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Reece Family Church Records.


Vera Reese Tranter

Trantor, Vera Reese, compiler. "Reese Family of John Benjamin William". TS, nd.; Indiana State Library ISL 929.2 R329t
Letter, 8 Oct 1940, Leo T. Crismon, Assistant Librarian, Library Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY, to Mrs. Vera Reese Tranter
In the Mountain Island Church Minutes we have found the following:
“Dec. 1806 A letter of Dismission granted to Brother Reace.”
John Reace, Moderator - -- Jan. 1802 – Jan. 1807”

p. 2 – The following church letter is a prized possession of a member of the family:
“The Fourteen mile Church of Jesus Christ, Clark, County, Indiana, January 19, 1822.
Holding the doctrine of Gods everlasting love to his people, Justification by the imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ. Effectual calling by irresistible Grace final perseverance of the Saints through Grace to Glory, believes baptism by emerstion Reserection of the dead and eternal Judgement. To any Church of the same faith and order we would recommend our bother, John Reese and sister Jane his wife as members in good standing and full fellowship with us, and when received by you no more under our care, done by order of the Church. Walter Wheatly, Clk. [”]


Great Crossings Baptist Church

“The Great Crossings Church Records, 1795-1801”. Leland Winfield Meyer, ed., in Register of the Kentucky Historical Society. Vol. 34, January, April 1936; FHL #0896513
pp. 4-5 – Charter members (1785) did not include the Reeses; they were present as of June [1795?]
p. 8 – 2 Jan 1796 – Brother Rease among those members appointed to visit non-attending members to talk with them and to Cite them to attend next meeting.
pp. 17-18 –Aug 1798 – “]Broth’r John Rease being distrest (& others also) with Sister Dooley for not attending meeting Broth’r Rease is to visit her & converse with her about her Neglect for not attending Meeting”
p176 – 31 October 1800 – “The Church agree that Broth’r Rease & Broth’r James Suggit Exercise their Gifts as to (crossed out) of Exortation (in the Bounds of the Church) (words in parenthesis crossed out)”
p. 179 – A List of Men – John Rease, Rec’d by Letter (name crossed out)

History of Great Crossings church, 1785-1876.; FHL #0156889
p. 1 - Baptist Church of Great Crossings originated 28 & 29 May 1785 (3rd or 4th church North of Kentucky River) ; members (adopted Philadelphia Confession of faith) Cave, Suggett, Robert Johnson, Ficklinn, Gibbs, Bradley, Collins, Shipp, Herndon/Bohannon, Bradley, Leeman
p. 3 - Members were disciplined for fighting, swearing, drunkenness, speaking evil of a brother, gambling, buying lottery tickets, managing lotteries, having connection with racing, dancing, or anything of that nature
p. 4 - Great Revival of 1800-1801 brought many new members to the church
p. 5 - 1st June 1801 permission granted to members residing on Eagle Creek to constitute "Mountain Island" Church. [I]n January 1802, a letter of dismission was granted to John Rease, who had been licensed to preach by the Crossings Church in 1801 to take the pastoral care of it." During this period, a pastor was paid by members, frequently $40-$100/year
p. 6 - in 1801 or 1802 John Rease was one of two "messengers" sent by Great Crossings Church to the convention to urge the union of Elkhorn association and South KY Assn.

Mountain Island Baptist Church

B. O. Gaines History of Scott County.
p. 77 - on first Sunday of June 1801 permission granted to 27 members on Eagle Creek to constitute Mountain Island Church; in Jan 1802 a letter of dismission was granted to John Rease who had been licensed to preach by the Crossings Church in 1801 to take pastoral care of Mountain Island.

A History of Kentucky Baptists: from 1769 to 1885, John H. Spencer and Burrilla B. Spencer.
p. 340 – “John Reese was among the early settlers on Eagle Creek, and is supposed to have gathered Mountain Island Church on the eastern border of what is now Owen County as early as 1802. He ministered in this church a few years, and then moved to Indiana, where he spent the remainder of his life.”
“Benjamin Lambert succeeded John Reese as pastor of Mountain Island church, as early as 1813 – perhaps several years earlier. About the last named date, he established a preaching [p. 341] place near Muscle Shoals on Eagle Creek, Here he gathered a church . . . Oct. 11, 1817. To this congregation, which took the name of Muscle Shoals, and to the church at Mountain Island, he continued to minister till 1820. At that date, he followed his predecessor to Indiana. . . . Mountain Island church was finally absorbed by that of Muscle Shoals.”

Long Lick Baptist Church

Longlick Baptist Church Records, 1805-1954
Long Lick Church Book 1805 [1844] - "At the request of several Brethern: The great Crossing Church grant a Constitution at Longlick, 23rd day of March 1805 . . . Present Elder Joseph Redding, Elder John Rees, and Lambert . . . ."
"Rules for the government of this Church"
"1 - It shall be the duty of the Moderator to Sing and pray, or at least pray, after which to give notice and time for matters of complaint in gospel [aides] to be brought forward." Visitng Brethern in good standing may take part in debates but not vote
p. 1 - 4th Sat March 1805, John Rees Moderator (1st meeting)
4th Sat April 1805 - John Vawter Rec'd by Letter. Chosen Moderator. John Rees Moderator (2nd meeting)
p. 3 - "At a Call'd Church meeting held at the home of Ezekiel Shirley. The Brethren being dissatisfied with Bro: John Rees for some of his conduct towards Brother John Vawter in our last Church meeting [when no work was done], think it expedient to appoint Brethern Ange Shirley, and Ezekiel Shirley to visit him, and report to our meeting whether he Justifies himself in such conduct." 30 November 1805, John Vawter, Moderator
Meeting 4th Sat in Dec. 1805 - The reference respecting Bro: Rees dismissed.
Meeting 4th Sat Jan 1806 - Reference respecting Bro. Rees continued.
p. 4 - Meeting 4 Sat Feb 1806 - Took up the reference respecting Brother Rees, and the Brethern say, that the said Bro: acknowledges to their satisfaction which gave universal satisfaction to the church
p. 7 - 4th Sat Aug 1806 - John Johnson becomes moderator


Account of John Vawter, Mount Pleasant Church

Jefferson County, Indiana Family Records(FHL #0850418)
Account of John Vawter, written ca. 1850
Elder Jesse Vawter, John Taylor, Philemon Vawter, John Reese were early settlers and only resident ministers in vicinity of Madison
In 1807, March, Baptist Church organized, called Crooked Creek Church, later Mount Pleasant Church

Fourteen Mile Creek/New Washington Baptist Church

14 Mile Baptist Church Records, 1807-1836. TS, anonymous transcriber. MSS 24, Hamilton Library Archives, Franklin College, Franklin, Indiana
p. 1 – Constitution adopted 19 September 1807
Founding members included William Goodin, Isaac McCoy
Members of Silver Creek Church, inc.: John Reese, Jean Reese, Gean Coovert, Sarah Huff, Chas. Johnson, Sarah Johnson, Hanna Brenton, Margaret Storm
Members of New Washington include [NB – nd] as above, plus Joseph Reace
p. 2 – and John and Nancy Webb, Nancy Reace
P. 2 - Meeting 17 Oct 1807 – John Reace Moderator, Chas Johnson Clerk. [Continued until 20 Jan 1810 for Chas Johnson, 17 Nov 1810 for John Reese]
p. 3 – meetings at Abraham Huffs – on Saturday before 3rd Sunday
June 1808 – meeting place changed to Charles Johnson’s
p. 6 – 16 Dec 1809 – “[A]greed to send a letter to the Silver Creek Church that we believe it is disorderly for Brother Reace to attend them in the administration of baptism and the Lord’s Supper as we are not joined to the same union.”
p. 6 - 20 Jan 1810 – Meeting held at James Stark’s;
p. 7 – 17 Feb 1810 – Brother Reace query – whether Charles Johnson can serve church as their deacon, being a magistrate of the civil government. Answer: No.; Meetings now alternately a James Stark’s and Charles Johnson’s
p. 8 –17 Nov 1810 – Jonathon D. Stark as Moderator [until 16 Feb 1811]
p. 11 – 18 Apr 1812 – Church met at school house
p. 11 – 6 May 1812 – Joseph Reese came forward and gave relationship to the satisfaction of the church and is to be baptized tomorrow.
p. 12 - 9 Jan 1813 – Brother Joseph Reese appointed clerk on absence of Brother [Johnson] clerk [note: this was temporary, for times when Chas Johnson was away temporarily]
p. 12 – no meetings in Sept and Oct 1812, “was on account of the alarm that took place on account of the Indens [sic].”
p. 14 - 21 May 1814 – Sister Nancy Reese came forward and gave a relation to the church. To be baptized. (John Reese [temp] Clerk)
p. 15 – 16 April 1814 –Brother John Reace confessed to drinking too much spirited liquor and his distress at his conduct, to satisfaction of the Church. (Bother George James was Moderator, this time only)
p. 16 – 19 Feb 1815 – Brother Joseph Reese appointed Deacon
p. 16 – 17 Sep 1814 – church to send out subscription to raise money to build a meeting house on land provided by Brother John Webb. Brothers Charles Johnson and Joseph Reese to look after and attend to the business.
p. 22 – “There was a report in circulation in the neighborhood that Brother John Reese at a certain log rolling at his own house had been in toxicated [space in original] and had talked unseemly and only one brother being present when before the church stated that he thought that it was so. But the brother charged denied the charge and rather justified himself and said that he would rather that the church would call for some helpers from other churches and the confusion was so great that the church broke up in division.” (George James Moderator)
23 June 1817 – church decided to call for help. Brother George James to ask Pigeon Roost, Brother Joseph Reese to Mount Pleasant
p. 23 – 16 Aug 1817 – John Reese Moderator
p. 24 – 18 April 1818 – “Brother Charles Johnson being unhappy with his membership in the Fourteen Mile church which unhappiness is known to the church and he applied to the church for a letter of dismission and his request was granted so that brother is considered to be dismissed from us when joined to any other church of same father and son on ___” . . . Brother Johnson stated that he was unhappy at some words that were spoken and called for a letter, granted and then recalled. (Joseph Reese clerk)
p. 26 – [1818? 1819?] – Brother Charles Johnson and his wife Sarah and Margaret Storm ask for letters of dismission. Granted. “The church having heard Brother Charles Johnson’s understanding of the gospel and think it proper to give him License. Brother Joseph Reese is chosen to act as clerk . . .” p. 31 – 17 Feb 1821 – decision to build a house of worship in or near the town of New Washington
p. 31 – 21 April 1821 seems to be last time Joseph Reese acted as clerk, no discussion in minutes
p. 31 - 21 April 1821 – Sister Sallie Reese came forward and was received to be baptized
p. 33 – 17 Nov 1821 – Brother and sister Cole, Brother Joseph Reese and wife and Sister Pounds granted letters of dismission.
p. 33 –Dec 1821 – Brother Reece has heard a report that Brother George Roe is indulging people in intoxication and immoral conduct. (19 Jan 1822 – Brother Roe “gave satisfactory acknowledgment”)
10 Feb 1822 – Wm. Roe Moderator. “A motion was made that the mind of the church be taken whether exhibited by Brother John Reese at our last monthly meeting against Brother Cole [who has been co-Moderaor on alternate months] as a sower of discord be correct or not. . . . [T]he church agreed unanimous that the charge is incorrect. A motion made to that Bother Cole be invited to take charge of this church as pastor. It was unanimously agreed to.”
p. 34 – 20 July 1822 – A motion made and seconded to advise the association to correspond with the Baptist Board of Foreign Missions. Carried.
p. 36 – 15 March 1823 – Brother Benjamin Reese came forward and gave relation of his experience and was received.
p. 37 – 10 Aug 1823 – name of church changed from Fourteen Mile to New Washington.
p. 39 – 15 May 1824 – In consequence of the infirmity of Brother Wm Roe the church appointed Brother |Benjamin Reese to succeed him as signing [sic] clerk [but note, James Owens seems to be Clerk, replacing Walter Wheatley]
p. 41 – List of members [~ 16 April 1825], inc. William Roe and wife, Haley H. Roe, Sally Reese, Benj. Reese, William Stucker, Elizabeth Russell, Everlina Goodin, Anna Johnson, Polly Snow
p. 42 – 21 May 1825 – a letter rec’d from Silver Creek Church respecting Brother John Reese standing. A Motion made and second to take it up. Thirdly to lay it over to next meeting.
15 July 1825 – Brother John Reese came forward and returned his letter to be prepared for to send to the association. Brother Benj. Reese appointed deacon.
p. 43-44 – Brother John Reese Moderator 18 Nov and 17 Dec 1825, 15 April 1826
p. 46 – 19 May 1827 – Brother Reese accused of immoral conduct with Dennis Caine’s family. Brothers Samuel Wark and Thurston said there was no such conduct for they were with him. This should [sic] have taken place near Vernon in Jennings County. Brother Reese acquitted of charge, by order of church. Dennis Caine found guilty of immoral conduct and false charges and excluded from church.
p. 51 – 22 Nov 1829 – Benjamin Reese Moderator (and continues to be)
p. 55 – 18 Oct 1834 – Letters of dismission granted to Sally Tetrick, Anny Johnson, Benjamin Reese, Sally Reese.
[Note, this is when minutes end]

Silver Creek Baptist Church

Minutes and Rolls, Silver Creek Baptist Church, 1798-1837 (FHL #1455339)
November 12, 1808 - Bro John Reece Chosen as Moderator
1 February 1809
"The Church Met, and after prayer to God, proceeded to Business -- 1st a Moderator Chosen -- 2nd Members to a seat Invited -- 3rd Enquiry made for peace -- 4th A Complaint Laid Before the Church against Bro. John Royce -- 5th Question will the Church take it up -- 6th Ansr The Church take the case into Consideration, and Deem it Necessary to Cite him to attend next meeting By Letter - 7th [The Clerk to write the Letter and send it] presenting therein the Grievence of the Church with him - 8th Door opened for Experience or Letter Dismissed John Reece M.D.R James McCoy Clerk"
11 March 1809 - Bro. Reece to reprove Bro Coombs for Liquor to Excess
John Reece continued as Moderator through 11 November 1809, at which time another individual from Harrod's Creek Church became Moderator. John Reece was never a member of the church.

History of the Oldest Baptist Church in Indiana by W. H. McCoy, Franklin, IN
p. 2 - Charleston Baptist Church is an offspring of Baptist Church on Owens Creek organized 22 Nov 1798 according to the Principles of the Baptist Confession of Faith adopted at Philadelphia 1765; constituted by Brother Isaac Edwards; members = John & Sophia Fishler, John & Cattern Pettet; Isaac Edwards from KY
p. 3 – after meeting in members houses, a first church was built 1804/[05??] “on Silver Creek, near the mouth of sinking Fork” in 1823 a new building (brick) was agreed upon, althou church had grown old and dilapidated and was too small by Feb 1818
p. 4 – name changed from “Fourteen mile” to “Silver Creek” about 1803 – was a member of Salem Baptist Assn of KY in 1812, Silver Creek Baptist Assn formed
p. 4-5 - May 1829, a schism, majority renounced Articles of Faith, following teaching of Alexander Campbell in "Christian Baptist", emphasized "salvation by works" and in order to avoid, original members rejected missionary work, a salaried ministry, Sunday Schools, tract & temperance societies.
p. 5 - both groups called themselves the “Silver Creek Baptist Church” and continued to use the building, the majority (Campbellites) on 4th Sunday, the minority (“true” Baptists) on 2nd Sat. until 1834
In 1834 majority built a new church nearby, became the Silver Creek Christian Church. Original church became the Charlestown Baptist Church
p. 12 - 11 March 1809 – Bro. Reece to reprove and forgive a member who "expressed disatisfaction with himself on account of his liquor to excess"; other "disciplines"
p. 15 - 1st minister ordained = James Abbet in 14 Feb 1802 by Council of members from Buck Creek, Elk Creek, Harrod's Creek, Long Run Creek, KY pp. 23-24 - Minsters between 1788-1829: Esaac Edwards, Hinson Hobbs, James Abott, Wm. Keller, Wm. McCoy Sr., George Waller, ___ Allen, John Reece, Jonathan Stark, ____ Buckley, John Wilson, John T. Littell, Absalom Littell
a J. Reece served as minister between 1834 and "present"
no Reece.... served as Deacon, who was responsible for the "pecuniary concerns of the church"

Silver Creek Baptist Association

Silver Creek Association (Counties of Clark, Floyd, Washington, Scott, Jefferson and Jennings). From Indiana Baptist History, 1798-1908, by William T. Stott. RootsWeb, 24 Aug 2008
This Association was organized in 1812 and named for the oldest church; besides, the first meeting was. held with this church. The churches that went into the organization were Silver Creek, Mount Pleasant, near Madison, Fourteen Mile, Knob Creek, Upper Blue River, Lower Blue River, Camp Creek and Salem; the ordained ministers were Elders Jesse Vawter, Philemon Vawter his brother, William McCoy and John Reece.
It was not unusual to have queries as to doctrines or duties presented at the Association; one for 1819 was: "Can an orderly set of brethren constitute themselves into a church state!" Answer: "We see no scripture reason why a number of orderly brethren may not constitute themselves into a church; yet, for the sake of church union we think it commendable to obtain the advice of neighboring churches." Another deliverance at that session is worthy of note: "The Association recommends to the churches to send up short letters and omit the Articles of Faith unless they have changed their faith.
The Circular letter of the same year deals with an important matter, namely, whether the churches should adopt a statement of beliefs. The answer is in the affirmative, and the reasons are given: First, it does not ignore nor subordinate the scriptures; second, it lets the world know what we understand the Bible to teach, and so puts us in a position to refuse membership to such as might use that privilege to deny our doctrines and paralyze our best efforts.
The statistics for 1826 give twenty-eight churches, thirteen ordained ministers, and a total membership of 1,015. In 1827 a considerable number of members withdrew to join in forming the Coffee Creek Association. The prosperity was never as great afterwards as it had been hitherto, and yet the statistics for 1828 show thirteen churches, five ordained ministers and 515 members. The Annual Baptist Register for 1838 gives fifteen churches and 622 members. We know that the teachings of Alexander Campbell had already begun to affect some of the churches of the Association. As a result, four or five churches had withdrawn to join the Lost River Association which was known to be strongly under the influence of Parkerism.

Coffee Creek Baptist Association

History of Coffee Creek Baptist Association. Original Publication 1883, available at the Indiana State Library
p. 9 – Coffee Creek Asn covers western part of Jefferson County, southern part of Jennings, eastern part of Scott, organized in 1827
p. 16 – first settlers – felled trees, piled in windrows, planting doen between trunks by lifting soil with a hoe and depositing the seed. Cultivation also by hoe – too many green roots for a plow
harvested corn was either beaten in a wooden mortar or ground in a hand mill; salt and a few other necessities purchased at Ohio River and carried by horseback
p. 18 – early Baptist Churches: Owen’s Creek, Clark County, 1798 by Elder Isaac Edwards of KY, became Silver Creek, then Charlestown Church
p. 23 – Early Baptists: Philadelphia Confession of Faith: salvation by grace for those who believe,; [p. 24] also infants and imbeciles who have never voluntarily transgressed; Baptism is an ordinance, and is immersion in water, a symbol of burial and resurrection of Christ
p. 25 – Officers: Bishops or Pastors, Deacons; Pastors called Elders – preach, visit house to house, administer ordinances of baptism and communion Deacons assisted Pastors and looked out for the poor
Business Meeting – began with scripture, praise and prayer, reception of new members [who] needed unanimous support of the congregation
p. 26 – to become a minister: given leave to preach in own church; if satisfactory, allowed to preach in neighboring churches; eventually application was made to sister churches to send messangers to help in examination of candidate and if successful he was “set apart” by a service of prayer and imposition of hands
p. 27 – concern for discipline inc. failure to attend regularly, attendance at balls or other demoralizing places, excess use of liquor, profane language, disrespect of other church members, unnecessary work on [p. 28] Sabbath, “equivocating or overreaching”, taking advantage in trade p. 28 – church independence maintained
p. 143-146 – Elder Jesse Vawter, b. 1 Dec 1755, VA, d. 20 Mar 1838, IN; m. Elizabeth Watts in 1781, moved to NC, then to Scott County, KY in 1790, ordained at North Fork of Elkhorn in 1805; 1806, lost land due to defective title, moved to just north of present city of Madison [Jefferson County, IN], formed Mount Pleasant Church 1807
p. 145 - in 1831 Mount Pleasant was disbanded because of new church in Madison
p. 146 – organization of Silver Creek Association in 1812 by Jesse Vawter, bro Philomen, John Reece and Wm McCoy