Family:William King and Dorothy Hayne (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? 17 Feb 1615/16 Sherborne, Dorset, EnglandAbbey Church of St. Mary
abt 1623/24 England
Abt 1625/26 Suffolk, England
10 Jun 1692
Bef 1684
27 Apr 1662

From Great Migration: In 1902 Lucy D. Akerly (and apparently Rufus King) took note of the marriage at Sherborne, Dorset, on 17 February 1616/7 of William King and Dorothy Hayne, and suggested that this marriage pertained to this immigrant [NYGBR 33:71]. In 1918 J. Gardner Bartlett stated (without providing any evidence or argumentation) that William King had two wives, of whom Dorothy was the second, and that he had four children with each of these wives [Bushnell Anc 31-32].

These two hypotheses are mutually exclusive. The English marriage record is certainly possible, but it seems a few years too early, based on both the approximate age of William and the ages of his children. Bartlett may have based his arrangement of the family on the apparent gap of six years between the birthdates of the fourth and fifth children. The gap is not, however, as great as this, and the total range of dates of birth for the eight children, from about 1623 to 1641, are well within the range of the fertility span of a single woman. We do not subscribe to either of these hypotheses, and simply state that William had a single wife Dorothy, surname unknown.