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Brunswick, Virginia, United States
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Formation of Brunswick County

Brunswick County was formed in 1720, joining on the east the then boundaries of Surry and Isle of Wight Counties, and on the west the Blue Ridge mountains, the Nottoway River on the north, and North Carolina on the south. Its original territory included about 12 of Virginia's present counties. Apparently because of the sparse population, Brunswick had no court until 1732; records for the region until 1732 were filed in Prince George County.

Beginning in 1732, Brunswick had its own court and thus records for the region begin in this year. In 1732, Surry County and Isle of Wight County ceded portions to Brunswick on the east. In 1734, a small portion in the north was ceded to Amelia County. In 1746, the present western line of the county was made when the then Lunenburg County was formed to include the region to the Blue Ridge. In 1781, the eastern boundary changed with the forming of Greensville County, and again in 1787 when the south east portion of the county was ceded to Greensville, to make the present borders of Brunswick County.

The whole county was the Parish of St Andrew beginning 1720. In 1754, the parish was divided in two: The land north of the Meherrin River retained the name of St Andrew Parish, and all the land south of Meherrin River became Meherrin Parish. 1

  1. Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr., abstractor. Brunswick County, Virginia Deed Books, Volume 1, 1732-1745 (Lawrenceville, Virginia: Stephen E. Bradley, Jr., 1997), Introduction; preceding paragraph states Brunswick County has the good fortune of having an excellent book concerning its history (unfortunately out of print at this time in 1998, but plans are under way to issue a new edition). The information to follow is from Gay's careful analysis and research.

Jackson Families in Brunswick County