MySource:GayelKnott/Reuben Jones Autograph Book

MySource Reuben Jones Autograph Book
Place Iowa, United States
North Dakota, United States
Minnesota, United States
Year range 1882 - 1944
Surname Jones
Reuben Jones Autograph Book.

Excerpts from her father's autograph book, with some commentary, were provided by Lila Campbell in various emails in late 1997-early 1998.

Reuben had an autograph book that he treasured and saved-- for 75 years!
On the first page:
Reuben Pettijohn Jones; birth date April 21, 1882
Arrived at Tioga (North Dakota) June 24, 1903

Another entry reads:
September 18th, 1944
Packing goods for the move to Adams, MN after
41 years & 3 months in this locality.
Sold farm to Henry Hoseth March 23, 1945, at
Williston, N. D. First National Bank
R. P. J.

Family Autographs
Rodman, Iowa
Feb 15, 1895
Dear brother Rubey.
When I am oald
and can not see
shut youre eyes
and think of Me
Your brother
S L Jones

Rodman, Iowa
Feb 15, 1895
Dear Brother Rube,
I dip my pen into the ink
And grasp your album tight
But for my life I cannot think
one single word to write.
Maggie G. Jones

Rodman, Iowa Feb 15, 1895
Brother Ruben
When Far from home
And friends are few
You will find goot youse
for a dollar or too.
G. D. Jones

Feb 17, Rodman, Iowa
Brother Ruben
Remember me Dear Brother
When long long years have fled
When you are young and happy
And I perhaps am dead.
Your Sister Mary

Osgood (Iowa) Feb 3, 1896
Excuse mistakes and
blunder for when it
rains it sometimes thunders.
H. Jones

Milford, Iowa
Feb. 24, 1901
Dear Brother,
Remeber me when this you see
If only half awake.
Remember me on your wedding day,
And send me a piece of cake.
Your Sister
Neva Jones

Milford, Iowa
Feb. 24, 1901
Dear Brother,
In that book of life, God's Album, may you pen your name with care,
And may all who here have written, write their name forever there.

Other contributors in his autograph book included:
Robert Penn, 3/4/1896 Hoprig, IA
Mrs. Hannah Conine, Osgood, IA 5/2/1902