Family:William Dugger and Martha Unknown (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? Before 1745 Brunswick, Virginia, United States
aft. 1796

Proof of Marriages

A deed dated 26 Jun 1750 proves that William Dugger's wife at that time was named "Martha." (Brunswick Co., VA Deed Book 4 page 161).

Other researchers (from long ago) showed William also married to a Margaret, but so far I've seen no evidence for this marriage.

William Dugger died ca 1773 and a widow Mary Dugger then appeared in the records where he died. There is no direct evidence that she was his widow, but it seems most likely.


No direct evidence has been found proving any children for William Dugger Sr. Circumstantial evidence is strong that the following five Duggers were siblings to one another, and they all would seem to be William's children, though as noted, there is no direct proof:

  1. Rebecca Dugger (c1745), wife of James Guinn
  2. Benjamin Dugger (c1747-1815)
  3. William Dugger (1750-1839)
  4. Mary Dugger (1750/60-1836), wife of 1-Drury Goodin; 2-Jacob Smith
  5. Julius Dugger (1760-1838)

John Dugger (c1741-c1810) of Granville, Brunswick and Columbus Counties, North Carolina could be a son of William. He did appear in Granville just after William was there. Other than that, and the fact that John named his oldest son "William" there is nothing solid to connect them.

There may be other children as well, but these are almost certainly William's children, though proof is lacking. John Preston Arthur had this to say about the family

There were three Dugger brothers who came from Scotland and stopped awhile near Petersburg, VA., named Benjamin, Daniel and Julius. Ben stopped at Yadkin Elk, Daniel went to Kentucky and Julius settled near Fish Springs on the Watauga River, Tennessee. It was from Julius' children that the Banner's Elk Duggers descended." (A History of Watauga County, North Carolina. John Preston Arthur. 1915. p. 222)

Mr. Arthur's work confirms, or seems to confirm that Benjamin and Julius are brothers. Daniel who went to Kentucky was actually Benjamin's son, not his brother. He did not mention who the parents of these brothers were though.

Mrs. W. M. Vaught (Elizabeth Carriger) wrote about the family too, though her data is a little mixed up, referring to them as children of the mythical Julius C. Dugger

Children as known, of Julius Dugger, Sr., and wife: William, born 1750. Julius, Jr. born 1760. Mary, married, first Lawson Goodwin; second Jacob Smith. Julius Dugger, Sr., had two brothers. Ben settled at Brushy Fork, N.C. Five generations of his descendants are buried in Brusy Fork Burying Ground. David settled in Kentucky. (Tennessee Records Tombstone Inscriptions and Manuscripts Historical and Biographical, compiled by Jeannette Tillotson Acklen (and others) for the DAR, 1933. p 292)

Mrs. Vaught's work shows that William, Julius (1760) and Mary were siblings. She places Benjamin as a brother of their father and adds David Dugger of Kentucky to the mix, probably referring to Arthur's "Daniel" Dugger of Kentucky, who as noted earlier was Benjamin's son, not a brother.