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Facts and Events
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Disputed Lineages

The paternity of Richard Edwardes is a matter of active dispute. The candidates being Thomas Edwardes and Henry VIII. Among the points of relevant discussion:

  • It is suggested by some researchers, including David Dean Edwards, author of "The Edwards Legacy" (1992), that Agnes Blewitt was mistress to King Henry VIII, and her son Richard was fathered by King Henry, not her husband, William Edwardes. Some indicators of his parentage, in this researchers opinion, are that Henry did provide a stipend for Richard, and provided financial wherewithal for him to attend Oxford. Agnes was honored with the addition of Tudor Roses to her personal crest, but no blood link to the Tudors has as yet been found in her line to justify that addition.
  • Richard was born in 1523-24, and died in 1566. A composer and poet, he was Master of the Children of the Chapel Royale, and wrote two plays for them. His five surviving songs, of which the most famous is "In Going To My Naked Bed". His composition, "Palamon and Arcite" was written for the Queen (Elizabeth) and was performed at Oxford.
  • Another link to Henry would be Richard's career in the clergy of the Anglican Church, founded by Henry VIII as the national religion and justifying his (Henrys) break with the Roman Catholic Church over the Popes refusal of a divorce.