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Court records indicate that Lydia Dugger was charged with Bastardy three times. This indicates that she had three children. Unfortunately, the court records do not give the name or sex of the child born, nor do they name the father(s) of the children. However, one of these children is proven by another source, the 1762 Will of Marmaduke Cheatham that names Lydia's son "John Dugger". Other records prove that John was born in 1749, so that probably makes him the middle of the three children.

  1. Unknown Child born prior to May 1748
  2. John Dugger, Surry (1749-1834)
  3. Unknown Child born prior to May 1751, probably Alexander Dugger (c1750-c1825)

DNA Testing shows that Alexander and John probably have the same father or at least that their father's were of the same surname and probably closely related.

On 30 Apr 1762 Marmaduke Cheatham made his Will in Surry Co., VA naming his heirs. It was proven 17 Jun 1766.

  • Wife Susanna - her maintenance if she will come and live at home
  • son John Cheatham
  • son James Cheatham
  • son Benjamin Cheatham
  • son Joseph Cheatham
  • grandson James Cheatham son of John Cheatham
  • daughter Sarah
  • daughter Ann and her son Joseph Simmons
  • John Dugger son of Lydia Dugger deceased, a cow and calf.
  • Executors: sons John and Joseph
  • Surry Deeds, Wills, etc. 1754-1768 No 10, p 416.