Family:William Davis Hawkins and Ann Unknown (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? c1790 Md Or Pa
c1791-93 PA or MD
18 Apr 1795 Harford Co, MD
c1797 MD
1800 MD
c1800 PA
aft 10 May 1853
15 Dec 1886 Allegheny Co, PA
18 Sept 1864 PA


William Davis Hawkins, Wife Ann, and Children

Wife Ann

William D. Hawkins married Ann (surname unknown) sometime by 1790, presumably in either PA or MD. Maryland marriage records as well as those of York Co, PA have been searched but nothing has been found to date. Ann’s tombstone states, “Our Mother, Ann, wife of William D. Hawkins, Esquire, died December 29, 1860, aged 80 years 82 days.”

Hawkins, Ann; wf of Wm1860 80 yrs 82 days Hawkins, William D. Esquire1856 92 yrs.

Several Possibilities in 1790 US Federal Census Records

William Hawkins and his family were enumerated in the following federal census records:

If as we believe, William D. Hawkins was the son of Robert and Martha Davis Hawkins, then as a young man, married, and starting a family he may have lived close to his father Robert Hawkins, who is known to have lived in Fawn Twp, York Co, PA. 1790 Chanceford, Fawn Twp, York Co, PA Federal Census Robert Hawkins 2-0-0-0-1 William Hakins 1-1-2-0-0-0


If as we believe, William D. Hawkins was from either Harford or Baltimore Cos, MD, the only William Hawkins found in Baltimore was this one: 1790 Baltimore Co, MD Federal Census William Hawkins 8-6-5-0-1


If as we believe, William D. Hawkins was the son of Robert and Martha Davis Hawkins, then as a young man, married, and starting a family he may have lived with his father, Robert Hawkins, who is known to have lived in Harford Co, MD. 1790 Harford Co, MD Federal Census Robert Hawkins 2-0-2-0-1

1800 Harford Co, MD Federal Census -2nd District

Robert Hawkins

  • 1m under 10,
  • 1m 26-45, 1m over 45,
  • 1f under 10,
  • 1f 16-26,
  • 7 free persons,
  • 2 slaves,

Fourth District of Maryland William D. Hawkins

  • 3M under 10,
  • 2M between 10-16,
  • 2M between 26-45,
  • 2F under 10,
  • 1F between 26-45,
  • 2 other free persons,
  • 2 slaves.

1810 Federal Census, Indiana Twp, Allegheny Co, PA, p312

Shows him as resident with his family: William D Hawkins 22101/3012 0, which translates into the following:

  • M under 10-2
  • M 10/under 16-2
  • M 16/under 26-1
  • M26/under 45-0
  • M 45 and up- 1
  • F under 10-3
  • F 10/under 16-0
  • F 16/under 26-1
  • F 26/under 45-2
  • F 45 and up-0
  • Number of all other free persons except Indians not taxed -0
  • Number of slaves -0

1820 Indiana Twp, Washington Co, PA Federal Census, Roll: M33_97, p218,

One finds the William Hawkins family enumerated as: William Hawkins 010312/01111210201, which translates to mean the following:

  • M to 10 0
  • M 10-16 1
  • M 16-18 0
  • M16-26 3
  • M26-45 1
  • M 45 and up 2
  • F to 10 0
  • F 10-16 1
  • F 16-26 1
  • F 26-45 1
  • F 45 and up 1
  • Foreigners not naturalized 0
  • Agriculture 2
  • Commerce 0
  • Manufacture 1

Payment from City of Pittsburgh

Executive Order of Minutes of General Assembly of Pennsylvania (online

  • To Alexander Johnston, Junr., of the City of Pittsburg for the use of David Evans,
  • William D. Hawkins,
  • Felix Négley,
  • John Herron,
  • Foster Graham,
  • John O'Hara and
  • Magnus M.Murray of the same five hundred and two dollars and thirty

six cents the amount certified by the Accountant officers to be due under the provisions of an Act of the General Assembly of the third day of March, 1818, in the following proportions, yiz.

  • to William D. Hawkins for Oak boards seventeen dollars and fifty cents;

authorised by an Act of the General Assembly of the 27th of January, 1819, and the supplements thereto eleven thousand dollars, being the balance of the instalment made payable to him by the said Acts of Assembly, between the first day of December 1821.

Monday July 7th 1823.

A Warrant was this day signed by the Governor, authorising the State Treasurer to pay to Alexander Johnston Junr Esqr of the City of Ptttsburg, or to his order, two hundred and sixty dollars and twenty one cents, being the amount certified by the accountant officers to be due under the provisions of an Act of the General Assembly of the third day of March in the year one thousand eight hundred and eighteen to William D. Hawkins, Joseph M. Trueman, John McCoulray and William Hartupee all of the same place for work done at, and materials furnished by them for the State penitentiary now building near the City of Plttsburg.

1840 Indiana Twp, Allegheny Co, PA Federal Census p161

The William Hawkins family was enumerated as: William T. Hawkins 0000110001/200101101 showing 9 people; this translates to mean:

  • M under 5 0
  • M 5-10 0
  • M 10-15 0
  • M 15-20 0
  • M 20-30 1
  • M 30-40 1
  • M 40-50 0
  • M 50-60 0
  • M 60-70 0
  • M 70-80 1
  • F under 5 2
  • F 5-10 0
  • F 10-15 0
  • F 15-20 1
  • F 20-30 0
  • F 30-40 1
  • F 40-50 0
  • F 50-60 1
  • F 60-70 1
  • F 70-80 0
  • F 80-90 1

One should note that Ann Hawkins should be in her 70’s and there is a female who was listed between 80 and 90 years of age. Since we know virtually nothing about Ann, this could be her mother or since we do not have a death date for William’s mother, Martha Davis Hawkins, this could be her.

1850 Indiana Twp, Allegheny Co, PA Federal Census, 13 Sept 1850 p67, h/h 192/192

Hawkins, William D 85 MD farmer

  • Ann 79 MD
  • Elizabeth 57 PA
  • Hosea 52 MD
  • Praker, Margaret 18 Germ

This is the only federal census where both William and Ann are shown as husband and wife. This is the only federal census where Ann is listed by name.

Representation as Justice of the Peace in Allegheny County

Publication Title: Pennsylvania Archives Series: Series 9 Volume: III Chapter: Executive Minutes of Governor Thomas McKean 1799-1808 P2425 Collection Title: Pennsylvania Archives GOVERNOR THOMAS MeKEAN 2425 several Legislature for their co-operation in procuring said amendment. Attest Martin Post Clerk In Council, November 6th 1807. Read and concurred Attest R. C. Mallary, Secretary (A true Copy) Attest Tli. Leverett, Secretary of State. The Governor this day appointed and Commissioned the foflowing Gentlemen to be justices of the peace for the dist ricts and Counties annexed to their names respectively Vize Alexander Russel, & Henry Hoke, for the district No 1 In the C of Adams George Williams, for the district No 8 in the County of Allegheny. Wm D. Hawkins, for district No 12 in Allegheny County.

Purchase of Six Mile Island

 Records of the Land Office 
WARRANT REGISTERS, 1733-1957. [series #17.88] Allegheny Co, PA – South and east of the Ohio River p170 -#19 (warrant) island 12 5 Jan 1815/29 Sept 1832 25.62A William D. Hawkins (patentee) H 32-185-G or C 6-95

On 29 Sept 1832 he bought 34 acres on Six Mile Island (Upper and Lower Guyasuta Island) according to Allegheny Co, PA Deed Book 32 (patent) p185. This land was later expanded when they purchased the other half of the island from Nancy Brawdy according to Book 74 p316. On 10 Nov 1840 William and Anne sold the island known as Six Mile to George Ettle (1/2 of Six Mile) of 25 acres 62 perches for $500. Eittle owned land oppose the island’s lot part of #12.

  • Guyasula or Guys Island
  • William D. Hawkins 25 acres 62 perches
  • Warrant 5 Jan 1815
  • Survey 24 Nov 1815
  • Patent 29 Sept 1832
  • to W. D. Hawkins
  • H-32-185

courses and distances beginning at a post

  • N 80 W 66 perches
  • N 74 W 108 perches
  • N 65 W 24 perches
  • N 17 E 7 perches
  • N 73 E 10 perches
  • S 82 E 94 perches
  • S 69 E 42 perches
  • S 60 E 22 perches
  • S 51 E 36 perches to beginning

The list of Philadelphia County "Old rights" (p. 3-53) is continued from Pennsylvania Archives, 3d ser., v. 2, published, 1894, under title: Minutes of the Board of property and other references to lands in Pennsylvania -Old Rights, Proprietary Rights, Virginia Entries, and Soldiers Entitled to….William Henry Egle, 1896 p473 - 5 December – William D. Hawkins, valuation Ret’d Oct’r 1809 applies for an island in the river Allegheny called “Guy Island” containing about 12 acres situated in Allegheny County, 6 miles above Pittsburgh

Charitable Works and Labor

Great Fire at Pittsburgh on 10 Apr 1845 - people rallied to make donations: William D. Hawkins contributed 1 bag flour, 2 pieces bacon through the Allegheny Relief Association to help 500 families

William had $10,000 in real estate value in 1850. In 1851 he owned a gristmill along Squaw Run Creek, which is far back from the river in one of the narrow, rolling valleys of what is now Fox Chapel Boro, previously part of O’Hara Twp. The creek flows into the Allegheny River at a point between Blawnox and Aspinwall. The area in which the gristmill was located is now one of the wealthiest suburbs of Pittsburgh, with a country club, private school, and the homes of several millionaires.

Pine Creek Presbyterian Church

The residence of William D. Hawkins burned c1863 and the early records of Pine Creek Church, such as the names of the charter members, also burned as they were stored on his property. His grandson, John R. Hawkins, lived on the farm at one time. The Hawkins family members were charter members of that church. He was an elder and founder of Pine Creek Presbyterian Church. William D. Hawkins was a man of great energy and piety. He possessed great mechanical abilities. He lived along Squaw Run until his death.

Will of William Davis Hawkins

On 10 May 1853 William D. Hawkins signed his will and on 17 May 1853 the will was delivered to the court. On 22 June 1856 William died and his will was probated on 1 July 1856.

Allegheny Co, PA Probate p340 #221 - William D. Hawkins of Indiana Twp, and mentioned:

  • Wife - Ann;
  • Children - David, Hosea, Elizabeth, Martin L, William, Martha JONES, Mary Ann POTTS
  • Mentions 112 acres in Mercer Co, PA
  • Exec - wife Ann and sons Martin L and Hosea
  • Wit - JG Comstock, Samuel Fearns, Francis Stroud
  • Dated 17 May 1853; Recorded 1 July 1856

The following is a faithful transcription of this document:

Transcribed from Allegheny Co, PA Will Book 8 p340 case record #221: In the name of God, Amen, I William Hawkins of Allegheny County and state of Pennsylvania being of sound mind and memory but weak in body do make this my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void all former wills by me at any time heretofore made, and first I assign my soul to God who gave it and my body to be decently interred in a manner suitable to my circumstances and as to such worldly estate as it hath pleased God to entrust me with I dispose of the same as follows:

  • First I direct that my executors herein after named pay and discharge all my just debts and funeral charges as soon as may be practical.
  • Second I will and bequeath to my beloved wife Ann Hawkins all and singular the premises on which I now reside in Indiana Twp, Allegheny Co, PA, being Lot 21 in Cunningham’s District, to have and to hold the same during her natural life as fully as I now possess the same together with all the houses, mills, stock, farming utensils, goods, chattels, household and kitchen furniture, etc, that may be upon the same at the time of my decease to be managed under her control by my sons David and Hosea Hawkins for her and their common use and for the use and benefit of such other child as may need her help.
  • Fifth, I will and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Hawkins the sum of $60 per annum during her natural life after her mother’s decease, to be paid in monthly payments of $5 each the said annuity to be paid out of the issues and profits of said Lot 21 and to remain a charge on the same during her life as aforesaid.
  • Sixth repose the decease of my beloved Ann Hawkins I will and bequeath to my sons Hosea and David Hawkins their heirs all the aforesaid tract of land (Lot 21) containing 230 acres more or less together with all the mill houses, etc, to be held in common or divided equally between them as may best suit them, the whole subject to the aforesaid annuity of their sister Elizabeth Hawkins. I also will and bequeath to the said Hosea and David Hawkins all such stock, farming utensils, household and kitchen furniture as may be upon the aforesaid premises at their mother’s death to be divided equally between them (except as hereafter mentioned).
  • Seventh I will and bequeath to my son Martin L. Hawkins the sum of $20 in addition to the 112 acres of land in Mercer Co, PA (being part of a donation tract #736) for which I have already given him the deed.
  • Eighth I will and bequeath to my son William Hawkins and his heirs the residue of said Lot #736 and also the sum of $20.
  • Ninth to my daughter Martha Jones and heirs of her body I will and bequeath a four square lot of 15 acres of land to be laid off from the southwest corner of said Lot #21 on which I now subside to be held to her the said Martha Jones and the heirs of her body forever.
  • Tenth to my daughter Mary Ann Stroud now Mary Ann Potts I will and bequeath the sum of $200 to be paid by my executors in two payments of $100 in two years afterwards for which they are required to have her own receipt if living. If not it shall be put to interest till her children come of lawful age for their use.
  • Eleventh, as to any advantage or insoluments which may hereafter through the cause of events in law and equity arise to me from the estate of my father-in-law or my grandfather it is my wish that anything derived there from may be equally divided among my heirs and I do hereby ordain and appoint my wife Ann Hawkins executrix and Martin L Hawkins and Hosea Hawkins executors of this my last will and testament written on one sheet of paper I have hereonto set my hand and seal this 17 May 1853.

/s/ William D. Hawkins

Sealed and delivered of us who have subscribed in presence of each other…JG Comstock, Samuel Lewis, Francis Stroud. On 1 July 1856 JG Comstock and Francis Stroud brought the will to court to JH Bost Register, State of Pennsylvania, Allegheny County.

One learns that he lived on Lot 21 Cunningham’s District, Indiana Twp at the time of making his will on 17 May 1853. Ann lived on property after his demise and was to have use of household goods and furniture. Daughter Elizabeth Hawkins was single in 1853 and was to receive $60 per year after the mother’s decease (Dec 1860) and to be paid off in monthly installments of $5 from profit of Lot 21. Son Hosea and heirs and son David and heirs received 230 acres with mill houses, etc from Lot 21. Son Martin L. received $20 plus 112 acres in Mercer Co, PA known as donation tract #736 of which he already had the deed. Son William and heirs were to receive the residue of Lot 736 plus $20. Daughter Martha Jones and heirs of her body were to receive a 4 square lot of 15 acres off SW corner of Lot 21. Daughter Mary Ann Stroud now Potts to receive $200 in 2 payments, one if possible then and the other in 2 years time; she had children. There was a father-in-law and a grandfather to possibly have inherited something and this was to be equally divided among the heirs. Ann, Martin, and Hosea were all executors.

Since Mercer Co, PA land is part of donation tract possibly William or his father or grandfather served in Rev War. The date of his land purchase of 1832 is the year Revolutionary Soldiers were granted compensation for their services either in the form of a pension or lump sum of money. As I stated earlier this could mean that William did participate in the Revolution or that his father Robert was a Revolutionary Soldier. William’s maternal grandfather, William Davis, died before the Revolution began and his paternal grandfather, Thomas Hawkins, died after the Revolution, but so far we have not found any records to corroborate that Thomas Hawkins played a part in the Revolution. So if the donation tract was compensation for Revolutionary War service, it would have to be from either service from William or his father Robert.

Obituary of William D. Hawkins, Esquire

Genealogical Abstracts of The Presbyterian Banner and The Presbyterian Banner and Advocate, V1-208, 18 Sept 1852-20 Sept 1856 inclusive, Paul K. Heckthorn, May 1999, p152

Issue 23 Aug 1856

Died on 24th July at Ohio Twp, Allegheny Co, PA, William D. Hawkins, Esq. at age 92. A member of Pine Creek Church since 1802. He was survived by his sons and daughters.

William was laid to rest in the old Pine Creek Cemetery, which was established c1816, and is located in Fox Chapel Borough at the 3-way intersection of Dorseyville Road, Squaw Run Road and Poplar Drive. At one time it was called Robinson Cemetery for the school that was located next to it. The former church thereon was known locally as Point View Chapel.