totten in Crawford Indiana. James Totten was Parris Teaters wifes brother a son of Benjamin Totten Sr. Note indiania census shows Jonas Tottens children born in Georgia 1790.LONG CANE ASSOCIATE REFORMED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH

   The beginning of the church at Long Cane was in a fort where the settlers would go for safety. After the Cherokee and the Creek massacres people built Fort Boone which served as a haven of safety as well as a "school house" and also served as a "meeting house" where the settlers assembled for worship. In an Act, dated February 7, 1780, the church at Fort Boone was incorporated as the "Presbyterian Church called Fort Boone congregation at Long Cane settlement." Prior to this Long Cane Associate Reformed Presbyterian church was organized in 1771 as Associate Presbyterian church. A number of the congregation were from Ireland who along with about one hundred families left Newry, Ireland for America. They arrived in New York on the 28th of July on the ship John. This large body of passsengers were all part of the Rev. Clarke�s congregation from Ireland. Part of this group went to Salem, New York and the other part migrated to Long Canes section and formed the congregations of Little Run, Long Cane and Cedar Creek (later Cedar Spring) churches. Dr. Clark visited his congreation in 1771 as a result of this visit the church was organized. He also visited the church in 1779, as an order of Presbytery and again he visited in 1782. Dr. Clark spent the remainder of 1782 and the greater part of 1783 at Long Cane, Little Run (Little River) and Cedar Spring (organized in 1782. In the summer of 1783 he was called North and identified himself with the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (organized in 1782); and during this time he labored as a missionary among the churches of this branch in the North.
   Sometime between 1772 and 1775 Rev. William Martin came to America in 1772 from Ballymena, Ireland and who was pastor at Catholic church, Chester county, preached at Long Cane. Another supply minister Rev. William Ronaldson also preached at the church as well as at Joppa, Jefferson county, Georgia, and at Poplar Springs, Georgia. Dr. Clark preached his last sermon at Long Cane Meeting House, December 25, 1791, he died soon afterwards. A larger church replaced the same site of the original log church on land that was given by James Hutcherson survey. Following Dr. Clark�s death Long Cane had supplies for four years. The first year, the Rev. Peter McMillan (frequently written as McMullan) pastor of Due West, supplied when he was able.
   In 1770, Rev. Alexander Porter, the first native-born minister of the Presbytery of the Carolinas and Georgia was born. He was born and grew up near Parsons� Mount (named by the owner of this mount and surrounding land, James Parsons, a lawyer, of Charleston), Abbeville County. After completing his education and theological training at Dickinson College, Pennsylvania and having been licensed to preach by the Second Associate Reformed Presbytery of Pennsylvania, he returned home and began to preach at Long Cane and Cedar Spring, January 1, 1797. On March 22, 1797, a call was moderated for him, and signed by the following members:
   		William Hill
   Adam Hill
   Simon Beard
   Hugh Beard
   Robert Smith
   Pat Quin
   John Campbell
   Nat Weed
   Reuben Weed
   William Dale, Jr.
   James Nelson
   William McDonald, Jr.
   Peter Totten ******************
   William Deal, Sr.
   Andrew White, Jr.
   Matthew Shanks
   Adam Beard
   Samuel Patterson
   John Wilson
   John Beard
   John Kown
   David Wiley
   Thomas Wiley
   John Learry
   Robert Pressly
   Samuel Spence
   Thomas Jordan
   Agnus Massey
   Henery (Henry) Weems
   Thomas McBride
   George Hearst
   James McBride
   Hugh McBride
   Thomas McMillan
   Gilbert Wilson
   William Stewart
   John Foster
   Joseph Jones
   John Young
   James Foster, Jr.
   David Kenedy
   Nathaniel Weed, Sr.
   Samuel McClinton
   George Con
   John Hearst
   John Devlin
   Thomas Mealey
   David Cochran
   Archibald Thompson
   Jane Vickery
   Bart. Waems, Sr.
   James Foster, Sr.
   Mary Black
   Robert Crawford
   Andrew Paul
   John Lesley
   Samuel Young
   Robert Margey
   William Black
   Andrew Jones
   John Morrow, Sr.
   James McBride
   Jane Patten
   John White
   William Cochran
   George Macbeath
   Robert McMical
   Samuel Leard
   James Foster 	John Waddle
   Andrew English, Jr.
   Samuel Foster, Sr.
   James Cochran
   Archibald Thompson, Jr.
   Samuel McClinton, Sr.
   Samuel McClinton, Jr.
   Robert Bradford
   Mary Ann Nannaway
   John McCullough
   Rosanah McKinney
   Marget Riley
   Jane Hannah
   Edward Wailes
   Mary Boggs
   Griel Findley
   James Smith
   John Kown
   William Fife
   James Gray, Jr.
   James Patterson
   Charles Beaty
   John Beaty, Jr.
   Andrew Cochran
   James Thompson
   John McClinton
   Archibald Morrison
   Hugh McCullough
   Alexander Patterson
   William McBride
   John Robertson
   John McBride
   Thomas McBride
   James McCormick
   John Gilmer
   John Deal
   William Etward
   Samuel Leard
   Abraham Little
   Thomas Hearst
   Timothy Russell
   John Miller
   John Cooey (Coudy)
   James Conn
   Agnes Irwin
   Elizabeth Boggs
   Elias Gibson
   John Pressly
   John McGaw
   James Bonner
   John Leard
   John Thompson
   Andrew McCormick
   Robert Taylor
   Michel McClimmins
   Mary Glasgow
   Andrew Ewart
   John Campbell
   Pat Bradley
   James McMillan
   George McFarlin
   Ann Lessly
   John Patterson
   Pat Gibson, Jr.
   James Shanks
   William Buck
   John Beaty, Sr.
   Francis Hunter
   James Gray, Sr. 	Margaret Meaben
   James Hawthorne
   Martha Downey
   Elizabeth Chalmers
   Andrew Paul
   Samuel Foster, Jr.
   Samuel McClinton
   James McClinton
   Robert Gibson
   John Gibson
   Joseph Couey
   Hugh McCormick
   Gennit Quin
   Alexander Spence
   Arthur McCrery
   Alexander Clark
   John Tygart
   Robort Hearst
   John Diffur
   John Douglas
   James Foster, Jr.
   John Gaston
   William Nelson
   James Young
   Robert Kewn
   Robert Foster
   James Lesley
   Agnes Rogers
   Collen Forbis
   James Forbis
   Frederick Hart
   Malcolm Kays
   Robert Corley
   William Foster
   Enos Crawford, Jr.
   William Norris
   William Clark
   William White
   Robert Cravin
   Rowand Kewn
   Anthony Tittle
   John McBride
   William McDonald
   William Henderson
   William Robinson
   Jane Patten
   Arthur Morrow, Sr.
   Arthur Morrow, Jr.
   James Morrow
   John Morrow, Jr.
   John Black
   Joseph Hearst
   John Anderson
   David Anderson
   Alexander Gaston
   John Kewn
   John Beard
   John Wilson
   James McBride
   John Morrow
   Thomas Lindsey
   Joseph (James) Lindsey
   Robert McDonald
   John Pinkerton
   Simon Beard
   Samuel Stewart
   James Anderson
   Samuel Pressly--Parris 16:18, 14 October 2008 (EDT)

S365 STERNS Ebenezer 1779 Old 96th D SC No Twp. Listed Note on the Jeter file above 2 Jeter girls were married into this William Jeter Teter here in the old 96th. Note it was the Starns that sold thEir property in the South Irish Colony on the Crab Creek Tract in 1768 to George Teater and Sarah Pearis his wife.--Parris 16:29, 14 October 2008 (EDT)


Surrendered Prisoners of War


South Carolina Rangers

Commander of the Fort: Captain Richard Winn

Lieutenant: William Caldwell

Oliver Towels

Sergeant: John Holles


James Adams, Thomas Alexander, Phillip Anderson, William Brewers, Hector Chappel, George Corks (absent),

Daniel Duff, William Duff, William Duggers (absent), Richard Duggins (absent), Thomas Gore (wounded), Thomas Hallem,

James Ham, William Ham, William Harbison, Richard Holley, William Jones, Francis Kirkland,

Mark Love, James McClear, Randall McDonald, Timothy McKenny, Samuel McKinney, Peter McMaham,

John Millwin, John Montgomery, Christopher Mulhester (absent), Thomas Paris, Ansel Pruit, Reuben Rigedale,

William Rottenberry, Lewis Sanders, William Silcock, Joshua Sphires, John Steel, Cornelius Tetor

James Tetor, George Watts, John Watts

William Webster (wounded), Cater West (absent), John Winn,

Thomas Winningham (absent at Savannah), Samuel Wood, John Wooley,

Richard Wooley-


AS SHOWN IN THE WILL OF WILLIAM JETER. TETER Both James Jeter and Cornilious Jeter are named as sons. Here as patriots captured in the revolution as Tetor.--Parris 16:48, 14 October 2008 (EDT)

Page 295 - Jacob Jeter - 92 ac - on the waters of the Middle Fork of Holstein - Preemption Warrant granted James McFarland and by him assigned to Jeter - corner McFarland - on the south side of the creek on the side of a ridge - March 23, 1785...Warrant dated June 4, 1782 #1757 certified on November 1, 1785.

NOTE WASHINGTON CO DEEDS. A Jacob Jeter entered the area where John Porterfield bought George Teater Sr property the same time John Porterfield was becoming established there.--Parris 17:00, 14 October 2008 (EDT)

19 Jan 1803 between Abraham Childress and Jacob Teaters, Sr. of Washington Co . . . 300 ac . . . upon the waters of Copper Creek . . . Beginning near a path . . . line of John Simmons . . . line of Timothy Pennington . . . corner to William GILLAM . . . Signed: Abraham Childers. Witness: Timothy Pennington Deed Book 3, page 428.

NOTE Its not clear if this Jacob Teater was the Jacob son of John Teeter and Eve Turney a German Swiss people, or if this the same Jacob Jeter of the Middle Fork Washington Co 1785.--Parris 17:10, 14 October 2008 (EDT)

It should be mentioned there was one more line of Teters that lived in the middle of the Teters already discussed. Most of these appear to have come from Scotland..  A EXCERPT from the Teaster site.

Who was the first of the Teasters to come to America?

The known family trail becomes very faint after Samuel (regardless if there was one or two). The following facts have been found through research but await further study to see how they relate to our family for certain.

Samuel ‘s father is identified as Nathaniel Teaster in the book "Appalachian Medley". A Nathaniel Teaster was in the Edgecombe County, North Carolina Militia in the 1750’s. There was a Nathaniel Tester in the 1790 Census of Robeson County , North Carolina. There was also a Samuel Tester listed in the same census. Also Nathan Tester was given a 100 acre land grant in Robeson County, NC in 1790. William Tester and Samuel Tester were also granted 100 acres in the same time and place. (See Family Related Book Section.) Who are these other Teasters (Testers) and are they related to us?

In addition to the John Teaster of 1567, there are a number of references to Teaster (Tester) individuals and families in various books and records that we can not yet connect to our direct line - that of Grandpa Ransom’s. These people need to be researched to see if they are in our line. The people listed probably give valuable clues as to where we are from and who was the first of line to settle in this country . Some of these are :

The many descendants of Robert Tester (Teaster) and Mary (Molly) Stone. Robert was in the Revolutionary War. He and Mary lived in North Carolina and had five children. The family moved to Tennessee. This family lived in the same neighborhoods as our known ancestors. They have many of the same first names as our family. No direct connection with this family has been yet made to ours. Members of this family are featured in the county history books of Johnson, Carter and Washington County, Tennessee. (See Family Related Book Section.)

Robert Teaster and Katherine Teaster (spelled like us) are listed as being imported as indentured servants into Virginia on September 5, 1723. The couple was indentured to John Hatley. He was granted 125 acres of land for bringing them over. The land given was in Surry County on the South side of the Nottoway River and on the South side of Thweat’s Branch. (This is from page 225 of the book "Cavaliers and Pioneers; Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants")

There was a will filed for Robert Tester (Teaster) in Albemarle County, North Carolina on January 8, 1695. (From page 374 of book Abstract of Wills of North Carolina, 1690 - 1760 by Grimes).

There was a Rob (Robert) Tester (Teaster) listed as paying land rent in Prince George County, Virginia in 1704. A Rob Hix and a Jn (John) Hix are also listed on the same roll. (From page 337 of Volume 28, Virginia Historical Magazine, Virginia Quit Rent Rolls, 1704).

Elizabeth Tester (Teaster) is recorded as being buried in the Parish of St. Michaels in Barbados on March 3, 1678. (From page 432 - Parish Registers , taken from book "The Original Lists of Persons of Quality, Emigrants; Religious Exiles; Political Rebels; Serving Men Sold for a Term of Years; Apprentices; Children Stolen; Maidens Pressed; and Others Who Went From Great Britain to the American Plantations 1600 - 1700" published in 1874).

Stephen Tester and his wife Jane Tester (Teaster) are recorded as sailing from the port of London to the state of Maryland in the week of January 24 - 30 in 1775. They were listed as being from the Essex area of Great Britain. His occupation is given as a sawyer. They sailed on a ship named the "Jane". All of the people on this ship had an agreement with the captain that if they could not pay for their passage upon arrival in Maryland , then he was allowed to sale them as indentured servants to get his money. (From page 130 of book " Emigrants from England , 1773 - 1776" - Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, Maryland)

Abraham (Abram) Tester (Teaster) was a crew member of the famous Northern warship "The Monitor" during the Civil War. Abraham’s shipboard job was 1st Class Fireman . This meant he stoked and cared for the ship’s boilers. He enlisted in the federal navy New York. His civilian occupation was machinist. (From page 150 of the Publication "The Genealogical Helper " July - August , 1983).

Andrew Tester (Teaster) served 325 days in the South Carolina militia during 1781 and 1782. Also Benjamin Tester (Teaster) served in the First South Carolina regiment under Captain Joseph Elliot during 1780. (From page 923 of "Roster of Patriots in American Revolution" by Bobby Moss.)--Parris 17:52, 14 October 2008 (EDT)


International Genealogical Index - British Isles

      11. ABRAHAM TETAR - International Genealogical Index / BI

Gender: Male Christening: 06 SEP 1612 Walloon, Norwich, Norfolk, England

      12. ABRAHAM TETAR - International Genealogical Index / BI

Gender: Male Christening: 14 JAN 1621 Walloon, Norwich, Norfolk, England

      13. DAUID TETAR - International Genealogical Index / BI

Gender: Male Christening: 03 OCT 1624 Walloon, Norwich, Norfolk, England

      14. DAVYD TETAR - International Genealogical Index / BI

Gender: Male Christening: OCT 1650 Walloon, Norwich, Norfolk, England

      15. ESTER TETAR - International Genealogical Index / BI

Gender: Female Christening: 09 NOV 1617 Walloon, Norwich, Norfolk, England

      16. ESTER TETAR - International Genealogical Index / BI

Gender: Female Christening: 30 AUG 1640 Walloon, Norwich, Norfolk, England

      17. ISAAC TETAR - International Genealogical Index / BI

Gender: Male Christening: 19 JUN 1614 Walloon, Norwich, Norfolk, England

      18. JAN TETAR - International Genealogical Index / BI

Gender: Male Christening: 18 DEC 1608 Walloon, Norwich, Norfolk, England

      19. JAN TETAR - International Genealogical Index / BI

Gender: Male Christening: 11 JUL 1633 Walloon, Norwich, Norfolk, England

      20. JAQUE TETAR - International Genealogical Index / BI

Gender: Male Christening: 18 DEC 1608 Walloon, Norwich, Norfolk, England

      21. JENNE TETAR - International Genealogical Index / BI

Gender: Female Christening: 25 AUG 1662 Walloon, Norwich, Norfolk, England

      22. JOEL TETAR - International Genealogical Index / BI

Gender: Male Christening: 28 DEC 1628 Walloon, Norwich, Norfolk, England

      23. JOHN TETAR - International Genealogical Index / BI

Gender: Male Marriage: 31 OCT 1680 Saint Mary-St Marylebone Road, Saint Marylebone, London, England

      24. MARIE TETAR - International Genealogical Index / BI

Gender: Female Christening: 03 JUN 1638 Walloon, Norwich, Norfolk, England

      25. SAMUEL TETAR - International Genealogical Index / BI

Gender: Male Christening: 23 JUL 1626 Walloon, Norwich, Norfolk, England

      26. SUSANNE TETAR - International Genealogical Index / BI

Gender: Female Christening: 08 MAY 1636 Walloon, Norwich, Norfolk, England

      27. WILLIAM TETAR - International Genealogical Index / BI

Gender: Male Christening: 26 DEC 1766 Haughton Le Skerne, Durham, England

      Matches: International Genealogical Index/British Isles - 17--Parris 18:04, 14 October 2008 (EDT)

"26 Marcij 1635

This underwritten name is to be imbarqued in the Peter Bonadventure. Tho. Harman Mr bound for ye Barbadoes and St Christophers. Certifcate from St Andrews ipsh Holborne: And Attensatcon from Justice Grimston and Justice Sheppard hath taken the oaths of Allegiance and Supremecie."

26 Mar - 04 Apr 1635: To be embarked [from London] in the Peter Bonaventure, Mr. Thomas Harman, bound for Barbadoes and St. Christopher's. Coldham pg 129

Evans Thomas

Evans ?o 17 (Jo?)

Gibson Walter 25

Tedder Tho 19--Parris 18:22, 14 October 2008 (EDT)

. Its been suggsted that the George Teter of Mecklenburg NC was the same George Teater found as young revolution patriot in in the 1780s Rowan Co.. 1790 census. 376-30 Tetter, George 2 3 2 . . note This George Teter has 5 sons and 2 daughters over 16 yrs old. Give a average of 2 years between birhs times 7 = about 1784 for the 1st child.

     Then a pregnancy by 1783. He should be some other George Teter problably the same line that came from SC. many of those Teters were Loyalists and moved to Canada.--Parris 20:04, 14 October 2008 (EDT)


"DETER, Nicolas" 1 1 2 0 0 0461. In the nearby couty shows Nichoas Deter. appears to be the same age as the George Teter . He has about the same amount of children born the same time as the George Teter in Mecklunberg, There is also one Swiss immigrant here named John Titerburn or Beam.--Parris 20:20, 14 October 2008 (EDT)

. CORRECTION TO GEORGE TETER AND NICHOLAS TETER. . the battle of camden shows. p.486, April 1780 roster The Delaware Continentals. DIETRICH, Nicholas, Count, Armand's Legion (PJO) HEARD, Richard, Lt., 1st Troop, Armand's Legion (PJO) BEDKIN, Henry, Capt., 2nd Troop, Arand's Legion (PJO) Le Brun de Bellecour, Jerome, Capt., 3rd Troop, Armand's Legion (PJO) DRIESBACH, Jost, Capt., Infantry, Armand'd Legion (PJO) BANER, Jacob, Capt., Chasseur Co., Armand's Legion (PJO).

Nicholas Deter of Limcoln county was from Delaware. Some of these were discharged in South Sarolina. This George Teter appears as his brother .--Parris 21:05, 14 October 2008 (EDT)

a Example some of the George and Jacob Teters Ireland Parliamentary Returns, Bundle 27 in Record Office, Dublin

   Freeholders living at Ballyngarane, County Limerick
   Registered July 1747
   Altimes, Casper
   Binner, Paul
   Beear, Peter
   Benner, John
   Bredhour, Michael
   Embury, John
   Embury, Andrew
   Her, John
   Loas, Daniel
   Laurence, Peter
   Long, Philip
   Lows, Nicholas
   Mick, Fredrick
   Ruckle, Bast.
   Ruckle, Henry
   Sinsion, Elais
   Shoemaker, John
   Usalbagh, Paul
   Young, Nicholas
   Reg. April 1755
   Altime, Jacob
   Altime, Casper
   Bretours, Michael
   Bigger, Peter
   Becker, Adam
   Dettler, John
   Embury, David
   Emberrior, Andrew
   Gallavan, John
   Heck, Paul
   Heck, John
   Imberior, John
   Laurence, Andrew
   Laurence, Peter
   Long, Philip
   Lohs, Philip
   Mick, Frederick
   Mick, Leonard
   Ruckle, Philip
   Ruckle, Henry
   Ruckle, Daniel
   Singeon, Elais
   Shoemaker, John
   Stork, Peter
   Switzer, Peter
   Smeltzer, Peter
   Smelzer, Paul
   Tettler, George
   Urshelbaugh, Paul
   Young, Andrew
   Young, John

   Jan. 1759
   Gallivan, John
   Feb. 1759
   Althime, Jasper
   Althime, Jacob
   Bredhower, Michael
   Becker, Peter
   Becker, Adam
   Heck, Paul
   Heck, John
   Heck, Jacob
   Laurence, Peter
   Laurence, Andrew
   Legguire, Michael
   Lohes, Philip
   Mick, Leonard
   Pope, Richard
   Ruckle, Daniel
   Ruckle, Daniel, jr
   Ruckle, Henry
   Smelser, Peter
   Singeon, Elais
   Switzer, Peter
   Smelser, Paul
   Smelzar, Philip
   Shoemaker, John
   Tetler, George
   Tetler, John
   Ushelbaugh, Paul
   Young, John
   Young, Andrew
   Reg. March 1759
   Mick, Frerick
   Rose, John
   Reg. April 1759
   Embury, Philip
   Embury, David
   Embury, John
   Reg. Jan 1761
   Begger, Adam
   Laurence, Sebastian
   Ruckle, Henry
   Ruckle, Sebastian
   Rose, Nicholas
   Rose, Paul
   Riedy, James
   Reg. July 1762
   Rose, Andrew
   Reg. Jan 1767
   Rose, Andrew
   Tettler, Jacob
   Reg. In 1789-90
   Singein, Philip--Parris 15:44, 15 October 2008 (EDT)

"ABSTRACTS OF WILLS OF AUGUSTA COUNTY VIRGINIA. > > AUGUSTA COUNTY COURT. > > WILL BOOK NO. 4. > > ... > > Page 125.--15th July, 1767. James Carty's estate appraised, by John Blackmore, Frederick Stern, Edmond O'Neal. Saml. Pepper, administrator..

This could be a coincedence. Samuel Pepper was the brother in law of George Pearis. it could have been Samuel Pepper who arranged to have George Teetar purchase a tract from Frederick Starn.--Parris 16:45, 15 October 2008 (EDT)

SOME NOTES BY THE SMETLZERS. Paulser was one of the earliest adventurers on the waters of Crab Creek in present Montgomery Co., VA. He first appeared in 1754 when he purchased part of the Patton tract of 1,096 acres. (Note: Augusta Co. formed 1738-45 from Orange Co.) On 12 Jan 1754 Augusta Co., VA Paulser paid James Patton 5 shillings for one year indenture on 440 acres (Bk. 11 p.441)(land surveyed by Patton in 1748; rest of survey was sold in 1749 to Widow Elswick (Lydia wife of John)and Ebenezer Westcoat.)

On 13 Jan, 1754 Augusta Co., VA Paulser bought 440 acres from James Patton on Crab Creek (off of the New River) (Bk 6, p. 312) (Note: This land sold in 1787 by Paulser's son John--see below--by then land fell in Montgomery Co.)

In 1754-55, there were Indian raids in area of Paulser's land (see story of Mary Ingles captivity -- "Follow the River" and "Indian Raids and Massacres of SW Virginia by Addington and Hamilton).

Paulser had 189 acres surveyed on 5 Apr 1755 in Bedford Co., VA. (Survey Bk. 2, pg. 271)(Note: Bedford Co., VA formed 1753 from Albemarle & Lunenburg Cos. and is SE of where he lived) 1758 - 17 Feb., an appraisal of the estate of Col. James Patton (he was killed by Indians in 1753) indicated that Paulser "Melser" had owed money to estate for land purchased 17 Jan. 1754.

1759 - Augusta Co., VA "Palzer Smalzer" purchased 440 acres in Draper Tract part of a patent on Crab Creek A (same property as above).

1761 - Augusta Co., VA "Palzer Smelzer" vs. Frederick "Stem" of New River. The warrant was "kept off by force of arms". (Chronicles of the Scotch Irish Settlement in Virginia Records of Augusta Co., VA 1745-1800 by Lyman Chalkley) (Note: Frederick Stern was a neighbor who in 1750 surveyed and in 1755 was granted land at mouth of New River and Crab Creek. Stern sold his land in 1768 to George Teeter)

Here again this coud be a coincedence but the Smeltzers were living back in Limerick Ireland with several George Tettlers.--Parris 17:04, 15 October 2008 (EDT)


Jacob Deller, smith, age 22, Lutheran, alone in the 4th party of Palatines at St. Catherine's, June 11, 1709. John Jacob Tattle listed on 07/13/1715 as a Palatine family in Ireland and on 09/29/1720 as head of a famil on the Southwell Estate, name listed as Tettler.--Parris 17:46, 15 October 2008 (EDT)

Families of County Limerick, Ireland

Description: There are only a handful of books to help research families in Limerick and this one is the best produced to date. This book, 'Families of County Limerick, Ireland' was originally produced as part of the 32 volume 'Irish Families' series. It focuses exclusively on families found in County Limerick and includes families of all religions and backgrounds, including old Irish families and settler families from England, Scotland, Wales..... from the earliest times to the coming of the 20th century. It follows the master volume to the set, 'The Book of Irish Families, great & small" which contains information on families from all of Ireland. An outline of the history of the county as it relates to Irish families, and to Irish research, is included, along with an exhaustive enumeration of more than one thousand of Limerick families. It will be of great use to anyone researching families from Co. Limerick, Ireland.

The following families were specifically identified as families of County Limerick more anciently in that work. Mac Eneiry Mac Ineiridhe O' Billry or O' Billraidhe O' Cullane O'Cuillein or Collins O' Meehan O' Sheehan O'Mackessy or O'Maelmacasa Mulholland or O'Maelchalloin O' Flannery Mac Sheehy MacArthur O' Scanlan

O'Cleirhcinn or O' Clerkin 

O' Donovan O'Kirwick or Kirby O'Muldoon (from Aughrim) O'Kinealy Gunning or O'Conuing O'Keely or O'Cadhla O'Malley or O'Maille O'Ceadfadha O'Hea or Hayes O' Casey O 'Dinan or O'Dinnahan O' Hallinan O'Morny

The foregoing families may be found in Limerick and surrounding areas today, and are given among the old Irish families of the kingdom of Thomand.'

In more modern times the following families are given as being the most numerous in the area: Ryan (91) O'Brien (78) Fitzgerald (58) Sullivan (50) Hayes (45) (likely from O'Hea) Walsh (45) Collins (40) O'Connell (39) Murphy (38) Moloney (38) O'Connor(37) Lynch(31) McNamara (31) O'Donnell (28) Ahern (25) Many more families are given with their historical notes, but the list is too long to give here.

Table of Contents: Barony Map of County Limerick Ortelius Map of Limerick 1576 Ancient Tribal Names Chart Keatings History (illus) Early Families Norman Invasion Family Locations in 1659 Palatine Settlements To The New World Seige Of Limerick City (illus.) Limerick Sheet Music (illus) Families of County Limerick, Ireland History and Locations Found.

Size: 6x9, hardbound, gold stamped @ 184 pages. Illustrated, map, Surname Index. Over 1000 families of Co. Limerick are included, from ancient times to the coming of the 20th century. A one of a kind source book!

ISBN:0940134314 Product ID: 4314

Surname Index includes: (names listed more than once are found more than once in this book)

Tettler Tettlor Paris Smeltzer Griffith Peppar Griffis.--Parris 18:54, 15 October 2008 (EDT)

This all should explain why George Teater was named as Scotch Irish. Its to much of a coincedence that several George Teters and Paul Smeltzers were living together in Limericak Ireland. All these familes of George Teater that lived in the South Irish Colony on the Crab Creek Tract Peppers Millers Smeltzers and Pearis Paris familes have one main thing in common they show to have come from limerick ireland.. There 2 George Teters and one Paul Smeltzer back in Limerick and several Jacob Teters. Since both Paul Smeltzer and George Teater were both connected to Frederick Starns by propery it demonstrates that they were from Ireland. This in theory shows the that a Teter mixed with one of Irish Scotch or Scotcch Irish families back in Limerick Ireland thus producing people like George Teater and Samuel Teater.. In 1709 several hundred Palatine families settled in Ireland. A > combination > of economic hardship caused by war and a severe winter led to the exodus. > Queen Anne received them in England and sent some to Ireland to the > estates > of sympathetic Protestant landlords. They established roots, mainly in the > Rathkeale area of County Limerick, Ireland, where about 1,200 of them > settled on the estate of Thomas Southwell. Other colonies were set up in > Old > Ross and Gorey, County Wexford and in Counties Cork and Dublin. Thought > the > Limerick Palatines spread out to other areas, particularly north Kerry and > Tipperary, Rathkeale remained an important focal point. > > At Killaheen the site of the old Wesleyan Chapel where the Palatines > worshipped may be seen today, also some of the old Palatine houses. A most > interesting item is an old Palatine well. It consists of a trench cut into > the ground deeper than the water table. The sides and the top are lined > with > stone and 18 stone steps lead down the clear cold water. Several such > wells > are to be found in the locality but some have been partly filled in for > safety purposes. > > At Courtmatrix, the earliest of the original colonies, the present > occupiers > of a house built in the Palatine style - long and low - which once longed > to > the Teskey family can be found with the interior which has been kept as > close to its original condition as a modern lifestyle will permit. Behind > the old Teskey home a carved stone cider press is still in position under > an > old tree, an interesting validation of the fact that the Palatines brought > stone-cutting and winemaking skills with them from Germany. > > The third of the parent colonies, Ballingrane, is the place where the most > famous Irish Palatines lived. Barbara Heck and Philip Embury were the > founders of Methodism in the USA, a denomination which now has a following > of several million. Barbara Heck's old home is (1996) occupied by the > family > of Walter Ruttle, a Palatine descendant and a member of the Irish Palatine > Association. Nearby can be found a pear tree under which John Wesley used > to > preach and a plaque marking the site of Philip Embury's home, long since > demolished. A visit to Embury and Heck memorial church contains a horn > blown > by the burgermeister or Palatine leader to summon general meetings in the > early days of the colony. > > Castle Matrix is the home of Thomas Southwell, the landlord who brought > the > Palatines to Limerick. This ancient Fitzgerald castle has been completely > restored and is occupied by the O'Driscoll family. > > Some of the German-speaking people that came to North America did not come > directly. Some Palatines spent time (from a few months to a few > generations) > in other countries, including Ireland. > > Palatine families living in the Rathkeale area circa 1720 included: > Altimes/Alton, Baker, Barkman/Bartman, Barraban, Benner, Bickerin, Bonus, > Bovenizer, Bowen, Bower, Bredhour, Brough, Cave, Cole, Cooke, Corneille, > Cripps, Cronsberry, Delmege, Doupe, Embury, Everett, Filme, Fitzelle, > Folker, Grouse, Guier, Hartwick, Heavenor, Heck, Hibler, Hifle, Hoffman, > Hoopf, Hoost, Laurence, Legear, Lodwick/Ludwig, Lowe, Lower, Lowes, Mick, > Miller, Modler, Neazor, Piper, Poff, Richardt, Rodenbecker, Ruttle, > Rynard, > Ryner, Schmidt/Smyth, Shallas, Sheafer, Shearman, Shimmel, Shire/Shier, > Shoemaker, Shoneweiss, Shouldice, Siebert, Singer, Smeltzer, > Sparlng/Sparling, St. John, Steevell, Steepe, Stork/Stark, Stroud, > Switzer, > Teskey, Tettler/Detlor, Ushelbaugh, Young and Zigler. > > Palatine families in the rest of Ireland circa 1720 included: > Altimus/Altimes, Ashbagh, Baker/Becker, Barklotine, Beever, Berg/Berge, > Berner/Bearney, Bisherne, Boller, Crouse, Crow/Crowe, Fock/Fought, > Fugenacht, Glazier/Gleasure, Golliday, Green, Hartwick/ Hartrick, Hess, > Hoffman, Holbach, Hornick/Horn, Jacobus/Jacob, Jekyll/Jeakle, Johan, > Kirkhover, Klein/Kline, Konig/Koning, Kough/Cooke, Lambert, Long, > Ludolf/Ludolt, Meyer/Myers, Miller, Nichburne, Paul, Poole, Rapple, > Real/Ruhl, Reessnagh/Rufenacht, Reuling, Rhinehart, Richardt/Richard, > Rosine/Rosen, Ross/Rose, Ryling, Schmidt/Smyth, Schultz/Sultz, Sheafer, > Snitzerling, Staler, Steeble, Stengel/Stingill, Strosser, Swartz, > Tyse/Twiss, Walter/Weiss, Wise, Wentz, Wolf, Writer/Rieter, and Young. > > There is an Irish Palatine Heritage Centre in Rathkeale, (near Limerick > and > Adare),Co. Limerick, with extensive displays of artifacts, photographs, > etc. > associated with the Palatine families.--Parris 05:27, 16 October 2008 (EDT)

The Teters of limerick Ireland were Methodits

In Ballygirrane ( Ballygarrane) their is a church known as " The Embury and Heck Memorial ". These families were instrumental in the foundation of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Nth. America. . The Bullock's horn is, on display in the church, was called the faithful to prayer in John Wesley's time.

Barbara was born in there in 1734. She married Paul Heck, whose home was on the site now occupied by the church. In June 1763, they emigrated from Limerick on the "Pery" , with Barbara's cousin, Philip Embury and his wife Margaret ( nee Swtitzer) . The house in which Philip was born is long gone, but a granite marks its site opposite Walter Ruttle's house at "Fairview".

( Source: " Limerick The Fair Land" Sean Spellissy ( now out of print ) NOTE Capt Samuel Gibson Teaters in laws the Doddridges were famous Frontier Preachers of this faith. George Teaters son Parris Teater was the Rev of Gunns chapel of this faith.--Parris 05:41, 16 October 2008 (EDT)

History of the Methodist Espiscopal Church in the United States of America. "we next find our missionaries on the waters of Cross Creek and Buffalo, kindly received by John and Philip Dodridge, and their old brother-in-law, Samuel Teeter. These all, with the greater part of their numerous families, fell into the ranks of Methodism; and Joseph, son of John Dodridge, became a traveling preacher � and the first raised up in the great valley � of considerable promise and success. [8] On the land of John Dodridge was built a little log meeting-house, which Dr. Joseph Dodridge insisted � the last conversation I had with him � was the first on this side of the mountains. The original Society here has had the place of its meeting transferred to Middletown, midway from Wellsburg or Steubenville to Washington; hence, going east on that road, a short distance before you reach Middletown, you leave on your right hand, within one mile, Dodridge's Meeting-house, and the sleeping dust of many of the first members of the Methodist Church in the head of the great valley. Before I leave this section, I must be permitted to say that the Dodridge and Teeter families, and the Society in their neighborhood � and I knew them well more than forty years ago � were a noble, free-hearted set of Christian people, who loved one another, and served God with humility of mind. We still have scores, yea, hundreds of their descendants with in the pale of Methodism. I am not sure that Cooper and Breeze ever got out any further toward the Ohio River; but if they did, it does not appear that they made any permanent stand. In those days there were perilous times; Indian depredations were quite common. Next I find these devoted servants of Christ raising the flag on Muddy Creek, where a Society was formed, and a meeting-house built, called Shepherd's Meeting-house. It was a small log building. Methodism still lives in that place, although those who first were brought under its influence, having served their generation, by the will of God, have fallen asleep.--Parris 05:47, 16 October 2008 (EDT)

Parris Teater was the preacher of the Methodist Gunns Chapel most of his life. Gunns Chapel Cemetery Garrard County, Kentucky

Hwy 39 and Hwy 563 northeast of Lancaster Lat: 37° 44' 41"N 84° 31' 06"W

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 34.

   Contributor's Index:
       * [NP] Nancy Perry []
   Blakeman, Rilda Murphy, b. 1859, d. Aug 3, 1887, w/o Louis, [NP]
   Jarvis, Ida, b. Oct 1, 1870, d. illegible, [NP]
   Jarvis, Oliver, b. Mar 6, 1873, d. Dec 27, 1897, s/o W.B., [NP]
   Masters, Willie, b. Jan 16, 1888, d. Mar 28, 1949, [NP]
   Teater, Addline, b. 1844, d. 1909, [NP]
   Teater, Allen T., b. Mar 24, 1845, d. Jun 25, 1923, [NP]
   Teater, Allen T., b. May 17, 1869, d. Dec 22, 1895, s/o Zack, [NP]
   Teater, Attress, b. 1885, d. 1933, [NP]
   Teater, B., b. Aug 8, 1897, d. Feb 12, 1899, [NP]
   Teater, Bell, d, Oct 8, 1887, w/o Nelson H., [NP]
   Teater, Charlie, b. Jun 13, 1884, d. 1884, s/o Zack, [NP]
   Teater, Colecta, b. Nov 4, 1850, d. Dec 17, 1899, w/o Allen T., [NP]
   Teater, Elizabeth Reynolds, b. May 1, 1838, d. Mar 11, 1911, w/o John N., [NP]
   Teater, Emiline, b. 1817, d. Aug 14, 1898, [NP]
   Teater, Ernest, b. Jan 2, 1899, d. Nov 13, 1967, [NP]
   Teater, Henry, b. 1874, d. 1957, [NP]
   Teater, Hobert , b. 1889, d. 1971, [NP]
   Teater, Infant , b. Apr 11, 1897, d. Apr 11, 1897, child of G.F., [NP]
   Teater, Infant, b. Feb 1, 1888, d. Feb 11, 1888, child of G.N., [NP]
   Teater, Infant, b. Mar 28, 1903, d. Mar 28, 1903, child of H.W., [NP]
   Teater, Infant, b. Sep 1, 1896, d. Sep 1, 1896, child of M., [NP]
   Teater, Iva, b. 1877, d. 1956, [NP]
   Teater, Jennie W., b. Oct 26, 1900, d. Jan 13, 1924, w/o William, [NP]
   Teater, John N., b. Oct 7, 1839, d. Sep 28, 1919, [NP]
   Teater, Kate, b. Mar 23, 1883, d. Mar, 18, 1907, d/o Zack, [NP]
   Teater, Lela, b. Oct 5, 1898, d. May 7, 1899, [NP]
   Teater, Lucile, b. Feb 12, 1906, d. Oct 11, 1913, [NP]
   Teater, M. B., b. Aug 15, 1856, d. Apr 13, 1899, [NP]
   Teater, Manford, b. May 1, 1886, d. Nov 11, 1886, s/o George, [NP]
   Teater, Nelson H., b. Aug 10, 1810, d. May 27, 1888, [NP]
   Teater, Permelia Wheeler, b. Feb 14, 1812, d. Nov 23, 1882, w/o Nelson H., [NP]
   Teater, Rosa, b. Sep 7, 1845, d. Jul 2, 1907, w/o Zack, [NP]
   Teater, Sallie B., b. 1873, d. 1897, [NP]
   Teater, Zack T., b. Feb 11, 1847, d. Mar 1, 1892, [NP]--Parris 05:53, 16 October 2008 (EDT)

A except from the Will of George Pearis Parris the elder. Note why was George Teater a Scotch Irish Presbyterian. George Teaters great grandparnets appear to be the Detlors Tettlers Teter ect. they may have intermixed with Irish Scotch or a combunaton of all sometme back at 1690s to early 1700 s in Limereck Irieland. These Teters were Methodists back in Ireland. So why was George Teater a Presbyterian? Amen Blessed by God. Imprimis, I give my body to the Earth from whence it was formed and order it to be buried at the- [Presbyterian meeting house]- in the county aforesaid in faith awaiting its Resurrection form thence at the last day. As for my burial, I desire I may decrease without pomp or state at the descretion of my executors hereafter named who I doubt not will attend with all requisite care and prudence as to my wishes. I will and positively order that all my lawful debts be paid and fully discharged. Then I give and bequeath to my Daughter Christian Neally one English Crown by reason I gave her a childs part already. Item I give and bequeath to my eldest son George Pearis one English Crown, Item I give my second son Richard Pearis that tract of land I bought of Peter Nelson whereon he now dwells to him, his heirs and assigns forever together with my best riding horse and my wearing apparel. Item I give and bequeath to my third and youngest son Robert Pearis that tract of patent land which I bought of William Hoge whereupon I now dwell for the use of him and his heirs forever, Item I give and bequeath to my dear and loving wife Sarah, one end of my dwelling house ever which end she thinks best to choose during her lifetime or widowhood and also I do order and allow her twenty bushels of wheat and twenty bushels of Indian corn to be paid to her year by year by my said son Robert Pearis during her life or widowhood together with one third part of all my movable estate not disposed of yet. All bonds and bills and book debts what so ever accepted the remainder whereof shall fall to my son Robert after all my debts be discharged. Item I do leave that tract of land which I bought of Richard Morgan in the care of my son Robert for the space of seven years ensuing the date hereof and at the expiration of seven years I order it be sold and the price thereof lett out on interest and principal sum together with the interest shall be paid to my grandson George Pearis’s oldest son called George at the age of twenty one years..

Note George Teater would have been been a Methodist but his marraige to Sarah Pearis whos family were Presbyterians invited George Teater to particiapte in his wifes church, Note his brother in law George Pearis the son of George Pearis is mentioned. Yet George Teater notes show so many with Robert Pearis the other brother. George Teater was also with Richard Pearis in the same Regiment French indian war. He also ran as Sgt the company of Natathaniel Gist who was the partner of Richard Pearis in the Cherokee Nations.--Parris 06:47, 16 October 2008 (EDT)

. Who were the Spaniards Fatima Zulima Gonzalva. the line of joseph totten brother of rebecca totten wife of parris teater. TOTTEN, Joseph Hicks b: 06 Feb 1791 TN d: 09 Jan 1870 _, Garrard,

     KY #: TOTT54

• + +DAVIS, Nancy E. b: 16 Nov 1791 Lancaster, Garrard, KY #: TOTT55 m: 26

     Oct 1810 Lancaster, Garrard, KY Mother: Rebecca WEST Father: John


  3  TOTTEN, Rebecca Emily b: 24 Feb 1812 Lancaster, Garrard, KY #: TOTT57
  +  +RETNOLDS, David W. #: TOTT72
  3  TOTTEN, Seraphina Westerne b: 27 Dec 1813 Lancaster, Garrard, KY
  |   d: 09 Sep 1880 _, Garrard, KY #: TOTT58
  +  +NAVE, John D. b: 12 Feb 1802 _, Wythe, VA #: TOTT73
  3  TOTTEN, Nancy Ellen b: 26 Nov 1815 Lancaster, Garrard, KY #: TOTT59

• + +BRADLEY #: TOTT74

  3  TOTTEN, Zulima Almira b: 20 Nov 1817 Lancaster, Garrard, KY d: 04 Dec
  |   1885 IA #: TOTT60
  +  +REYNOLDS, [--?--] #: TOTT75
  3  TOTTEN, John Gonzalva b: 09 Oct 1819 Lancaster, Garrard, KY #: TOTT61
  +  +HERNDON, Juan Lavina #: TOTT76
  3  TOTTEN, James Lockhart b: 10 Sep 1821 Lancaster, Garrard, KY d: 01
  |   Oct 1821 #: TOTT62
  3  TOTTEN, Joseph Perry b: 28 Sep 1822 Lancaster, Garrard, KY #: TOTT63
  3  TOTTEN, William Milton b: 08 Oct 1824 Lancaster, Garrard, KY #: TOTT65
  3  TOTTEN, Fatima Evelyn b: 17 Feb 1827 Lancaster, Garrard, KY #: TOTT66
  +  +REYNOLDS, [--?--] #: TOTT77
  3  TOTTEN, Josephine Overton b: 24 Mar 1829 Lancaster, Garrard, KY d: 14
  |   Aug 1747 #: TOTT67--Parris 09:23, 16 October 2008 (EDT)

Stephen F. TEATER1,2 was born about 1818. He was born in 1818 in Garrard Co., Ky. He died on 1 Jan 1847 in Mexican War. He died on 1 Jan 1847 in Ceratio, Mexico. Parents: Paris TEATER and Rebecca E. TOTTEN.

Spouse: Mary Elizabeth FOWLER. Stephen F. TEATER and Mary Elizabeth FOWLER were married in 1842. Children were: A.C. TEATER, Fatima TEATER, Buena TEATER.. NOTE THE SPANISH IS RESTRICTED ONLY TO THE LINES OF PARIS TEATER AND THE TOTTENS, FATIMA GONZALVA BUENA ZULIMA JUAN ECT.--Parris 09:35, 16 October 2008 (EDT)

NOTE The Gonzalvas were Spanish. , Notes from the Gonzalva file site some excerpts.. note Charles Gonzalva was on the the documents of Lord Dunmores war with John Totten George Teater Robert Pearis George Pearis and man more. Charles Gonzalva was a Debtor for one mare. note Charles Gonzlava resdident of Washington Co VA,. note The Gonzalva family captured and killed at Greenbier. Some raised as Indians. note The Gonzalvas incedent happened same time as the Thomas Ingles and Mary Ingles Incedent. note, John Miller married Marry Ingles. note Andrew Millaer the son of John Miller recieved Benjamin Totten 1768 as his Apprentice. note Both John Totten and Benjamin Totten stationed with Thomas Ingles 1781 Burkes Garden. note Andrew Millar John Poterfield Peter Totten 1779 old 96th SC. note john tuton renegade Irishman northern neck near Goose Creek. note The deeds of Richard Pearis George Pearis northern neck note George Pearis residence at Goose Creek. note The family of George Teater and Benjamin Totten continue to use the Spanish and Gonzalva as family nameing pattern. note The Gonzalvas another major family of Washinhton Co Va. note the gonzalvas patriots of the revolution. Thoery . John Tuton the renegade Irishman of the northern neck married a Gonzalva girl which explains the names in the Teaters and Tottens. They lived at the same places and same timeline. The Gonzlvas of the timeline of the Ingles Wiped out and captured as Thomas Ingles raised by the Shawnee... Benjamin Totten was obviously a Orphan by 1768 expalins why he was bound to Andrew Miller who was a step brother of Thomas Ingles who was John and Benjamin Tottens closet people in 1781.. note Timothy Logan son in law of Squire Boone stated he fought alongside Charles Teater and Samuel Teater. The name Charles maybe linked to Charles Gonzalva.

Consolver Notes

Research compiled by Joanne Rabun from various online sources and other researchers (most notably Lanette Hewlett and Harl Ryder)

Last Updated March, 2004

COUNTY REFERENCE | LOCATION TIMELINE | RECORDS and ABSTRACTS Here are a few of the ways we have found this surname spelled over the years!





16 Oct 2006

Current Virginia Counties Reference

     Formed in 1663 from Northampton Co.
     Formed in 1745 from Orange Co.
     Formed in 1754 from Lunenberg Co.

Discontinued Virginia Counties Reference

     Formed in 1637 from New Norfolk Co., abolished in 1691. Records are in the City of Chesapeake.
     Formed in 1691 from Lower Norfolk, merged with the City of Chesapeake in 1963. All record were transfered to the City of Chesapeake. Some records may also be located in the City of Portsmouth. Records include: Marr from 1866, Land from 1734, Probate from 1866 and Court Records fr. 1774
     Formed from Lower Norfolk Co. about 1691. Merged with and records transferred to the City of Virginia Beach in 1963. They include Marr from 1724, Death from 1853, Land, Probate and Court Records from 1691

Location Timeline (see full records below)



     1671 - John GONSALVO and Elisabeth CHAMBERS have child out of wedlock
     1671 - Peter Walker and John GONSALVO sign business agreement
     1672 - John CONSOLVO charged with bad behavior
     1675 - John GUNSOLUIS "Spaniard" 100 acres on Onancock Creek, north of Spoon Branch (sale doesn't happen)
     1678 - Ralph Doe lawsuit against Grace GONSOLVO is dismissed
   * 1665-1695 - John CONSALVES on Accomack Co., Virginia tithables list
   * 1704 - Quit Rent Rolls: William CONSALVINS 200 acres


     1695 - William CONSOLVO buys 50 acres from Adam KEELING
   * 1703 - Birth of Rachall CONSSALVIS, daughter of William and (Grace Davis?) CONSOLVO.
   * bef 1711 - Both William CONSOLVO and wife (DAVIS) had died, their daughter Rachall was indentured
   * 1726 - Death of William CONSOLVO, father of John and William
   * 1729 - William CONSAUL gives 50 acres to Francis CONSAUL
   * 1731 - William CONSOLVO buys 211 acres of swamp near head of Lynnhaven River from Max. BOUSH
   * 1731 - John CONSOLVO buys 100 acres from Richard and Elisabeth GARDNER
   * 1731 - John CONSOLBARE serves as executor for George TALBOT's estate
   * 1735 - William CONSAUL appointed Lynnhaven Parish Processioner
   * 1740 - William CONSAUL, John CONSALVO (Lynnhaven), William CONSALVO on VA census
   * 1740 - William CONSAUL buys 50 acres from Richard and Elizabeth GARNER
   * 1740 - John CONSOLVO paid for keeping Thomas GILBERT by Lynnhaven Parish
   * 1741 - Ann, widow of John CONSALVO, auctions his estate
   * 1741 - Francis CONSALVO, son of John CONSALVO, indentured to William CONSALVO
   * 1743 - Henry CONSAULVO appointed Lynnhaven Parish Processioner
   * 1743 - Orphan Mary CONSALVO is indentured to George CURTIS
   * 1746 - William CONSAUL Sr. and Jr. witness Richard and Eliza GARNOR deed of gift to daughter Mary 60 acres called Creedles
   * 1746 - Marriage of Ann CONSAULVO and John DENNY
   * 1748 - William CONSAUL Sr. gives 150 acres to his son William CONSAUL Jr.
   * 1749 - Francis CONSAULVO sells 100 acres to William CONSAUL Jr.
   * 1752 - William CONSAUL keeps Abigail Higgins for 2 mos. 9 days
   * 1753 - William CONSAUL Jr. dies, leaves no will, Joel CORNICK settles estate
   * 1756 - Charles CONSAUL is a witness to a legal transaction
   * 1758 - Amy CONSAULVO, widow of William CONSAUL, receives dower land
   * 1759 - William CONSAUL Sr. dies, his wife was Ann GARNER
   * 1759 - Amy CONSAUL vs. Henry CONSAUL executor of William CONSAUL's estate lawsuit
   * 1760 - Amy CONSAULVO vs. Reodolphus MALBONE lawsuit
   * 1761 - Priscilla CONSAULVO vs. Andrew CONSAULVO lawsuit
   * 1761 - Micajah CONSOLVER says he was born in Albemarle Co.
   * 1762 - Henry CONSAULVO sells property to Thomas KEELING
   * 1763 - John DOPSON to Henry CONSAULVO bill of sale for estate items he bought
   * 1763 - Francis CONSAULVO witness to a legal transaction in PAC
   * 1764 - Abiah CONSAULVO declines administration of her husband Francis CONSAULVO in PAC
   * 1764-1768 - Abia CONSAULVO receives help for 4 children from Lynnhaven Parish in PAC
   * 1764 - Henry CONSALVO died, estate appraised, wife Keziah was executor of estate in PAC
   * 1764 - Keziah CONSAULVO chosen guardian of Francis and Keziah Richason CONSAULVO in PAC
   * 1765 - Arrest warrant for John and Anne CONSAULVO, trespassed against Andrew CONSAULVO in PAC
   * 1765 - Anne RUSSELL sold her dowery land, which once belonged to John CONSAULVO
   * 1771-1774 - John CONSAUL 10 acres in PAC
   * 1771-1776 - Elizabeth CONSAULVO receives help for 4 children in PAC
   * 1772 - John and Anne DENNY, Frances CONSAUL sell 34 acres which belonged to Henry CONSAULVO
   * 1773 - Frances CONSAUL sells 40 acres which belonged to Henry CONSAUL
   * 1773 - John and Anne DENNY, Frances CONSAULVO sell 17 acres which belonged to Henry CONSAULVO
   * 1773 - Marriage of Frances CONSAUL and George DENNY in PAC
   * 1773 - John and Anne DENNY sell part of 285 acres which belonged to Henry CONSAUL
   * 1774 - Marriage of Priscilla CONSALLVO and James WILLEROY
   * 1774 - Inventory of estate of John CONSAUL in PAC
   * 1776 - Charles CONSOLVER at Thomas Armstrong's estate sale in Augusta Co., Virginia
   * 1781 - Charles CONSOLVER died in the Revolution
   * 1782 - Martin CONSOLAVER on tax list in Albemarle Co., Virginia
   * 1783 - James CONSOLIVE buys land on the Mechums River in Albemarle Co., Virginia
   * 1783 - Marriage of Mary CONSOLVIN (widow of Charles) in Rockbridge Co., Virginia
   * 1785 - Marriage of Fanney CONSAULVO and Henry BURGESS Jr.
   * 1786 - Charles CONSOLVANT buys from the estate of John McDONOUGH
   * 1787 - Marriage of Mrs. Mary CONSAUL and Anthony BARDY in Norfolk Co.
   * 1789 - Marriage of Mary CONSAUL and Markham HUGGINS
   * 1797 - Henry Mathias ran away from William CONSOLVO, tailor, Norfolk Co.



   * 1755 - Mrs. CONSLER and daughter killed by enemy at Green Brier
   * 1773/1774 Charles CONSELVEN twice returned on List of Levys

EARLY CONSOLVERS IN LUNENBERG and BEDFORD CO., VIRGINIA (Bedford Co. formed in 1754 from Lunenberg Co.)

   * 1755 - John CONSOLVER is "kept" for over one year in Cumberland Parish, Lunenberg Co.
   * 1758 - Capt. John Jennings and Mrs. Gill paid for keeping John CONSOLVER
   * 1759-1761 - Mrs. Gill paid for keeping John CONSOLVENT'S child
   * 1779 - John CONSOLVER (surety), Bedford Co.
   * 1794 - Jonathan CONSOLVER marries Milley ROBERTSON, Bedford Co.
   * 1804 - Jonathan CONSOLVER's daughter Celia gets married, Bedford Co.
   * 1782, 1785, 1787-1791, 1794, 1796-1799, 1801, 1803-1807 - Jonathan CONSOLVER on tax list, Bedford Co. 

EARLY CONSOLVEY/CONSOLVENT IN PATRICK and HENRY CO., VIRGINIA (Patrick Co. formed in 1791 from Henry Co.)

   * 1790 - John CONSOLVEY on tax list (who is this guy?) in Henry Co.
   * 1791 - Edward DANIEL married Polly CONSOLVENT in Patrick Co. 


     1809 - Jonathan CONSOLVER and Jacob CONSOLVER on tax list
     1810 - Jacob CONSOLVER on tax list
     1810 - Milley CONSOLVER on census (b. 1765-1784) (This is Jonathan's second wife and the three children they had together)
     1810 - Charles CONSOLVER on census (b. 1765-1784) (This is Jonathan's son by first wife)
     1816 - Barnett CONSOLVER marriage (This is Jonathan's son by second wife)
     1821 - marriage of Milley KINGSOLVER and John THOMAS
     1811 - Charles KINGSOLVAR on tax list
     1812 - Charles CONSOLVAN on tax list
     1813 - Charles KINSOLVEN on tax list
     1815-1826 - Charles KINSOLVER on tax list
     1827-1844 - Charles KINGSOLVER on tax list
   * 1829 - Anna CONSOLVER married Andrew Wirt


     1810 - census of Martin CONSOLVER
     1812 - marriage of John CONSOLVER and Anne Blair
     1820 - William CONSOLVER (1M b. 1775-1794, 1M and 1F b. bef 1775)
     1820 - John CONSOLVER (b. 1775-1794) on census

Records and Abstracts

7 Mar 1671 Elisabeth Chambers confessed fornication and named John GONSALVO as the father of her bastard child. Ordered that Gonsalvo be taken into the sheriff’s custody till providing security to save the parish from supporting the child, posting bond for good behavior, and paying court costs. Accomack Co., Virginia Court Orders Pg. 71 (source: Accomack Co.

20 July 1671 Deposition of Roger Ternen aged about 30 years: About Jan 1669/70 Ternen was at his own house, where Peter Walker and John GONSALVO made a bargain of work. They agreed that Walker would furnish Gonsalvo with tools to work at their trade. Walker would have two thirds of the payment for their labor and Gonsalvo one third. When Gonsalvo could furnish his own tools, he was at liberty to work for himself. Signed 20 Jul 1671 by Roger (X) Fornen. (sic)

Deposition of Isak Dix aged about 25 years. He was at Roger Fernen’s (sic) house, when Peter Walker and Jno. GONSALVO made the agreement as stated above. Signed 20 Jul 1671, by Isack Dix. (Pg. 15) Accomac Co. Virginia Court Orders (source: Accomack Co., Virginia Court Records,

16 Aug 1671 The case between John GONSALVO, plaintiff and Peter Walker, defendant was referred to the next court. (Pg. 17) (source: Accomack Co., Virginia Court Records,

18 Nov 1671 Ordered that Peter Walker, defendant, pay John GONSALVO plaintiff, 318 lbs. tobacco and the cost of the suit. Captain George Parker was entered as attorney for John GONSALVO. (Pg. 27) (source: Accomack Co., Virginia Court Records)

17 Sep 1672 John CONTOLVO who had posted bond for behavior, was discharged from the bond and paid court charges. (source: Accomack Co., Virginia Court Records)

Novels, Romances, Etc. For sale at Mt. Pleasant Book-Store Richmond Gonsolvo of Cordova (Recorded in the William and Mary Quarterly Pg. 135)

11 Sep 1674 Tithables Accomack Co., Virginia - John GONSOLVES 1

1675 Tithables Accomack Co., Virginia - Jno. CONSALUES 1

11 Feb 1675 Joseph and Ann Newton sell 100 acres to John GUNSOLIUS, but he never completed. The transaction and the land reverted to the Newtons.

John GUNSOLIUS Land Purchased of Joseph Newton This indenture made the eleventh day of February one thousand six hundred and seventy and five now know ye that I Joseph Newton of the Co., of Accomack Cooper with the consent of my wife Ann do hereby wit and set unto John GUNSOLIUS Spaniard a certain parcel of land containing one hundred acres lying and being on Onancock Creek on the north side of Spoon Branch at the head thereof and is part of a ___ of land containing three hundred and fifty acres of land formally granted to George Truit. sold as by Patent from the Honorable Goorin will approve which land was purchased by the said Newton from Henry the __ son of a friend of George Truit and will approve upon the record in the Co., office of Accomack.

...aforesaid Gonsolis, his heirs, executors, administrators or assigns, for and during the full terme of ffourscore and ninteen yeares, bounded on the western part by a little line rather to the westward of the said Gaolus house being the neerest oaks thereto, and from thence with a direct line to the midle line in the neck which parteth the land of John Williams and the aforesaid Devident and so raunning into the woodes as far as the extent of the plain reacheth, To have and to hold the aforesaid land with all his due share of all mines and minerals, woods, waters, rivers, brooks, with hunting, hawking, fowling, and all hereditaments whatsoever, and aportenances now thereunto belonging, from me, my heirs, executors or administrators unto the abovesaid Gunsolvis, his heirs, executors or assigns for and during the terme abovesaid, only the said Gonsoluis, his heirs or executors doth covenant anually to pay unto the said Joseph Nuton, his heirs, executors, or assigns, administrators, on the feast of St Mikeal the Archangel the feerent of one yeer of Indian Corn during the term abovesaid, and for the true performance hereof I doe hereby binde me, my heirs, executors, administrators, and doe acknowledge I have received a valuable consideration, the rent to come excepted, in hand allready and doe set my hand and seale the day and yeare above written Joseph Newton the seal Ann Newton her seale Witness John Parker, Natapany John Jeacke Acknowledged in open court June the 13th 1677 by Joseph Nuton and Ann his wife to be theire sale, act and deed to John Gonsoluis Seale John Wathbourne, Clerk Co Com Recorded July the 5th 1677 p John Wathbourne, Clerk Co Com Accomack (source: Accomack Co., Virginia Court Records

1675 In 1675 Henry Trewett and wife Elizabeth assigned 350A of land on south side of Onancook Creek to Joseph Newton. Later Joseph Newton and wife sold 100A to John Gunsolius, but the transaction was not completed. In 1688 Joseph Newton and wife Ann sold the 350A to John Baily. (source: Susie M Ames, Studies of the Virginia Eastern Shore in the Seventeenth Century, Dietz Press, Richmond VA, 1940 p 40)

1676-1690 100 acres on Onancook Creek was leased to "the Spaniard, Jon GONSOLIUS [Gonsalez?]." (source: Accomack Wills and Deeds, 1676-1690, pp 58-59)

1676 Tithables Accomack Co., Virginia - Jno. GONSALOOS 1

6 Feb 1677 Tithables Accomack Co., Virginia - Jno. GONSOLVOE 1

19 Jun 1677 Mr. Jno. Wise List of Accomack Co., Virginia Tithables: Jno GONSOLVOS 1

12 Feb 1678 The suit of Ralph Doe against Grace GONSOLVO was dismissed in Accomack Co., Virginia. There appearing to be no cause for action. (Pg. 59)

Accomack Co., Virginia Court Orders Cavaliers and Pioneers Patent Book No. 7 Thomas Mualford, 200 acres Upper Parish of Nanzemond

1691-1783 Land and Probate Records Abstracted from Deed Books 1-18 Virginia Historical Magazine Vol. 34, Pg. 236, Accomack Co., Virginia.

22 Sep 1682 p. 193 transporting of 4 persons: Lorenzo GUNSALVO, Sarah GUNSALVO, Thomas GUNSALVO and Peter Jones.

1665-1695 John CONSALVES on Accomack Co., Virginia tithables list, pg. 13, 14, 17 and 19. (source: Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 34, pg. 256)

October 17, 1695 To all to whom these present shall come to know that I Adam Keeling of the Co. of Princess Anne for diverse good causes and considerations me hereunto moving but more especially for in consideration of the sum of five thousand pounds of porke, for with have received good caution for payment from William CONSALVO of the same Co. have bargained sold confirmed and by these present do bargain alienate sell confirm unto the said William CONSALVO a parcel or tract of land by estimation to be fifty acres be it more or less situate lying and being in the aforesaid Co. bounded as followeth Beginning at a marked red oak standing by the dams and so running alongst a deep branch to a marked white oak so by a line of marked trees and so along the dams to the first station to have and to hold the said William CONSALVO his heirs or assigns forever with all immunities and privileges whatsoever or as free and ample manner as I the said Adam Keeling hold the grand patent which I purchased of Alexander Keeling and he of Colonel Ant. Lawson the aforementioned bargained premises being part of the said patent and the said land together with the appetences to hold use occupy hosses and enjoy clearly and freely and absolutely from the said Adam Keeling my heirs and that the said land is at the date of these present clear from all other bargains, sales, gifts, grants, right of dower or any incumbances whatsoever hereby warranting the sale of the land unto the said William CONSALVO and his heirs forever from me the said Adam Keeling, my heirs as also do oblige myself my heirs to acknowledge this sale in open court as also my wife Susanna shall acknowledge the same as to her part when thereunto required as witness our hands and seals this 17th day of October, 1695.

Witness our hands and seals Adam Keeling (seal) Alexander Keeling, George B. Brown Susanna Keeling (seal) Acknowledged in open court by Adam Keeling and ordered to be recorded this 1st day of January 1695.

Dec 1703 Birth of Rachall CONSSALVIS, daughter of William and (Grace Davis?) CONSOLVO. She was orphaned by 1711 when she was indentured to George Cutler.

1704 Quit Rent Rolls: William CONSALVINS 200 acres (source: Virginia Historical Magazine, Vol 34, p 236, Accomack Co, Virginia Quit Rent Rolls 1704) (2nd source: Virginia Magazine of History and Biography vol. 34, pg. 256)

3 Jul 1711 Grace Davis presented to the court her granddaughter named Rachall CONSSALVIS (7 years old last December), the orphan of William CONSSALVIS. With the grandmother’s consent, George Cutler agreed to take the child as an apprentice. Ordered that the church warden bind Rachall till she arrived at legal age; Cutler was to teach her to read, knit, sew, and spin linen and wooling. At the end of her indenture, he was to her according to law. (Pg. 22) (note from Lanette: Rachall is the daughter of William CONSALVO and Grace (Davis Jr.) CONSAULVO, Princess Anne Co., Virginia)

1 Feb 1726 William CONSAUL, son and heir of William CONSAUL ye elder deceased came into court and made oath that of said William departed this life without making a will as farr as he knows and believes on the motion ye William the younger this giving security for his just and faithful administration of the deceased estate and certificate is granted him for obtaining letters of administration in due form. (Note from Lanette: This means that William Consaul died about Jan. 1726)

Upon the petition of William CONSAUL administrator of William CONSAUL deceased is ordered that Rudolphus Malborne Jun and Mr. William Capps meet at the deceased dwelling house and make an equal division of his estate between his children and make a report thereof to the next court. (source: Princess Anne Co., Virginia Minute Book 3, pg. 274)

The division of William CONSAUL sons deceased his estate not being perfected is ordered to be continued to the next court. (source: Princess Anne Co., Virginia Minute Book 3, pg. 277)

The division of William CONSAUL deceased his estate not being finished is continued and ordered be returned to the next court. (source: Princess Anne Co., Virginia Minute Book 3, pg. 280)

The division of William CONSAUL his estate being returned and ordered to be recorded. (source: Princess Anne Co., Virginia Minute Book 4, pg. 282)

3 May 1727 [Di]vision [Co]nsaul [Est]ate In obedience to an order of court dated ye first day of February last, we the subscribers have accordingly met at the late dweling house of William CONSALVO deceased and have divided some part of his estate, and the other part his two sons, William and John, have divided themselves by their own agreement; and this is our report this 3rd day of May 1727: Reod Malbone William Cupps Presented in court the 3rd May 1727 and ordered to be recorded Test Char Sayer Cury (source: Princess Ann Co Virginia, Deed Book 4 p 114, May 3, 1727)

6 Nov 1728 John CONSAUL and Mary, his wife, their position against Francis Mosley is ordered to be dismissed being agreed. (source: Princess Anne Co., Virginia Minute Book 4, pg. 2)

2 Apr 1729 CONSAULS deed to CONSAUL To all Christian people to whom these presents shall come, I William Consaul send greeting in our Lord God everlasting. Know ye that I William CONSAUL for and in consideration of ye love, good will, and affection which I have and do bear towords my loveing frien[d] Francis CONSAUL of Princess Anne County, son to John CONSAUL, have given and grant[ed] and by these presents do freely, clearly and absolutely give and have delivered to ye said Francis CONSAUL and his heirs exors and assigns a sertian parcel or tract of land containing fift[y] acres more or less, it being the land whereone my father lived and dyed, being divide[d] from the land wherone John BUSHEY now lives by a beaver dam, it being parte of a patten[t] formerly granted to Col Anthony Lawson of fivelus hundred and six acres baring date 1684. I give ye said land to Francis CONSAUL and his heirs and assigns forever, my brother John CONSAUL and Mary his wife haveing ye use and ocqupation of ye same dureing ther natural life wi[th] all ye appurtenances wherin the said John CONSAUL now dwell as in any place of messuag whatsoever, To have and to hold all ye said land and all other ye premises unto ye said Francis CONSAUL his heirs exors and assings from henceforth as his and their proper land forever absolutely without andc and any manner of condition as I ye said William CONSAUL have absolutely and of my own accord set and put, in further testimony in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seale the second day of Aprel in the second yeare of ye reign of our sovereign Lord George, King of England and in the year of our Lord God 1729. William CONSAUL and seale [ ]xby his X mark CONSAUL Princess Anne: At a court held the 2d of Aprill 1729 There came William CONSAUL into court and acknowledged the within deed to FRAN CONSAUL and on ye motion of John CONSAUL ye same is ordered to be recorded [S]nd, Seald and Deld [in y]e presence of [ ] Hayner, Wm Credlo, [and Jo]hn his I mark Bushey (source: Princess Anne Co., Virginia, Deed Book 4)

1729 William CONSAUL came into court and acknowledged said gift of fifty acres of land more or less to Francis CONSAUL and made motion of John CONSAUL is ordered to be recorded. (source: Princess Anne Co., Virginia, Minute Book 4, pg. 18)

25 Mar 1731 GARDNER and CONSOLVO Indenture This indenture made the twenty fifth day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and thirty on this fourth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George the second, King of Britain between Richard GARDNER and Elisabeth his wife of the parish of Lynnhaven County of Princess Anne of the one part and John CONSOLVO of the same parish and county of the other part witnesseth that the said Richard GARDNER and Elisabeth his wife for in consideration of five shillings hereby acknowledge have bargained and sold and by those present do bargain and sell onto the said John CONSOLVO one hundred acres of Land more or less lying and being at the fork of a branch which parts ye about said land from the land whereon the said John CONSOLVO now lives and running up the said branch by it’s natural boundary to a line of Marsh across running water to a corner gum then by a line of Marsh and reversions and remainders and remainders together with the rents and profits of the parcel of land with appurtances and all and singular the promises therein unto the said John CONSOLVO his exor’s and assigns from and before this date and during this term of one whole year from ____ next issuing fully to be completed and so yielding and paying therefore yearly rent of one ___ per corn at the feast of St. Michael the archangel only if his sums be demanded to the ___ by virtue of those present and of the statue for transferring into the possession thereof and of all other premises bearable to accept of a grant of the reversion and inheritances thereof to him and his heirs in witness whereof the said Richard GARDNER and Elisabeth his wife have here unto set there hands and seals the day and year first above written.

Princess Ann Court held this 7th day of April 1731 Thus came Richard GARDNER and Elisabeth his wife into court and acknowledged within the said Elisabeth being first examined to John CONSOLVO on whose request the same is ordered to be recorded.

Richard Gardner and seal Elisabeth V. Gardner and seal Witnessed and Delivered by persons of William CONSOLVO and _____ Bushey (source: Princess Anne Co., Virginia Records)

5 Jul 1731 THIS INDENTURE made the fifth day of July in the year of our Lord Christ one thousand seven hundred and thirty one and in ye fifth year of ye reign of our Sovereign Lord George ye Second King of Great Britain and BETWEEN Maximilian Boush of the Co. of Princess of the one part and CONSOLVO of ye Co. aforesaid of ye other part WITNESSETH that ye said Maximilian BOUSH for and in consideration of ye sum of five shilings current money to him in hand paid by ye said William CONSOLVO, the receipt he doth hereby acknowledge, shall granted bargained and sold and by these presents doth grant bargain and sell unto ye said William CONSOLVO one certain tract and parcel of land scituate in ye Eastern Shore Swamp on the head of Linhaven River, being part of a pattent granted to ye said Maximilian BOUSH for two hundred and eleven acres bearing date ye twenty eighth day of September, one thousand seven hundred and thirty and is bounded as followeth: begining at a marked beech and running North Westerly seventy eight degrees by a line of marked trees to a three forked beech, a corner tree of Mr. Lewis Conners, then South East Seventy degrees four hundred pole to a red oak, then by a line of marked trees to ye first station beech, containing one hundred acres, and the reversion and reversions, remainder and remainders, together with ye rents and profits of the premises and of every part and parcel thereof TO HAVE AND TO HOLD said tract and parcel of land with its appurtenances and all and singular ye premises herein mentioned or intended to be hereby bargained and sold with their and every of their previledges and appurtenances unto ye said William CONSOLVO his executors and assigns from the day before ye date hereof for and during ye term of one whole year from thence next ensuing and fully to be compleat and ended yielding and paying therefore the yearly rent of one pepercorn at ffeast of St Michael the archangel, only if ye same be demanded to the intent that by virtue of these presents and of ye statute for transferring uses into possession ye said William CONSOLVO may be in ye actual possession and of all other ye premises and be enabled to accept a grant of ye reversion and inheritance thereof to him and his heirs IN WITNESS whereof ye said Maximilian BOUSH hath hereunto set his hand seal ye day and year first above written M Boush and seal Princess Anne: At a court held the 6 of October 1731 there came Major Maximilian BOUSH into court and acknowledged ye with lease (also Sarah wife of said Maximilian relinquished all her right of dower thereto) to William CONSOLVO, on whose motion ye same is ordered to be recorded (source: Princess Anne Co., Virginia, Deed Book 4, pg. 363)

1 Sep 1731 Isaac Talbot - sons Shadrach, Jesse and Jacob, wife Frances. Ex. John CONSOLBARE. Wit. Edward Owld, George Norris. (source: Princess Anne Co., Virginia Minute Book 4, pg 357)

13 May 1735 At a vestry held the 13th day of May 1735 Pg. 19 Pursuant to an order of Princess Anne Co. Court dated the 7th Instant requireing us to direct proscessioning of lands in our parish according to the act of assembly in that behalf made we do therefore order that the severall persons hereafter named in their several presincts warn in the inhabitants in their division to go and procession all the lands therein takeing care to comply with the said act.-persons appointed to perform prosessioning are William CONSAUL lower presinct Eastern Shore to begin the 1st and 2nd Munday in October. (note from Lanette: I did not include all the names that were listed in this document and spelling were left in the original form) (source: The Colonial Vestry Book of Lynnhaven Parish, Princess Anne Co., Virginia 1723-1786)

1737 Thomas CONSOLVO, 1 tithe, Flatt Creek, Amelia Co., Virginia (source: Amelia Co., Virginia Tithables, Virginia Magazine of History and Biography Vol. 34, pg. 256 )

4 Mar 1740 This indenture made the 4th day of March in the year of our Lord Christ one thousand seven hundred and forty between Richard GARNER and Elizabeth his wife of ye county of Princess Anne of ye one part and William CONSAUL of ye same place of ye other part. Witnessed that ye said Richard GARNER and Elizabeth his wife for in consideration of ye sum of five shillings currents money of Virginia to them in hand paid by the aforesaid William CONSAUL ye receipt thereof they do hereby acknowledge have bargained and sold by these present do bargain and sell unto the said William CONSAUL one certain parcel of land containing by estimation fifty acres more or less situated lying and being in ye said county of Princess Ann in ye Eastern Shore Swamp bounded as followeth vitz beginning at a maple standing at ye head of ye eastern fun in Col. Maximillion BOUSHES line thence running south west by a line of marked trees to a birch in the said William CONSAUL line thence easterly by a line of marked trees to a gum standing in the said eastern run thence bounding on the said BOUSHES line running up the said eastern run to the first station and ye reversioned remainder and remainders together with the rents and profits of ye premises herein mentioned or intended to be hereby sold with their and every of their appurtances unto ye said William CONSAUL, his exors, and assigns from ye day before ye date hereof for and during the term of one whole year from thence next ensuing and fully to be completed and ended yielding paying therefore yearly rent of one piper of corn at ye Feast of St Michael the Archangel only if ye same be lawfully demanded to ye intent that by virtue of these present and of the state for transferring uses into possession the said William CONSAUL may be in ye actual possession of the premises to be enables to take and accept of a grant of ye reversion and inheritance thereof to him and his heirs forever. In witness thereof ye said Richard GARNER and Elizabeth his wife had hereunto set their hand and fixed their seals the day and year first above written. Richard GARNER and Seal Princess Anne at a court held ye the fifth of March 1740. Then come Richard GARNER and Elizabeth his wife into court and acknowledged ye above lease (ye said Elizabeth being first privately examined) to William CONSAUL and on his motion ordered to be recorded. (note from Lanette: CONSAUL and CONSALVO are both used in this document.) (source: Deed Book 6, 1740-1747 Library of Virginia Microfilms)

14 Oct 1740 To John CONSOLVO for keeping Thomas GILBERT in Princess Anne Co., Virginia (source: Vestry Book of Lynnhaven Parish, Princess Anne Co., Virginia 1723-1786, Pg. 29)

1740 William CONSAUL, Princess Anne Co., Virginia 093 John CONSALVO, Lynnhaven, Princess Anne Co., Virginia 094 William CONSALVO, Princess Anne Co., Virginia 092 (source: Reconstructed 1740 Virginia State Census)

1741 On the motion that Anne Consalvo, widow of John CONSALVO deceased is ordered that _____ _______ sell all the deceased estate at public auction (?) According to court and make return thereof to the next court. (source: Princess Anne Co., Virginia Minute Book 5, pg. 137)

6 May 1741 Ordered that Francis CONSALVO be bound to William CONSALVO till he becomes of age that he teaches the said orphan to read and write and the trade of a house (?) Carpenter and carry him to the clerks office and take indentures to that purpose. (source: Princess Anne Co., Virginia Minute Book 5, pg. 137)

6 May 1741 The sale of JOHN CONSALVO, deceased, his estate being returned is ordered to be logged in the clerks office for benefit of his widow. (source: Princess Anne Co., Virginia Minute Book 5, pg. 137)

6 May 1741 John Cann having proved his claim against the estate of JOHN CONSALVO deceased to be fifteen shillings and one penny therefore ordered to be paid the same in this court. (source: Princess Anne Co., Virginia Minute Book 5, pg. 137)

6 May 1741 Thomas Garner having proved his claim against the estate of JOHN CONSALVO deceased to be 35 shillings, therefore ordered to be paid the same in this court. (source: Princess Anne Co., Virginia Minute Book 5, pg. 137)

9 Mar 1743 Pursuant to an order of Princess Anne County Court requiring us to cause a processioning of all land in our parrish according to the act of Assembly. We do therefore oreder that the severall persons thereafter named in their severall presincts warn in the habitants in their divisions to goe and procession all the lands therein taking care to comply with the said act. Persons appointed to perform processioning are: Henry CONSAULVO, John Lovett, Thomas Keeling, George Stiring the lower part of the Eastern Shore. (note from Lanette: there are other areas and names in this recorded document) ( source: Vestry Book of Lynnhaven Parish, Princess Anne Co., Virginia 1723-1786, Pg. 34)

2 Jun 1743 Ordered that Mary CONSALVO be bound to George Cutler till she be eighteen years of age that he teach the said orphan to sew and knit and spin and carry her to the clerks office and be indentured to that purpose. (note from Lanette: I believe this Mary Consalvo to be the daughter of John and Mary Consalvo. Mary was John’s first wife listed in 1727. He must have remarried to Ann after the death of Mary.) (source: Princess Anne Co, Virginia Minute Book 5, pg. 208, transcribed by Lanette K. Hewlett,

22 Apr 1746 On the motion of Louisa Co., Virginia Court: (about 20 names follow), John CONSOLVER for a road to be cleared on the ridge below the south and north Anna Rivers to Todd's Pass. (source: Louisa Co., Virginia Orders 1744-1748, Antient Press)

24 Apr 1746 Petition of David MILL, (many more names) John CONSOLVER for a road to be cleared on the ridge behind the south North Rivers. (source: Louisa County Historical Magazine, Vol. 16, pg. 40)

15 Jul 1746 Richard Garnor and wife Eliza deed of gift to daughter Mary 60 acres called Creedles. Wit: William CONSAUL, Sr., William CONSAUL Jr., Zacharias Boush. (note from Lanette: they are listed as Sr. and Jr. but this would technically be William II and III because William Sr. passed away about Jan. 1726) (source: Princess Anne Co., Virginia Minute Book 6, pg. 456)

12 Sep 1746 Marriage of Ann CONSAULVO and John DENNY in Princess Anne Co., Virginia (source: Virginia Marriages, 1740-1850)

23 Sep 1746 Louisa Co., Virginia Court Case: Thomas LANKFORD against John CONSOLVER In Case Dismist. (source: Louisa Co., Virginia Orders 1744-1748, Antient Press) 021404v1_LKH

26 Apr 1748 Louisa Co., Virginia Court Case: Thomas LANKFORD against John CONSOLVER This day came the Plt. by his attorney and the Deft. being returned arrested solemnly called came not; therefore it is ordered that unless the Deft. shall appear at the next Court and answer the Plt.'s action, Judgement shall be entered for the Plt. against him for what shall appear due with cost

16 Feb 1750 -20 Nov 1751 Richard Garnor - wife Elizabeth, son Adam, three children. Ex: wife and son-in-law William CONSAUL. Witness Henry Burgess, Frances (CONSAULV) Burgess. (note: Fanney CONSAULVO and Henry BURGESS Jr. were married 26 Jul 1785, something's fishy unless this date is wrong) (source: Princess Anne Co., Virginia Minute Book 7, pg 278.)

21 Aug 1752 At a vestry held Friday, August 21, 1752 To Mr. William CONSAUL for keeping Abegail Higgins 2 months and 9 days 250 lbs. Net Tobacco (source: The Colonial Vestry Book of Lynnhaven Parish Princess Anne Co., Virginia 1723-1786, pg. 47)

13 Oct 1752 To Mr. Matthew Pallet for keeping and burying John Burfoot: 400-lbs. of tobacco (note from Lanette: Matthew is the father of Elizabeth Pallet and we believe that John is the father of Robert Burfoot) (source: Vestry Book of Lynnhaven Parish, Princess Anne Co., Virginia 1723-1786, Pg. 47)

13 Oct 1752 To Mr. William CONSAUL for keeping Abigail Higgins 2 months and 9 days: 250-lbs. of tobacco (source: Vestry Book of Lynnhaven Parish, Princess Anne Co., Virginia 1723-1786, Pg. 47)

1753 Then came Joel Cornick into court and made oath that William CONSAUL, decd, departed this life without making any will so farr as he knows or believes, and on the motion of the said Joel and his performing what is usuall in such cases, certificate is granted him for obtaining letters of administration in due form. (source: Princess Anne Co., Virginia Minute Book 7, pg 18.)

19 Jun 1753 Inventory of the appraisement of the estate of William CONSUL Jr. Deceased 1 bed of furniture a L 3 2 chest 1 gun 1 bed wheel 1 broad ax 4 chairs 5 head cattle 1 __ chain 1 ewe A mare A parcel of pewter a potte a parcel of seder planks (probably cedar) 1 jug

In obedience to Princess Anne Court held the 15 May 1753 we have met at the late dwelling house of William CONSAUL Junior and have appraised all the estate that was presented to our view (?) And this is our report but now first sworn 2 May 1753.

Presented in court 19 June 1753 and order to be recorded. Edward Cannon Adam Keeling Battson Whitehurst (note from Lanette: Here is the inventory of William II and William III. This helped me know for sure that William the III died first, before his father William II. He was listed as Jr. Also notice the evolution of the name from CONSAUL to CONSAULVO and later on to CONSOLVER. It is no wonder so many researchers have been confused!) (source: Princess Anne Co., Virginia Deed Book 7, Pg. 485, transcribed by Lanette K. Hewlett,

17 Jul 1753 Inventory of the Estate of James Haynes by Joel Cornick in Princess Anne Co., Virginia, William CONSAULV, Alexander Poole. (source: Princess Anne Co, Virginia Deed Book 7, pg. 491)

18 Sep 1753 John Laumont deed of gift to children to Arthur, Thomas, Cornelius, Elizabeth and Lydia in Princess Anne Co., Virginia. Wit: Robert Patterson, Robert Burfoot, Kezia CONSAUL. (source: Princess Anne Co., Virginia Deed Book 7, pg. 516)

17 Dec 1753 The Estate of Mr. William CONSAUL, deceased To Mr. James Hunter.... To Cap Sayers.... To Cap Edw H Moseley.... To Mr Joel Cornick.... To Mrs Abigail Huggins.... To Mr John Keeling.... To William Biddle, for a coffin.... To Mr Alexr Poole....