What is a Portal?

Portal pages provide an overview of a selected topic on a single page. They are another way to navigate the content here at WeRelate.

How can I find a list of Portals?

How do I create a new Portal page?

  • Portal is a WeRelate Namespace. If you would like to create your own Portal page, go to the blue menu bar, choose Add - Other Page. Choose Portal from the Namespace drop-down box, and then title your page!
  • A Basic Layout with Instructions page is available for you to use. This page is protected against edits, but you are encouraged to copy and paste the code into your own Portal Page.

Customizing the Basic Layout with Instructions page

Each section box is a self-contained procedure that contains 3 variables: Title, Color, and Content. All of the other wiki and HTML code is behind-the-scenes at {{Template:Portal (without footer)}} (this template page is protected against edits). The following items can be edited as you create your own unique Portal page:

  • The Portal Header and its content at the top of the page
  • The number of and placement of section boxes
  • The content of each section box, including Title, Color, and Content.

How is the Basic Layout with Instructions page organized?

  • The layout begins with the top header box, where you may edit the title and box text. The left-content is next. These are each of the individual boxes that make up the left column of the Portal page. The right-content follows, with each of the boxes that make up the right column.

Adding or deleting a section box

If you want to add a section box, just copy and paste the block of code between (and including) the squiggly brackets:

|title=Add your own header here!
|color=rgb(216, 191, 216)
Add your text here

Want to delete a box? You can delete that same block of code to remove a box from your Portal.

Changing colors

  • The color of each section box is customizable. They can be entered in either HEX or RGB format.
    • HEX format for Blue would be #0000FF
    • RGB format for Blue would be RGB (0, 0, 255)
  • See Wikipedia:List_of_colors for additional color options, or click here for a handy HEX to RGB color converter.