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Knott Family Documents.

Knott, George - Homestead Application and Case Files

Homestead Application #35632, Minot, North Dakota, 26 September 1905
George H. Knott of Kenmare, North Dakota, paid $14 registration fee for the W1/2 of the NE1/4 and N1/2 SE1/4 of Sec 35, Twp 159, R92 [currently in Burke County, which was separated from Ward County in 1910] and provided a covering letter stating “that I am a native born citizen of the United States, and that I will be 21 years of age June 17, 1906; that my father died about six years ago without leaving any means of support for my old and feeble mother and three younger brothers and sister; that I have a brother 11 years and one 14 years of age and a sister 9 years of age; That I am the head of the family in that I have furnished all the means of support for my old and feeble mother and two young brothers and sister, and that I have furnished the exclusive support for the family ever since my father died six years ago to the present time and that I must and will continue to do so for the future, that my mother, brothers and sister have no other means of support except myself; that I am the head of the family in all that goes to furnish a home and neans [sic] of support for my old and feeble mother and brothers and sister.”
Signed George H. Knott
Witness, who swears that the above information is of his own knowledge true: Cassius M. Madden.

Notice of Intention to Make Proof, Minot, ND, 25 May 1908
I, George H. Knott, of Powers Lake ND, on 26 Sept 1905 made Homestead entry No. 35632 for W1/2 NE1/4 and N1/2 SE1/4, Sec 35, T159N, R92W of 5th Principal Meridian, give notice of my intention to make Final Commutation on the 23rd of July, with two of the following witnesses:
George C. Hammel, of Powers Lake; Dade Madden of Powers Lake
C. C. Knowleton, of Vanville; Elmer Stanwood of Vanville
With notice of above intention to be published in the Echo, Vanville, North Dakota (notice was published weekly beginning 19 June 1908 and ending 17 July 1908)

Homestead Proof, 23 July 1908, Kenmare, Ward County, ND
Testimony of Claimant, George H. Knott, 23 years of age, P.O. Powers Lake, ND, born Illinois, says that he established residence on 1 April 1907, with a frame house 8 by 12 feet, a barn 16 by 30 feet, a well, and 23 acres broken, total value $300; that he is unmarried and has lived continuously on the farm since establishing residence, except for two weeks when he was away working in a coal mine; that he has cropped 15 acres for two seasons
Testimony of Witness Charles C. Knowlton, age 64, PO Powers Lake, who agrees with above, except to say that 25 acres have been broken, total value $300
Testimony of Witness Dade Madden, age 25, PO Powers Lake ND, who lives 1/4 mile from claim and says claimant established residence November 1905, has not been absent since April 1907, that 17 acres have been cropped for two years, and total value is $350
On request for further proof of residence, George H. Knott swore on 15 Aug 1908: “That he lived on said land from Feby 1906 to April 1st 1906. Was teaching school in vicinity of said land April, May and June 1906 but returned to said land every Friday night and remained until Sunday afternoon. Was absent during August and Sept 1906 working. Was absent Oct, Nov and until Dec 15 except one week in Oct. Was on the land from Dec. 15th 1906 until Jany 1st 1907. Was absent again until April 1st 1907. Have made continuous residence since April 1st 1907. This land has been my home since Feby 1906.”

Patent Granted 5 April 1909, #54658
On 17 Aug 1908, Certificate of patent entitlement issued to George H. Knott, who paid $200 ($1.25/acre), for W1/2NE1/4, N1/2SE1/4, Sec 35, T159, R92, 5th Meridian West, containing 160 acres

Correspondence re: additional lands
Letter 24 July 1915, Powers Lake, ND
“Would I have the right to file on any more land in North Dakota?” Geo. H. Knott
Letter in reply, from Department of Interior
“if you still own and occupy the lands in your original homestead entry and there are any vacant designated lands adjoining”

Kratz, Carl - Court Martial

Record Group 153, Records of the Judge Advocate General’s Office (Army), Court-Martial Case File PP4858, National Archives and Records Administration

General Court Martial held at Fort Klamath, Oregon in the cases of Privates Edward Loney, Carl Kratz, and William Dalton, Company B 1st Cavalry, 22 November 1875.
Case 2 – Private Carl Kratz, Company B, 1st Cavalry was arraigned in the following charges and specifications:
Charge 1st: Desertion
Specification: In this that he, Private Carl Kratz, B Company, 1st Cavalry, a duly enlisted soldier of the Army of the United States did desert the service and his company at Fort Klamath Oregon on the evening of the 16th of October 1875 and did remain absent until apprehended at or near Rogue River Bridge, Oregon on the 20th of October 1875. Thirty dollars paid for his apprehension.
Charge 2d: Theft to the prejudice of good order and military discipline.
Specification. In this that he, Private Carl Kratz, B Company, 1st Cavalry, did feloniously take, steal and carry away, one Springfield Carbine the property of the United States and for which Captain James Jackson 1st Cavalry, is responsible.
All this at Fort Klamath, Oregon, on or about the 16th day of October, 1875.
To which charges and specifications the accused pleaded Guilty
The prosecution here closed
First Sergeant Thomas Cunningham, Co. B, 1st Cavalry, a witness for defence was duly sworn.
Question by defence – Was or was not the Carbine the prisoner took away with him, returned when he was apprehended?
Answer – It was returned by the men that brought the prisoner back.
The accused having no other testimony to offer made the following statement:
“I went across the river with the other two men and had no intention of deserting but got under the influence of liquor and the first thing I heard was Reveille and I was afraid to come back.”
The Judge Advocate submitted the case, without remark, to the Court, which was thereupon cleared and closed for deliberation. After mature deliberation upon the evidence adduced, the court confirms the plea of the prisoner and finds him:
Guilty of 1st and 2nd Charges and Specifications and does therefore sentence him, Private Carl Kratz, Company B 1st Cavalry, “to forfeit to the United States all pay and allowances that are or may become due him, except the just dues of the laundress; to be dishonorably discharged the service and thereafter to be confined, at hard labor, in such military prison, as the Commanding General may direct for the period of four (4) years wearing a ball, twelve (12) pounds in weight, attached to one of his legs by a chain three (3) feet long.”
The Court then proceeded to other business.

Headquarters Department of the Columbia, Portland, Oregon, December 16, 1875
The proceedings, findings and sentence in the foregoing case of private Carl Kratz Company B 1st Cavalry, are approved.
So much of the sentence as relates to wearing a ball twelve (12) pound in weight attached to a chain three (3) feet long, is remitted.
As mitigated the sentence will be duly executed at Fort Klamath, Oregon.
O. O. Howard, Brigadier General Commanding

Phiefer, John - Naturalization Papers

Petition for Naturalization
District Court of Kandiyohi County, Minnesota
John Pheifer, resident of Town of Whitefield, Kandiyohi County, Minnesota, P.O. Raymond, R3
Occupation Farming
Born 10 January 1866 at Holwerd, Netherlands
Emigrated from Amsterdam, Netherlands on 14 April 1885 on the vessel Edam and arrived in the United States on the 28th of April 1885
Declared intention to become a citizen of the United States on 31 October 1896 at Willmar, Minnesota in the District Court of Kandiyohi County
Married to Bertha, who was born in Rugan [sic] Germany
My children are Alice, b. 21 Mar 1897; John Gilbert, born 28 October 1899, and Leonard born 26 October 1901, all in Kandiyohi county, Minnesota; Sadie born 2 September 1903 in Douglas County, South Dakota; and Clarence born 17 December 1905 in Kandiyohi County, Minnesota.
That I have resided continuously in the United States since 28 April 1885 and in the State of Minnesota since the 10th of February 1903
Signed John Pheifer,
Filed 28 June 1915
Witnesses: J. E. Poortinga, carpenter, Town of Willmar
Geo. A. Huisinga, student, Danube, Minnesota
Oath of Allegiance Sworn 4 October 1915
Certificate of Naturalization No. 499635